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Alice sat silent on the bed and ran her hand over the worn stuffed Griffin. Even if she could cry she wouldn't let herself. This was all her fault. She should of done something when the visions started happening. But the visions didn't make sense they were complete chaos and were fragmented. The last thing she wanted was to scare the others with only the possibility of danger.

From what Harley wrote made her think chaos was normal in the world her brother became a part of. She just didn't know that her brother would be caught in it.

Why was she so stupid?!

She should of done something! Anything!

Told her family at the very least. But she stupidly listened to her baby brother… a child... why did she listen to a child?! He hardly knew any better and she listened.

And he made it sound like everything was okay and it wasn't going to affect him at all. He'd be home safe and sound in no time.

But he wasn't?!

He was the the further thing from safe at home... and it was her fault.

Harley would still be alive if she did something.

Her brother would be home eating all the new recipe mom found and prefected for him while laughing at something stupid Emmett said.

He would be safe..

Even though no one voices it she knows they blame her. She should of seen something they think.. it would kill them if they knew she did see something and just didn't tell them.


Mrs. Weber walked into the parking lot groceries in hand. Now she had options of what to make for dinner tonight and she'll be damned if any one of her children or her husband will complain. They will all enjoy it she'll make sure of it.

She forced a smile and kept heading towards her car.

"Excuse me?"The voice startled her and she dropped one of the bags and her eyes closed as she waited for the inevitable crash of food she would no longer be cooking tonight but it never came.

She opened eyes and sees a young man standing in front of her holding the bag with all of its contents still intact.

"Yes?" The young man looked to be around her daughter's age. His raven hair falls across his face. But it's the eyes that caught her attention they were brilliant in colour. He was fairly pale in complexion but that just made his eyes stand out more. He was altogether not bad on the eyes maybe her daughter should get to know this this boy. Yes they would look good together. But was he just passing through or does he live here? She hasn't heard of any new families moving into town.

"Sorry for startling you..but could you help me? I'm trying to get home." She detected a hint of an british accent in his voice.

"Don't worry I should have been paying attention around me. Where is it that you are going?"

"Hold on, I have the address." He smiles and rummages through his various pockets eventualy finding an envelope which he hands to her.

She takes the envelope and looks the address over. It wasn't to a house in town. No this was outside of town there weren't many houses out there. That's when she notices the name on the envelope. Harley Cullen.

"You're a Cullen?"

"Yes ma'am." He said politely. "Do you know which way I need to go from here?"

She stared at the boy for a few more moments before writing down the directions on the envelope. He smiled at her again and nodded in thanks before turning the way she showed him and began walking.

Did the Cullens adopted another child?

If so why didn't they pick him up and bring him over to their home themselves?

One things for sure now she had something to talk about over dinner and maybe she could even persuade her daughter to befriend that young man.

He seemed a lot more friendly than his siblings so it may be possible.. oh the two of them would look adorable together! Just imagine if they go to the fall formal together.

Almost giddy she gets in her vehicle already planning a trip to Seattle with her daughter to shop for a dress!


It took Harley about an hour before he found himself infront of the house at the end of the directions. His stomach was doing somersaults that a Olympic gymnast could only deal of.

So this was home apparently... if they would take him.

He wondered if his family even wanted to see him. He was a poor vision of the happy child they knew. Would they be willing to put up with him?

Taking a deep breath he approached the front door. His arm felt like lead as he reached up to ring the bell. The button felt a million miles away and way too close at the same time.

The bell rang...


Esme stares blankly at the young man in front of her. There was no way he was actually standing in front of her… no way that her son had grown up to this while she was looking. Because there was no way-


Words she'd been dying to say stuck to the back of her throat. She never thought she'd ever be able say ever say any words to her baby again and now he stood here and she still couldn't.

"Mom I'm sorry-" She cut off his next words by wrapping him in her arms.

"My baby.."

Eventually when she was able to let him go again she let him inside and ushered him into the livingroom. And quickly got to msking so water hot and prepared Harley a cup of tea. He had to be thirsty..

She stalled at the corner by the livingroom... but what if he wasn't? Would it seem pushy to offer him tea? No of course not it was polite! He isn't a guest though what if he is insulted by being treated like one.


"Huh?" She came out of her deep thought. Harley was standing in front of her.

"Tea, I was just thinking about how I could really go for a cup right now. Thanks." He took the cup from her hands and took a sip.

They sat down on the couch. Silence filled the room as neither knew what to say.

"How are you?" Esme asked

"I'm...better now that I am home."

"I'm glad you're home sweetheart. We were so worried about you."

"I know mom.. But there was a lot of reasons why I couldn't come home…" He mumbled around the mug as he sipped again from it.

"I'm understand there were reasons but I want you to know you can tell me anything I will always listen." She said quietly.

"What reason was good enough for you to forget your family?" Harley turned to see his sister standing in the archway. Her posture looked very forced like she was trying to prevent herself from moving.

"I didn't forget my family." He looked away from her. He could stand the guilt he felt when he saw the pain he caused his family. The floor was safe it didn't look like it wanted to cry.

"Well it sure feels like you did…" Rosalie accused.

"Where have you been? It's been a year since we heard anything from you..." Carlisle says.

"After the school was taken very few of us survived. Most were killed just for the fun of it while others were forced to submit to them. I was in that group.." Harley looked away not able to continue. His time spent under their control burned at the edges of his mind. The memories tormented and mocked him from the confines of his own mind where he'd always be their prisoner.

"What did they make you do?" Alice said.

"That's not important, it's in the past." Harley replied still looking away.


"No Rose, if he doesn't want to talk about then he doesn't need to." Jasper interrupted the blonde and placed a calming hand of his baby brother trying to smooth away the intense pain and sadness coming from him.

"Don't." Harley said but it came out no more than a whisper. "I need to feel it."

Jasper winced he could feel the intensity of emotional turmoil it was enough to feel like he was suffocating so he knew what his little brother was feeling was so much more intense. Although he still felt himself pulling away.

Harley shut his eyes as the sudden peace he felt pulled away and he was once again feeling as he should. Peace is for those who are innocent and pure. He is neither.

Now all he wanted is a little rest. His trip here along with everything left him completely exhausted.

"Is there a spare room that I can settle into?"

"What are you talking about silly? You have your own room." Alice smiled and grabbed his arm and dragged him up stairs. She stopped them in front of the door at the end of the hall.

"Here's your room."

"Why do I have a room if I've never even been in this house before?"

Alice smiled at him and just says,

"We can hope, can't we?"

He gave a weak smile. "I'm really tired from my trip here and I just need a long nap."

"Oh okay, someone will come get you when dinner's ready."

"I'm not hungry so mom doesn't need to go through the effort."

"Harley?" She took a step towards her brother but the door was already shut.

Harley sighed. Dealing with people who cared was a lot more exhausting than he remembered.

'Harry… Don't pull away from your family you need them.'

"I know, but I can't let them back in just yet. "

'Don't you trust them?'

"Should I?" He threw himself down onto the bed and shut his eyes waiting for sleep.

'Yes? Maybe.. I can't answer that I don't know your family..'

"You should of been given the chance to. They would have loved you." He whispered.

'I'm sorry…'

Harley didn't reply this time.


"Is he ever going to come out of that room?" Emmett looked up the stairs that led to the youngest Cullen's room.

It's been fours days since Harley entered his new room and he hasn't came out yet. Esme brings food up three times a days and more times than not she brings it all back down a few hours after. A few times it looked as if a few bites had been eaten. But that was rare.

"Give him some time. He's dealing with a lot right now let's not add to it." Jasper held onto his mate's arm to keep her from launching herself up the stairs.


'Harry.. Never wake up.' He whispered.

He sat on the edge of the bed and watched the sleeping face of the one he loved. Harry looked so at peace something he was never when awake. A few locks, of that messy raven hair he loved so much, fell across his face and oh how he wished he was able to gently brush them aside himself.

Getting up from the bed he paced the room for the hundredth time that night.

A noise outside the door caught his attention and he found himself on the other side on the door.

Standing there looking unsure was a woman with dark hair and such sad amber eyes. He recognized this as being Harry's mother, Esme, if he is not mistaken.

She had a tray in her hands with some of Harry's favourite foods, blueberry waffles with raspberry syrup, a few cheddar and chive biscuits and even treacle tart. How long did she experiment until she figured that pastry out?

She reached for the knob and tried to turn it but it wouldn't budge. He knew there was no way into the room Harry had made sure no one could enter. Not even a worrying mother who just wanted him to wake up to breakfast waiting.

She sighed in defeat and placed to tray down on the floor beside the door. Then she took one more glance at the door before walking back downstairs. He would make sure Harry knew it was there.

Harry was hurting..This family was hurting and oh how he wished he could help them so they'd help his Harry. But he was useless, he can't do anything since he doesn't exist in the plain of living.

Technically no one should even be able to see him, yet somehow Harry could and was the only one who could at that.

He knew that seeing his dead boyfriend causes Harry pain. Especially in those moments when they're just talking and laughing and Harry reaches out for him and the hand just passes through. He sees it as it happens in Harry's eyes; the pain coming back because for a split second he forgot that the one he loved was no longer alive.

Draco knew he should start being a selfless lover and leave Harry to go on with his life in the living world a move past his death... but he can't imagine any life even his afterlife with Harry. It was really selfish but he didn't care. Harry was the best goddamn thing to happen in his sad pathetic life and he wasn't going to say goodbye so soon after getting him.

One day he'll be ready to say goodbye but that day isn't today.

So today he'll stay.


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