You see, these rumours had gone around school saying that the Professor had some kind of device that magnified his power. Apparently if the professor concentrated on someone in particular the professor could wipe them out, and this is what he wanted. He would kill all the mutants and then use Cauldron as his own slave.

Rage bubbled inside of me and I knew I had to let it out. All the rage I had collected for years and years, it came gushing out. I ran forward yelling my battle cry with blades swinging around me. I heard guns shoot but I sliced the bullets into pieces.

Man after man I stabbed through the heart, in my full rage I am relentless and have no mercy for anyone. I felt something pierce my skin and was immediately aware of things around me. I looked around with my blades still protecting me and I saw so many of his soldiers down, I saw the X-Men running into the area. Worse of all I saw Cauldron getting paler and paler.

I was aware of the stinging of many wounds from bullet pieces and aware of the pain in my head. I shook my head and ran forwards again searching for a way to get to her, to save her. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and saw Wolverine battling with a woman in a cat suit.

I dodged soldiers trying to shoot me and ran to the metal bars still swinging in a circle. The pain in my skull got so intense that I had to will myself with all my might not to fall to my knees and sob. I watched the bars swing and ran through them crazily,

Naturally I got pushed into the motion of a swinging bar and had to use my strength to get off it. I landed inside the circle and saw my brother's face turn towards me. I saw horrors of my past and I saw the good times with him, I heard a voice in my head saying

"Give up; you know there is no hope."

I felt tears falling down my face and made the decision, one that would haunt me till the day I died. I sliced through his thin body and took the remaining life from him, a mutation that is what I call a curse.

I walked slowly towards Cauldron who was starting to fight back from the spell of my brother's forever lost mind. I reached her and whispered

"Grab my hands."

She just groaned and I grabbed her hands myself. Maybe I should have thought it through earlier about what had actually happened when I was play fighting my dog when I was younger. After I had accidently taken his health I had had the urge to go sniffing around in the garden and to eat raw fish, a delicacy that my dog had loved.

As I grabbed Cauldron's hands I felt my mind open and saw what other people saw, and then I had this crazy idea that I could reverse what he wanted. I took the headpiece that had been on Cauldron's head, and placed it onto mine and calmed myself.

I saw so many mutants, I saw all of them and I felt every single emotion that mutants can feel. I focused on them and saw them on their knees holding their heads in their hands. I focused on my other mutation and gave what felt like my life to them. I saw them rise and I fell to my knees off Cauldron's lap.

I crawled around to face her and saw her unconscious; head rolled back and eyes closed. I sighed, at least she's alive, and I feel dead already.

I began walking towards where I had left my car and I saw the X-Men standing gasping for breath when I felt it, a slight prickling of the hairs on the back of my neck. I swivelled on my heel and saw him.

William Stryker, my worst nightmare. I faced him calmly and said

"Hello father."

I saw out of the edge of my eyes that my mother's father was here and he was walking towards Cauldron, he's Magneto.

I called out to him

"Hello grandfather, do you like who your daughter married?"

Their heads turned and they looked at each other, I saw the disgust on Magneto's face. I carefully walked into the middle of them, and I said sweetly

"Who would have thought? But of course my dear Magneto you do not know the worst."

They looked sceptically at me and I smirked and said three words

"Sebastian Shaw, grandfather."

I surprised myself and turned with my blade outstretched and killed my father. One who had killed so many people, maybe I was just as bad as him but I will have time to think about that later.

I ran towards Cauldron who had opened her eyes just to see that she had seen it all. She looked at me plainly and said

"You're a monster."

I was shocked. My mouth sat open and I whispered

"How? Huh, I know nothing about you and we had always said to each other that family doesn't matter. HOW AM I THE MONSTER? I AM THE ONE WHO LIVED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT MY FATHER HAD DONE! HOW COME I ALWAYS CAME TO SCHOOL WITH DARK EYES YOU USED TO ASK? IT'S BECAUSE OF HIM" I jabbed my finger towards my father's lifeless body now shouting "HE MADE MY LIFE HELL, I WAS AFRAID THAT IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM YOU WOULD GET HURT!"

She looked at me and said with tears falling

"You don't know anything about yourself or me. You should know that I don't keep promises. I knew all along and I saw that you wanted peace even after you know what Shaw and Stryker did to our kind."

I shook my head and she continued

"Don't you see that we will never be accepted? Don't you see that peace was never an option?"

I was so angry, my hair burst into flames and the wind picked up causing Cauldron to shiver. I said coldly to her

"Go with who you like, but remember that I saved your life." I turned to Magneto who was standing nearby and I said "Remember I saved everyone. And peace is always an option, but only those with a heart a willing to earn it."

I looked pointedly at Magneto and then I left her and headed to where what the school call's the 'X-Men' waited. The whole group was quiet and Wolverine had a thinking face on, would I be allowed to come with them? The Professor looked at me and said

"You are still welcome to come and live at the mansion."

I nodded, Cauldron had obviously taken her guard off and so she was going with Magneto. I sighed, why was family connections such a big deal? We walked in silence and I wondered what the others were thinking. But, I guess I wouldn't want to know because I am not one who deals with knowledge all that well.

I sighed, maybe life was like this so that we didn't all live boring lives and then go slowly insane. But why me?!

We had reached the jet now and I asked

"What about my car?"

Scott looked at me and said

"I'm driving it."

I raised my eyebrows but said nothing, I don't exactly trust Scott yet but seeing as he hasn't gone all crazy with the news of who my family is, it's a good sign. Thinking about that, I slowly turned my head sideways and saw Logan glaring at me. I sighed and walked aboard the jet and sat down waiting to go.