My Little Artist

Summary: Noel Kreiss has loved Paddra Nsu-Yeul for over 500 years. He tells her so every day, but she had yet to say it back; but that's okay.This is set after the events in LR. It is also a prelude to my story "Saving Me" which I have yet to post.

Disclaimer:: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and its characters belong to Square Enix.

Noel Kreiss sat on the stool watching his girlfriend of a few months (and the love of his life for over 500 years), Paddra Nsu-Yeul, paint at her easel. He took in the cute furrow of her light blue brow and the small slip of her pink tongue as it poked between her lips. He took in the way a strand of her hair slipped from loose bun that had at least three paint brushes stuck in it. He smiled against the palm of his hand. She was just so adorable. She gave a small sigh and looked over at him. His grin widened as he caught sight of the smudge of blue paint she had managed to get onto her cheek.

"It's kind of hard to paint with you staring at me…" Yeul told him in the same quiet tone she always spoke in. Noel lowered his hand onto the paint covered table that held all of her paints and paint brushes. Normally her palate rested on the table as well, but at the moment it was being held by her slender hands. One thumb was poked through the hole to keep it steady in her hand as she swirled the tip of the paint brush onto the pink. Yeul was painting her favorite sight: the sunset that she can see from the window she sat in front of.

"Can't help it," he told her as he stood up. He reached forward and slipped his fingertips underneath her chin. He tilted her face toward his. Her emerald green eyes instantly trapped him. "You're adorable when you're concentrating like that…and when you have a smear of paint," he trailed his thumb across her cheek to the spot, "right here," he wiped it off with his thumb. He lowered his hand to side and wiped the paint smudge onto his jeans. She blushed and raised on hand to her cheek.

"Thank you," she said. He smiled softly at her. She turned her attention back toward the painting. Noel tried not to take it personally. He understood she was still awkward around him. He was still trying to help her see that even though she wasn't the same Yeul he had known in 700 AF he still loved her. He told her every day.

"I love you, my little artist," he told her quietly. Her brush froze for a moment on the easel. She didn't say it back. She never did. But that was okay. He saw her soft smile and the blush that tinted her cheeks. She may not feel comfortable telling him the same, but he was confident and hopeful that one day she would.