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Garfield spotted her right away. To others, she was probably easy to miss, especially when she was standing next to someone as vibrant as Kori and as edgy as Jinx. Her dark hair should have blended into the background, and her dark clothes should have faded away as well. Kori's loud laugh and bright outfit should have taken center stage, and Jinx's pink hair should have distracted him as well. It would distract anyone else.

But his eyes focused on her. Which wasn't the smartest thing to do when you're crossing a lobby full of people.

"Watch it!"

Garfield blinked in confusion as he gave the blonde girl in front of him a bewildered look; he had barely even grazed by her, and she was acting like he pushed her to the floor.

"Sorry?" he replied, though it was obvious he didn't mean it.

The girl scowled- he remembered she was a Hive student, with a voice like nails on a chalkboard. Her pretty-with-makeup face was contorted into a look of disgust, and he idly wondered if she owned any color other than pink.

"In your dreams, Jump," she sneered, obviously mistaking his gaze for something else. Something he had been doing to Raven earlier, actually.

"Oh, no- I wasn't-" he began with a curt laugh; sure, this girl was all kinds of rude, but he wasn't going to stoop down to her level- especially since his pale teammate had finally noticed his presence.

"Yo, Kitten! Is this guy giving you a hard time?"

Garfield arched his brows at the sudden reversal of roles. Here he was, minding his own business, and then all of a sudden he barely bumps the girl, and Adonis runs to her rescue. And who names their child Kitten?

"What, bored with your own girl already?" Adonis sneered, clearly enjoying himself.

"I should hope not."

Again, Garfield was confused; now Raven was coming to his rescue? What?

He laughed sheepishly, unsure of what else to do.

His dark-haired teammate rolled her eyes in exasperation- Garfield was hopeless.

"You better keep your boyfriend in line, doll face," the skinny, black-haired teen warned with a smirk. "Looks like he's trying make a move on my teammate here."

The blonde girl Garfield had been talking to earlier snorted in amusement. "I can't blame him- look at what he has to date!"

The whole scene was suddenly feeling too teen-drama for Raven. She needed to escape to her books.

"Come on," she sighed, pulling her confused teammate away from the Hive students.

Garfield looked down at the hand she was using to pull him away. She was grasping his wrist gently, and he absently wondered why she wouldn't just grab his hand. That'd be more convincing, wouldn't it?

When Raven felt they were far enough away from other people to speak freely, she dropped his wrist.

"How are... Do you... Are you feeling better?"

Garfield couldn't stop the small smile forming on his lips. He had spent the rest of his day yesterday attempting to read her book while worrying about what she thought of him, when she seemed to be actually worrying about him.

"Just peachy!" he laughed, inadvertently reminding her of his time in her bathroom.

She gave him an inquisitive look, and he suddenly felt like he was under the microscope. It was like she was pitying him while judging him and he didn't like it.

He giggled slightly under her gaze. "W-were you really worried about me?" he teased nervously.

Her brows furrowed in thought. "Should I be?"

He suddenly kind of hated how perceptive she was. It was ironic how she claimed to hate people and be so out of tune with them, and yet she could read him like a book.

But she did read a lot.

"I think that's a story for another time, Rae," he replied sheepishly. Victor's encouragement floated around in his head, and he allowed himself to entertain the thought of telling her the truth.

Studying her concerned look, he decided that while she'd be pretty regardless of her expression, pity wasn't his favorite.

"When you don't tell me anything, I begin to think the worst," she admitted shyly, as if actually owning up to being worried about someone embarrassed her. Or maybe it was just being worried about him.

"You think too much."

Raven's eyes widened at her teammate's statement. Here she was, trying to be serious about the situation at hand, and he was turning it into some kind of joke. She didn't understand why he didn't trust her- she had confided in him, and she didn't trust anyone.

"I just don't-"

"Listen," he cut her off with a small smile, before continuing, "We shared a lot of personal stuff yesterday... and I think we need a break from all... this," he finished, gesturing in between them.

Raven understood- in the wake of her reveal, she realized he had shared something, too. She shouldn't expect him to share everything.

"Okay," she sighed, albeit reluctantly.

He grinned at her obvious displeasure, and opened his mouth to change the subject when a new voice spoke up.

"Did I just witness you guys break up?"

Garfield gave the blue team's vice president a strange look.

"What?" he and his pale teammate blurted in unison.

Roy gave them a cocky smile. "'Think the worst', 'we need a break'- sounds like a break-up to me."

Raven tilted her head to the side quizzically. She wasn't sure whether to deny his claims or shrug nonchalantly- it wasn't like she was really dating Garfield, and if they "broke up", she was sure they could still get Adonis to back off.

Garfield, on the other hand, was staring at his friend in horror. Just the other day he had made an off-handed comment about Raven being cute, and if he truly believed the two of them had broken up, nothing would stop him from sweet-talking the pale girl. He and Roy weren't close enough friends to abide by the bro-code.

"No!" he exclaimed with a terrible blush. He and Raven were finally getting closer, and he could not jeopardize it by letting some guy like Roy Harper mess it up.

Even though he wasn't quite sure if there was anything to mess up.

Raven gave Garfield a strange look, before rolling her eyes and playing along. "You misheard- or misunderstood, or whatever," she deadpanned.

Roy looked a little unconvinced, and Garfield had the strangest feeling that he was figuring it all out. "My bad; carry on," he smirked, walking back towards his own team.

The blonde let out a sigh of relief while his pale teammate crossed her arms. "I don't understand why we're lying to your friends," she admitted somewhat aggressively. It seemed as though the situation was just getting more and more humiliating.

Garfield shrugged sheepishly- he wasn't planning on it either, but when Garth and Roy had heard they were dating, they figured it was true. Plus, it was kind of an ego boost to think those two guys (who girls chased after often in school) actually thought Garfield Logan, the class-clown, could get a girl like Raven.

He glanced at her as she tucked a few wayward pieces of her hair behind her ear and sighed wearily.

If only he actually could get a girl like Raven.

Preferably Raven herself.

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