Author's note:

Hello, Storymaker2 here. This is my first amourshipping story so please let me know what you think, questions you have, and suggestions as for the average chapter, some will followed the X and Y anime, some will resemble the original indigo league and some will be ones I come up with entirely.

Chapter 1: The move

It was a sunny morning in Pallet town. The light began to illuminate the inside of the Ketchum house. Downstairs Delia was putting the last of the family pictures into a moving box. After she sealed it she looked around and sighed. Delia had lived in pallet town most of her life ,but she was being offered him better job in luminescent city of the Kalos region so she was preparing for the move.

Her Mr. Mime sealed another box placed it next to the picture box. "Alright that's most of it". She walked upstairs and to a shut door. She went inside the room to see her son Ash Ketchum was still asleep. "Why does he always have to sleep in".

Delia walked over and shook Ash by his shoulders. "Ash wake up". His eyes slowly opened as he yawned.

"What are we moving already?".

"Yes Ash, you have your bags packed right?".

"Yes mom all of them". He pointed towards the closet where Delia saw 2 backpacks and 2 suitcases.

"Good I'll get breakfast ready, and please wake up your brother". Delia left the room and Ash got up. He walked across the hallway to his brother's room and knocked on the door.

"Red come on time to get up", the door opened and standing on the other side was Ash's brother.

"Come on little bro do you really have to do that?".

"Little bro? We're fraternal twins".

"True but I came out first". Ash and Red were both 13 years old and dreamed of being pokemon trainers. They had planned on starting their journeys on their thirteenth birthday but since they had to move they decided to wait until they got to Kalos.

Downstairs in the kitchen Delia and her sons were eating pancakes. Ash and Red were both about the same size physically and had brown eyes. However, Red's hair was brown like Delia's while Ash's was raven black.

"So Ash you know what pokemon you're going to pick from professor Sycamore when we get to Lumiose?".

"I'm still not sure who I'm going to pick, what about you Red?".

"Well I was planning on picking a Charmander but since we're moving to Kalos I'm going to have to think again".

"You two keep talking about your Pokémon journeys just promise me you're going to come back from them".

"Come on mom you don't have to worry about me, Ash is the one who took after dad".

Delia's husband and the father of Ash and Red had left them just after they were born to become a Pokémon trainer. None of them had seen him since.

"Mom we're going to come back".

"I'm only kidding you two, just remember to stay safe when you're out on your journeys".

"Don't worry mom, Ash will have made a lookout for him".

"Remember we're leaving for the airport at four so make sure you say goodbye to professor Oak and everyone else".

"Right, as soon as we're done we'll head to professor Oak's lab".

After finishing their breakfast and doing the dishes, Ash and Red went over to the professor's laboratory.

"I'm going to miss professor Oak".

"Me too Ash, I really wish we could have gotten to do journeys here in Kanto, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be".

"Remember that summer camp we had with Prof. Oak all those years ago".

"Yeah I remember you trying to catch that poliwag only you never did".

They reached Oak's lab and knocked on the door. When the door opened to their displeasure wasn't professor Oak.

"Well look who's here the Ketchum boys". Standing on the other side of the door was Gary Oak professor Oak's grandson and longtime rival of Ash.

" What brings you two to my grandfather's lab?".

"We're here to say goodbye to the professor, remember were moving to Kalos today".

"Right, too bad for you guys".

"It's not so bad will be 1000 miles from you Gary".

"Ha you're just jealous of my natural skills".

"Natural skills you've been losing to us since summer camp".

"Well I'm winning now Red, check it out". Gary took out a pokeball and tossed it to the ground revealing a squirtle inside.

"Woah where did you get that squirtle!?".

"Ha my grandfather gave it to me Ashy boy, he also gave me this" Gary said revealing his new pokedex. I'm sorry you guys won't be able to start your journies until you get to the Kalos region. With my natural skills I'll be a master before you too can earn your first gym badge".

"You've got a head start Gary but you're gonna need it" Ash said.

"Yeah gimme a call when either you losers actually do something impressive". Gary walked off allowing Ash and Red to walk into Oak's house.

"Prof. Oak".

Ash and Red looked around the lab but couldn't find professor Oak anywhere. "Huh I wonder where he is?". Ash and Red continued looking around and went out to the pens were professor Oak kept his students Pokémon. As soon as they got out there they saw him kneeling next to a small Bulbasaur and set a bowl of food next to him.

"There you go eat up", Professor Oak got up and saw the two young men standing behind him. "Ash, Red what are you two doing here?".

"Prof. we just came to say goodbye or going to be leaving for Kalos today".

"Oh that's right, I'm sorry you two have to leave before you could start your journies".

"I know, we always hoped we could have had our journeys here in Kanto".

"Well you'll still be able to have your adventures even if they're not here in Kanto. Besides professor Sycamore is a very good professor he will do good under him. Just try not to forget the things I taught you about raising Pokémon".

"We won't professor will always remember what you did for us all these years ".

After Ash and Red left Oak's lab they said goodbye to their other friends in Pallet town. When they finished they went back to their house were their marble was loading their bags into the car.

"Ash, Red did you say goodbye to everyone?".

"We did mom we're ready to go" Red said.

Ash and Red got their things from inside and put them in the car. "This is it, we're leaving Pallet town for good. You know I really am going to miss this place. I spent so much of my life here".

Delia looked around at Pallet town and sighed, "Boys I'm sorry we have to leave Pallet and Kanto. It's just".

"We understand mom, this is your dream job and you deserve it" Ash said.

"Yeah mom after all you've done for us we can do this for you".

Delia's eyes teared up as she went over and hugged both of them. "Thank you, I love you both so much". When Mr. Mime got the last of of the luggage into the car Delia got into the driver's seat as Ash got into the back next to Mr. Mime while Red got in the front next to Delia.

Delia started the car and Pallet town started to get farther and farther away. After checking in at the airport in Viridian city Ash and his family were waiting at gate A3. While they waited Red was looking at a map of the Kalos region.

"It looks like there's a gym in Lumiose city , so I guess we can get started as soon as we get our pokemon".

"Shouldn't we do some training first Red?".

"Right forgot about that little detail".

"Well I just can't wait until we get started. Just think tomorrow we'll be in Kalos and we'll be pokemon trainers".

"Now boarding rows 8-10" The flight attendent said.

"Well that's us".

Delia and her sons got up and grabbed their bags. Delia handed the tickets to the flight attendant and they were let onto the plane. As they walked in they found their seats on the left side of the asle. Delia let Ash in first so he could get to the window seat. Red sat down in the middle as Delia took the asle seat.

It took another 25 minutes before the plane was airborn. When they were in the air the pilot spoke to them over the intercom.

"Attention passengers we are now underway. We are on a nonstop flight to Lumiose city Kalos. We'll reach our destination in about 9 hours so sit back and enjoy the ride. We will be playing 2 in flight movies on this flight. So if you are interested plug-in your headphones and turn to station 3.4".

"I'm going to get some rest" Delia put an eye mask on and laid back in her seat.

Red put in his headphones and began listening to the movie.

"Ash they're starting the movie you better put your headphones in".

"I'm good ,I think I'm just gonna get some rest".

"Alright but it's going to be a nine-hour flight".

Ash stared out the window as they flew away from Kanto. Ash was still feeling a bit sad that he was leaving Kanto. He spent his whole life growing up there, all of his fond memories and friends were in Kanto. Despite this he was still very excited about all the new adventures that were ahead of him in his new home.

Soon he would be a pokemon trainer with lots of pokemon by his side. He would be battling gym leaders, collecting badges, and becoming a Pokémon master. This was his dream and soon it would be underway. Him and his brother traveling the Kalos region fulfilling their dreams.

So that was the first chapter, let me know what you think and I'll get the next chapter of up as soon as I can.