Little Garden; the home of many species ranging from personifications of different events, to deities, beast-man, and humans. This land defied all common human logic, each species of being mingled together and there was no discrimination. The beings that lived here band together to create communities, places where the dwellers of Little Garden could call home.

Nations, countries, communities could be compared to these many things as each held a banner and name to them, all except one however.

Some call this place the land above the mortal realm.

Some call this the world of possibilities.

Some call this the world of Heaven.

Some would call this world Wonderland.

And just like in the story itself, Alice came to this world, summoned for a greater purpose.

But Alice was not a girl, nor was it just one person…

[Return of Lost Souls]

Chapter 1: So the Problem Children Have to Deal With A New Demon Lord?

Explosions racked the snowy field, the mountain nearby being littered with detonations at every second. Out of one such explosion came a young man of blond hair, violet eyes wearing a sardonic smile. Sakamaki Izayoi of seventeen years was running up the mountain, chasing down a Griffin on loan from the [Draco Grief] alliance community [Two Wing]. His black jacket flapped against the wind, snow bouncing off of the male's coat as he charged up the mountain with white sneakers. His black jacket, though closed so that only it connected in the middle, revealed a red under jacket followed by a yellow shirt.

Off to the sidelines, the young rich girl summoned from the WWII era, Kudou Asuka, watched the young man race against the Griffin with excitement in her blue eyes. The winds that blew past her ruffled her scarlet dress and long black hair, the red bows holding two partial twintails up barely able to remain steady. The white silk gloves on her hands placed a strand of her hair behind her fair skinned ears. Even though her red heels dug into the cold snow, her dress remained warm and pleasant, despite the short, puffy sleeves and the decorative corset and bows on the sides of her hips partially absorbing the snow.

Next to her was the silent, petite, short brown haired Kasukabe Yō. Unlike Asuka, the hair clip in her hair remained sturdy, unaffected by the winds. However the open white and blue jacket blew back, the ankle-length and split tails exposing a white blouse underneath and a pair of brown shorts, as well as black knee-high socks and tall brown boots that protected her feet from the snow below. Around her neck was a wooden carving. Brown eyes watching intensely as the delinquent looking male matched the speed of the Griffin. On her shoulder was a calico cat, perched on her like always.

"Oho? He's caught up…" The child standing beside Yō was a tiny girl in a modified black kimono, wa-lolita fashion to it. Pale blue hair and amber eyes that shined like gold observed the intense race.

"Izayoi seems rather...odd today…" To the moon rabbit, Black Rabbit, Izayoi would normally not take this long in defeating such an easy game. Her crimson eyes could not help but pick up on some subtle movements in the boy's physique. Her blue rabbit ears couldn't pick up anything of subtle boredom in the boy's tone, in fact he was ecstatic to be racing the 'King of Beasts'. Was it her imagination at work? Another gust caused snow to rise from the ground. The others quickly avoided it, but not the rabbit as she was soon covered in a large pile of snow.

"UWAAAA!" The rabbit declared as she popped her head out. Shivers ran down her back as she quickly removed her figure from the snow with a quick bounce. Her attire, which consisted of a black, double-breasted thigh-length vest, a red miniskirt, black stockings supported by garters, red low heels and large wrist-cuffs possessed some portions of snow on them. The bunny girl shivered as she shook the snow off of her, wiping off the remaining portions of it from her chest.

"You think so?" Asuka turned to Black Rabbit. "He acts like he usually does…"

"Nnh...he does look like the usual and yet…" Black Rabbit spoke, watching as Izayoi threw a punch at the Griffin, the majestic bird easily dodging. "He seems to be...holding back a little more than usual…"

As the lion bird came back up for another swipe, Izayoi ducked before nailing the beast in the stomach with an uppercut. The Griffin screeched in pain as it was launched up before it adjusted its wings and flew down to avoid another blow from the airborne Izayoi.

Using its superior movement, the beast ran upon the air building speed up as its foe prepared to land on his two legs. With a sudden burst of speed, the Griffin caught up with Izayoi and grasped his legs with its beak. With a satisfying crunch the lion bird began to place pressure on the leg, trying to get the most out of what could be its next meal. It did not however notice the smirk on Izayoi's face.

A single punch caused the beast to let go of its meal, causing it to growl in distaste. Yet before it could escape and try again, the problem child grabbed on to the beast's wings. Tossing himself on to the Griffin's back, the boy pressed down on the spine as he grabbed the two wings and pulled them upwards. With a roar the majestic beast crash landed on the snow below. The scattered flakes remained in the air as Izayoi hoped off the Griffon's back, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Are we done?" The male asked as he approached his friends and allies.

"Well that completes all the clearing requirements. You win." Shiroyasha declared with a smile on her face, not even phased by what occurred. The world around them crackled and trembled before shattering like glass. The problem children of the [No Names] found themselves back at the Eastern Headquarters of [Thousand Eyes]. In front of them a [Geas Roll] spawned, announcing their victory.


Participant(s): Sakamaki Izayoi, Kasukabe Yō and Kudou Asuka of the "No Names"

Game Master: "The Lord of the White Night", Shiroyasha

Clearing Condition(s):

*Obtain the stolen treasure protected by the Griffin by recovering three artifacts:

Griffon Feather

Griffon Claw


Defeat Condition(s):

*The players cannot recover an artifact within ten minutes.

*The players have exhausted conditions to clear the game.

Stage details:

*The participant players cannot leave the Game Board.

Oath: Participating Community, swear to respect the above stated content.

Yō recovered the claw rather easily due to befriending the Griffon, Asuka recovered the timepiece with a few seconds to spare, and Izayoi, with ease, gathered the feather necessary to complete the game.

Shiroyasha sighed, collapsing onto her seat pillow. "Honestly boy, that would have taken you a few seconds, but you decided to toy with the poor thing."

In all honesty she was glad he did, that Griffon has been acting strangely around her, and hopefully Izayoi beating it into place fixed its devious attitude. Ever since Gry left she had been given Griffon's one after the other but this recent one was far too proud for its own good.

"I just wanted to make things entertaining. Not my fault the King of Beasts couldn't keep up." Izayoi shrugged.

"Well whatever." Shiroyasha snapped her fingers.

Appearing before the blond boy was a gold timepiece, a pocket watch. However there were slight deviations to the normal ones Izayoi had seen.

This one was pure gold in color, the numbers on the clock being Greek numerals instead of roman. Also, there was an engraving on the back, but once again, the letters were in Greek. Even so, it was a beautiful object in of itself, and one look could easily gather the attention of those around. It was easily worth more than the entire nation of Japan's national income.

"Shiroyasha-sama, is this the timepiece mentioned on the [Geas Roll]?" Black Rabbit asked looking at the watch as Izayoi tilted his head.

The Floor Master nodded her head. "Yep. This is actually an item of Chronos."

" in the Greek personification of time?" Izayoi muttered.

"Ah. He was bored so he created several timepieces like this one and spread them around. They were all failures that would blow up after a single use. What you have is a more authentic version. Sad to say it will only last three tries. He gave it to me to experiment with it as a favor, but I decided you could use it more than I could."

"What do you mean?" Asuka asked.

"That watch will allow you to rewind or accelerate the time surrounding you." The Problem Children instantly looked up. Black Rabbit's face paled, nearly making her seem like she was suffering from a heart attack. They now possessed a gift THIS powerful?!

"J-Just think of the miracles we can do for our community with just those three tries!" The bunny girl squealed in joy.

"Wait...there's a catch right?" Izayoi was sharp. There was no way an item this powerful would instantly be handed over in a Gift Game as simple as that.

"You caught on. There is a limit to what the timepiece can do. It can only rewind time up to twenty-four hours, or accelerate time up to an hour. Also, for every use a minute is reduced from the original time."

"So we couldn't rewind and prevent the original group becoming the [No Name]." Asuka mused as she held the watch in her hands.

"Exactly, something like that would be way too powerful for a gift. If something like that existed, imagine the consequences."

"No stopping time either?" Yō asked as the watch was passed to her.

"Only for five minutes. Trying to make it longer ended up making most of the other watches failures. He was really upset when he explained that to me. He said the original reason was to get into the changes rooms of the clothing shops but the explosions caused him to get caught every time."

"It can do that?" Izayoi asked as he took the watch off of Yō, "Chronos is a genius!"

"That's what I told him! He said he was going to work on one that just freezes time instead of the other options. I'll ask him to send me a few when he gets them done."

"Shiroyasha...You are great."

Black Rabbit began to pale as the two perverts shook hands, beginning to go through the plans they had for the watches.

"We're going to need some sort of security…" Asuka spoke.

"I agree…" Yō narrowed her eyes as the Calico cat meowed.

Shiroyasha chuckled a bit before her eyes narrowed. "That timepiece isn't the real reason I called you here." Her voice deepened. TO the [No Names] that wasn't a good sign. "There is a new prophecy written down by the [Laplace's Demon]...about the rise of a new demon lord."

The eyes of the [No Name] narrowed. "In fact, chances are THIS demon lord will prove to be much troublesome than anything we have faced up to now…"

"Do we know anything about who we are dealing with?" Black Rabbit tilted her head as she asked the question, worry appearing in her eyes.

"For one that they are occupying the lower levels somewhere." Shiroyasha could only give them an uncertain glance. Black Rabbit knew what this meant.

This was an enemy that was uncertain. And she didn't reveal the name. Meaning that Laplace didn't know anything, just like before. All they know is the certainty of a Demon Lord attack.

"Interesting…" The mutters of the boy with the gift of destruction were met with steady gazes. "So another Demon Lord decided to come and play right?"

"And they won't be alone." Shiroyasha pulled an envelope from her sleeve, lifting it up to show everyone in the room. "I was skeptic about this part but chances are they will have a powerful ally, one who is related to timespace."

"Related to time? Do you mean-"

"No." Shiroyasha knew what Black Rabbit was about to say and shook her head. "There aren't many details, only about their Gift affinity, they will be fighting with a Demon Lord, and will possibly be the source of a Gift Game."

"Why are the higher ups uncertain?" Asuka asked.

"Good question. It would appear they are hiding something."

"It's basically a repeat of the Rise of the Dragon festival…" Izayoi crossed his arms.

The memories of the festival flashed through his mind, including the book he saw that day. Violet eyes gazed at the wall behind the Floor Master.

That girl appeared in his mind once more.

The Demon of the White Night sighed heavily. "I will update you on further notices but for now we should call it a day."

"Good point, we need to see what the runt and the Maid Squad are up to anyway…" Izayoi stood up with ease, but there was weight in his voice. His hand in his right pants pocket, the boy didn't even bother to show respect as he left the room.

"Hoh? Is something wrong with the boy?" Shiroyasha spoke but not to anyone in general.

"He has been acting weird since the game…" Yō muttered.

"Izayoi-san…" Black Rabbit whispered in a low whisper.


The problem children and Black Rabbit followed the trail home. Unlike this time, everything was silent. There was no laughter at Black Rabbit's expense, no teasing at Black Rabbit's expense, no one talked to Black Rabbit. This was something that was pleasant, but also quite dissatisfying.

Crimson eyes fell onto the back of the young man. Izayoi was walking in front of them, but it seemed his mind was in a different place.

"Izayoi?" She whispered yet the boy did not answer. She was becoming deeply worried for him as it was unlike the young man to not answer her. As the group entered their house, Izayoi immediately went into the library, closing the door as he went.

"Yō-san, Asuka-san, Do you have any idea what's wrong with Izayoi-san?"

The two shook their heads knowing it was out of character for their friend to not say what he was thinking. "It started when Shiroyasha mentioned the timepiece in the [Geas Roll]." Yō stated as Calico Cat mewed in agreement.

"He seemed to have a lot more on his mind when Shiroyasha-san mentioned the Demon Lord. By the looks of things it has to do with that 'time' that was mentioned." Asuka shook her head once more. What did time have to do with Izayoi's problems?


As the three girls tried to figure out what Izayoi had a problem with, said male was knee deep in books looking for what he could on time. His eyes may have been scanning the books yet his mind was elsewhere.

-Time, huh?...Wonder what that monkey would think?

A tired smile began to form on his face as he dropped the book, his mind becoming exhausted as it began to repeat what he had heard. A sigh escaped his mouth as he leaned back against a bookshelf.

"Are you alright, Izayoi-sama?" As Izayoi turned his head, he noticed Leticia nearby, a duster in hand as she approached him.

"Yep, why ask?"

"That look…" Izayoi's eyes narrowed. Leticia pressed on though. "I saw it back during the festival. You never answered my question back then."

Izayoi knew what she wanted to ask. A small chuckle escaped his mouth. "You wanna know more huh? Can't blame you for being curious." He smiled, his usual smug expression returning. "It's nothing special. Just remembering…"

"About who?" Leticia tilted her head to the right.

"...A girl who was a pain in the ass." His expression softened, becoming more gentle and kinder as the memories returned. Leaning forward the young man looked at the books around him. Satisfied the young man stood up.

"I'm bored. I'm gonna go see who I can play with."

"Wait, Izayoi-sama!" Leticia called out, halting the destroyer in his tracks. The young blood turned his head to the loli-vampire maid. "This girl...Did she..."

Izayoi shook his head. "She's been dead for three years." The words rattled Leticia a bit, enough to gain a sympathetic look from the pure blood vampire.

"I'm sorry, master…"

"Why? I already moved passed it…" That was all the young man had to say, continuing his journey to the doors of the library Izayoi left the room of books, leaving Leticia standing where she was.

"...No...You miss her, even now…"


[Three Years Ago, April 13th, Kobayashi Makie's Funeral]

Sakamaki Izayoi of fourteen years stood in a corner in the large banquet room. He wore his school uniform, seeing no reason to dress nicely. His eyes glared harshly at the casket on the other side of the room. That black box held the body of his friend, that ugly casket which would seal her into the earth.

She did not want to be buried. He recalled that time a few weeks back where she revealed she did not want to be put in the earth. She wanted to be cremated, she told her father this. So why? Why was he burying her and not fulfilling her wishes?!

He could hear the people around him talking about the girl.

"Poor thing…"

-Don't pity her...

"She was so young too…"

-No shit…

"This must be tearing up her father…"

-Oh really?

"What about that boy?"

"They say he was her friend."

"Sakamaki Izayoi?! No way!"

He could hear his 'fellow' schoolmates talking about him. Why they were even here was anyone's guess. They didn't care about the A-Honor roll student and librarian that passed three days ago.

"There were rumors though…"

"Guess this means she had a wild side."

"The bad boy type huh?"

"Does this mean she-"

Izayoi immediately left the room, he did not want to hear that crap. Just as his body turned to move right out of the hall, he came face to face with the last person in this building he wanted to see.

Kobayashi Kotaro, Makie's father.

His glare was intense. It was taking all of the young man's will to NOT lash out at the adult. He wanted to, he truly did, but held himself back.

"I... I can only guess why you are angry at me." The boy's glare just caused the father to sigh sadly knowing what this was about. "I didn't go with Makie's wishes and that's why you hate me right now."

"You knew and still you didn't go with what she wanted?" Izayoi's voice was little more than a whisper as he tried to control himself. What would the monkey say if she knew he caused a scene at her funeral?

-She would come back and hit me for causing such a fuss...that sounds good though...

"I wanted to do the cremation, don't misunderstand that...Unfortunately I was overruled."

"By who?" Izayoi watched as the man clenched his fist in annoyance at the thought of the people who wouldn't let his daughter have her wish.

"Her mother came back... Decided to gain all of the pity for losing the daughter she thought was a freak because she had a gift." The man growled at the thought of the woman who decided to leave for greener pastures before deciding to return.

"Her side of the family forced this... I had no choice and for that, I apologize to you and my daughter for not being strong willed." At his words Kotaro bowed.

Izayoi looked down, his anger at the older man vanishing. He had no choice but to go against what Makie wanted and even admitted his shortcomings to him. The boy nodded as he understood; now trusting his words. Seeing that the lad understood, Makie's father left to go talk to the other adults, even if his heart wasn't in it.

As he watched the older man leave, Izayoi understood a bit more about the man who had fathered his rival. He watched silently as several adults gave the man his condolences as Makie's mother gave another wail to. Izayoi gave out a sigh as he leaned against the hallway wall just watching and silently thinking to himself.

-You have a good dad Monkey. I think you could be proud of him even now...Your mom is a bitch, though.


Izayoi opened his eyes. He was laying back on a hillside by the Tritonis Falls, or what was left of it; the lake he made during the Gift Game. Was that memory a dream? Must have been, even though he had no clue on when he fell asleep.

"Why didn't I slap her back then…I could have hung out with Maki's ghost at least…" He whispered as he sat up, a heavy sigh exit his lips.

-Damn, this is depressing.

"Maki?" Izayoi turned his head around, not surprised to see loli maid number two standing behind him. Her short purple hair held a blue and white headband, the miniskirt moving a bit as the girl adjusted her black shoe covered feet so they stood parallel to her shoulders. Just like with all the other skirts, Izayoi couldn't see up this one either, but he did managed to get a good look at the thigh high white stockings she wore while laying on his back.

"Let me guess, came to fetch me?"

"Sadly…" Pest, the Black Percher, the personification of the Black Plague and the malice of all those souls who died due to the illness. While they were normally on neutral terms, it seems today Pest was not in the best of moods.

"What happened to you?"


"Lost to Shirayuki again-"

"Who's Maki?"

Izayoi felt his eye twitch. She changed the subject, meaning he was right, but she changed it to a topic that was touchy at the moment.

"Someone I used to play with. So what did you need?" Pest just stared at the boy and noticed a small smile on his face, one so small it would take time to notice.

"Ahh, she was a girlfriend who has passed on." Even though her words were meant to be sarcastic, they managed to get a genuine laugh from the blonde boy.

"Makie? A girlfriend?" A familiar laugh escaped the mouth of the troubled child as he shook his head in mirth. "She would have throttled me if I even suggested that to her. She was a complete annoyance at first and a nuisance...but looking back, I can say she was my best friend." Pest blinked at her master's words, surprised by how much he had cared for this girl and could admit it. Yet it was still unlike him regardless.

"I see...That aside, the rabbit and Jin-sama wish to see you. I'll assume it's about how you are at the moment." The two sighed before they began the slow walk back to their home, making sure to take as long as possible.

"If this is all about memories and the past, then I wasted my time."

"Sorry Pest but even I tend to be melancholy at times."

"The fact you admitted that with no problem is unsettling." The personification of the Black Death spoke as shivers traveled down her spine. "But why now?"

That…was a good question. Why was Izayoi like this now? Makie would come to mind ever so often but he would never get like this. The last time he was like this was shortly after she had passed, and even then it didn't last for more than a few hours before he was back up and bored like usual. Izayoi pondered for a moment.

"Pest. Did Black Rabbit tell you guys about our trip to [Thousand Eyes]?"

"The prophecy, you mean?" Her eyes narrowed. "I thought about it, and I find it odd that Laplace won't reveal a name."

Izayoi nodded. "They wouldn't reveal the name of the ones involved last time because of [Salamandra]'s plot. But this time, it's like they can't. If this is a demon more powerful than they expected, they would try to do everything they can to stop it right? So either someone higher up wants this to happen, or they can't determine the name or location of the Demon Lord."

"A demon lord that has them in a tussle…won't be easily defeated."

"What I am worried about is if I will have a good time!"

"Figures…" Of course he would be more focused on having a good time instead of surviving.


Night had begun to rise as the two returned. Pest nodded to the trouble child before she went off to continue her duties. Izayoi scratched the back of his head before he went upstairs and entered a small sitting room. He fell backwards onto the couch as he gave off another sigh. Doing a small scan of the room, he noticed a deck of cards with an intricate back sitting on the table. It appeared to be the same cards Black Rabbit used when he and the others arrived to Little Garden. Grabbing the deck from its sitting spot, he began to shuffle them before taking the first card. Sitting in his fingers was a blank card.

Placing the deck down, he stared at the card before snorting and laying it on the table.

"Nn...Even now you want to be a nuisance huh?" He was slowly getting sick of the memories coming back to him. He could only guess how the others would be reacting if they noticed him.

-Kasukabe and Ojou-sama would look confused at me. Black Rabbit...She would freak out at me being all melancholy.

His thoughts broke as the door opened once again. "Oh there you are!" A young voice called out as a blonde kitsune reached for the deck. She blinked several times as she noticed Izayoi staring at one of the cards in his hand. "Izayoi-san?"

"What's up Lily?"

"Ah just came to tell you dinner will be ready and to wash up!" The fox girl declared as she smiled.

"Is that so? Hey Lily...up for a quick card game?"

"Sure!" Lily's ears perked up as she sat next to Izayoi. She watched the boy with interested green eyes as he placed the cards on the table, four rows and four columns.

"The rules are simple. If you draw a face card I give you a question. Draw a blank and you get to draw again."

"I get it! When did you learn about this game?"

The innocent question gained a smile from Izayoi.

"A friend taught me this."

-I hate you Maki...


Outside the mansion of the No Name headquarters, two figures floated in the sky, both covered by the darkness of the cloudy sky. Even so, one could make out the appearance of a young woman and an old man.

"Do it."

"Yes…" The voice of a young girl spoke as she raised her hand.


Her fingers clicked together.


"Ah that's all of them!" Lily declared as she had drawn all the blank cards that were sitting out. Izayoi let loose a low whistle. The kid managed to do a decent job with the questions he came up with for her to answer.


The electricity went out. Izayoi narrowed his eyes as he looked out the window.

"Oh? So soon?" A sadistic grin appeared on Izayoi's face. The sound of several foot steps running around filled the air along with the yells and screams of the young children as the lights began to splutter.

"Lily stay here." Without waiting for a reply, Izayoi rushed out of the room and down the stairs before stopping at the door. In front of it stood Asuka, Yō and Black Rabbit, the three apparently waiting for him.

"I guess you noticed we have guests." Asuka remarked as she opened the door and stepped out the door followed by the others. Yō stopped as she caught a scent that drifted to her.

"Above us," the group looked upwards as two figures floated down to them.

A young girl dressed in grey and red with a helmet and mask combination of a dark crimson was the first to land. She stood unflinchingly as she landed softly on the ground, her body relaxed. She was around the same size as Yō, and yet her aura was non existent. Medium length hair as white as the moon ran past her shoulders and yet barely touched her shoulder blades. Her face was pale, and yet was reminiscent of snow. Her entire appearance was like that, like snow, so fragile and easily crushed yet beautiful all the same.

The second was an older man of at least seventy dressed in robes of grey and red. In his aged hands was a gnarled old staff, taller than he was. A long beard and hair of silver fell down his body as he gazed at the children in front of him. A person could categorize him as having a wise grandfather look to him.

"Are you the ones whom cut off our power?!" Black Rabbit narrowed her eyes at the pair. The old man simply smiled at the four in a grandfatherly was as he floated over to them. Asuka pulled out her gift card, ready to summon her Gift should things take a turn for the worse.

"Ah yes." He spoke sincerely as his staff lightly tapped the ground. "My friend here was getting slightly excited; she had heard of your victories and begged me to take her here. Seems her power was getting out of control." An aged chuckle turned into a coughing fit as the excitement began to take a toll on him.

"I apologize for that and for not being invited to your lovely place."

At that instant Jin appeared from behind the three gift users, narrowing his eyes as he remained on alert.

"My name is Jin Russell, leader of the [No Names]. Name yourself and your community!"

The elderly grandfather narrowed his in response. "A child leader? Honestly, adults these days, pushing all their responsibilities onto children. Just like with [Salamandra]."

"...Comm...unity…" The girl muttered slowly.

"A Community is a society of sorts. Think of it as a nation or a country." The man described to the white haired girl, who barely nodded in response.


"Oi, oi, is she special or something?" Izayoi muttered as he raised an eyebrow at the girl. He had to admit he was getting a funny feeling from her though. He easily shrugged it off, possibly a side effect of his sudden melancholy and nostalgia when thinking of that girl.

"You could say that. This is her first night out in the world since her rebirth three months ago."

"Re...birth?" Asuka asked.

"That is for another time. For now I believe we owe our names."

The eyes of the grandfather like old man narrowed. His pupils slit and dark, a shiver ran down several of the [No Name]'s spines.

"You may call me by the name Fulcanelli."

"Fulcanelli!?" Jin exclaimed. "The alchemist?!" A jolly laugh exit the old man as he smiled.

"You mean those scientists who can turn coal into gold?" Asuka asked.

"It would appear my reputation precedes me. As for this young lady...well...why not we play a game? A game where one of you participate in a duel to determine her identity…" The girl raised her lowered head, walking forward as she stood in front of the self-proclaimed Alchemist.

"If you manage to defeat her or learn her identity, I will tell you the community we come from." A deep chuckle came from Izayoi, earning the gaze of Fulcanelli.

"Obviously one with a Demon Lord as the head."

"...You're quite sharp. Then [Thousand Eyes] has alerted you…"

"Izayoi wait!" Black Rabbit ran to his side, only for the blond to raise his hand.

"Let me take care of this one." He stood in front of his group, his eyes trained on the girl.

"But-" Yō and Asuka moved in front of the rabbit blocking her from going any further.

"He could use some exercise." Yō added.

"...Ok." The rabbit relented as she took several steps back. "Izayoi, please refrain yourself from destroying the area." The boy just sent a thumbs up to her as he stood at ready to face the girl. Fulcanelli moved to the side, his eyes going from the masked girl to the blonde.

At that instant, a [Geas Roll] appeared in front of the judge master.

"If you would be so kind Moon Rabbit to be our judge." The alchemist bowed. Black Rabbit couldn't help but feel off. They came onto their land ready for a fight and yet he was acting so polite about it? Her crimson eyes gazed over the parchment.


Participant(s): Sakamaki Izayoi of the [No Names]

Game Master: "The Alchemist" Fulcanelli

Clearing Condition(s):

*Defeat or learn the identity of the masked woman.

Defeat Condition(s):

*The player cannot learn the identity of the opponent.

*The player cannot defeat the opponent in under thirty minutes.

Stage details:

*The participant player cannot leave thirty mile radius of where the game began.

Oath: Participating Community, swear to respect the above stated content.

"Okay." Izayoi declared in perfect English, having understood the conditions of the game spoken by the moon rabbit. This would be simple, too simple. The young blond could feel his emotions boil up, wanting to fight.

And yet, there was that part of him begging him not to.

A card appeared in the girl's hand, a card painted with the colors of sunset and sunrise. Izayoi know what card that was. A fragment of Laplace, a card that allowed a user to summon a Gift; a [Gift Card].

The object glowed, becoming a light that pierced the darkness. The brilliance died as quickly as it came, the light morphing into a weapon for the young woman to use. A pole appeared with a curved blade that was a beautiful green similar to an emerald jewel. The girl twirled the scythe around her body like how one would a large flag in Color Guard, signaling she was ready.

"Then let this game...Begin!" As soon as his staff slammed on the ground, Izayoi and the girl lunged at each other, the intent to fight sending shockwaves through their bodies.


Alright for those who know about the oneshot, here is the sequel you have been waiting for. Believe it or not got this typed up in less than 6 hours! XD Co-writer [Shadow Ninja Koopa] you are awesome! No WE ARE AWESOME!

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And don't say I am wrong about it. I experienced it myself a week ago….and it's not a fun memory….

Izayoi is basically feeling the effects of that and a certain power at work, one that forces him to relive events….

And this chapter is mostly focused on Izayoi anyway, I know how it feels the others got the short end and I am trying to fix that. They will be just as important since I hold the belief that all characters should be in the spotlight, regardless if they are Canon or OC's.

Alright so chapter one is down and we shall work on chapter 2 TONIGHT!

12/21/2014: I redid a bit of the chapter, just fixed some dialogue and words so that the quality of the chapter isn't so bad. Anyway I hope you continued to read this story! I will also be editing a bit more on the other chapters! So do not be surprised this is a heads up for the edits that will come!