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As usual, Garfield was running late.

He woke up half an hour after his alarm went off, had to wait another twenty minutes to use the shower, and then suffered through a fifteen-minute car ride as his foster mother drove five miles under the speed limit.

And today was not a good day to be late, for Garfield Logan had a very important flight to catch.

As usual, Raven was exceptionally early.

Being home-schooled by her mother meant she never had to be anywhere, so when she did have a commitment, she made sure she was punctual. But sometimes she would be a little too eager to leave the house, and end up a little too early. Because of this, she had to wait an hour before her flight started boarding. But, being the prepared seventeen-year-old woman she was, she decided to get a head start on the book she had brought for her trip to alleviate her current boredom.

Being a fast reader as well, she noticed she was already on chapter five and still had half an hour before she could get on her plane. Rolling her eyes in exasperation, she decided now would be a good time to check in with the woman who had organized this trip.

Ms. Mae was a seemingly sweet old woman, with a large nose and a friendly smile. Raven had spoken to her twice before; once, over the phone to discuss an essay she had turned in, and the second time over coffee, where the elderly lady invited the shy girl on the two-week trip her club was taking.

Future Heroes of America- or FHoA, for short, was a blooming club for aspiring world leaders at the local high school. Although Raven wasn't enrolled as a student, her mother was teaching her the same curriculum and had even made an arrangement in which the teen's work could be viewed by several of the teachers. Ms. Mae was blown away by Raven's personal statement, which expressed her desire for world peace and pacifism, and eagerly invited the girl to tag along to Gotham, the trip's destination.

Letting out a nervous sigh, the petite girl approached the old woman, who was busy checking off her to-do list. "Excuse me, Ms. Mae?"

The plump woman looked up at the sound of her name. "Ms. Roth! It's good to see you, dear!"

Raven nodded her head shyly. "I was just checking in?" she stated, though it sounded more like a question.

The elderly teacher smiled as she dug around in her large bag, bringing out a folder. "Alright, deary, here is your ticket!" she grinned, handing the pale girl the shiny piece of paper.

Raven forced a small smile. "Thank you."

"Of course! Now, the kind man over there has agreed to let the students board early, so go on and get your bags, sweetheart!"

The petite girl nodded again, before backtracking to get her bags, which consisted of one medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on. After handing in her ticket and going through customs, she let out a long breath and walked down the corridor to her plane.

Garfield checked the time on his phone. It was a quarter till seven, meaning his flight was due for take-off in the next ten minutes. The teenager quickly kissed his foster mom on the cheek as he climbed out of the car and sprinted into the airport.

After frantically searching the waiting area, he finally saw the familiar face of his teacher. "Hey! Ms. Mae!" he hollered, suppressing a grin when he noticed he had rhymed.

The old woman gave him a tired look as she handed him his ticket. "Hurry up, Mr. Logan. This plane has no problem leaving without you."

The blonde boy smiled sheepishly as he made his way towards the bag check.

Raven sat quietly in her seat, discreetly observing the students around her. She was pretty sure she had seen a few of them around town before, seeing as Jump City wasn't much of a city, but she couldn't bring herself to socialize. Why did I think this would be a good idea? she thought bitterly, regretting her decision to go on this field trip of sorts.

"Hello! Are you a new student?"

Raven looked up to see the redhead sitting in front of her had turned herself around and was awaiting a response.

"No, I'm home-schooled, but Ms. Mae invited me," she replied awkwardly.

The pretty girl gave her a confused look. "What is 'home-schooled'?"

"It means her parents teach her all her lessons at home," a kind voice spoke from beside the redhead. Raven turned her attention towards the large, tanned hand reaching out towards her. "The name's Victor," the hand's owner spoke.

The petite girl tentatively shook his hand. "Raven," she deadpanned, cursing herself for sounding so bored.

Victor didn't seem to mind as he smiled warmly. "It's nice to meet ya, Raven. This here is Kori," he went on, motioning to the redhead.

"Yes, I am Kori! It is glorious meeting you, Raven!" the girl smiled as she reached her hand towards the pale girl as well.

Again, Raven shook it awkwardly. "Likewise."

"Hey, he made it!" Victor exclaimed, looking towards the plane's entrance.

Garfield smiled brightly at his best friend. "Told ya I wouldn't miss the flight!" he grinned. The blonde boy quickly took a look at his ticket, seeing he was to be seated in 3A. He glanced up and saw that his seat was directly behind Victor's. "Sweet! I'm right behi-" he began, before he suddenly lost the ability to speak.

Sitting in the seat next to his was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was pale, with dark hair that looked almost purple. She wasn't looking at him, instead watching in confusion as his friend Kori talked to her. Garfield continued to stare, forgetting he was in the middle of saying something.

"Yo, earth to Gar!" Victor laughed, waving his hand in front of the blonde's face.

Garfield quickly snapped out of his trance, staring at his friend in bewilderment. "What?"

The large teen snorted in amusement. "Sit down, grass stain," he teased, gesturing to the seat behind him. The blonde teen nodded absent-mindedly as he sat beside the mysterious girl, who had yet to notice him.

"Is that a clothing store?" Kori asked curiously, not recognizing the name that her new friend had said.

"No, it's a book store," Raven corrected politely. "It's right off of-"

"I love reading," a new voice interjected. Raven turned her head to see that there was a tallish, lanky blonde boy sitting beside her.

"That's awesome," she replied in a monotone, miffed that he had interrupted her.

"Psh, you don't read!" Victor smirked, giving his best bud a knowing look.

Garfield's face immediately blushed a deep red as the girl beside him raised an eyebrow in apprehension. "I-I do, occasionally," he stuttered, finding himself hypnotized by her purple-blue eyes, which were set in an annoyed glare.

"Okay..." she drawled, before opening the book in her lap.

The blonde teen watched in disappointment as the girl began reading her book. "I'm Garfield, by the way," he grinned.

"I'm reading," she replied without looking up.

Garfield sighed as he settled into his seat. Way to make a first impression! he groaned in his head. Sparing another glance at the pale girl, he noticed the corners of her lips were slightly curved upwards. Wow, I bet she has a great smile!

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