Hey guys, so it's been a long time since I've tried writing a fic and because I have a bad habit of giving up on or forgetting fics that I'm writing, I've already finished this fic before posting any of it. There are going to be 9 chapters and I'll post them weekly just because I'm mean.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and I hope you like it!

Raven groaned and rolled over as the alarm blared loudly throughout the tower. She rolled off the bed in a heap of blankets and silently cursed whichever villain thought it would be a good idea to wake her up at 2:30 in the morning. Having slept in her leotard, she simply grabbed her cloak as she stumbled out of her room.

"Who do I have to kill?" She asked in her usual monotone when she reached the lounge.

"It's Plasmus." Robin growled as he ran for the door. The rest of the titans followed obediently and climbed into the T-car.

"Dude!" Beast Boy whined. "How many times do we have to fight that oversized booger?" He was squished between Raven and Starfire in the back of the car since Robin beat him to the front.

"It is difficult to keep him from awakening." Starfire said soothingly. "It is not his fault that he is not human when he is awake."

"Well, I agree with Beast Boy." Raven replied. "Don't get used to it. But I'm sick of fighting the same giant blob over and over again. Can't we just slip him one-to-many sleeping pills and be done with it?"

"Raven, we're superheroes." Robin said sternly. "We don't kill."


Raven crossed her arms in irritation. She tried not to show it on her face, but she could feel her eye twitch a couple of times. She also felt Beast Boy watching her carefully and leaning slightly away.

"Raven?" He began carefully. "It's fine. We blast him a couple of times, knock him out good, and be home in a few minutes tops."


"Either way, I'm gunna kick his ass good for wakin' me up at this ungodly hour." Cyborg commented from the drivers seat.

The rest of the ride was silent, the following battle was routine, and the titans were back home by three. Raven hadn't said anything, but it didn't escape her notice that everything went exactly as Beast Boy had said it would. She watched as he bid everyone goodnight and headed to his room. Raven made herself some tea and watched as Cyborg locked up the tower and Robin kissed Starfire goodnight, then she was alone.

Despite being woken up so crudely, she was now wide-awake and didn't feel like sleeping. Raven walked up to the roof to meditate and her heart almost jumped out of her mouth when she saw a shadowy figure sitting on the edge. She took a deep breath and pushed down her emotions when she realized it was just Beast Boy.

"I thought you went to bed." She said, sitting down next to him. She could tell he hadn't heard her come up because he jumped so high that he almost fell off the roof.

"R-Raven. I didn't expect you to say anything. You're usually so quiet, I figured you'd just come up here to meditate and would just ignore me."

"You heard me come up?" She asked, accidentally allowing herself to sound surprised. "I thought you hadn't."

"Oh… I have better ears than other people, but I just heard the door open and close. I… um smelled you." He looked away embarrassed.

"Oh." Raven felt her cheeks heat up. "I hadn't realized that I smelt that bad. Sorry."

"No, it's not that. I have a better nose than other people, too. And everybody has a distinctive smell." He was rushing his words, hoping not to offend her. "I just recognized your smell. You smell fine."

"Thanks…" Raven replied lamely. "So… why aren't you asleep?"

"Um… I don't really want to talk about it."

Raven looked at him sympathetically as he stared at the water below them. As an empath, she could feel his emotions. That's what she loved about him and Starfire. Both of them wore their hearts on their sleeves and their emotions rolled off of them in waves. All she had to do was stand in the same room as them and wade in their ever constant and powerful emotions. However, at that moment she was being washed in the overwhelming despair that was flowing from the little green boy sitting next to her.

"Beast Boy, have I ever told you that I could feel other people's emotions?" His gaze snapped to her, the panic clear on his face and in his emotions. "You don't have to talk about it, but just know that I'm here when you want to. You're not alone either, you know."

"Thanks, Raven." He paused for a second, as if debating his next words. "You know… those comforting words sound weird in your monotone voice." He grinned up at her.

She had to agree with him. It had sounded weird and forced. "I'm just glad you could tell that I was serious and not just saying it to be polite."

"Well of course. We've known each other for years, Raven. I know you love me." He laughed as she hit him. "Ok ok. 'Care about me'. Deeply."

Raven rolled her eyes and stood up. "Your jokes still aren't funny." Lie. "I'm going to go to bed. Feel free to wake me up only if you need to talk about what's bothering you."

"Goodnight, Raven."

"… Goodnight, Beast Boy."