Back! Thought I forgot about this one, did you? …okay, maybe a little. I'm sorry.

Well…there's a lot of reading. Most of it back story to fill in the Seven Year War. A lot of storytelling and the like.

If you're like me and you have a crappy memory, here's a recap of what has happened thus far:

Link is told that he is a Hylian and not a Kokiri, and must leave the Kokiri Forest. The Great Deku Tree sends him to the Castle Town with Navi, a Kokiri who is able to leave the woods. Sheik, an envoy from the crown, acts as their guide, and takes them to an audience with the king. Navi tells the king that the Kokiri Emerald has been stolen by Ganon, the Thief King of the Gerudos. The King asks Link to retrieve the sacred stones from the Gorons and the Zoras, and lends the aid of Sheik and his sister Shaya.

The group, which also included Navi, traveled to the mountain, visiting the village of Kakariko. They meet Anju, a Hylian healer who lives there, and Link finds out the truth behind Navi's existence. When they petition to the Goron King, to give them the sacred stone, the Goron King asks them to bring him a heart of a full grown Dodongo in order to prove their worth. They do so, and gain the Goron's Ruby. Link was injured in the battle, and Sheik heals him, revealing what he inherited from his Sheikah blood. They visit the Great Faerie at the top of the mountain, and are each given a gift.

Link falls into the water of the Zora's Domain river, and almost drowns. Ruto, the Zora princess, comes to his aid, and pulls him to safety. She then takes them to her father, the Zora King, who grants them the sacred sapphire. Ruto makes Link promise to bring it back to her one day.

They return to the castle, where Link accidentally finds out that Shaya is actually the Princess Zelda, and Sheik is actually a prince of Hyrule. Sheik and Link have an intimate moment, in which they finally confess feelings for one another.

Link, Sheik and Navi take the sacred stones to the King of Hyrule, only to discover that it's not the king at all, but Ganon in disguise! Ganon takes the stones and opens the Door of Time – Link follows him through, and they fight to reach the Triforce. Ganon reaches the Triforce first and locks Link inside the Sacred Realm.

In the last chapter, the story moved seven years ahead, to when Link finally exits from the Door of Time. Sheik and Kadros ride to meet him in the Temple of Time, and Link is brought before the Council of the Sheikah…..

Chapter Twelve: Filled Blanks

Kadros tried not to fidget as he sat in one of the council chairs. With the fight in the temple, he had been informed that he could be one of the four council representatives for the Sheikah in Castle Town, if he so wished. A little part of him - the one they knew he was only being asked because his sister had died and they expected him to fill her shoes - hadn't wanted to take the position. He had talked it over with Yolena, however, and her 'It's an honour, stupid - they asked you because they want you, not because you're Ferrai's brother' shook that voice away.

It was still surreal, though, to be seated with the other eight members of the council. It also felt a bit conspicuous, because of the war, eight of the Sheikah equaled one third of their members. As well, one third was Hylians who obtained Eyes of Truth through their own struggles, and on the council, only two were not full-blooded Sheikah.

Across from Kadros, at the opposite side of the crescent-shaped table, sat the twins Bedira and Beni. They were full blooded Sheikah; they were strong prophets in complete dedication to the Eye. They never spoke more than a few sentences separately and were never out of each other's company. The twins seemed to be of a single mind and consciousness, and tended to offer courses of action that spurred significant movement and action. They came from Lon Lon Ranch, where many Hylians with the Eyes of Truth were concealed as stable hands and horse breeders.

To the right of the twins were the three delegates from Kakariko Village. Viv was a soft-spoken woman who always dressed in white. She has once been an orchardist near the Kokiri Forest, but the war turned her sight to Pure Truth. She could no longer tell lies, see lies or hear lies, and could only see everything for what is was. In comparison, the woman beside her named Nilila only saw the potential in things. The intentions and paths laid before each person and event were visible to her, and often she became tangled in the courses of time. Viv tried to keep her out of trouble, and oftentimes they were seen together; Viv standing watch while Nilila stared off into the future. Nilila was coherent at the moment, and she briefly locked gazes with Kadros, before sliding away into the potential paths of his life.

Beside Kadros, on his left side, were his fellow representatives for the Castle Town Sheikah, and Kadros could privately admit that he found the three of them to be quite intimidating.

Kasaka was probably the most serious person that Kadros had ever met. She had been Impa's second in command in times of peace, and still involved herself heavily in combat training and the basics of hand-to-hand. She worked people to exhaustion and prepared her fighters for any and every situation, no matter how absurd. Kadros once failed a training exercise because

Baero was beside Kasaka, currently engaged in discussing new battle tactics. He was refined and distinguished, but had proven his worth in leadership skills by winning many skirmishes with little preparation. He was the second-in-command of the council, and answered to Janiv first and foremost. Janiv sat at the table's center and watched her fellow Sheikah. She was sometimes hardheaded and brash, but it came mostly from the fact that she was in her mid-twenties, unlike Baero or Kasaka who were in their forties. She showed early on that she was capable of leading her people, and she was one of the last that Impa had trained before tending to the Temple of Shadows. Janiv often had conflicts with Sheik, due to their rivalry in training and due to their different ways of handling situations.

Sheik, for his part, only said what was necessary at meetings, and did his best not to cause her too much unnecessary grief. Sheik was the last to enter the meeting, and took a seat between the twins and Viv, all of which greeted him as he sat. Sheik, of course, was the link to the Queen of Hyrule, and the greatest healer of the Sheikah people. Beni and Bedira often referred to him as the Guide, or the Mask of Wisdom. Kadros didn't pretend to understand that meaning of these titles, and neither did anyone else - the twins often called people by strange names that they could only defer the meaning of.

Kadros stood as Janiv signaled to him, and went to let Link in the chamber. He didn't pretend to understand why he was asked to be present, because among such people, he felt very much like someone plain and plucked from the village.

Kadros closed the door behind Link and took his seat. His eyes lingered on the Master Sword that was slung casually across the Hylian's back. The blade shimmered slightly in the lantern light, and the jewel on the hilt was dark and murky. Link bowed to the council and stood firmly in the middle of the circle chamber, facing Janiv at the center.

"I greet the Council of the Sheikah," Link said formally, his voice soft. His words echoed gently in the chamber.

"We greet you, Link," Janiv said formally, reaching out a hand as she inclined her head to him. Everyone else acknowledged his greeting in a similar fashion, with the twins and Viv staring at Link with a confused curiosity. "At last you have returned to us, here in the lands of Hyrule. Undoubtedly you find that it has changed much since your departure to the Sacred Realm."

Link inclined his head to Janiv in response, though he did not break eye contact with her. "Many things have changed, Janiv."

Baero spoke up then, as if to head off the curious tone that Link's voice had taken on. "If it pleases you," he said politely, "perhaps you could tell us what happened to you, these seven long years." He indicated the sword on Link's back, "Perhaps you could also include the story of the Master Sword."

Link paused, almost stiffly, and shifted his stance. "If it pleases you, Baero, I will speak of this."

"It does," chorused the twins. "Please enlighten us to your trials, Hero of Time."

Link shot a sharp glance at them, "Then I should begin from the time when I last saw the King of Evil…"

"…Ganon was almost at the top; my spear was broken and gone, and all I had were arrows. He was within steps away from the glowing artefact and my only chance was placed on that one arrow. I put it on the bow and let it fly…

But Ganon only batted it out of the way, spinning around to face me with the Triforce clutched in one hand. A look of disgusting greed spread across his face like disease, and I trembled at the foot of the golden pyramid.

"I have it!" He cried, leaping into the air effortlessly, upheld by some degree of magical energy he had not possessed a moment before. "The Triforce and its powers are mine to command!"

He looked at me and started to say something, but the Triforce burst into beams of gold rays between his fingers. The pyramid melted suddenly, washing across the grassy plains like bleach, coating everything in its path. I was immersed in it as well, but it slid away from me like water would from oil... Ganon was writhing in the air and the Triforce was giving off a constant humming that rubbed against your bones and wriggled through your spirit like Soulworms…

I was struck backwards, struck to the ground; windless in the grass. Some of the light filled me, pooling in my hand and then racing out through my body.

The grass started to change then – the glassy coating from the pyramid caused it to shift and melt and mold again. It darkened and colored, and curled in on itself. The darkness spread and I got up as quickly as I could – Ganon's heart wasn't pure and it was tainting the Sacred Realm!

Ganon was racing back to that door – hovering lightly over the seemingly endless field to that shimmering veil in the distance.

I couldn't let him get back.

But he – as I realized later – had the Triforce of power.

He reached the door before me.

As he stepped through it, he turned and shot me a crooked, nasty grin.

"I leave it to you."

He passed through, the veil vanished in a spurt of sparkle, and I was left to the tainted, dark Sacred Realm. Or as the Dark King had put it, it was left to me.

For weeks I struggled, hiding in the last layer of the pyramid, which, for some reason, remained after the rest had melted. The spirits…the souls…the floating orbs of life that shimmered there were swept away, tangible only through the hand of darkness. I saw everything die, decompose and live again – darkened and shaded by what Ganon had taken.

A year passed and then two. I couldn't find anything in the realm that would take me back to Hyrule. I even went so far once as to try and join the ranks of the Eye, but it would not accept me. I fought and lived and drew the attention of all the evil around me. Of all the inhabitances there, only I was unreachable by the endless shadow. Only I carried the light of the Triforce.

In a dream one night, a figure spoke to me. Her voice was comforting – more so than the forests of Kokiri or the embrace of a lover. She told me to wake up and follow her to the Forest of Illusions. I went as she guided, walking unharmed through the shadowy evils. For a rare once, I was not touched. The darkness and the creatures that thrived in it hissed at me as I passed, but did not come near.

I was lead through the Forest of Illusions, by passing the traps and demons that floated there. I had gone into the forest once before, when I believed it to be a sanctuary like the one I had known in Hyrule. The experience nearly drove me mad. This trip, however, was hazy and unclear. The ghosts and spirits seemed to be of no certain concern to me, and I passed into the grove of the Master Sword.

The sword stood atop a pedestal, poised at the top of a marble stair. The voice told me to go to it, and I did. I climbed the stair, feeling myself glide from stair to stair, hardly touching down before lifting the foot again. All manner of creatures drew out of the forests, revealing themselves to the light of the sword and of the dais. They watched me as I reached for the weapon, and a moment of breathless existence echoed around me.

It fit my grasp perfectly. The grips that wound in concentric circles around the hilt woke curling nerve impulses in my hand. My arm locked, and my shoulder rolled of its own accord – I drew the Master Sword from the pedestal in a single motion, raising it to the light that shone down into the grove.

The light flashed across the blade, rivets of white separating into colour and then pooling as one again. The voice sounded again, speaking words that I couldn't understand. Other voices answered her, and they rose in chorus. Something changed within me at that point, and suddenly I understood what it was that I was to do. The voices faded, one-by-one, until I was left with the darkness that had existed after Ganon's influence. I understood it for what it was in that instant, and its hold in me… I carry it with me now…it is neither good nor evil…

I returned to where the great pyramid had stood. I remembered the door, creating it as I told you at the beginning of my story. What I imagined, the shadow created for me. The door rose from the earth – a black curtain rising like liquid to the sky. I reached out my hand and I reached out the sword. With both I touched it, and the door opened for me. I stepped through it and found myself back in the Temple of Time. It was such a shock to be presented with such familiarity that I had long forgotten, that I was overwhelmed for a long moment."

Link stopped here, and it seemed that he had no intention to continue on. The council members exchanged glances, analyzing the story quietly. The man stood still in front of them, contemplating behind a blank gaze.

"Thank you, Link," Janiv said quietly, her brow slightly furrowed. "You may withdraw if you wish."

Link thought it over for a moment, and then shook his head. "I would like to know what you intend for me to do."

"What makes you think that we would intend anything for you?" Nilila asked, her fire-bright eyes glinting as she looked at him. She looked excited and worried at the same time, like she has seen something in her trance that confirmed something about Link.

Link smiled at her. "I am the arm that raises the sword."

"Yes," she said, pleased, "You are the arm, but who is the body? Who is the mind?"

Calmly, Link responded, "The body is the people we protect, and the mind is the council." He smiled again, "Tell me...who is the spirit?"

Nilila tilted her head to one side, biting her lip to keep from grinning back at him. She waited for him to answer his own question.

Link complied, "The goddesses are the spirit, Nilila."

Amused, she sat back in her seat and did not speak again. Her eyes became distant and her mind left the council room again.

"That voice who spoke to you, who was it?" Kadros jumped a little as Kasaka spoke suddenly. The other Sheikah glanced at him, but he was already looking back at Link.

"A goddess," Link responded.

With a raised eyebrow, Kasaka pressed on, "Which?"

"I'm not sure," Link said.

"Then what makes you sure that it was one?" Kasaka replied sharply. She was playing with a ring that was sewn into her belt - a sure sign that she was looking for an answer in particular.

"What does it matter," Sheik murmured, "Only the pure can wield the Master Sword. What purpose does this questioning serve?"

"I would ask you," Kasaka said, her dark magenta eyes flashing dangerously, "To keep your personal engagements from clouding your judgment." She was not fond of interruptions when she was speaking, and she was even less fond of romantic relationships during wartime.

"And I would ask you," the master healer said with a tight voice, "That you do not assume that I lack the control to do so."

"Enough," Janiv said, and raised a hand. Sheik and Kasaka fell silent. "I believe that it is necessary to examine the sword. I find it difficult to believe that you happened to find it when it is needed most."

Link took a breath and held it for a moment. It had appeared that he was listening intently to Janiv, but he held the same expression even though she had stopped speaking. His eyes were thoughtful and unfocused.

"Link," Viv said softly. She was avoiding looking at him for some reason.

Snapping back to alertness, Link straightened his posture. "I'm sorry. Perhaps I could hear of what has occurred during my time in the Sacred Realm? Nothing has been said to me."

Janiv gazed mildly at Link, but her thought reached out to touch the council members in the room. Kadros eventually felt an unformed question brush against his mind, and he offered a mental nod in response. The question left him and soon after, Kasaka sighed as she answered.

"Very well," Janiv said.

Surprisingly enough, Kadros found himself speaking first. He hadn't intended to dig into his past, especially with the loss of his sister being so recent, but it seemed the natural thing to do. Ferrai probably would have spoken of the war freely, and to honour her memory, he would too.

"I was from Kakariko, originally. After the Door of Time had been sealed and the Queen was sent into hiding, the village healers were sent to Castle Town, where the dead were many and the dying was quickly over-populating…."

The first time I had gone through the gates of Castle Town was when I was very young. It had been when my eyes had first turned and I was to meet the King of Hyrule. This time, however, I was lead through a side gate and around the first two sets of gates. Myself and Ferrai were brought to the Great Faerie of Magic, deep below the castle grounds.

"Thou who stand before me…this may be the last that we see of each other," The Great Faerie had said. She floated above the water, sitting cross-legged in midair.

There were no flowers in her hair, I remember, and her dress of vines and leaves seemed wilted. The curtains of light hanging across the walls shimmered dully, and the water beneath her barely rippled around her shadow. "I shall give thee the last of my healings... Thou must seal me away where the darkness cannot reach me… My strength will rest in thy limbs, and my power shall be safe from dangerous hands. When the Bane of Evil returns for me, only then shall I rise to these chambers again."

Sheik was with me, as was my sister Ferrai. There were seven others as well, but they have all died since then. We bowed before the Great Faerie of Magic, and she gave us our final blessing.

"Go with the light of life."

The walls fell dark, the water stilled, and the Great Faerie was gone. That was the last that we saw of her, or of her kind. Faerie fountains emptied across Hyrule, and healing pools ceased to replenish the flesh. It was the first great loss, and it was our greatest downfall… Without being able to use these sources of healing, suddenly our numbers dropped…and we were few to begin with...

"…Back then, the Sheikah were born from bloodlines. Now, more and more of those who remain are the result of Eyes of Truth. Those who have seen the Truth gain our vows, and our spiritual strength and foresight, but few gain the power to heal."

Kadros hesitated before adding, "And those with the Eyes of Truth who can heal, can only heal themselves…unlike blood-born Sheikah. Their curse is the reverse of ours."

After a pause, Baero spoke next. "Castle Town went up in fire on the third night after Ganon left the Temple of Time. Two thirds were killed within the first two weeks. The rest fled into the countryside, and into other regions of Hyrule. Ganon cast a curse on the town, so that any who died there could never leave and would never rest in peace. Corpses rose in the ninth hour after death, and were free to walk the city streets." He stopped, rethinking his choice of words. "…Well, perhaps 'free' is too generous a word. They could not leave the city and they could not enter the Temple of Time…well, until recently, but at the time they feared the Temple more than they feared living in such agony…"

"Why do they fear the Temple?" Link asked, his eyes curious, but his voice bland.

"Ganon left us the Jewels of the Goddesses, having no further need for them. The corpses could not enter the Temple because of the shields of life that they create when in contact with one another. The reanimated corpses were stuck in-between life and death… Early on, we named them the ReDead…" Baero clenched his jaw tightly and said no more.

"What does water mean to you?" Nilila asked abruptly, lucid once more. She leaned over the table top to peer at Link closely. "Anything. What does it mean?"

"Life," Link said immediately, "Cleansing, reflection—"

"Reflection," Nilila repeated triumphantly. "I was an ambassador to the Zora when everything took a turn for the darkness, you know. We received messengers. The first told of Ganon and the Door of Time. The second and third practically slept in the same inn and arrived right after one another, telling of Castle Town and the Kokiri Forest. The earth shook for a week when the Mountain of the Gorons suddenly became explosive, and all passages to the Water Temple at Lake Hylia were suddenly impassible. I left Zora's Domain one morning, and returned the next week to find it encased in ice. "

She shuddered and Viv reached over to pull her back into her seat. "The water of Hyrule is stopped at the source. Water is difficult to keep, these days. It isn't as pure and doesn't last as long. We used to do ice runs to Zora's Domain, but it became too dangerous, and Ganon has a camp set up at the waterfall to harvest chunks for his armies…"

Her voice trailed off and with an apologetic smile, Viv said, "She wasn't always this bad, you know. After the business with Zora's Domain, she hasn't been…around, much. She loved the Zora very much, and often would visit the above-water site for their Temple. But after the water from the lake nearly emptied, she can't bear to go there anymore.. " She patted Nilila's hand and offered Link a chair that was off to one side.

Link shook his head and asked, "What else happened?"

"Well…" She thought for a moment, "After the Castle fell, Kakariko was nearly deserted, since the Sheikah were up and about, so Ganon didn't have any interest in burning it to the ground. He had made an attack early on in the war, but it was repelled. Any survivors of that battle scattered – Sheikah and Gerudo alike. The village was, in most respects, abandoned, and Ganon turned his attention elsewhere. There are Sheikah like myself and Nilila, and Sheik as well, who still live underneath the village, because there are some things there that still need to be minded. Occasionally there are raids from the Dark King, but I think it's mostly to make sure that we say away from Kakariko."

She stood and walked around the table to where Link stood. Carefully, she examined the sword on Link's back, paying careful attention to the jewel. "May a draw it?" She asked.

"I don't know if you should," Link said, turning to face her. "I do not wish you harm."

"I know," Viv said, with a small bright smile. "But may I draw it for a moment? Janiv wishes to see if it is real, and I think it is best if we all do."

Hesitantly, Link pulled the scabbard from his back and offered the sword to her hilt, first.

"Have no fear," Viv murmured, and placed her hand on the hilt. The air around her lit up, with a wind that blew to all corners of the chamber. Link's eyes were wide, and the jewel on the sword lit gold for a second. Viv slid the sword from the scabbard a few inches – enough to reveal the golden writing on the blade – and then pushed it back in. She released the sword, and the light faded and the wind died down.

Link stared at her in shock, his hands loose around the Master Sword; as if he were unsure if his was his to hold any longer.

"I tell no lies, see no lies, do no evil," Viv explained, and took the sword from him. It brightened slightly, and she turned Link around so she could attach it to his belt again. "My sight is clear and my heart is pure. In theory I could wield this sword, Link, but I do not think that it would recognize me as its master." She patted him on the cheek and smiled. "It is destined for you, not I. Before the council I do state that you are a Child of Destiny, and that is the Master Sword."

"Thank you," Link said, quietly, and she went back to her seat.

Janiv watched him thoughtfully for a moment. Baero shared a glance with Kasaka, and the twins looked as if they were in deep thought. Kadros distractedly listened to them murmur among themselves, but his focus was on Link. The Hylian had drawn the Master Sword again, but there weren't any bright lights and holy winds. He pressed the tip of the blade into the casing between stones on the floor. Firmly wedged into the Temple floor, Link rested his hands on the pommel of the sword and waited for the Council to make their announcement.

Someone nudged Kadros' mind. It was Sheik, channeling to him through Bedira. 'Janiv is talking to you.'

Kadros lifted his gaze to the woman leading the Council. She was talking to Baero, but Kadros could hear her voice slide into his thoughts.

'And you, Kadros? Do you believe in him? That he can use the Master Sword?"

'I believe in him,' Kadros replied, 'I would have trusted my sister to him.'

'I see. Thank you.'

Her thought left him, and her gaze turned to the rest of the Sheikah in turn. Then, to Kadros's shock, she lifted her head, turned to Link and said, "You must go to the Castle and face Ganon. With the Bane of Evil you can defeat him!" Janiv stood, signaling that the meeting was over. "This is your task, Hero of Time."

Kadros glanced around the table: Sheik looked uneasy and Viv seemed to be troubled about the decision as well. Nilila's eyes were glazed over and Kasaka was fiercer than ever. The rest appeared neutral, though Kadros knew that only the twins were truthful with this.

"You cannot ask me to do this," Link said, his voice wobbling for a moment. "Ganon has control of the lands, if I were to kill him, Hyrule would have nothing to draw on – the Domain is frozen, the mountain erupts-"

"He must be stopped," Janiv said shortly, cutting him off. "He kills villages and pollutes the very soul of Hyrule! Link, we do not have the numbers or the resources to continue this campaign. You say you are the Hero of Time, and a Child of Destiny. With the Master Sword you must go to him and destroy the King of Evil!"

"I think not," Link almost-growled.

Kadros hesitated to speak out, rubbing a thumb over the jutting pattern of the chair arm. He suddenly felt very small in Link's presence, sensing a disturbing change in the Hylian. The hero stilled, head tilting forward to rest on his chest, eyes falling half-shut. His arms slowly relaxed at his side, stance still remaining in a defensive posture. The Sheikah gathered drew in their breath at the same time, together shuddering, as the torches in the chamber blew out. Filtered light dimly lit the room through the curtained window.

Janiv was the first to release words into the tense silence. "This is unnecessary dramatics, Link." She said. "Our decision is final."

Link opened his mouth, head rising from its former neutral position. "Your reasoning is flawed, Janiv." Link's voice echoed strangely; the tone was an octave deeper and oddly pitched. There was a bizarre humming underneath his words, and it whispered long after he had finished speaking. "The logic of this Council, though just and noble in its intentions, is not what is best for the lands of Hyrule. You must reconsider."

"Through what authority do you claim to oppose the rule of the Council?" Kasaka said sharply, narrow eyes thinning further, giving the impression that she was squinting at him. "Will you deny Hyrule the opportunity to be saved?

"This man comes in the authority of the dead," Link said, offering his gaze to the members of the council around him. A few gasped, seeing the emptiness of the now-black irises. "He serves me as you do. I came to him in the place of the Sacred Realm, and he has accepted his fate freely. He now acts as a conductor for me to speak through." Link turned to the twins, sitting stoically side-by-side. "I greet you, voyant."

Bedira and Beni bowed their heads in unison, the first two fingers of their right hand pressed to the palm of their left in what looked like a variation of a praying gesture. "We greet you, All Seeing Shadow," they said together, "and express gratitude for the grace you have blessed us with."

Link nodded to them, mimicking their hand position. He turned back to Janiv and Baero, both of whom were tightly gripping the hand rests of their seats. "Send the Jewels of Power to the forest, colossus and lake. … Ganon cannot be separated from Hyrule any longer – he must be sealed away within the Sacred Realm that his dark heart has created. Only then will you slow the flow into my realms." Link's face twisted in psychic pain. "I wish no more of my children to join me before their rightful time."

"So this is the darkness that Link spoke of," Baero said softly. "The Great Darkness that is neither good nor evil."

"The Shadow Beast," Kadros murmured.

Even Kasaka added to the titles, "The Eye That Sees the Truth."

Link graced them all with a long look, before settling on Janiv once more. "You must reverse what was done, those long years ago," He repeated. "Return the Goddess Jewels to where the guardian races reside, and life will return o the land of Hyrule. It will begin to heal itself, and then you may be able to confront the Dark King himself."

"And," Link added, with a dark touch of humour, "This decision is final."

The colour washed back into Link's eyes, bursting out in sapphire veins of blue. Pupils dilated into almost nonexistence, and then returned to their normal appearance. Link rocked forward, and the Master Sword dug deeper into the space between the floor tiles. His knees buckled for a moment, but then he steadied. Returning to his full stature, he worked the Master Sword's tip out of the floor and sheathed it.

"May I rest somewhere?" Link asked in a weary tone.

Janiv nodded as the lanterns relit themselves. "This meeting is closed."

"Thank you," Link murmured, half to himself.

A/N: If you're curious about what the Eye called Bedira and Beni, (voyant) it's just French for 'seer.'