Of Zombies and Pokemon
Genre: Humour/Romance
Pairing: SasuSaku
In which Sasuke's in Konoha hospital and listening in on everything going on - including not so innocent moans of his teammate.
Rating: T



"There's a dead—"

"I'm alive!"

"It's a zombie invasion!"


Sasuke was listening in on the conversation – already telling that those three voices belong to two children and one dobe. "Mattaku…" He muttered to himself, "Baka."

"No seriously! I'm the great—" BANG!

"Get him Onii-chan!"

"I'm on it!"

"Ow! Don't hit me! I saved your lives!"

"Noooooooo! The great Naruto Uzumaki is a zombie! His eyes – look, they're a weird colour – Oh no! His skin's turning gold! We have to run—"

"Shut up!" Came the voices (including Sasuke's) from the hospital.


Finally, everything became silent.


"I won't be quiet! I was abused dammit! By kids, no less!"

"Eeek! The zombie's still there!"

"EH!? I'm no zombie! Promise!"

"He's talking – no, no, no! It's an evolved zombie!"

"What's this – pokemon?"

"What's pokemon?"


'For crying out loud…' Sasuke thought, frowning to himself deeply. Why did Sasuke have to be in the same room as the dobe?


"You think! Why did you think I, the great Uzumaki Naruto, would have died!?"

"… Cause you're overpowered?"

"Nani? What does that mean?"

"… Nothing." Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.


Now, Sasuke was not one to listen in on people's… fun time but that moan sounded extremely familiar…

"Stop it, Sai!"

SAY WHAT? Sasuke shot upright and stormed out of his door, awaiting the sound of that noise again.

"Jeez! That hurts, dammit!"

"Gomen, Ugly, but it's needed to be done—"

"Well, get someone qualified to do it then!"

"But you said—"

"I don't care what I said, Sai! Take it out!"

Sasuke frowned to himself, making his way to the mystery person's… office. He pressed his ear to the door.

"Stop that!"

"… No."

"Do you just like hurting me or something?"

"… Maybe?"

"You're a dick! I thought you would have been a better choice than Naruto or Sasuke-kun!"

"Then why not ask Kakashi, huh?"

Sasuke growled lowly, a rumbling noise in his throat as he opened the door, only to see Sai giving Sakura a needle. However, the Uchiha was that angry that he marched over to Sakura (in his injured state) and grabbed her before slamming his lips against hers, and roughly shoving his replacement out of the way before disappearing with Sakura in his arms – to go and do… stuff.

Sai looked down at the needle in his hand, "… I'm never helping Ugly out again."

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