Don't slit your wrists this isn't bad news. I'm sorry to all my fans who have been waiting anxiously for the next installment and rest assured I will post new chapters soon.

Last year tragedy struck my family. I lost two grandparents, my grandfather to terminal illness, and my grandmother to old age. This was made even more difficult for me to deal with due to the holidays. Long story short I stopped writing, and filled my days with nothing but sleep and work.

I lost my muse briefly but with the coming arrival of spring I have decided to keep writing. I forgot how much I missed it and how good it feels to entertain people even if it is fanfiction opposed to my own characters. I thank all of you who have waited patiently and am happy to say I will continue to update. Its going to be a little tricky this week cause my schedule is pretty cramped at work, but I will find the time for this. Its amazing to me just how many people enjoy this little piece of fanfiction of mine and I don't like to disappoint.

Anyway the gist is I'm back and I appreciate the support of my fans and followers. :)