Summary: At age six Naruto winds up in the ruins of Uzu where he discovers his roots. Watch as The Prince of Whirlpools shakes the shinobi nations.

A/N This story has been floating around in my head for awhile and I have finally decided write it down and post it here. The main pairing is Naruto/Anko and that will not change, sorry if you do not like this pairing but I love it, and there aren't enough stories with this pairing. There will probably be lemons later on in the story. I have never written fanfiction before so I have no Idea of what I am supposed to do other then write the story, so If you would like to edit for me Pm me. (Oh and I do not own Naruto, I wish I did, he wouldnt be such a goofball)

Chapter 1 - The beginning

Naruto was cold. He blinked his eyes open and shook the blurriness from his aching head. How long he had been out he was unsure. The memories of his most recent beating flood into the forefront of his mind and the tears soon followed.

It had been his birthday today, and while that might be a cause of celebration for most normal six year olds, Naruto was not normal. His birthdays caused him nothing but pain. While he was frequently beaten over the course of the average month, his Birthday was the one day he knew he was going to be hurt, and hurt severely. Hokage-Jiji did everything he could to protect young Naruto, short of having him confined daily, to protect him but his efforts were never enough, and his workload and responibilites as the Hokage took up most of his time. Today though, it had been the worse he has ever suffered. Yes tonight Naruto had been beaten, raped, and urinated on, before he was cast into a river unconscious.

(Meanwhile in Konoha)

To say The Sandaime was furious would be the understatement of the century. He could not find Naruto anywhere, and he just got word from one of his loyal anbu, (Who he had scouring the village for his surrogate grandson) that he overheard some men talking about what they had done to the "Demon Brat" tonight. The men (a few of them shinobi) were rounded up and sent to Ibiki Morino, the head of the Torture and Interrogation unit.

It wasnt that much later The Hokage received a report from Ibiki of last known whereabouts of Naruto from the prisoners. Hiruzen accompanied a large team of his best trackers and Anbu black ops (one of which had gravity defying grey hair) to search the forest and the river nearby, but they found no sign of Naruto. The teams stayed out all night, and would continue to search for the next few days but they would never find him.

The men responsible were publicly executed after they pronounced Naruto dead two weeks after the search began. Before the men were executed however, The Hokage along with jiraiya revealed the truth about Naruto to the stunned crowd. Jiraiya took the stage and while in tears and filled with rage filled the village in on the little secret that Naruto was in fact his Godson. The "Demon brat" as he had been called, was the son of their greatest Hokage. His true name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. They revealed the reason they kept it a secret was to protect him from his fathers enemies, namely the shinobi of Iwa. For many ninja this was cause for great sadness, and shame. For years many throughout the village had shunned, spited, and hurt the child in some fashion or another, whether it was through words or physical violence. But no one was more destroyed about learning of Narutos heritage then Kakashi Hatake. Jiraiya made the announcement that he, like his former teamate would never step foot in this accursed village ever again and left. And so began the depression of Konoha.

(Back with Naruto)

It had been two weeks since Naruto had awoken upon the shores of the once great Uzushiogakure. To say the young boy was scared and confused would be an understatement. He had food that he had foraged, and water that he had found. But for the past few days after he had blocked out the trauma, and recovered from the pain he had been exploring the ruins of this once great village. Right now he was exploring what reminded him a little of the Hokage tower. Has he searched through the various rooms, and offices he noticed that all of the book cases and desks were bare. He spent hours searching all of the building until He finally came upon the Uzukage's office. Behind the desk lay a broken kunai. Naruto picked it up and ran his finger along the edge. He pulled his hand away sharply after he nicked himself. A few drops of blood fell on the floor and something amazing happened.

"Wow! Whats going on?" Naruto said as a sealing array glowed into existence and the desk slid forward across the floor to reveal a hidden staircase. Slowly and cautiously Naruto descended the stairs and the narrow hallway that followed. He came to a stone door with A spiral design excactly like the one on his once white t shirt. He touched the door and some of the blood still leaking from his finger tip activated another sealing array. The great stone door slid open and Naruto entered.

He came to Square shaped room with 3 doors, one on the north wall, one on the west wall, and one on the east. He proceeded north and this room would change his life forever. As he crossed the threshold through the door marked "Training" He saw a vast seal along the floor. He thought back to the other seals and decided he should touch this with his fingertip as well. The moment he did, the door closed, the seal lit up and three Figures appeared in the center of the room.

"U-uh ummmm... Hello."