Reef's Unbelivable Black Friday.

Chapter 1-E3.

It was June 9th, 2013, Reef just asked Bummer to take days off until Friday. And Bummer told Reef, "Why should I give the Slacker like you 4 days off?" "Two words, dude. E. 3." said Reef. "Oh, like an Expo for Video Games? I caught you past your break playing the PS3 and Wii Mini. My final answer is..." said Bummer. Then a Voice intrupted Bummer saying, "Great Idea." The Voice was not Mr. Ridgemount, or Ty. It was Mrs. Ridgemount, Ty, Lo, and George's Mom. "But Mrs. R, you don't have the authority to Tell the Employees. It's your Husband's job, "said Bummer. Reef said, "Speaking of Mr. Ridgemount, where is he?"

Mr. Ridgemount was at the Walt Disney Company for conversation. Mr. R said, "I've heard you just canceled Star Wars 1313. I would like to buy trademark for that. So what do you say?"

Back at Ridgemount Hotel, "Yep. More Matured Theme Business." said Mrs. Ridgemount. Reef said, "Thank you, Mrs. R." and kiss Mrs. Ridgemount on the cheek. Reef went up stairs fast, then 6th floor slowed down, and 10th floor, took the the elevator, when he finally made the roof top runned and yelled, "I'M GOING TO E3!" Reef took the elevator again and pressed floor 1 and sleep until elevator stop. Mrs. R told him, "We're taking the Limo." Reef said, "Sweet." Reef got in the back. And Mrs. Ridgemount told the chaufer, "Take this Gentleman to California at Los Angles."

At California at June 10th, Reef came out and said thanks to the chaufer, and tips him. And checked in the Hotel. And Slept at his room. And then Woke up at 6 and get to Los Angles Convention Center earlier, then happen to get in and take a look, he went to Microsoft First, and drool when he saw the New X-Box One. Then went to EA, and said "This is awesome." Then went to EA, then, Ubisoft, then Playstation which introduces the PS4 and tried out every new games until E3 is Finished. And Thursday Reef called Mrs. Ridgemount if he can get a jet home. And Thursday Night, Reef cheers and yelled, "E3 is awesome!" and told Broseph and Johnny, "They have X-Box One and PS4 and They Look Awesome." "Duuuuuuuuude, chillax. They don't come out 'til November." "I just want to be Prepared for Black Friday at that time," said Reef. Johnny warned Reef, "Most people entered the store, and a few made it out unwounded. You can be next on the wounded list, even worst, the death list" Reef said "Relax, bro. I'm going to be okay."

He will be prepared for Thanksgiving. Kelly won't be in the Way. But other shoppers will.