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Chapter 1: Awakening

5000 years ago

Deep in the tomb of the Demons, a fight between two powerful demons was about to take place.

"Foolish Diabolico, you actually think I'll let you control the Earth?" Golomois laughed as he brandished his Dark Sword. "Once my son is born, I will give him the Star Power and he will be the one who will follow in my footsteps as the next king of demons. You will never have the chance to rule."

"Maybe not, Golomois, but at least I'll be able to rid this planet of you and your annoying pests." Diabolico seethed.

"You will pay, Earth Demon." Golomois shouted as he attacked Diabolico with his Dark Sword.

And so the battle began.

Despite his disadvantage against the alien demon king, Diabolico managed to seize the opportunity and steal the Sword away from Golomois.

"Give that back!" Golomois shouted.

"Consider it a choice, king." Diabolico chuckled as he twirled the sword in his hand. "I will relinquish this sword back to you if you leave this planet and never return."

"Fool, you don't know the power you are wielding." Golomois shouted.

"Very well, then." Diabolico sneered.

He slashed the sword in Golomois' direction, causing a dark wave of energy to strike Golomois. The force of the wave knocked Golomois right in front of the gate to the Shadow World dungeon.

Diabolico slowly approached the gate as Golomois held onto the edge for dear life. Several demon hands appeared from behind the gate and began to grab Golomois, attempting to pull him in. Diabolico approached the vulnerable king.

"But before I banish you into the abyss, I'll take that Star Power." Diabolico sneere as ripped the Star insignia from Golomois' chest.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" Golomois shouted as the demons pulled him behind the gate, which slammed shut behind him.

Diabolico now placed the Star Power on his chest, making him even more powerful than before.

"Now I am the Master of the Demons!" Diabolico bellowed as he held up the Dark Sword in triumphant.

He turned back to the gate. "And to make sure you won't return..." Diabolico said as he summoned a giant boulder and used the sword to carve it into a statue of an angel.

Demon Palace

"Where is Golomois?" Queen Bansheera shrieked.

"We do not know, my queen." Jinxer shuddered in fear.

He, Vypra, and Loki had been searching for the demon king for weeks without any sign of him or Diabolico after the two went missing.

"Without Golomois' Star Power, Impus won't be able to continue in his father's footsteps as the future king." Vypra stated.

"Correct,Vypra." A voice said in the shadows.

"Who's there?" Loki demanded as the three turned around to see Diabolico walking toward them.

"It is I, Diabolico."

The other demons gasped in shock.

"Diabolico, you're alive." Vypra exclaimed.

"I'm afraid I bring terrible news, my allies." Diabolico stated before anyone else interrupted. "King Golomois has been destroyed."

"What? How?" Vypra asked.

"It happened a few nights ago." Diabolico began. "Golomois and I were gathering troops for the coming battle when this rogue demon attacked us at the tomb. He believed that Golomois was a threat to us, and tried to destroy him. He seized the Dark Sword and attacked Golomois. I managed to stop the attacker, but Golomois was fatally injured. As his dying wish, he told me to watch over Impus and gave the Star Power to me before he died."

"And the Sword?" Jinxer asked.

"I've hidden it in a location that none will be able to find until the time comes that it is needed again." Diabolico answered.

"Poor Golomois." Jinxer said as he hung his head.

"Diabolico." Queen Bansheera called.

"Yes, my queen." Diabolico answered as he stepped forward.

"With my husband's death, the Star power must be passed down to another demon." Queen Bansheera went on. "However, my son, Impus, is not yet ready for such power. So I have decided that you will inherit it instead."

"Thank you, my queen." Diabolico said as he bowed humbly. "I will not let you down."

"Be sure that you don't." Bansheera warned. "For if one day you prove inadequate for the role, I will take that star power and give it to Impus."

"Understood, my queen."

Present Day

Vekar's armada began firing all around the planet as the X-Borgs marched over all the cities of the world.

One of the armada ships shot a massive blast in the desert directly on the tomb of the demons. The angel statue was now destroyed, allowing the gate to open again. And out of the dark pit, arose Golomois.

"Finally, after many millennia, I'm back!" Golomois shouted in triumphant. "The Earth will be mine!"

In an underwater base many miles away from the desert, a scientist examined pictures from their personal satellite and noticed something unusual. The picture showed a demon emerging from the tomb in the desert.

"Uh, Captain, you're going to want to take a look at this." The geologist called to his boss.

The Captain approached the scientist and examined the photos.

"Oh, no!" The captain gasped in shock.

"What?" The geologist asked.

The captain said nothing and rushed back to his office. He quickly dug through his phone book and found the number he was looking for. He then grabbed his cell phone and dialed the number. After a couple rings, someone picked up on the other line.

Silver Guardians, headquarters. How may we help you?

"I need to talk to your leader." The captain answered

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