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It all began because Professor Hamelton wanted them to experiment with social media and see what an influence it could be for a business. He had told the class to go on whatever social media outlet they wanted, but they needed to make a forum where anybody could ask them any question and they had to answer it honestly. The project was due in a month and it would count as their final. Oliver really didn't want to do it. He wasn't one for social media because he never knew who was genuinely interested in him or just interested in his money. But he needed to do it for a grade, so he decided on something that was quick yet personal. YouTube.

Making his account and first video was fairly easy. Just a quick one minute introduction of himself and why he was doing this, letting everyone know to leave a question in the comment section. He hadn't expected for his video to have over 10,000 hits by the end of the week. He guessed it helped that he was already pretty well known from his younger years before he really started taking his life serious and focused on his business degree. Most of the comments seemed to be from teenage girls saying how hot he was and that they wanted to date him, but he got a handful of good questions.

Oliver settled down in his chair, with the page of questions and started recording. "Viewers, here we go. It's a rainy Thursday afternoon and I'm waiting for my next class to begin. While I have the time, I thought I would answer some of the questions you left. So let's start. Okay, AvidWatcher27 asked, 'In the past, you were seen in a lot of tabloids and on TMZ frequently, but over the years it seems that your appearances have gone down dramatically. What changed?' That is a good question AvidWatcher27. When I was younger, my best friend and I partied all the time. Every night we would be at a club or crashing someone's party. We loved to drink and we loved the girls even more. We didn't care who caught us on camera as long as we were having a good time. I had just dropped out of my second university, so Tommy, my best friend, decided that I needed a night out instead of listening to my parents yell at me. We were driving to our friends club when we were hit by a car. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and we didn't stand a chance of avoiding him. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with a broken arm and my best friend dead. That was my wake up call. For a long time I blamed myself for his death. Sometimes I still do. But I realized in that hospital that the life I was leading wasn't a life at all. All the partying, all the drinking and sex, it didn't mean anything in the end. So I decided that I needed to change. I got into this university and started applying myself in my classes. I thought it would be hard, growing up. It is. But I also found out that I actually like it here. I like my classes and my professors. I like this whole experience. I cut back on my partying and focused on learning. And it turns out I'm pretty good at school. I just wish I didn't have to find out this way."

Oliver cleared his throat, trying to get the ball of emotion out that always appeared whenever he talked about Tommy. Looking down at the next question, he sighed in relief to see that it was something that always made him smile. "Again, good question. Now Jenny asked, 'Who's the one person you love spending time with the most?' That's easy. My baby sister, Thea. I try to go back home at least three times a week just to spend time with her. She's ten years younger than me, but when I lived at home she was always chasing after me. She's amazing." Looking back down, Oliver shook his head at the next question, "Lexi wants to know, 'Will you go out on a date with me?'"

Looking back up Oliver smiled and said truthfully, "The answer to that is no, I have a girlfriend. Sorry Lexi. Next question is from TVAddict927, 'What is it like being a billionaire?' Technically I'm not a billionaire, my father is, which I'm reminded daily by him. Honestly though, it's not as exciting as a lot of people think. Sure, I get to have nice cars, designer clothes, and an invitation to anyplace I want, but I also have to be careful of who my friends are. A lot of times people only want to be my friend for my money, so it's hard to find genuine ones. Nice question though. Freddie asked, 'What's your favorite sport?' Football. I love football. When I was younger I wanted to play football but my mom was against me getting hurt so often, so it never really went anywhere. But I still play with my classmates when we have time in between classes."

Oliver answered a few more questions before ending the video by saying, "That'll end this assignment. I had a lot more fun than I thought I would making this video. Who knows, it might not be my last. But I gotta go before I'm late for my next class. Later YouTube." He then uploaded it to his account and went to class. It wasn't until three hours later when he was back in his dorm room that he saw that his video already had 20,000 hits and 500 comments, many asking for him to make more videos. Oliver sat back in his chair and realized that for the first time since Tommy's death, he found something that made him happy. Not that his family or girlfriend didn't make him happy, but it always felt like something was missing, someone. With this though, he felt like not only was it a way to talk about things he usually talked to Tommy about, but it also something that had no reminder of Tommy. They never made internet videos (at least on purpose). This was something that Oliver thought he could enjoy without feeling like something was missing.

His next video was of him at the library. He had his camera phone pointed at him as he spoke quietly, "YouTube, a lot of you viewers asked me to continue making these videos. And I've decided, why the hell not. It's fun for me and for some reason you find this entertaining. So it's a win-win. I'm at the library right now, which is why I'm whispering, looking for my next endeavor into the literature world. I just finished The Count of Monte Cristo and I have to say that I loved it. So much better than the movie. My roommate told me I should try reading The Odyssey next. So I'm looking for that now, but what I wanted was your suggestions. I'm more of a classic book kind of guy, but I'm up for any suggestions you have. Put them in the comments and I'll read as many as I can. I'll post another video about what I thought about each one I read. I'll answer any questions you guys have as well. Ah, here it is. I found my next book, so it's time to sign off and get lost in the literary world. Until next time."

By the next morning Oliver had over 70 book recommendations, some he thankfully had already read and some were duplicates. There were a few he had never even heard of before. Fortunately it was finals week and he had his last final that day, which gave him one month of hanging out at home and reading books. After looking into each book, he decided he would read 20 of the books. The video he made was posted three weeks later and may have been the longest book review he had ever given. Oliver thought that this video wouldn't get as many hits as his previous video, not thinking that people would be interested in his thoughts about the literature world. He was sorely mistaken though, because by the end of the week his video had well over 200,000 hits and 1,500 comments, ranging from thanking him for choosing their favorite book to having a semi-debate with other viewers as well as himself via comments on the merits of the books.

Oliver never thought that he would enjoy making these videos and commenting back to his viewers as much as he did. But as one semester turned into two and then three, he had well over 2.5 million subscribers watching his videos, which ranged from Q&A's to movie or book reviews to just him taping something he was doing for the day.

It had been three years since his YouTube debut when he found her, Felicity Smoak. He had been putting together the plans of his business that Professor Darrel wanted everyone in his class to make over summer break. Although Oliver's father wanted him to take over QC when he retired, Oliver never really saw himself working there as CEO. He had no desire to do it. So he was putting everything he had into this project, hoping that maybe this could be the stepping stone for him as he tried to figure out what type of business he would open. All he knew was that he wanted it to be something he had a passion for. But nothing was coming to him at the moment, so he decided to take a break.

Oliver always liked to look into the new vloggers and what they brought to the video blog universe. He subscribed to some of them, but Felicity, she was different. She brought a freshness that he hadn't seen in a long time. The first video he saw from her was her road trip to Coast University. She babbled on about the new adventures awaiting her as a college student and that this vlog was going to show her journey through life. It was short and a little off-center, but she seemed so happy and free. Thea came into his room at the tail end of the video, watching as Felicity smiled at the camera and waved goodbye. "She's cute. Who is she?"

Oliver smiled at his sister as she leaned down and rested her elbows on his shoulders, letting her chin rest against her hands that were on the top of his head as she looked at his monitor. "Just someone new to YouTube."

Thea hummed softly before she told him, "Mom said you have to drive me and my friends around today so we can go shopping. And I'm letting you know now that Alicia is going to come and she has the biggest crush on you ever since you started this YouTube channel. She's going to ask you if she can be in one of your videos and you have every right to say no. I actually encourage it."

Oliver shook his head as he chuckled, "Okay Speedy, we can leave in five minutes. I just need to put all this away."

Thea looked down at what he was working on and tilted her head to the side as she looked over his blue prints for a shop and his half written business proposal. "Have you told dad yet?" At Oliver's deadpan look, Thea smirked before she looked back down at the papers again. "You're going to have to soon; you only have a year left before you graduate." She continued to look at the blueprints before saying, "And I think a coffee house fits you. You drink it so much it might as well be through an IV." With that Thea left his room, texting her friends that her big brother was going to be their chauffer for the day. Oliver looked down at his plans and back at where Thea had been standing. He never thought of opening a coffee house, but he liked the idea a lot. Making a quick note he filed his papers away before turning toward his computer.

His cursor hovered over the subscribe button for another few seconds before he brought it up and exited the screen, putting his computer in sleep mode. He didn't subscribe to her right away, but he told himself to keep her in mind to check back on her in the future. Later that night Oliver uploaded another video entitled, "A Day in the Life of being a Big Brother". Thea had been in one or two of his previous videos, but Oliver thinks he loved this one the most. He rarely got to spend a whole day with Thea and although her friends were there (and Alicia really did have a huge crush on him and she nearly died at the thought of being in his video), Oliver couldn't help but smile as he rewatched the video. It started off with him driving them to Thea's friend's house to pick up the rest of the girls with Thea singing at the top of her lungs as she smiled at the camera he pointed toward her. It then cut to them at the strip of stores they wanted to go to as Oliver showed the girls walking into one, before he turned to camera on him. He whispered so Thea wouldn't hear him as he said, "I love my sister, but this is a special kind of torture only older brothers can understand. Wish me luck on making it out of this alive and in one piece." It then cut to the girls showing off some new outfits they were trying on for him to see and give his opinion on.

Thea had just stepped out in a very short dress with a low cut top as she asked her friends and Oliver, "What do you think?" Oliver's voice could be heard in the background as the girls said she looked hot, "No. My fourteen year old sister is not wearing that." Thea glared at him before she huffed in anger and went back into the dressing room. The next clip showed Thea taking the camera from Oliver before she handed it off to one of her friends as she begged him, "Come on Ollie, we haven't done it in years. And my feet hurt."

Oliver was shaking his head in amusement as he told her, "Okay, fine. Get on." Thea squealed in joy before standing behind her brother as he bent down a little. She wrapped her arms around his neck before jumping up slightly, laughing as Oliver started to give her a piggyback ride. He walked ahead of everyone as Thea started pointing out a few things in windows, her friends catching it all on camera as Oliver laughed at something she said. They were just passing an empty business lot when she tugged on his shirt for him to stop. He turned them to face the building when Thea told him, "It's perfect Ollie, for your business. This is the spot. Trust me."

Oliver looked into the building, a picture slowly forming in his head. "Yeah, it kind of is perfect."

Her friends just passed a store though that Oliver and Thea already had when one of her friends saw something she wanted. "Thea, come on, we're heading in here." The next scene was of Oliver driving back home. It was dark and Thea was sleeping in the seat next to him. He was stopped at a red light when he spoke, the camera facing him, "This will end my day. I'm driving back home right now. It's about 10 at night and I haven't been this exhausted since finals week. As you can see," he pans to Thea's sleeping form, "my sister is exhausted as well." Oliver directs the camera back at him as he looks at the light, "But I had an amazing day with my sister and I know I won't be getting much more of these as she grows up. I also found out today that she has her first date this weekend. I don't know how I feel about that yet. We'll just have to wait and see I guess. But the lights changing and I gotta get home. Until next time YouTube." Oliver smiled at the video again before his eyes drifted back to his business plan. Leaning forward again, Oliver started to draw up his new idea.

The last year of college went by in a blur for him. His professors commended him on his new business proposal and even directed him to a few businessmen who might be interested in investing in his plan. So Oliver didn't really look back at Felicity's channel until the day after graduation, it almost being a whole year since he had first seen her. He had just uploaded his most recent video, documenting his complete graduation day with snippets from various parts of his day. Everyone was commenting on his new haircut and a lot of women were telling him that they loved his "scruff". Oliver decided that he needed a break from his reading and replying to various comments and went browsing for new videos when he stumbled upon her channel again. She had uploaded five more videos since he last saw her. Oliver decided to click on the most recent one.

She was talking about another one of her shows that had just had a series finale. "Why must all good things come to an end? Seriously, all these amazing shows ending way before they should and then these other shows that just keep going on and on that are pointless. It's always the shows that I get attached too as well. Firefly, which ended way too early in my opinion and the movie just tore my heart out and was stomped on for good measure because really did they have to kill him off and so suddenly that I was crying until the last bit of credits rolled. Not cool Whedon. Then Friday Night Lights, my beautiful Texan family, I miss you so. Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose! The country girl within me is screaming out, Texas forever! And now Chuck, my baby Chuck. You broke me and didn't fix me. How am I supposed to be able to function during finals when you leave me with so many feelings? I need a movie. I petition for a movie. I'm going to start a movement. It's going to happen. Now I have to find a new show to fill this void in my heart. If you guys have any suggestions leave them below. Before I forget, I was asked recently by someone, and sorry I forgot your username, but she was wondering how I got into both computers and dancing. The easy answer is that I've always loved computers since I was like seven and took apart my first one. But I was also a very hyper child and my mom needed me to have an outlet, so she enrolled me into a dance class. The rest is history from there. And while I first thought when I was growing up I would always go to MIT, which I did get accepted to, when I got the acceptance letter from Coast I knew that I could get the best of both worlds. Sure, CU's computer science program isn't as advanced as MIT, but it's still amazing and challenging and I still get to dance and work on my technique and learn from amazing dance instructors who've made it in this career. And yeah, that's how I got into both computers and dancing."

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and for the first time Oliver noticed the industrial piercing in her right ear. He hadn't pegged her as someone having that type of piercing from the first video, but he knew that first impressions usually weren't that accurate. Felicity waved her hands around as she said, "But in other news, our performance was a hit. We even got a standing ovation, so that was pretty cool. I'll add a little clip of it my friend taped at the end. It was a thrilling experience and I'm really proud of all the hard work I put in it as well as the rest of my team. Our choreographer was so impressed that he decided over summer break he's going to have us opening at a few of his shows while he's on tour. Which is really exciting and a dream come true for all of us. Which also means no uploading of videos while I'm away. But I will bring back amazing behind the scenes footage of our trip. Again, thank you guys for the support. You've been amazing. Signing off now. Bye."

Oliver smiled as he scrolled down to second video she uploaded, clicking on it. Felicity appeared on the screen and started to speak, "Hi again. So as I said in my first video, this channel will be dedicated to my journey through my college experience and possibly beyond. I wanted to introduce myself though properly first. As I've said previously, my name is Felicity Smoak. I'm attending college at Coast University. My major is in performing arts, but I'm minoring in computer science. I'm addicted to TV shows, probably an unhealthy amount especially being in college now. What else is there to know? I live off of coffee. If I could, I would have an IV of it attached to me. Between my early mornings and late nights, it's pretty much a staple in my dorm room. Plus all those nights of binging on shows or having a movie marathon. It's a must."

Her phone made an alert noise and she looked down at it quickly. "Well, class is about to start so I'll wrap this up by telling you what I plan to post here. I will most likely upload clips of some of my rehearsals or performances. I want to know what you guys think, what I can improve on and anything you see that you like or don't. I can do a few Q&A's as well. My schedule is kinda really hectic, so not sure how many of them I can do, but I'm happy to get to know you guys and have you viewers get to know me. Feel free to comment below with any questions. Bye!"

Oliver watched the rest of her videos, two of which were of her dancing and some bits of behind the scene preparation and nerves. The last one was a Q&A were he learned that she could sing, loved hacking in her spare time, she didn't have any siblings, as well as when she got her industrial piercing and why. Oliver didn't hesitate when his cursor hovered over the subscribe button. Clicking it, he knew that Felicity would bring something new to his YouTube experience and that he was actually looking forward to her next video.

Another year and a half passed and Oliver got his business up and running, opening it at the building Thea had pointed out to him. Although it wasn't just a coffee house, it was a computer lab as well with an attached bistro to the side. A mixture of both things he loved to do. He was very proud of it and business was better than ever. During the year he had uploaded a variety of videos, from construction being done on the shop to a few more Q&A's. Oliver was just settling down from closing the café, while Thea and her boyfriend, Roy, were doing stock in the back. He had a coffee by his side as he set upped a computer to start his next recording. He had all the comments printed out in front of him as he settled into his seat.

Hitting the record button he started his Q&A. "YouTube. I'm back with a Q&A like I promised for hitting 6 million subscribers. I am still amazed you guys like the shit that I post here and humbled by the support you've given me. So let's get down to it. CassieLass23 asked, 'How's your coffee house coming?' My bistro café is great. I'm actually still in it in our computer lab." Oliver brought up his mug to be shown on screen. "Got my coffee with me and after I finish this I have some paperwork I need to finish, hence the coffee. But everyone seems to like it and I've gotten many compliments on not just the variety of coffee and teas, but the food we serve here as well, which is always nice. The computer lab is packed all the time and a lot of the local students love to come here to relax and hang out as well as study. So all in all, I think this business has really taken a life of its own and I'm really proud of it. I remember when I first posted the video announcing my upcoming business venture and all the support you viewers gave me and how you all spread the word through your other various social media accounts. So I wanted to do a little something special for you viewers. If you're ever in Starling City and in need of a coffee or lunch, come over here and ask for me. I'm almost always here and if I'm not here then ask for my business partner John Diggle, and we'll give you a free lunch or coffee on us." Looking back down, Oliver drummed his fingers against the desk as he looked through the comments. "Okay, RosettaHedge13 asked, 'Facebook or Twitter? (We all MySpace is outdated and I can't picture you on Tumblr).'"

Oliver looked at the camera scoffed playfully as he said, "Come on, YouTube. Honestly though, I just started getting into Facebook for my business, so I'm still learning the ropes with that. Twitter seems interesting. I know my sister has been trying to get me on it. But I really like how I have my YouTube account set up and I don't think that's going to change in a while. And as for the Tumblr, yeah, I don't really know what that is. I might have to look into it now though." Taking a sip of his coffee, Oliver looked at the next question.

"Here's a good one from ZombieReady69, 'You've talked about your business partner, John Diggle, in passing a few times, and I was wondering, how did you guys meet?' I have to first premise this with reminding everyone that I really wanted to try and start this business with as little help from my father and his company as possible. I wanted to make it my own and feel what my dad always told me he felt when he started his company from the ground up. That's really the reason why we met. It was about two months after I graduated and I was waiting for a meeting with investors when he sat down next to me. We got to talking as we both waited. I told him why I was there and then he told me he was there to open up a bistro with his fiancée, deciding to finally accomplish his dream after serving in the army. As we talked I think we both realized that while our plans for our own separate businesses were good, however if we combined the two ideas it could be something great. Thankfully the investors we were at weren't interested in being part of our business. After his meeting finished, we met up at a café around the block. We really started to talk about what we envisioned for our business. I won't get into all the details of what went on, but one thing led to another and we became business partners. Six months later we opened Bits and Bytes Bistro Café. It's a lovechild of both of ours. Digg and his wife, Lyla, take care of the bistro part. Lyla is a phenomenal chef. I sometimes work in the café, serving coffee and cleaning up or I work behind the scenes, picking up supplies and things like that. My sister came on last month as a barista, which is nice. Our staff is amazing and we're all just really proud of what we have here."

Just then Thea shouted at Oliver, "Ollie, we finished with the inventory so we're heading out!"

Oliver stood up and looked around the corner at Thea, "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you." Thea waved goodbye as Roy held the door open for her. Sitting back down Oliver smiled at the camera, "Sorry about that, my sister and her boyfriend were just letting me know they were leaving. Okay, now back to the questions. Oh, this is an interesting question. SamanthaP asked, 'You are a very avid vlogger and I was just wondering if you follow any other accounts on YouTube. If so, who do like the most?' Well Samantha, I do follow other accounts. Not many, but I do follow some. As for who I like the most, that's a good question." Pursing his lips, Oliver thought about all the accounts he followed when Felicity's face appeared in his mind's eye. Smiling he looked back at the camera and said, "Felicity. I love Felicity. I think her username is DancingHacker, if I remember correctly. She's remarkable. I'll post a link to her page in the 'About' section so everyone can take a look at her videos. I recommend starting from her first one and working your way through in order. Good question Samantha."

Oliver flipped through a few pages of comments before he settled on the next question. "Okay, CoffeeLover98 asked, 'I've worked as a barista for the last year while in college, so I know what it's like to work in a café. But it's kind of far from my apartment and your café is actually in between my place and my college campus. And you seem like a great boss, so I was just wondering if maybe, I could come in and apply for a job?' First off, great name. Secondly, sure, why not! We're always taking in applications. I know that right now we do have an opening available. One of our best barista's, Carly, is leaving to open up her own business. So come on over and ask for me. Now, I can't say you'll get the job. No promises. And while I'm on the topic, if anyone ever does want to apply for any job here, feel free to. All the staff here is amazing. I'm not just saying that because I'm one of the bosses, either."

Smiling, he looked down to read the next question. "DavisJones asked, 'You've talked about your love for both football and hockey. How did it feel for you when the Blackhawks beat Starling's Warriors and won the Stanley Cup? (I know I was sorely disappointed since Starling is my hometown).' Honestly, I didn't like it, but that last game was a hell of a game to witness. It had me on the edge of my seat until the last second." Oliver answered a few more questions before he finished off the video, "That's it for tonight guys. I got to get to my paperwork and be back here in five hours for opening. I wanted to mention before I signed off though, that I might be announcing something really exciting within the next few weeks about the bistro café. So look out for that announcement and what it could mean for all of you college students pulling all nighters. Good night YouTube."

Felicity stepped into her apartment, wiping the sweat off her brow after her long run as she took her ear buds out to find her half-asleep roommate walk up to her, telling her irritably, "Your tablet keeps beeping. Make it stop."

Her brow furrowed in confusion until she heard the email alert sound come from her tablet followed quickly by another one. Hurrying over to it, Felicity couldn't help but wonder why she was getting so many emails. Unlocking it, she found she had over 200 new emails. Which was odd because she had checked her emails before her two hour run. She scrolled through them to find that all of them were alerts of new YouTube subscribers. Not understanding why she had such an influx in subscribers, she sat down on the couch and she started to read new comments on her channel.

Many were saying that her videos were awesome and they loved her dancing. She was just about to give up on finding out how she got all this new attention when she saw a comment from someone saying that they were happy Oliver Queen mentioned her in his most recent video. Felicity slowly lowered her tablet as she looked up into space. She couldn't believe it. Famous, billionaire Oliver Queen had said he liked her videos. She needed to see this.

Quickly scrolling through her subscriptions she found his most recent video and clicked on it. She would never tell anyone but she had been following Oliver Queen since she joined YouTube. She liked his style and how interacted with his viewers. When she first saw that he had a page, she thought that it would be disastrous. His videos filled with drunken moments and scantily clad women. However, she quickly felt ashamed as she watched his first video and his honest answer to why he had changed. Felicity watched his other videos and found out that Oliver was a different person than she thought he was. It didn't hurt that he was hot. So she had been following him for some time now.

Felicity remembered when she got the email alert saying that he had subscribed to her. She nearly had a panic attack at the thought that he was watching her videos. But then life happened and she never really thought about it again. Now though, as she watched Oliver say he loved her and that she was remarkable, Felicity felt a blush creep up to the roots of her hair. Taking in a calming breath, she went to his channel and sent him a quick thank you for saying that she was his favorite YouTuber.

Looking at the time she saw that she was running late for rehearsal. Her roommate, Sara Lance, walked back out from her bedroom to get coffee. Felicity smiled at her as she rushed into the bathroom, shouting, "Sorry about the all the alerts. I'll remember to put it on silent next time. But you'll never guess what they were for."

Sara groaned softly as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Was it Barry emailing you of every little new detail about his new journalist assignment?" Felicity stuck her head out as she glared at Sara, her toothbrush still in her mouth. Sara held up her hands, "Sorry, you know I don't like getting woken up before my alarm. I get irritable. So what were they for?"

Felicity took her toothbrush out of her mouth, pointing it at Sara as she said, "First, Barry isn't that bad. You like him. Secondly, they were all email alerts for new YouTube subscribers! I got 200 new subscribers in two hours. All because Oliver Queen said that he liked my videos. This could be our big break! More people will see us dancing and maybe now we can go somewhere."

Sara smiled broadly before furrowing her brow. "Wait, did you say Oliver Queen?"

Felicity spat out her toothpaste before shouting back at her from within the bathroom, "Yeah. Why?"

Sara padded over to the bathroom, leaning against the doorframe. "Oliver Queen, as in Robert Queen's son? Robert Queen, as in CEO of Queen Consolidated whose son opened a new bistro café in Starling, who is also one of the hottest guys I've ever seen?" Felicity nodded slowly as Sara laughed incredulously, "Wow, talk about a small world. My sister, Laurel, used to date Oliver. They broke up about a year ago when she graduated from Harvard and got a job on the east coast. Which also means he's available now."

Felicity sighed as she told Sara, "You know I'm with Barry. And I'm happy. Anyway, that's not the point. We just got pushed into semi-stardom because of him. Now more people will be looking at our dance videos and that is what is important."

Sara hummed as she pushed over the doorframe and started to walk away toward her bedroom, "Whatever you say Smoak. I'm just telling you that that man is a catch and this could be a blessing in disguise. Don't dismiss it just yet."

Felicity rolled her eyes as she started to mutter under her breath about Sara trying to play matchmaker and her needing to stop poking holes in her relationship with Barry. She quickly showered before she rushed out to find Sara waiting for her with a to-go mug filled with coffee and a bagel with cream cheese already on it. She handed it over to her as Felicity grabbed her bag. They were heading to their car when Sara told her, "You should thank him in your next video. Something formal and you know, memorable, since he apparently watches you."

Felicity scoffed at the idea. She would do no such thing. Sara opened the door to the stairway, throwing her a knowing smirk over her shoulder. Okay, maybe she would welcome all her new followers and just mention him in passing. Maybe.