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Well, hello. You all asked and I guess I just can't quit. So here's a second part to Summer Shudder after listening to copious amounts of Depeche Mode to get me in the mood.

If you haven't read Summer Shudder or don't care to do so, here's a synopsis: Jack lived in Arendelle. He and Elsa were friends for a week before her coronation/the great freeze, but Jack died underneath a pond of ice just like he did in RotG. All that hooplah. Elsa was sad but now she isn't sorta.

With that being said, this isn't going to be much like Summer Shudder whatsoever. It'll have a lot more character complexities including this narcissistic original character that I've decided to create for fun times, which is something that I'm normally against, but bear with me. I promise he won't be a Mary Sue, if that's any consolation; I'll try not to make him too cheesy or overdone. There will be a lot of Pitch, maybe a lot of violence, and a lot of darkness and destruction. Yayyyy.

Of course, if you don't like Jelsa, you probably shouldn't read the fic. But if you do, then welcome; like always, I hope this isn't an awful mess. Just let me write my Jelsa, a'ight?

The thing I love about the idea of a Rise of the Guardians/Frozen crossover is there is SO MUCH TO DO. I have a million ideas whirling around in my head at this concept that I don't even know where to begin.

I might not be updating as often because this fic is going to require a lot more detail and attention than what Summer Shudder did. I'll try though, to the best of my writing abilities that I hopefully have an inkling of.

With that, let the story begin.

- A.V. Storm

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The New Patron Saints And Angels
Chapter I

Within a chamber that had been assembled centuries ago underneath the depths of the wintery North Pole, the Guardian of Time had been locked away. The dungeon was small, encased with a single cellar of wire-hot bars to prevent his escape, along with invisible lines of power that each of the guardians had provided to keep him there. The foolhardy choices that he had once made to join Pitch Black had been a minor succession four hundred years before his imprisonment by the guardians and the Man in the Moon, only promised release when his heart was truly revoked of the darkness that had consumed his spirit. But yet, the day hadn't come; the Guardian of Time remained day after day, sulking beneath North's headquarters, awaiting for any chance that someone might slip and allow him to escape his immortal incarceration.

Chronos was a slender man, keeping his youthful, boyish face despite his many years on the earth. He was fair-skinned underneath the dirt and grime that had consumed him over the generations of living in excrement. He was narrow nosed, silver-eyed, with fiery red hair grown overlong; wearing nothing more than rags over his pale flesh that had once been a handsome robe. Lying huddled on the cool floor of the dungeon, Chronos remained as resilient as ever. His eyes seared like fire up at the ceiling of the cell, resting one arm over the back of his head to listen to the silence emitting from every area around him. But today, it was different - there was something off about the sound of darkness dragging itself across the cellar floor, like a corpse...

Perking his head up, Chronos dragged his frail body off of the ground. His silver stare was wide, thin lips contorting into a smirk. A patch of black moved easily underneath the iron door outside of the cell, before slipping up into a conformed figure that belonged to an old friend of his. Inasmuch, Chronos began to laugh; leaning forward when Pitch Black finally turned to face him.

"Ah, Pitch darling, such a surprise to see you here..." Chronos drawled deeply. His voice was naturally low, bearing the accent of a Frenchman; his tongue moving like a serpent as he pressed his face as close as it could get to the bars without burning himself. Erstwhile, his eyes held a mixture of envy and craze for the Nightmare King; wondering if perhaps, the Boogeyman had finally returned to help him esape.

"It's been what, three or four hundred years...? To what do I owe the pleasure of your company, after you so shrewdly abandoned me to my creator after our companionship?" He gestured up at the moon above where a single hole had been made for the Man in the Moon to keep an eye on him. It shown duller that night than it had in quite some time - making Chronos wonder if Pitch had chosen that night specifically for the purpose of aiding him. Whatever the Guardian of Time was thinking, however, was incorrect; Pitch made that evident by the gnarled, pointed smile that tore at his lips.

"Chronos, my dear friend..." The Nightmare King began, flickering his gaze up to meet the former guardian's filthy face. He purposefully ignored the last part of his sentence as he strolled in front of the dungeon where his former partner had been kept a prisoner by his own people, but likewise, Pitch was amused. "How are things, living as a prisoner of the guardians?"

His tone was cruel and taunting, but Chronos didn't seem to notice as his eyebrows soared up the span of his forehead at the chance to talk about himself for the first time in hundreds of years.

"Oh, I'm glad you asked. I'm starving, haven't eaten anything since the nineteenth century..." The Guardian of Time explained, sounding amused as he began pacing down the cell. "I used to pull my teeth out, see? So that our sweet Guardian of Memories would send her little hummingbird slaves here to take them..." He opened his mouth wide, enough for Pitch to examine the extracted molar teeth in the back of his mouth that had been forcefully broken out of his jaw. Sighing, Chronos rested himself against the back wall before turning to Pitch loftily. "I must say, they were a nice snack."

Pitch stared calculatively at the guardian, but made no further inclination to speak at the pitiful spirit before him. To his surprise, Chronos went on with the same sob story.

"But, eventually, Toothiana smartened up and realized that I was taking her little birds hostage just for a bite to eat..." He pouted, folding his arms across his chest. "It's a sad life, Boogeyman. Very sad."

"One can only imagine, Chronos. You have my sympathy." Pitch answered in a bland voice, placing his hands behind his back as he strolled in front of the prisoner. But the Guardian of Time's silver eyes lit up at the words, a smile resting firmly on his lips. He looked cocky, like he might have been given the upperhand of the conversation somehow.

"As you have mine." Chronos responded, pausing gently, before getting to what he was hinting at in a single breath - which came out as a puff of heat from the temperature that the North Pole provided. "I heard about what you did a year ago. North and his elves talk a little too much, about how you nearly succeeded in destroying the other guardians again - but one child managed to step in the way and defeat you once more. Not that surprising, really..."

The resonance of Chronos' voice was so eager to discuss Pitch's most recent failure that the Nightmare King stomped hard on the ground beneath in rage. A shudder of vicious shadows broke underneath him, sending their figures after Chronos, who blasted them away with a force of brilliant white. The Guardian of Time gave a high laugh that bounced off of the walls, echoing throughout the dungeon as he faced Pitch with an impish gleam resting on his features.

"So who's life is sadder, I wonder...? How many times has Man in the Moon defeated you, again?"

Pitch exhaled sharply, the tiniest of all smiles resting on his long-jawed mouth. Patience was not a virtue to the Nightmare King, but if he wanted his answers, then he would have to contain himself. For now.

"Ah, you heard about that?" Pitch began again, halting his pace. "Existence must be rough then; surely, if you're wretched enough to hear news from North's elves..."

"It's true, then? A child defeated you?" Chronos eyed him ecstatically, bearing a mischievous grin. His hands then wove together a stringet of white. It formed a scene over his palms, developing into a mold that resembled a certain white-haired young man bearing a shephard's staff. Pitch's pointed teeth bared together at the sight.

"Or was it that Jack Frost fellow? I haven't met him yet... But oh, I've seen him. Man in the Moon made quite the catch with that lad, didn't he? Word is that he is more powerful than you are, Boogeyman." The Guardian of Time looked up from the floating figurine of Jack Frost resting over his hand, glowering behind his simper. "Is that true?"

Pitch's eyes darkened somehow. His mouth jerked into a straight line, hands resting behind him as he looked hard at the guardian.

"It does not matter how many times I've failed in the past." His voice was slow, dripping with the depth of his promise. "I will not fail this time, mark my words."

"Oh?" Chronos' said it with a laugh attached to his voice. His palms smacked together, destroyed the scene of the small, dusty form of Jack Frost as he sauntered forward through the cell. His face inclined forward towards the Boogeyman beyond the bars of his confinement, tilting his head to the side as his inquiries continued. "So do tell me then, Pitch; what is your motivation for coming here? I hope it's to ensue your wrath and chaos... Otherwise I might be terribly disappointed." He stuck his lower lip out into a second pout to make emphasis.

But the Nighmare King had now endured enough of the guardian; he intended to get to the bottom of his investigation, ending on his foresight for arriving there in the North Pole in the first place.

"It's about the Snow Queen." Pitch concluded. A gnarled grin showing all of his teeth came to his mouth at once when Chronos' eyes widened. "I reckon you've heard of her."

"The Snow Queen?" The guardian repeated the words, pacing down his cell. He closed his eyes briefly, like he was fully envisioning her for the first time, as if it had been centuries since she had been a glimmer in his mind. But once his eyes were reopened, Chronos was chuckling. Again, his fingers began to morphing a second model, but this time the white strings made that of a young woman.

"Ah yes, the Queen of Arendelle..." Chronos continued, adding special details to the second figurine, including a long braid and a crown. "Rumor was that she had been born with a most extraordinary gift. Ice powers, as it were; made that snow castle out of her own hands, if you can believe it."

"I can believe it, I've heard the stories." Pitch's stare clung to the figure of the Snow Queen, watching intentedly, as if there was nothing else that he wanted more in the world. But eventually, his eyes trailed back up to the Guardian of Time, eager for more answers. "How powerful was she?"

"More powerful than you, isn't that what you want to hear?" The small figurine of the queen began to hover over Chronos' open hand. Pitch licked his lips, stare slowly trailing to look up at the prisoner again.

"No need to exaggerate now, my friend." He murmured suavely, tilting his head marginally as his mouth slowly parted. "What happened to her?"

The guardian's silver eyes lit up with enthusiasm, as if there was nothing else that he would rather be explaining at the moment.

"She disappeared, as it were... When Arendelle was diminished, very many years ago." His hand shut, taking the image of the Snow Queen with it; it obliterated into dust. "But that's where you come in, isn't it?"

Pitch sighed, becoming dangerously close to losing his patience entirely as his willowing black robe dragged from behind him when he began to tread away from the dungeon.

"My, you still haven't stopped speaking in endless riddles, have you, Chronos?"

"Do my ears deceive me?" The guardian chortled loudly, throwing up his head to laugh. "The great Nightmare King doesn't know what he did to Arendelle?" Finally, after a minute of howling, he finally looked up and narrowed his eyes on the Boogeyman.

"Oh right... That's because you haven't done it yet."

Pitch turned his head, shadows growing heavier over his gray face. But nothing stuck out throughout the deep depths of the dungeon more than his heinous smile and his eyes did.

"So then, you still have your powers? I would have thought your creator would have taken them back from you..." Now they were getting somewhere. The Guardian of Time was showing interest in his plots, and for now, that was all that mattered. If Pitch could go back to take the Snow Queen for his own, then there was likely little that the other guardians could do to stop him. What would they do, after all, if the whole world was sunk into the deepest despair of ice and dark...? Pitch was so close to his vengenace that he could have sank his teeth into it - desiring it more than he had ever before.

"Oh no, my creator was so merciful in allowing me to keep them with the hope that I might - ah, have a change of heart." Chronos stated softly, clearing his throat. "Fortunate for you, of course." A sly smile began to spread over his lips, teeth as white as ivory despite the damage that he had done to them just for the sake of devouring fairies. "How much were you willing to spare in order to go back in time again? I missed that bit..."

Pitch straightened out his posture, looking firmly at the guadian behind the iron bars.

"I will do nothing for you until I have the Snow Queen's power under my own." He told him promptly. But Chronos frowned, tilting his head up at where he could see the moon from the hole in his cellar. As if he was beginning to doubt what they could accomplish together... Yet, there was something in his expression that had changed. That he too was searching desperately for the greed of revenge that Pitch was offering him - even if their last encounter had ended at the sake of the guardian being imprisoned.

But eventually, Chronos angled his body back towards Pitch, raising his eyebrows as another inquiry was laid out flat before him.

"How do I know that you will uphold your end of the bargain?"

And then it was Pitch's turn to laugh, loud and cruelly as a rapacious grin came up to touch his eyes. Nothing filled the dungeon louder than his laughter did; hard and ruthless, as if the prospect was not at all simple to understand. Until finally, he grit his teeth together and shadows came all around him at an alarming speed, captivating the vicinity. His mouth opened, and he was looking at the Chronos with the eyes of carnage.

"Because when I come back, I will have ripped each of the uvulas out of those damn guardian's throats."

And Chronos, the Guardian of Time, no longer looked for convincing. Instead, his long fingers began fashioning a sphere. It was a cluster of silver and white; not much larger than a tennis ball. But once he'd finished designing the orb, he tossed it through the bars of the dungeon keeping him there for four centuries. Pitch barely caught it in time before it fell to the ground, but once he did, he knew that there was no more persuasion to be done. All that mattered now was finding the Snow Queen before any of the guardians or the Man in the Moon had anything to say about it.

"Done. There's your portal." The guardian spoke gruffly at first, a tender grin reappearing in its stead.

"Arendelle is all yours, Boogeyman."


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