Ch 75: The final battle

It was late at night in the Kalos league area. Ash was staring at the stars from the roof of his condo with Pikachu beside him.

After Red won his match earlier that day, neither of the two brothers had said a work to each other. They also kept their distance from each other. Ash was not at a very delicate situation.

Winning a Pokemon league was finally within reach, he just had to beat one more trainer and his dream would come true. But of all the trainers on the entire planet it could have been , it was his own brother.

Ash knew Red wanted to win just as much as he did and that if he did win it meant squashing Red's dream of winning a Pokemon league. Ash had talked himself up the night before the opening ceremony about the situation that he would be in if he had to face Red.

But not that it was actually right in front of him. Ash sighed as Pikachu looked up at him.

"Pika Pikachu." Pikachu said in a concerned tone. That was when Ash felt a familiar aura behind him.

"Feeling alright little bro.". Ash turned around to see Red standing behind him.

"Red, what are you doing here?" Ash asked.

"What I should have done right after the match. Ash I can tell how much anxiety you have about the fact that we have to face each other in the final match." Red said.

""Sigh" I told myself I could do it. But not that we're actually here." Ash said. Red came over and put his right hands on Ash's shoulders.

"I've had a lot of anxiety about this too Ash. After I won the match all I could think about was having to face you of all people. The thought of possibly being the one responsible for your dreams being crushed. But that's when I realized that as much as you are my brother you are also a trainer. I knew that you would feel truly betrayed if I didn't battle to the best of my abilities." Red said.

Ash realized Red was right, he wanted Red to battle at the best of his abilities. That meant he had to do the same for him.

"No matter what happens tomorrow we have to battle harder than we ever have before. Leave everything out on that battlefield. Because no matter what we made it this far together so let's end it together." Red said.

Red brought his right arm out as Ash did the same. The two grabbed each others hands and held their arms together.

"May the better trainer win." Ash said.

"May he." Red said. Red left the rooftop as Pikachu climbed onto Ash's shoulder as Ash climbed through a window and back inside the condo. Moments later he saw Serena looking around before she saw him.

"Ash there you are, I've been looking for you for twenty min" Serena started before Ash put his arm around her back and whisked her off her feet before kissing her.

Serena's face turned red before Ash withdrew.

"I'm ready to face Red tomorrow and I'm ready to win." Ash said.

"Well I'm glad to see you're feeling better." Serena said.

"Let's get some rest. Pikachu and I are going to need it." Ash said.

Elsewhere in another apartment Malva was staring at a holoprojector. She sighed before placing it down and walking to the bathroom. Moments later a window to the room opened from the outside. Diantha had parkour climbed the side of the apartment and silently entered the apartment.

She snuck through the room using her aura vision too identify where Malva was. When she saw she was in the bathroom she looked around the room until she saw part of Malva's residual aura around a small metal device on a nightstand.

"What do we have here?" Diantha said to herself as she picked it up. She touched the center and saw in horror as a holoprojection of none other than Lysandre appeared.

"It's done Malva, the weapon is operation and the aura guardians destroyed. I know she may not be a guardian anymore, but Diantha is still a threat to use. You are close to her, kill her." The recording said.

Diantha's worst fear was realized. Malva really was a part of team Flare. When Malva opened the bathroom door she looked around the room and saw the room was empty.

"Strange I thought I heard something." Malva said.

Diantha was on one knee on top of the apartment building. She had never felt such rage and betrayal in her entire life. Malva, one of the elite four she selected to join her. Someone she had considered a friend, was not only part of team Flare but had tried to kill her.

She got out her phone to call the authorities but then put it away.

"No, I'm going to take care of this myself." She said as she took 2 other things out. A few minutes later there was a knock on Malva's apartment door. She opened it and saw Diantha standing in front of her.

"Diantha, I wasn't expecting you." Malva said as she noticed a very angry expression on Diantha's face.

"Is everything alright?" Malva asked.

"I'm afraid not Malva." Diantha said.

"What's going on?" Malva asked.

"It's over Malva, I know you were part of team flare and I know you were ordered to kill me. What I want to know is why?" Diatha said.

"Diantha, I don't know what you're." Malva started before she whipped out a pocked knife hurled it at Diantha. Diantha grabbed Malva by the wrist and twisted her arm back against its joint before pulling her forward and kneeing her in the stomach.

As Malva bent down, Diantha pushed her into a wall and raised her right arm to her face and let out a hidden blade. Malva's eyes widened as she saw the blade held in front of her face.

"But I thought you weren't a guardian anymore." Malva said.

"I still kept them. Thought they might come in handy." Diantha said.

The following morning Ash and Red both got up at 8:00 sharp and fed their pokemon breakfast and took a shower. Red put on his vest and had before clipping on his pokemon belt.

"This is it, the day has finally come." Red said.

"I know this is so exciting. Give it everything you have out there." Korrina said.

"I will, I've been dreaming of this since I was a kid." Red said before he gave Korrina a short kiss.

Elsewhere Ash put on his own jacket and pokeball belt as Pikachu climbed onto his shoulder.

"Are you ready?" Serena asked.

"I'm ready." Ash said.

Ash stood in one of the entrance tunnels to the battlefield. He could see the light at the end of the tunnel and could hear the crowd.

Ash started to think about everything that had lead up to where he was. From his training with Felix, to leaping off Prism tower to save Pikachu, to confessing his love to Serena, and facing Lysandre atop the ultimate weapon. He raised his head and turned to Pikachu.

"Let's do this." Ash said.

"Pika chu!" Pikachu said.

In a private box above the stadium Diantha and 3 of the elite four watched the battlefield.

"So where's Malva?" Wilkstrom asked.

"I'll tell you later." Diantha said. In another private box, Daniel and Serina watched the 2 entrances closely.

"This is exciting, the final match." Serina said.

"It is, we get to see Felix's boys battle each other for the chance to win the Kalos league. I've been waiting to see this match up for a long time." Daniel said.

Serena, Korrina, and the rest of the group were sitting front row in the center of the left side of the stadium.

"I guess this is it. The final battle and who better than between Ash and Red." Clemont said.

"Looks like this time we will be at opposing ends with who we want to win." Korrina said.

"Looks like it." Serena said. Korrina looked at Serena's head.

"I think my helmet will fit you." Korrina said.

"I won't have to wear your helmet. But you'll have to wear my dress." Serena said.

"So who do you think is going to win?" Delia asked Felix.

"I have no idea, these two have trained hard for this. Quite frankly I think they should both win." Felix said.

"Look!" Bonnie shouted. Moments later they turned to see Ash slowly walk to his end of the battlefield.

Moments later Red walked to his.

"This is it ladies and gentlemen. The final battle between our two finalists, the brothers Ash and Red Ketchum. This should prove to be the greatest match of the Kalos league." The announcer said.

When Ash and Red reached their ends of the battlefield they stared right at each other with a determined smile on their faces.

"The championship match between trainers Ash and Red Ketchum is about to begin. Trainers choose your pokemon." The ref said.

Ash and Red both reached for their first pokeball at the same time. They both raised their arms and threw them forward.

"I choose you!" They both shouted at the same time. Ash and Red's Talonflames came out of their pokeballs before flying above their trainers.

"Wow, their first pokemon they ever caught on their journeys." Clemont said.

"Talonflame use Razor wind!" Ash shouted.

"Agility into Arial ace!". Ash's Talonflame whipped his wings forward as he unleashed a furry of wind streaks at Red's Talonflame. At the same time, Red's Talonflame increased his speed and agility as he avoided each streak and moved closer to Ash's Talonflame.

"Agility into quick attack!" Ash shouted. Red's Talonflame came over Ash's as he prepared to unleash Arial ace. Just before he could make contact, Ash's Talonflame moved out of the way and behind Red's Talonflame.

"Look out!" Red shouted. Ash's Talonflame flew forward and hit Red's Talonflame in the back with Quick attack.

"Yes." Serena said.

"One hit and you think Ash is going to win." Korrina said.

"Razor wind!" Ash shouted. Ash's Talonflame unleashed several streaks of wind down at Red's Talonflame.

"Double time with Agility." Red said. Red's Talonflame quickly made a dozen copies of himself and flew around Ash's Talonflame with each of his copies doing the same. Several of the streaks hit each of the copies as they flew past them.

"Arial ace!" Red shouted.

"Agility!" Ash shouted. Ash's Talonflame tried to move but he couldn't tell which of Red's Talonflames was the real one. Moments later the real Talonflame came from behind and slashed Ash's Talonflame across the back of his wings.

"Yes." Red said as Ash's Talonflame struggled to stay in the air.

"Follow up with tailwind!" Red shouted. Red's Talonflame blasted Ash's with a strong burst of wind that forced him towards the ground.

"Now Brave bird!" Red shouted.

"Agility!" Ash shouted. Ash's Talonflame tried to maneuver , bur the wind pushing down on his wings made it too difficult. Moments later Red's Talonflame, glowing blue, smashed into Ash's Talonflame's back and smashed him into he ground.

"Talonflame!" Ash shouted. Ash's Talonflame had swirly eyes and lay flat on the ground.

"Trainer Ash Ketchum's Talonflame is unable to battle." The ref said.

"Yes! Red has the lead!" Korrina shouted.

"Ash isn't beaten yet." Serena said.

"Excellent work Talonflame." Red said.

"Don't count me out just yet Red. Talonflame return, rest up. Time to strike back, I choose you Tryantrum!" Ash shouted. Ash's Tyrantrum roared as he stood in front of Ash.

" Tyrantrum, Alright I know who to send out. Talonflame return" Red said before taking out another pokeball and throwing it forward.

"I choose you Pangoro!" Red shouted as his Pangoro came out and growled as he faced Tyrantrum.

"Pangoro start of with Hammer arm." Red shouted. Pangoro raised his arm and charged right at Tyrantrum.

"Dragon tail, aim low and knock him away!" Tyrantrum's tail glowed violet as he raised it and swung it aiming for Pangoro's stomach and legs.

"Grab the tail!". Pangoro lurched back just as the end of Tyrantrum's tail came by him. Not a moment later Pangoro lunched forward and grabbed hold of Tyrantrum's tail.

"Gotcha." Red said.

"Oh no." Serena said.

"Yank him forward and use Hammer arm!" Red shouted. Tyrantrum pulled back on Tyrantrum's tail as hard as he could and dragged the massive dinosaur onto the ground.

Moments later Pangoro leapt onto Tyrantrum's chest and smashed it with Hammer arm.

"Dragon claw!" Ash shouted. Not a moment after Pangoro's arm moved back, Tyrantrum slashed his right claws across Pangoro's face . Pangoro stumbled backwards as Tyrantrum got up.

"Crunch!" Ash shouted. Tyrantrum came in with his massive jaws open.

"Grab his jaws!" Red shouted. Just before Tyrantrum could snap his jaws around Pangoro, the dark bear grabbed the top and bottom of Tyrantrum's jaws and held them open.

"Yeah that's it!" Korrina shouted.

"Come on Tyrantrum you can do it!" Serena shouted. Tyrantrum snarled as he bit down harder as Pangoro struggled to hold his jaws open.

"Focus blast!" Red shouted. Pangoro began channeling his focus while still holding Tyrantrum's jaws open.

"Stop him!" Ash shouted. Tyrantrum tried to force Pangoro back, but Pangoro held his stance. At the same time Pangoro also tried to force Tyrantrum back, but Tyrantrum too kept his stance firm.

Moments later Pangoro was glowing red as his focus was at its peak. That was when Red felt Pangoro's arms fatigue holding Tyrantrum's jaws open.

"Let go and use Focus blast!" Red shouted. Pangoro jumped back as Tyranturm's jaws snapped shut in front of him.

" Hold your ground!" Ash shouted. Pangoro smashed his fist into Tyrantrum's head unleashing focus blast. Tyrantrum grit his teeth as he held his stance and endured the attack.

"What?" Red said in complete surprise.

"Dragon tail!" Ash shouted.

"Grab it!" Red shouted. Despite his pain, Tyrantrum hurled his tail forward and smashed it into Pangoro's stomach just before he could catch it. Pangoro was hurled backwards across the battlefield.

"Earthquake!" Ash shouted. Just before Pangoro hit the ground, Tyrantrum leapt up and smashed his feet into the ground causing seismic quakes that it Pangoro as soon as he landed.

"Pangoro!" Red shouted. Pangoro tried to get up but fell back onto the ground.

"Pangoro is unable to battle." The ref said.

"Great job Tyrantrum!" Ash shouted.

"Grouu!" Tyrantrum roared.

"Alright Ash evened things out!" Serena shouted. Moments later Tyrantrum's fatigue was too much and he fainted.

"Tyrantrum is also unable to battle." The ref said.

"Well folks looks like Pangoro's attacks were too much for Tyrantrum to stay conscious." The announcer said.

"You were saying." Korrina said to Serena.

"Tyrantrum return, you were awesome out there. My pokemon and I are gonna come back from this. I choose you Hawlucha!" Ash shouted before the fighting bird came out and did front flip.

"Pangoro return. Great job, I choose you Talonflame!" Red shouted as his Talonflame came back out.

"Talonflame Double team into Arial ace." Talonflame made a dozen copies of himself before flying at Hawlucha with his copies beside him.

"Hawlucha use Detect." Ash said. Hawlucha held his arms close to himself as his eye sparkled.

Hawlucha leapt or dodged each Talonflame as they flew past him.

"High jump kick into Sky attack!". Hawlucha leapt up and right into most of the copies, destroying them before he glided at the real Talonflame.

" Agility into tailwind!" Red shouted. Just before Hawlucha could reach him, Talonflame flew up and over Hawlcuha before blasting him with a powerful burst of wind that hurled him towards the ground.

"Oh no." Ash said realizing it was the same maneuver that got his Talonflame.

"Brave bird!" Red shouted. Talonflame covered himself in blue energy before flying right at Hawlucha. Ash grit his teeth wanting to give Hawlucha a command, but the wind made it impossible for Hawlucha to maneuver.

Talonflame smashed into Hawlucha's stomach, hurling the fighting bird into the ground.

"Hawlucha !" Ash shouted. Hawlucha tried to get up but fell back down with his eyes swirly.

"Hawlucha is unable to battle." The ref said.

"Yes! Awesome job Talonflame!" Red shouted.

"Alright! Red's already half way there!" Korrina shouted.

"Geez Red's doing very well." Clemont said.

"Ash is still in this, I know he is!" Serena said sounding very determined.

"Hawlucha return, rest up. Alright we've only knocked out one of Red's pokemon and we're down half our team." Ash said before turning to Pikachu.

"Are you ready?" Ash asked.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted as he leapt down from Ash's shoulder and stood in an aggressive stance with his cheeks sparking.

"Pikachu huh, Talonflame return. This certainly won't be easy, but I know who to send out. I choose you Gogoat!" Red shouted. Red's Gogoat came out and huffed at Pikachu.

"Pikachu, this should be very interesting." Felix said.

"Gogoat use Seed bomb!" Red shouted.

"Pikachu dodge with agility!" Ash shouted. Gogoat hurled his head forward and unleashed 6 seeds at Pikachu. Pikachu moved like a flash of lighting, rushing forward and avoiding each explosion faster than Red or Gogoat could keep track of.

" Woah." Red said. He knew how fast Pikachu was, but it had been a while since he had battled agains this.

"Leaf blade!". Under him and use Iron tail!" Ash shouted. Pikachu slid across the ground just as Gogoat's leaf blade flew over him. Once Pikachu was directly under Gogoat, he smashed his now metal tail into Gogoat's stomach.

"Goat." Gogoat grunted.

"Leech seed !" Red shouted. Gogoat whipped his head forward and unleashed a single seed at Pikachu as he came out from under him.

"Iron tail!" Ash shouted. Pikachu leapt up and smashed the seed to pieces before it could sprout.

"Bulldoze!" Red shouted. Gogoat sprinted at Pikachu with his head aimed low.

"Agility into Iron tail right on top of his head!" Ash shouted. Just before Gogoat could reach the electric mouse, he leapt up and over Gogoat's head before slamming his head into the ground with Iron tail.

"Gogoat!" Red shouted.

Gogoat's eyes were swirly as he fell over.

"Gogoat is unable to battle." The ref said.

"Alright! I told you Ash was still in this!" Serena shouted.

"Red still has 4 more pokemon Serena. I'm not worried." Korrina said.

"Gogoat return, Pikachu may be fast but we're faster. I choose you Talonflame!" Red shouted. His Talonflame came back out and flew above his trainer.

"Double team into Razor wind!" Red shouted. Talonflame made a dozen copies of himself in the air and each unleashed a series of wind streaks down at Pikachu.

"Pikachu use agility!" Ash shouted.

"Pika chu! Pika!" Pikachu shouted as he quickly dove around, backflipped, front flipped, and leapt away from each of the Streaks.

"Folks this is just unbelievable. There is a storm of Razor winds coming down , but Pikachu is dodging every one of them!" The announcer shouted.

Even Red couldn't believe that Pikachu was avoiding each of the streaks.

"Flame charge!" Red shouted. All of the Talonflames flew in from different directions covered in flames as they zeroed in on Pikachu.

"Dodge it!" Ash shouted. Just like before, Pikachu avoided each of the incoming attacks like a pro.

"How!?" Korrina said in disbelief.

" He's just that good." Serena said.

Ash and Pikachu both noticed most of the Talonflames were about to cross paths with each other.

"Thunder!" Ash shouted.

"Pika, Chu!" Pikachu shouted as he unleashed a massive bolt of thunder that flew through the air and tore through all of the Talonflames including the real one.

"Talonflame!" Red shouted. Talonflame sqwuaked in pain as electricity coursed through his body.

After the attack ended, Talonflame dropped to the ground with his eyes swirly.

"Talonflame is unable to battle." The ref said.

"Alright great work Pikachu!" Ash shouted.


"Outstanding folks, Pikachu has now knocked out two of his opponent's pokemon." The announcer said.

"He's going to turn it around!" Serena shouted.

"Come on Red." Korrina said.

"Talonflame return, I've got to stop Pikachu he hasn't even taken hit yet. But , he's dodged so many attacks that he's got to be getting tired. It's still going to take a powerhouse to do some real damage." Red said as he took out his next pokeball.

"I choose you Noivern!" Red shouted. Noivern came out and flew above his trainer before roaring.

"Noivern." Ash said. He could tell that despite not being hit, Pikachu was starting to get tired from so much dodging in 2 other battles.

"Pika, Pika." Pikachu said panting.

"Just what I wanted, Noivern use Dragon pulse!". Noivern roared as he opened his mouth and unleashed a powerful pulse of Dragon energy.

"Dodge and use Thunder!" Ash shouted. Pikachu sprinted forward and easily avoided the incoming Dragon pulse before unleashing his own Thunder.

"Re-angle your wings and use Hurricane!" Red shouted. Noivern quickly flew in at a sharp angle avoiding the Thunder before violently flapping his wings and forged a massive cyclone of wind at Pikachu.

"Pikachu quick use Agility!" Ash shouted. Pikachu tried to get away but he was starting to get worn out from his prolonged time in the battle. The wind was also taking a toll on Pikachu as it pulled him back towards it.

Despite both of these facts, Pikachu was able to keep himself out of the cyclone, but barely.

"Dragon pulse and follow up with Dragon claw!" Red shouted. Noivern flew in low and blasted Pikachu with a powerful pulse of dragon energy , hurling him back. Before Ash could even call something out, Noivern slashed Pikachu across his body with his right claws.

"Pikachu!" Serena shouted.

Pikachu hit the ground and grunted.

"Pikachu Thunder!" Ash shouted. Pikachu opened his eyes and got right back up before unleashing a massive bolt of electricity. Before Red could even say anything, the bolt hit Noivern in the back and surged through his entire body.

"Graah!" Noivern grunted in pain.

"Yes Pikachu isn't giving up!" Serena shouted.

"Noivern fly in low and around him , then use Dragon pulse!". Noivern flew in low and opened his mouth as he unleashed a powerful Dragon pulse.

"Pikachu dodge and use Thunder!".

"Agility into Boom burst!" Red shouted. Pikachu leapt up and over the incoming Dragon pulse before unleashing a bolt of electricity. At the same time Noivern made a swift turn under the Thunder before unleashing Boom burst.

Because he was in mid air, Pikachu could not avoid the incoming boom burst and was hit dead on.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted.

"Dragon claw!" Red shouted. Noivern flew in fast and slashed Pikachu across the chest with all of his claws , hurling Pikachu into the ground.

"Oh no." Serena said. While Red was pleased he scored two direct hits, he wasn't so anxious to see Pikachu in such pain. He wished Pikachu would just faint already.

"Come on Pikachu get up, you can do it!" Ash shouted. Pikachu grit hit teeth as he got up and onto his feet.

"Pika, chu" he said breathing deeply.

"Hurricane!" Red shouted. Noivern violently flapped his wings and formed a massive cyclone of wind behind Pikachu that began pulling him closer.

Pikachu tried to get away , but he was too tired and the wind to strong. Moments later Pikachu was sucked inside and felt the wind strafing against him.

"Come on." Red said.

"Pikachu never give up until the end!" Serena shouted. Ash and Pikachu both felt each other's aura very close as they came together for one final move.

"Pikachu Volt tackle!" Ash shouted.

"Pika chu!" Pikachu shouted as he covered himself in electricity and burst out of the Hurricane.

"Dragon pulse!" Red shouted. Noivern tried to open his mouth and unleash the attack but was too late. Pikachu slammed right into Noivern's face and unleashed all his electricity into him.

"Grahh!" Noivern roared in pain before being knocked unconscious and falling to the ground.

"Noivern is unable to battle. The ref said.

"Alright we did it Pikachu we've taken the lead!" Ash shouted.

"Yes Pikachu! He did it!" Serena shouted.

"Folks this is unbelievable. Pikachu has now knocked out three of Red's pokemon." The announcer said.

"By Reduka, that's one powerful Pikachu." Serina said.

"He is, I'm very impressed." Daniel said.

"Pika , Pikachu." Pikachu said as his vision got blurry. Ash could feel how fatigued Pikachu was.

"Pikachu come back, you've done enough." Ash said. Pikachu tried to come back to Ash but he fell over.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted.

"Chu." Pikachu said as he fell unconscious.

"Pikachu is unable to battle." The ref said.

"Oh no." Serena said.

"I guess he just got to worn out." Korrina said. Ash rushed over and picked up Pikachu in his arms.

"It's ok Pikachu. You were a real champion out there." Ash said as he cradled Pikachu in his arms.

"Noivern return, I'm still very proud of you. Alright, just two left for both of us. I'm going in hard. I choose you Aero!" Red shouted.

Red's Aerodactyl came out and roared as he flew over him.

"Alright I choose you Lucario!" Ash shouted. Lucario came out and took an aggressive stance.

Both trainers touched their mega evolution stones on their hidden blades as Aero and Lucario both mega evolved.

"Well folks looks like we have another special evolution battle." The announcer said.

" Let is begin, Aero use Wing attack!"

"Lucario over him and use Power up punch!". Mega Aero flew in close with his wings raised. Just before he could smash his opponent, Lucario leapt up and over Aero before smashing his fist into the center of his back.

"Spin around!" Red shouted. Aero spun himself around and smashed both his wings across mega Lucario's back. Despite this Mega Lucario landed on his feet as Aero flew back up.

"Aero fire Fang!" Red shouted.

"Metal claw!" Ash shouted. Aero made a sharp turn and bit across Mega Lucario's waist.

"Grouu" Mega Lucario grunted before he slashed across Aero's face with Metal claw.

"Quite a fast paced battle." Korrina said.

"They're not holding anything back." Serena said.

"Lucario use Stone edge!".

"Earthquake!" Red shouted. Aero smashed his feet into the ground hard, causing seismic quakes.

Despite the pain from the seismic quakes, Lucario rushed forward and leapt over Aero before blasting him in the face with Stone edge.

"Grauu!" Aero grunted. Moments later Lucario landed back in the Earthquake. When it ended Aero fell over and reverted back to his normal form as Lucario did the same.

"Both pokemon are unable to battle." The ref said.

"That was a quick fight. They went right at each other." Felix said.

"Aero return, rest up Aero."

"Lucario return, I'm very proud of you." Ash said before both brothers looked up at each other.

"It all comes down to this folks, whoever they choose next will be the last face off." The announcer said. Scattered in the audience was Will Wood, Trent and Jason Felix, Laura Wald, Diana and Dakota, as well as most of the trainers Ash and Red had beaten.

Serena , Korrina, and the others were all watching just as closely for their final Pokemon.

Ash and Red took out their last Pokeballs and held them to their faces before turning back to each other.

"I choose you Charizard!" Both trainers shouted. The two Charizards came out and stared at each other intensely.

"This is it." Daniel said. Without saying a word, Ash and Red touched their mega evolution stones. Both Charizards underwent Mega Evolution.

"Well how about that folks, two super Charizards facing off." The announcer said.

"Charizard use Air Slash!" Red shouted.

"Dragon Pulse!" Ash shouted. Charizard X flew through the air very quickly with his claws raised. Charizard Y flew up higher and unleashed a powerfyk pulse of dragon energy at Charizard X.

Charizard X made a sharp turn and narrowly avoided the incoming Dragon pulse before continuing on towards Charizard Y.

Just before Charizard X could reach Charizard Y, Ash's Charizard dove down and under Charizard X.

"Dragon Pulse!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y opened his mouth and Blasted Charizard X with the powerful burst of Dragon energy.

"Yes and that was a dragon attack!" Serena shouted.

"Come on Red don't give up!" Korrina shouted.

" Charizard Fly in at his flanks and use Dragon claw!" Red shouted. Charizard X flew at an angle trying to get at Charizard Y's sides.

" Get lower and use Dragon pulse!" Ash shouted.

"Drop!" Red shouted. Just as Charizard Y dove down lower, Charizard X brought his wings in and fell straight down into Charizard Y.

"Look out!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y looked up just in time to see Charizard X slash his dragon claws across his face.

"Now use Air slash!" Red Shouted. Before Charizard Y could recover, Charizard X came back and slashed across his body.

"Yes he's still in this!" Korrina shouted.

"Now use Flare Blitz!" Red shouted. Charizard X covered himself in fire and flew right at Charizard Y.

"Wait for it, wait for it. Now! Fly inside his wings and grab him by the tail!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y dove forward making himself as narrow as possible as he flew inside and under Charizard X's right wing.

Red and Charizard X were completely blindsided by this and could do nothing as Charizard Y grabbed Charizard X by the tail.s

"Hurl him and use Air slash!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y hurled Charizard X back before flying across him and slashing him in the chest with Air slash.

"Now use Dragon Pulse from behind!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y quickly opened his mouth and unleashed a powerful pulse of dragon energy at Charizard X.

"Dragon claw!" Red shouted. Charizard X held his now violet claws in front of him as they absorbed the incoming Dragon pulse. It wasn't easy, but Charizard X reached Charizard Y and raised his arms.

"Block him!" Ash shouted. The two Charizards entered a fierce melee as Charizard X tried to clash Charizard Y and Charizard Y tried to block the strike by forcing his arms inside of Charizard X's.

Despite his valiant efforts, Charizard X was slashed across the face twice with Dragon claw.

"Inferno!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y's tail flame turned colossal as he opened his mouth and engulfed the sky in a thick sea of fire.

The fire did little damage to Charizard X , but it did obscure his vision.

"Air Slash!" Ash shouted. Charizard X heard Charizard Y and tried to raise his claws, unfortunately Charizard Y came in from below and slashed across X's body.

"Keep track of him!" Red shouted. Charizard Y quickly came in from behind and slashed across Charizard X's back.

"Above!" Red shouted. As Charizard Y came in from above, Charizard X looked up and hurled his right claw into Charizard Y's upper body. He spun around slashing across his opponent's chest and hurling him out of the fire.

As Charizard Y flew out of the fire Charizard X came right after him with his claws still glowing.

"Dragon Pulse!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y opened his mouth and blasted a massive pulse of dragon energy at Charizard X only to have the black Charizard absorb it with his claws.

"Flamethrower! and aim for his wing!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y quickly turned his pulse to fire as he blasted Charizard X's left wing, making him raise up on the left side from the less dense air and out of Charizard Y's path.

"Air slash!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y flew right up and slashed across Charizard X's side.

"Grab him!" Red shouted.

Just before he could get away, Charizard Y felt Charizard X snatch his tail. Charizard X roared as he hurled Charizard Y down and into the ground.

"Dragon Pulse!" Ash shouted. Just before he could hit the ground, Charizard Y opened his mouth and unleashed a massive beam of Dragon energy that flew through he air and hit Charizard X in the chest, blasting him out of the sky.

Both Mega Charizards hit the ground hard as their trainers and audience watched closely.

"Come on Charizard we can do this , keep fighting!" Red shouted.

"We can do this this is the final battle Charizard!" Ash shouted. Both Charizards were breathing deeply but roared as they got up and flew into the air at each other.

"Dragon claw!" Red shouted.

"Air slash!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y reached Charizard X first and slashed him across his body. Before he could get away, Charizard X slashed him across the back with Dragon claw and forced him around before slashing Charizard Y across his chest relentlessly.

"That's it Charizard keep it up!" Red shouted. Ash grit his teeth as he began to sweat.

"Come on Charizard we can't give up. Never give up until the end" Ash said via aura message. Charizard Y opened his eyes and threw his arms forward just as Charizard X came in for another strike. Charizard Y caught both of Charizard X's arms and held them in place.

"Huh?" Red said.

"Oh no." Korrina said.

"Alright Charizard!" Serena shouted. Charizard X tried to break free, but Charizard X held him firm.

"Seismic toss!" Ash shouted. Charizard Y continued to hold Charizard X in place as he flew up and did 3 air circles before flying right at the ground as fast as he could.

"This is it folks the final move!" The announcer said.

"Yes he's going to do it!" Serena said excitedly.

"You've got it Charizard!" Ash shouted. Daniel and everyone else in the stadium watched very closely.

"We're not giving up until the end. Charizard just like Tyranitar!" " Red said via aura message. Charizard X opened his eyes and raised his foot claws as they turned violet. He then slashed them across Charizard Y's stomach.

"Grauu" Charizard Y grunted. Charizard X felt the grip on his arms lessen and he broke free before slashing Charizard Y across the face and forcing himself forward and over Charizard Y.

Ash looked on in terror as the roles had been reversed, now Charizard X was in the attackers position of the move. The two Mega Charizards slammed into the ground hard as a cloud of dust formed.

"Charizard!" Both brothers shouted.

They could feel their hearts beating as the dust cleared. Everyone watched closely as the two Mega Charizards slowly got up.

"Grauuh." They both grunted as they breathed deeply and stood in front of their trainers.

Ash and Red could feel how tired and worn out their Charizards were. Neither had the strength to continue fighting. It was not a match of who could stay standing longer.

"Come on." Serena said. Pikachu opened his eyes and saw what was happening.

"Pika." he said softly. Neither trainer said a word as the two Charizards started at each other.

Almost a minute passed and neither Charizard made a move. Finally after another minute passed Charizard Y raised his head and let out a loud roar before falling to the ground and reverting back to his normal form.

"It's over! Trainer Ash Ketchum's Charizard is unable to battle, the winner of the Kalos league is Red Ketchum!" The ref shouted.

The crowd erupted into an uproar of applause.

"We actually did it, we won. We won the Kalos league!" Red shouted before sprinting out onto the battlefield and hugged Charizard X.

"Grauu!" Charizard X roared.

"Yes! Yes! He won ! He really won!" Korrina shouted.

Ash took a deep breath before he walked out onto the battlefield and knelt down next to his Charizard who opened his eye.

"It's ok Charizard, you battled harder than you ever had before. I couldn't be more proud of you. We made it this far together and I couldn't be happier either way." Ash said.

Charizard let out a hint of a smile before Ash returned him to his pokeball.

"Well we have our winner." Serina said.

"It appears we do." Daniel said.

Pikachu climbed onto Ash's shoulder as he walked over to Red. Charizard X let Red go as they saw Ash approach them.


"Red." They said.

"Quite a battle." Red said.

"The best. You deserve this Red, I'm happy for you." Ash said.

"Thanks bro, winning this battle makes me know I earned my win." Red said before the two brothers hugged each others.

"Oh I'm so proud of them both." Delia said.

"So am I." Felix said.

Serena sighed as she sat back in her seat. Korrina turned to her.

"Alright Korrina, I'll admit Red did great. Earned his win. Just give me your helmet." Serena said.

"You know what, forget the bet." Korrina said.

"Really?" Serena said.

"Yeah, we're cool." Korrina said. Several hours later when it was dark out, Red stood on a pavilion in the center of the main stadium. Standing on a platform just below Red was Ash. Below them both on the outsides of the platform were Dakota and Laura. Behind each trainer were all of their pokemon they used in the Kalos league. The one time they were allowed to have more than 6 pokemon with them at one time.

The crowd was still filled as Diantha and Daniel walked up to the platform.

"We congratulate the top 4 placing trainers of this years Kalos league." Diantha said as she opened a box and took out two silver medals with the symbol of the Kalos league on center.

Diantha placed one of the medals on Dakota while Daniel placed the other on Laura.

"The two third place winners. Laura Wald and Dakota Starnes." Diantha said. The crowd let out a loud applause.

Diantha handed a solid gold medal with the symbol of the Kalos league on it and handed it to Daniel as he walked up to Ash and placed it around his neck.

"Our second place winner and runner up, Ash Ketchum." Daniel said.

"Yeah Ash!" Serena shouted as the crowd let out an even louder applause. Diantha handed a platinum medal with the symbol of the Kalos league on it to Daniel as he approached Red and his pokemon.

"Finally, the winner of this years Kalos league. Red Ketchum!" Daniel said as he placed the medal on his neck.

The crowd let out an uproar of applause that shook the stadium. Ash and Red looked up at the crowd and say their friends and family.

For Ash, he was disappointed he didn't win. But he knew he and his pokemon gave everything they had and never gave up until the end. They had no regrets and were proud of what they accomplished together.

Ash smiled as he and Red turned to each other and their pokemon before looking up at the sky as fireworks filled the air. Unknown to any, another being had been watching from above them.

"Such true and determined boys. They are so much like their ancestors." Reduka said to himself.


Vaeron shut a small chest and locked it before placing it into a larger chest beside the painting of his father. After shutting the chest, Vaeron heard and felt someone else enter the room.

"Andre, I hoped you'd come before I left." Vaeron said.

"Are you sure I can't convince you to stay?" Andre said.

"Sofia and I have wanted to return to the land of our birth for a long time." Vaeron said.

"But the Kalos brotherhood needs its mentor. The one who rebuilt the brotherhood and saved Kalos." Andre said.

"Andre, I did not do it alone. You and the others did just as much to save Kalos as me. Besides I'm leaving a very good man in charge of the Kalos brotherhood." Vaeron said as he placed his hand on Andre's shoulder.

"Do you really think I am worthy of being the Mentor?" Andre asked.

"I knew you were worthy from the day you threw that rock at Lord Fathin." Vaeron said. Andre smiled.

"So many years have passed since the dark king was dethroned. Our new king is a good leader. He puts the needs of his people first." Andre said.

"Deniau Suits the throne well. With his help we have restored Kalos to its former beauty. Wild pokemon have recovered their numbers. The environment is restored, and the brotherhood is back to its former strength." Vaeron said.s

"It is getting crowed here in the Tower of Mastery. Perhaps I should move the brotherhood back to the old enclave." Andre said.

"Really, I thought you liked the Tower." Vaeron said.

"I do, in fact Alaina and I plan on raising our child here when she is born." Andre said.

"Perhaps your family will live here for generations." Vaeron said.

"Perhaps." Andre said. When they reached the bottom of the stairs with he chest, Vaeron's Charizard was standing there waiting for them. Andre noticed he had a rather impatient look on his face.

"Grraww." He growled.

"Yes I know we're late, I was just reminiscing on memories here." Vaeron said. Charizard picked up the chest with ease , and carried it out of the tower.

"I'll certainly miss him too." Andre said.

"Daddy!" A young voice said. Vaeron and Andre turned to see a young boy running towards them with a young Riolu close behind.

"Ahh there you are." Vaeron said as he picked up the boy in his arms. The boy had light skin and blue eyes with dark blue hair.

"Daddy, Riolu and I packed up all our stuff and gave it to the Machoke like you told us too." The boy said.

"Good Aaron, did you say goodbye to all your friends. You won't be seeing them for a very long time." Vaeron said.

"Yes daddy."

"Good Aaron, now you and Riolu go find your mother. I will be there soon."

"Ok." Aaron said before running off with Riolu.

" That boy reminds me so much of you Vaeron." Andre said.

"Yes he does. I only hope that he can grow to be a greater guardian than myself." Vaeron said.

"Well you certainly did't set the bar low there." Andre said.

"Yes, well I guess this is goodbye my friend." Vaeron said as he and Andre hugged each other.

"I will miss you my friend." Andre said.

"And I you." Vaeron said. Vaeron walked out of the tower and to a small ship docked off with Charizard standing beside the boarding plank.

"Graww." Charizard growled.

"They're already on board. Good we can set sail immediately." Vaeron said as he walked on board. Charizard was too big for the plank and flew onto the main deck.

"Mentor aboard, prepare to set sail!" The aura guardian captain said. Also standing on the main deck were Aaron, his Rioulu, a Braixen, and a woman a few years younger than Vaeron with long blueish hair and blue eyes.

"There you are, what took you so long." Sofia

"I had to say goodbye to Andre." Vaeron said.

"I will miss him, he's a good man." Sofia said.

"Indeed, it's why I left him in charge." Vaeron said. An hour later the ship was far enough out so that Kalos could no longer be seen.

" So daddy what's Kanto like?" Aaron asked.

"Kanto is a wonderful place Aaron, your mother and I were both born there." Vaeron said.

"Does that mean I'm from Kanto too?" Aaron asked.

"In a way." Sofia said.

"Yes, your were born in Kalos, but your ancestors hail from Kanto which means you have Kanto blood in you."

"Were my ancestors aura guardians too?" Aaron asked.

"On your father's side." Sofia said.

"Yes Aaron, in fact you come from a very long line of aura guardians." Vaeron said.

"Someday I'll be a great Aura guardian just like you daddy!" Aaron shouted.

"Rio!" His Riolu shouted as he threw his fist up. Vaeron smiled before he picked up his son.

"No my son, someday you'll be a greater guardian than me." Vaeron said before he stared off into the horizon.

Author's note

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Now the main plot of the sequel is Ash and Serena traveling through the Kanto region as Ash competes in the Indigo league. Red and Korrina will be recurring Characters, but will not be traveling with Ash and Serena.

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