Fa Babies

by Erin Griffin

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Pairing: Swan Queen, Red Beauty, Sleeping Warrior

Summary: Emma and Ruby pick up their kids from the baby sitter's.

Quick cute story I wanted to write because I have all of these feelings for these ships and I don't know what to do with myself sometimes.

Emma stretched and got out of the car. Slowly, she made her way up the steps to the Fa household, and rang the doorbell. A howl came from inside as well as the crying of a baby. "Really?" Mulan asked with an eyebrow raised. She turned behind her and picked up the small dark brown werewolf puppy by the skin of his neck before he could make a run for the street, as he was wriggling so much that she couldn't pick him up properly. She handed the pup to Ruby as she hurried up the steps.

"Hey! Don't do that! He's not a dog!" Ruby called. She took her son into her arms, and received a sloppy kiss as a reward for saving him.

"Tell him that, and train him not to go to the bathroom when he is in this form," Mulan replied.

"We're working on it," Ruby said, sheepishly this time.

Aurora came up behind Mulan with another pink baby in her arms, and the warrior's stance relaxed. "Hey you two," the princess said, bouncing the baby in her arms a couple of times, and she quieted down right away.

"Wow, I think she likes you better than she likes me." Emma said casually.

"Impossible," Aurora replied with a smile. Slowly, she handed the baby over to Emma. "There's Mommy, see?"

"Thank you for cub watching tonight. You're natural parents. You should think about having little Fa babies of your own." Ruby said.

"We're working on it," Mulan said, echoing Ruby's earlier words. She got a smirk in return from the deputy.

"Anyway, I owe you both dinner soon." Emma said.

"Or Regina does," Aurora quipped.


"You know what she meant." Ruby cut in. "And next meal at Granny's is on me. Thanks again. Oh, and Mulan? Pick up my son by the scruff of his neck again and I'll bring dishonor on your face." This only earned the werewolf an eye roll.

"Not to mention if Belle finds out," Emma added in.

"Don't stir the pot, or have you forgotten why you ended up leaving your newborn at a sitter's?" Aurora said with a wink.

"Right, don't tell Regina that we had impromptu girl's night that turned into a night at work," Emma said. "We'll be going. We owe you. Goodnight, you two!"

"Get her home safe," Aurora said. She took Mulan's arm, and after Ruby and Emma made it back to the squad car, closed the door to their home. Emma buckled the carrier turned car seat into the back, and Ruby sat next to it with her son in her lap, stroking his back until he returned to his human form in sleep. The rest of the ride home was silent.