Chapter 15: A Dark Truth Is Revealed With A Smile of A Child?

Neither spoke a word, not even as Izayoi ran on the rooftops of the buildings and jumped. In his arms, the white haired girl had her arms crossed. The girl was crossed, her face scrunched up, eyes furrowed.

Her thoughts centered on the two members of [Jabberwocky].


"What's with the groan?" For the first time since he began the trip, words finally left his lips.

"Dodo and Mock Turtle…it's what Fate…Lachesis said that bothered me."

"…You reached that conclusion also?"

Makie looked up at the male.

"If they are like me, brought back to life, then what was the purpose? What does [Jabberwocky] want with them? What do they want with me? My ability sure, but for some reason it seems too simplistic."

"Well, Mock Turtle said he was a doctor so perhaps they chose him because he is a medic. But he doesn't seem like the kind to have joined willingly. Dodo as an enforcer but, she doesn't seem suitable." The blonde mused. "But what they want with you? I haven't the slightest idea."

"Maybe they want me so I can tell them how to defeat the other groups?"

"No, too simplistic for them."

"Dammit...Future sight, Rewind, Acceleration, Teleportation, there must be more to my Gift than what I have," The gold watch bounced against her chest. That watch was a constant reminded of how little she knew, and how much she needed to gain. Her right hand clutched the object.

"Hey Izayoi-"

"Talk later we're here." Just as he said, they were at the entrance of the tree. The bumpy ride was finally over, much to Makie's chargain.

"Finally," Makie stretched her stiff body. "Izayoi, invest in some decent seats next time."

"And where am I going to put them, on my back?"

"Think of it as training." She bantered as the two began the journey up the stairs.

The girl was the first to reach the top of the stairs follow by Izayoi. The boy couldn't go into the hall. An eyebrow rose as he tilted his head to the right.


"-Time to go."


Izayoi wasted no time in grabbed the girl around her waist and pushing her back up the one stair.

"No, no, no, no, no-"

"You have to face them sooner or later!"

"No! I really don't think this is a good idea! Let's go get ice cream instead!" Her arms flailed around as she looked for something to hold on to.

"Come on monkey, up we go."

"No! There's stuff we can do instead. Trust me on this!" Moving his arm, Izayoi grabbed Makie's and trucked them to her side preventing her from escaping. The girl instead began to kick with legs and wave her arms around, trying to wrestle free form the boy's grasp.

This was humiliating. She knew no matter how much she flailed, she would be forced to go to the meeting. But she didn't want to give up. Just surrendering like this-

Crimson flickered against the many faces of the soldiers. They were no longer glaring, in fact, they were more curious about the situation of the Candidate of Origin carrying a flailing girl.

"...Oh screw it...I give..." She could feel the animosity turn to confusion as Izayoi carried her past them all, the stares of the various [Salamandra] and [One Horn] guards as they watched the odd scene of a young woman being carried like a punished child by one regarded as a hero.

"About time." Izayoi muttered before he opened the meeting doors. As soon as he took a step he felt the stares of the already seated leaders. Mandora's however surprised him slightly. A deep glare was levelled at the silverette in his arms, followed closely by a frown from Porol.

Makie didn't even have to see it. The tension was in the air enough for it to be like water. It was strong slowly drowning her in her insecurity. Was she right to try and avoid this? She knew it would be strong...bit if this is from Jin pacifying them then she would hate to have met one of them by accident before it.

Even so, did she deserve it? Did she do some irredeemable act?

Makie felt her feet hit the floor, signifying that the blonde haired boy was letting her down. Once she was freed, she kept her back to the group.

"Makie," Red eyes widened. Was that Jin's voice? The girl turned around. Izayoi was not sitting by Jin and by the standing Black Rabbit. Anxiety captured her heart.

"I want to introduce you to our allies." Jin smiled reassuringly.

"R-right..." She whispered scared to meet the eyes of the group.

"The representatives of [Will-o-Wisp], Ayseha Ignis Fatuus and Jack-O-Lantern." The boy pointed towards a light blue haired girl who curtsied with a small frown and a pumpkin headed phantom that waved back.

"Yahohoho! Pleasure to meet you, Miss Kobayashi!" Jack called out, allowing the girl to let out the breath she was holding.

-Okay...this might be easier than I thought...

"Our next representative is from the Community [Six Scars]. Porol Gundark." Jin gestured to the young cat beastkin. The boy merely adjusted his glasses as his tail twitched. Makie marveled at the sight of the cat tail. She may have seen others with one, but to be so close to one-

-Wait...Six Scars...Gundark...wasn't that one waitress...

"Don't they own a Cafe in our Territory?"

Porol glanced at the girl in interest. "Impressive. What made the connection?"

Makie flinched. She wasn't expecting to be placed on the spot so soon.

"Well, I recall Jin saying your community was one partnered with them before the incident where they were attacked. Then I remembered that there was a waitress named Carol Gundark. I thought it was coincidence until I put two and two together..." Her words died out slowly. As much as she tried to put on a brave front, the girl was obviously intimidated.

-No, no, no this is not happening...get a grip Makie...

"I see. Not a bad assumption." The young lad nodded pleased by her slightly. She had a long way to go, but she was slowly getting there, the cat boy mused to himself.

"Next we have..." Jin began before he was interrupted.

"Mandora Doltrake, representative of [Salamandra]" said man stated. "My apologies, Jin Russell. I was just curious about this one." His eyes narrowed more as Makie flinched. And they were allied with his group?

"Our next representative is the leader of [One Horn] and also of the [Draco Grief] Alliance, the [Southern Floor Master], Sala Doltrake." Jin's words were met with a graceful head bow.

The moment red eyes laid upon the woman, Makie felt heat rise to her face. Was she blushing?

"'s nice to meet you all..." Makie was uncertain of the action to take. Should she wait to speak, oh wait she did. Then should she bow?

Makie immediately followed up that thought with a bow.

"You don't have to bow." The older woman said as she shook her head. "You are the guest here so please sit." Makie's blush increased slightly before she turned to Izayoi.

"I like her." Makie whispered to her blonde friend causing him to chuckle in response.

"Ask her to marry you then."

"Sounds like a good idea I'll do that AFTER we get rid of the bird and turtle." Makie clapped her hands together, earning interesting reactions from the others. Sala smiled, knowing the girl wasn't serious; Porol seemed a tad embarrassed, pushing his glasses up. Ayesha blushed full force as Jack chuckled loudly.

"This is an interesting fellow!" Jack proclaimed.

"Bird and quickly you betray your community."

"...What?" All eyes fell onto Mandora, his hands squeezing into fists. His eyes were heavy gaze on Makie. The one confident demeanor that displayed itself in that moment was now struggling to stand. A stained glass tower built irregularly that each panel was slowly breaking. That one description could define the crumbling arrogance.

"You know what I mean Miss Kobayashi. We know that you were a part of [Jabberwocky] and were at the very least aquatinted with Dodo and Mock Turtle, the two who have attacked [Underwood]. How do we know that you haven't been sending the two information on when to attack us?"

-What...what is this...

A crushing force began pushing down on the girl's chest. Makie quickly stood up, glaring at the salamander man across from her.

"G-Give me one good reason I would want to aid them!? They hurt Kasukabe and Asuka!" Makie was quick to defend herself.

"You mean the same way you harmed more than half of our forces?"

The weight on her chest intensified. Her eyes widened.

"W-what are you...?"

"You were responsible for sending more than half of the Military Police of [Salamandra] to the hospital. Also, we are aware you also attacked various other Communities' when you allied yourself with [Jabberwocky], all within the same time frame."

"T-That's not-"

"-Possible? Given your Gift I would assume it would be the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Simultaneous battles with well-known communities."

"B-but..." Makie stammered as she looked over at the rest if her community. Jin looked down unable to face any one as Black Rabbit patted him on the back, trying to calm him down. Izayoi however glared at the man, unamused by what he was saying yet he hadn't begun to help her.

-Is he waiting for something? Or does he want me to handle this?

The girl took a deep breath before she looked back up at the red skinned salamander. "I know I made a mistake but I was being controlled!"

"And how do we know you still aren't controlled?" Mandora fired back. "I'll admit, there is a lot I don't know but I do know that is possible to activate a trance whenever it suits someone. If they controlled you once then they can control you again. In fact, I wonder if you ever broke out of their control in the first place."

"I…I...I know I'm not...I can't be-I am in control of my actions. There was a circlet I wore right?! A red one? It was controlling me; it also acted as a second cognitive function for me!"

"Cognitive function? Meaning...they weren't just controlling your mind, but your body functions also." Porol narrowed his eyes.

"That's not exactly an excuse, Miss Kobayashi." Mandora stated. "I have heard of those sorts of reasoning before and trust me, they never hold up for long. What makes your reasoning so different?"

"Because..." She was at a loss for words. What could she say to convince them? But she was at fault wasn't she? It might not have been her in control but it was still her body. She was still in there, so it was her fault regardless of the circumstances...Wasn't it?

The feeling that crushed her chest, she could now identify it.

Her hands clutched into fists.

"Listen…I…know I was being controlled. I do not know what it is I have done. I have no memory…no I…might not have even been awake. I don't know. The last thing I recall is sitting at the side of a river waiting to die. My memory starts again when I find myself falling from 10,000 meters and landing in a large lake outside of the gates. That's all I can tell you. I don't know what happened in between."

Raising her head, the girl steeled herself. It was eating away at her, the feeling called guilt.

"I know I can't earn your trust in a single night if what you said is true. I'm…I'm sorry about what happened to your men…I can't even believe it myself."

Her words only infuriated the man. Mandora quickly stood up, the chair pushed back by the force he exhilarated when doing so.

"Are you calling me-"

"No!" The girl shook her head, lowering it ever second. "..I knew when I first got here. The animosity aimed only at me. I knew I made enemies here the moment I came inside. I knew I must have harmed them or people they knew. You just confirmed something I have been feeling since I was first told about my circumstances…As such…"


Makie slammed her open palms on the oak wood desk. The action was startling, but not more so than the next.

The white hair that covered her head was splattered on the desk. Makie was bowing. Not like before, which was of formal greeting.

This bow was meant as atonement.

"I am sorry! I can't take back what it is I have done. I'm ignorant of most of what's going on. But I can swear I don't have anything to do with [Jabberwocky] as I currently am. I am a [Guest] with the [No Names], and I know my actions would greatly affect the community and how it is viewed. As such…I ask you don't change your opinion of them!"

"Makie!" Black Rabbit wanted to say something, but Sala had raised her hand.

"Let her continue."

"They have been nothing but kind to me since I first returned to consciousness. They took care of me this entire time, even at the negative implications of harboring a prospective criminal such as myself. Even if it means having to be the one to take on the anger of the communities, please," Makie raised her head.

"Don't let that action of helping me change the fact that this community is one of the most loyal to their cause and to their allies!"

Her words managed to draw silence in the room.

"…I see..." Mandora stated slowly. "And you'll stay by those words?"

"Of course! I promise you, any anger you have against me. Direct it towards me, not them!" Mandora's eyes looked into the crimson of Makie's, searching for any deceit and hesitation that he could use against her. Finding nothing of the sort, he pulled his chair back into position.

A smile grew on Sala's face as her gaze turned towards her.

"You have an interesting child there, Jin Russell-san. It's good to see she has some bite to her bark." The female salamander remarked. "Now, take a seat Miss Kobayashi. After all, a guest has a right to be here after all."

"Uh...okay..." This was best right? Her actions were reckless weren't they? But that was the best course of action to do right? She felt it was right, and there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that it wasn't. The girl sat down, still feeling uncertain of her choice.

Even so, she couldn't allow it to continue. As such, it was the best and only course she could do.

"So mind explaining what just happened Mandora?" Izayoi asked, his glare still trained on the older man.

"I had to make sure she wasn't still with [Jabberwocky]," the man explained. "As they are the Garden's newest enemies, eyes will be looking towards all those who have had something to do with them at one point or another. With Miss Kobayashi being a former member, she could and would be considered a threat to the people. I had to find out for myself and for my people, if she regrets what she has done and can be forgiven. I apologize for upsetting her but I believe everyone apart from the [No Names] had a slight apprehension of her beforehand. One of us had to see where her loyalties lied, and so..."

"You put yourself in the firing line, regardless if the others disagreed." Izayoi finished. "Not bad, Mandora. But if it hadn't worked and Makie really was under control of [Jabberwocky]?" Makie spun towards him, slightly afraid of his words.

"Then... I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do. She is your guest after all."

Makie squeezed her arm. A [Guest]…now that she thought about it she never really asked what a [Guest] specifically was. Was it like how it worked in her world possibly?

If a [Guest] was a member that is temporarily invited/welcomed to stay as a guest in the Community of another, then wouldn't that mean that person would obtain certain rights regarding that position?

-If I am right and it is like Diplomatic immunity, then really the only community that could stop me if what Mandora says is true would be the [No Names]. But they are part of an alliance. No wait, even if it was an alliance, they wouldn't be able to do anything to me. If they could they would by now. …Maybe this world's politics isn't so different from ours…it seems to follow the same structure…

"Well now that that has been cleared up," The young catboy spoke out as his tail twitched. "We simply wait for THEM to show up?"

"It seems so." Jack chimed in. "Though they do seem to be rather late however."

The doors of the meeting hall slammed open. All eyes fell onto the two figures standing at the entrance.

The purple hair and eyed Hell Raven, wearing the same pinkish dress that matched her child appearance. Her coal colored wings were folded up.

Her partner, the enigma in the dark green cloak known as Mock Turtle.

Dodo raised her hand, a giant smile on her face.

"Hello minor characters!"

"Minor!?" Makie and Mandora both proclaimed.

Mock Turtle was the one to raise his right arm, showing off the green skin but not on purpose. His hand was raised as a sign of peace.

"Apologies for the lateness. There were not many people willing to show us the way to the meeting hall."

"Please take your seats so we may begin," Sala declared, showing neither a welcomed or hated aura, only one that meant pure business. Dodo skipped her way to the two empty seats on the other side of the table. She sat two chairs down from Mandora while Mock Turtle was two away from Ayesha.

Black Rabbit nodded. All the participating players and representatives were here.

"Hey where is the red girl and the flying girl?" Dodo looked around, trying to find her two favorite playmates.

"Kasukabe and the Rich Girl have been given a different task." Izayoi quickly answered.

"Well that sucks-"

"Dodo, enough..."

"Awww..." Dodo pouted. Mock Turtle turned his cloaked head to the rabbit.

-What is he...No, I don't need to think about that now...

"Then, let us start the discussion regarding the gift game [Caucus Race]." Black Rabbit declared. Makie steeled herself. the time for second guessing herself was over. At least for now.

"To start off, I would like to discuss with the [Hosts] of the Gift Game."

"Whatcha wanna discuss?" Dodo asked.

"The legality of the [Gift Game]."

"What about it? It's legal right, Mocky?" Heads turned to the older member, a frown unseen on his face.

"It's not Dodo and it never was to begin with." Eyes narrowed as the man admitted the truth; it bothering to hide the fact the game was a false completion.

-It can't be that easy... could it?

Makie's thoughts were soon interrupted as the man continued.

"However, [Caucus Race] does have an end. Just one you can't see."

"Letting all members of any community die in such a game is a barbaric practice." Mandora stated as he glared at the cloaked man.

"It is still an end correct? Thus regardless of the way it was explained, it still on a technicality counts as an end regardless of how illegal it may seem."

His words were true. Even if it wasn't an end most people would want, it was still an end that would qualify for the race. However, that was only by technicality, it was still effective.

"Well, we have admitted our game is full of flukes and technicalities, but is it enough that the Little Garden Central Network would be against it as well?" Mock Turtle brought up the question that everyone wanted to know. The shrouded figure weaved his fingers together.

"I highly doubt it. As such we of [Jabberwocky] declare we are being unwarranted on the indictment of this game not having a clear end and being an endless loop. Should the system agree, we declare the game to be restarted at a specific date."

"...Judge Master..." Sala spoke, causing the rabbit to jump a bit.

"Y-yes. I will check!" Closing her eyes, the rabbit tilted her head back, her ears twitching as the room grew silent.

"Hey…" Makie whispered in the lowest voice she could muster, knowing Izayoi would be able to hear her. The blond said nothing, not even looking her way as he continued to stare at the two opposite of the table. But Makie knew he was listening to her.

"Is this what it means to be a Judge Master? I know she cancelled the game, but we need proof to suspend it indefinitely right?"

"Yeah. That's where the problem lies right now." Izayoi whispered.

"The central network sounds like a computer system. Wouldn't it deem this game unacceptable?"

"Who knows? It's really up in the air right now. The problem I'm worried about is the name of this game..."

"..." Makie was silent. Having read the story fifty times, and in several languages she knew the book nearly by heart.

The Caucus Race. Originally it was a race Dodo held that was to help the others dry off. However there were flaws in the race. There was no set ending. It was a loop where you would keep running around in a circle in an attempt to dry off after surviving Alice's flood of tears. There was no set direction, no start or finish, a circle where everything was pointless. Because of this, the term was also conned for a political race that held no meaning and the so called goal was never reached. A useless run that meant nothing as nothing was achieved.

"...Is this the true Caucus Race?"

"Normally I would agree. But..." Violet eyes narrowed at the hosts. "They're pretty confident they are going to win..."

"Caucus was a win-win situation-"

"-For everyone but Alice."

"Eh!?" Her sudden realization caused a glare from Mandora. The white haired girl slammed her mouth shut.

Her embarrassment was met with laughter from the Hell Raven.

"Did you see that Mocky!? She got in trouble!~"

"Dodo..." The older man chastised causing the girl to innocently grin at him.

"Not my fault, Alice got in trouble... Think I should give her a thimble as a reward?" The older man sighed as he shook his head, not entirely sure where his partner was going with this.

"What do you mean by that?" Makie whispered back to Izayoi. "I mean, I know Alice got a thimble as a prize..."

"From her own pocket as everyone gets something." The blonde replied. "Dodo took it from her and gave it back. The whole thing was basically Carroll mocking the lack of clarity and decisiveness of the political caucus system. So in other words..."

"The Garden has come to a decision." Black Rabbit declared. "The Gift Game [Caucus Race] is able to be completed by the competitors and thus is declared legal. Also, regarding the punishment; as it balances out with one of the deaths of the Host Master as a victory condition, that is also declared legal."

Many of the competitors grit their teeth. How could the vote be like that?

"Right then," Mock Turtle spoke up. "As per our deal, our game shall resume within three days."

"About that…" Porol was the first to speak up. "This game is called [Caucus Race] correct?"

"That it is," Mock Turtle answered without a skip. That didn't sit well with the cat boy.

"The Caucus Race was originally a race featured in the book that you and your friend's names stem from. A race where the animals ran around in a pointless race that had no start or end point, just a bunch of beasts attempting to become dry. Going by that, the Gift Game seems to draw upon that same system, however this race entitles us to remain dry or else we drown. That is the basics of it correct?"

"Then..." Jin's voice echoed behind Porol's. "Going by the rules of the game in the book…Alice was selected to give a prize to the winners. You intend to obtain a prize form this game should you win correct?"

"We do not have to answer that."

"But it is true you came her with the intent on taking SOMETHING as a prize." Izayoi provoked.

"And if we did?" Dodo stated crossing her arms and pouting. "Our leader said we had to come here."

"And that was for what?" Izayoi asked, a smirk growing. He knew Dodo was the weak link. She seemed to be the kind of person who couldn't keep a secret.

"He said that we had to because of-gumpf!" Her words became broken as a lollipop was shoved into her mouth. She glared at her friend before she shrugged and began to enjoy her lolly.

"I apologize for her." The older man bowed. "She has an odd imagination." He stated as he played it off, Dodo nodding in agreement, knowing she was in trouble. Izayoi's smirk faltered, he wasn't expecting Mock Turtle to block his attempts that fast.

Jin however was not surprised. In fact he was the next to speak up.

"Mock Turtle. May I ask your position in [Jabberwocky]?"

-An odd question. What is this child thinking?

The cloaked figure sat straight once more.

"Doctor. I handle the medical affairs of our community."

"I see." The boy said, a small frown growing on his face. "Then what about Dodo and the one who attacked [Salamandra]." Mandora leaned forward, wondering exactly who it was who dared to harm his family's Community.

"Dodo and the injured Gryphon are our main fighters." The man replied. "Though why so curious about us? Looking for a strategy?"

"Not so much a strategy as trying to decipher something." Mandora's words because the magic that captured Dodo and Mock Turtle's attention.

"You mentioned your game is wrong and riddled with technicalities, and yet the Judge Master has told us the game is legal. Why reveal such information? Especially when we can ask to overthrow the original decision?"

"Because the original decision would stay the same and we would obtain another advantage. Even if I did admit it, it is of personal opinion in the end." Mock Turtle remarked easily, showing no sign of hesitation.

-What in the...did he rehearse this or something?

Izayoi was rather impress with how quickly the 'good' doctor followed up, but also rather intrigued with how calm it was.

Makie narrowed her eyes.

"...Black Rabbit, am I allowed to ask questions?"

"Of course." The rabbit responded, unsure of what the girl was up to.

"First question. Why are you hiding your face?" Dodo gave a small smile as the doctor sighed before he handed over another lollipop to her.

"That's really none of your concern." He shrugged. "Why should a monster show his face after all?"

-A monster?

"Second question: Why is it you are participating in a game with an endless loop?"

Mock Turtle was honestly taken aback by her choice of words.

"It would seem strange to send their doctor out unless you are not the only one..." Sala backed the girl up. she knew where she was going with it. While she would have preferred to have asked the question later, the fact she got him rattled was a safe bet to assume he had an idea of how things would go .The girl asking the question must have thrown him off his regular plans.

"...Sadly I am the only one fit to care for our wounded members, or else they fall victim to the Hatter and his odd ways..."

-Mock Turtle I feel your pain...

Makie silently thought as she felt a sense of camaraderie with the hooded figure.

"How are they odd Mocky? He shows me people's guts as they scream and their blood is sooo pretty!" Dodo swayed left and right.

Just the mere fact she said those words with glee was enough to nearly make Porol and Jin sick, as well as Black Rabbit.

"Dodo, finish your sweets," the doctor sighed. He knew allowing the girl to spend time with the madman was a horrible idea.

"Regardless of Hatter's... Oddities." Mandora stated. "Why send a medic, their only media at that, to fight against us?"

"Dodo." Mock turtle stated.

"Excuse me?" Ayesha asked confused by what he meant.

"Would you leave someone like her alone for a long time?" He explained.

"Mocky!" The girl whined causing him to chuckle. Ayesha frowned, he considered himself a monster yet he was kind to the kid.

-I've heard of complex people before but this guy takes the gold.

"Then I will ask my question..." Izayoi's words interrupted Ayesha before she could even speak. While earning a glare from the Earth Spirit, the blond did not care for her in the slightest.

Not when he was about to ask the million dollar question.

"What are you stalling for?"

The question was one that cut through the air, a katana drawn so fast it was at blinding speed.

"I will admit your hiding something, and after that advantage you got you must be planning something to stay here. Does this have to do with the Water Tree's sudden acting up? Or the possibility that you have forces outside other than your own?"

"W-what makes you think that?" Mock Turtle was now on the defensive.

Izayoi released an all too familiar smirk.

"The questions you answered. Your job as a medic prevents you from going out into the front lines. And looking after Dodo, who was by herself when she fought Rich Girl and Kasukabe, is a partial lie. When you started taking questions I thought it was odd, given you could have just left once Makie started to ask hers, but you waited and took the time to listen. The second question, mentioning the endless loop and endangering yourself. If this game is the TRUE Caucus Race, then it will be an endless loop until everyone is dead other than your own. It's a great trick to seal someone in a game. Or rather, a good number of communities that stand in your way right?"

"..." Mock Turtle could not reply.

"Take out a southern floor master who leads an alliance, a community specializing in exterminating demon lords, and half of the forces of [Salamandra] and [Will-o-Wisp], and you barely have anyone left strong enough to stand in your way besides [Thousand Eyes] in the lower floors. However, there is more to your plan than just my speculation..." Izayoi narrowed his eyes. His words hit deep inside Mock Turtle, he could tell given that the figure was slightly shivering.

Makie watched the events unfold. Normally she would be amazed at this, attending a political discussion with the enemy. Normally she would follow orders and listen without saying a word, just to see how the events would hold out. However, Makie was beginning to weave the spider webs in her head. A web of ideas that would fuse together to form the answer she was searching for.

-Biding time...Demon Lord...Extermination of Communities...Mock Turtle...Caucus Race...Turtle...Water...

"Should we assume they are the characters or just names that hide who they really are?"

Red eyes widened, the girl's face paling even more than it was. It finally came together. The reason why Mock Turtle was here in [Underwood].

"Black Rabbit!" Said girl jumped at the high pitched call of her name. "Are other communities allowed to mess with the Water Tree?!"

"W-why would you-"

"-Yes or no!?"

"N-no only the community that legally owns it!"

Sala's eyes widened. It finally clicked for her as well. Shooting from her seat the dragon turned her gaze towards Black Rabbit.

"Judge Master, I hereby request a retrial of-"

"I would advise against it..." Mock Turtle's voice rose in octaves.

"...Because you would drown [Underwood]?" Izayoi crossed his arms.

"Perhaps, but I wonder what salt water would do to a freshwater tree. Would it kill the tree and all its roots? I'm not a scientist but what would happen to those who live here if their source of water became unable to be used without work?"

Sala froze. What the doctor was saying would mean the end of [Underwood]. Her home would become unlivable if salt water affected the Water Tree. Plants would die, the wildlife would leave and homes would be abandoned. "Was this your plan?" She growled out.

"No. But it is a possibility." The doctor admitted as Dodo giggled at the salamander's face.

-That's why the Water Tree was groaning earlier! He was controlling the flow of water and changing the properties of it...But what kind of gift...what kind of being does that make him?

Makie bit her lower lip. She was wracking her brain trying to find a solution. Her eyes shifted to Izayoi, who remained calm and composed.

-How can he-I don't even-He has to have a plan it's the only reason he's so calm about this!

"Now then...there is one more thing I would like to add..."

The representatives gritted their teeth, waiting for the true purpose of the discussion.

"My gift takes time to activate on a large scale. The Water Tree covers the entirety of [Underwood] and serves as both a life and power source. Taking control of it normally takes me an hour. What you saw earlier when the game began was me handling it after twenty minutes."

"If you want complete control of the tree, you can't have it!" Sala snapped. "What you have done is completely unforgivable! And you call yourself a doctor?!" Mock Turtle flinched at her words yet showed no other response to the truth she spoke.

"Just let Mocky have the tree. Then we can have more fun." Dodo decided hoping they wouldn't notice her friend's movement.

No one was allowed to be mean to her friend. He was too nice and kind for people to be horrible to. So how dare they? What she wouldn't give to rip the mean salamander up.

"The tree is the life for those in [Underwood]!" Makie countered. "Take it away and how will they live?!" She had seen how the water tree was used with the city. It was a place that deserved praise for being possibly the most beautiful city in Little Garden. She may not have seen much, but she deeply agreed to her own opinion of this city.

"Life? Since when did that matter to you Alice?" Dodo held no malice in her voice, no sign of iteration. It was a voice that matched a child's curiosity.

"What do you mean?" Makie asked. Dodo tilted her head to the right.

Izayoi clicked his tongue. "Anyway, the reason you told us about the tree is because?"

"Right...I wish to hold a trade."

"A trade?"

"You still possess the broken [Death Eye of Baldor] do you not?"

"…[Death Eye of Baldor]…what?" Makie asked, her eyes widening in slow recognition. Sala closed her eyes as she tried to decide what to do. On one hand it would keep her people safe and the eye was no longer usable. But if they could fix it, it would only mean more problems.

"What do you intend to do with the eye?!" Sala narrowed her eyes.

"None of your concern." Mock Turtle answered with ease. "Do we have a deal?"

The head of the [Draco Grief] Alliance was in turmoil. Just how did this occur all under her nose? It was as much humiliation as the time when [Underwood] was attacked.

"Hey Mock Turtle!" Said figure, as well as Sala's, turned to the voice responsible.

Izayoi smirked. "Did you know every Gift Game offers a prize of sorts for victory?"

"...Yes?" Mock Turtle was confused. Why ask such a thing?

"Even Demon Lord [Gift Games] offer up a prize of sorts equal to the rules out into place. For [PIED PIPER OF HAMLIN], it was Black Percher's servitude to the winners of the game. For [SUN SYNCHRONOUS ORBIT in VAMPIRE KING]-"

"That's a long name! Shorten it!" Dodo interrupted the blond before he coughed.

"As I was saying; the prize for THAT game was Leticia herself and the castle which was donated to [Draco Grief]."

"Your point?"

"Right, the point that was cleared up for me earlier...what is the prize for winning YOUR Gift Game? I mean you MUST have a prize! Conducting a game without an eligible prize set is like, breaking the number one rule in Little Garden!"

"Correct me if I'm wrong but Miss Kobayshi is only a guest correct?" At the girl's hesitant nod, he continued. "Then like the games you mentioned, Miss Kobayashi is the prize. The winner gains her." A tug on his robe caused him to look towards his friend. "Yes Dodo?"

"Is that a good idea? They aren't going to be happy if we lose." She whispered. "If we do lose... I'll take all of the punishment just in case, ok?"

"Wait, no, the ones who issued the Gift Games were the prizes. In other words, the Demon Lords were the prizes." Izayoi answered.

"Good thing Dodo and I are not Demon Lords then."

"What!? Then how were you able to use a Black [Geass Roll]?!" Jin exclaimed.

"Our Demon Lord is able to tie together contracts, special kinds of ones. They simply changed the [Host] to us and made Alice the prize..."

"Can they do that?" Makie asked the rabbit who nodded sadly in response. It was not unheard of for that to happen but the amount of times it had occurred was low. Makie groaned in response, not happy about having to be a toy for a bunch of crazed lunatics.

"So if we win...we can get Alice back?!" Dodo shot out of her seat.

"That's right Dodo." Makie shivered. She could see them, sea green eyes staring into her own red eyes. "We get Alice back."

"Horray! Then we can have fun together again! Oh oh, Alice do you remember the last time we played together! It was so much fun!" The girl squealed. Another shiver shot though Makie's back as she stared at the insane girl, what did she mean by the last time?

"I... Don't remember?" She hesitantly asked causing Dodo to frown.

"You don't? But it was so much fun. All of the blood, the pain that happened. Oooh I wanna do it again!"

Blood? Pain? What was she going on about?


"Ah do you remember the people we played with at least!?" Despite the cheerful childlike smile on her face, there was malice in her voice.

"P...Played with?" Makie's mind was stumped. All she could do was parrot words.

"Yeah, see you do remember! All of their screams as we inflicted pain and all of the blood! Hehe, so much fun splashing in it! Mocky, never let me keep any though." She pouted to everyone's disgust.

"Because it's not healthy for you to have it."

"So mean, Mocky."

The entire room went silent at the words of the child. No one had any retort or reaction, not even Izayoi. The boy was shocked beyond all belief. But none were more surprised than Makie.

"...what..." Her mind slowly comprehended the girl' s words. Even if she didn't want to.


Did she...kill people?

Makie felt her stomach curdle under the new pressure of this information.

Her face drained of color, she couldn't stop it from happening.

"Mock Turtle." Jin's voice edgier in the large room. "When do you wish to restart the game?"

"Let's see...three days from now."

"I like to propose the [Death Eye of Baldor] as an additional prize for victory in the game. From here on out the eye is no longer under anyone's right and will remain the gift, alongside Makie's servitude, as the prizes for the community who wins the game. Because of this I wish to add the additional rule for the game to end in two hours of the starting time."

"Jin!" Sala exclaimed.

"And because of this rule, the [Hosts] will create a finish line and rule for the race."

"Hmm...I could just threaten to use my power-"

"You do not have complete control over the tree. Also, threatening the discussion party is liable for us to ask the Judge Master to redo the verdict of the legibility of the gift game. Will you accept my terms, or will we be forced to ask for a retrial given the current information we possess?"

"... You play a hard game, Jin Russell. Very well we accept." Mock Turtle decided. "Now do we shake on our deal or?"

"There is no need. Thank you for your cooperation." Jin bowed his head.

Surprise would usually be the correct word for Izayoi's reaction to Jin's proposal, but that would be a bit of an overstatement. In fact, Izayoi looked more proud of the [No Names] leader than anything else.

-Not bad at all Runt. You're getting the hand of this.

Mock Turtle followed Jin's movements, showing respect towards the young leader. The boy was wise for his age, a shame he wouldn't be around to see the kid grow wiser. Dodo frowned annoyed that it was ending. She was happy the boring parts were over but she wanted to talk to Alice more. Maybe the girl had done more fun things and other dark stories. She had to know.

"Hey Alice! You gotta tell me! Did you kill any more people since I last saw ya!?"

That did it. The dam holding back her emotions broke through. Dodo's word confirmed it.

"I...I..." Makie backed up. She...killed people?

" didn't-"

"Hey hey did you-"

"Dodo!" Mock Turtle cried out. The little girl turned her eyes to the hooded figure. Her cheeks puffed out as he stood up from his chair.

"We are leaving. We shall see you all again in three days. The changes to the [Geass Roll] will be made."

Taking the girl's hand into his own, the older man led the younger girl out who began to wave back. "Good bye minor characters!" She called back as she left with her friend.

"What does she mean by minor characters?" Ayesha asked to Jack who chuckled in response, not wanting to reveal the truth to her.

Jin sighed heavily. That was definitely much more unusual than the last few times.

"Very impressive Jin." Porol complimented. "As expected of the leader of a Community."

"Ahaha, thank you Porol, but I think I was lucky..."

"You are being modest Master Jin!" Black Rabbit added. "You really pulled out a wonderful maneuver-"


Jin jumped as he turned to the door. Ironically, Izayoi's gaze was at the doors as well.

"What the-" Jin then realized it.

Makie was gone, having bolted out the room. Jin could only guess as to why she did.

Izayoi leaned back into the chair. That sngle action was enough for Black Rabbit's hair to turn pink in anger.

"Won't you go after her!?" Black Rabbit declared. How could Izayoi just sit there?

The violet eyes of the boy opened, glancing at the [Aristocrat of Little Garden].

"If I did what would I say?"

"What do you mean?"

The blonde frowned as he sat straight.

"I don't know what Makie's been through when she was with [Jabberwocky]. The only ones who do are the members themselves and there is no way to know if they are telling the truth or not. Right now, leaving her alone is the best thing to do."

Black Rabbit could see it his eyes. He didn't want to leave his friend alone again but he had no choice. Like he said, what could he do to help her?


Makie leaned against the rim of the root intertwining with the meeting hall. Her breathing was erratic and short. She couldn't hold in the air at all. Her eyes were to the sky. It was sundown, the sunlight piercing through the roots and the tree itself. Her face scrunched up, a crushing wave of guilt building inside her.

-I...killed people...that explain it...

Part of her wished it was a lie, something Dodo came up with to cause this oncoming sadness. But that part was lying to herself.

She was a murderer, a killer in cold blood. What had she done to cause such chaos she did not understand, nor did she want to understand.

"Ah, you were here the entire time."

That soft, womanly voice. Makie recognized it. Her eyes turned to the right, seeing the small, vampire maid looking up at her.

"O-oh, Leticia," Makie quickly wiped away the forming tears around her eyes. "Is there something you need?"

"...Come with me."

"Huh?" Makie was taken aback. That was rather blunt.

"I said to come to with me. I would like to show you a few things."

"What do you mean?" Makie asked before Leticia grabbed her arm and with a surprising amount of strength dragged her along. "Hey, let go!"

"Sorry, but you need to see this. It's important."

Makie could not fight the vampire. As such she forced herself to walk with the blonde haired maid.

They walked past plenty of interesting buildings. The girl was confused as to the culture. Given the many simulators she could guess Celtic but the dress styles of the people were similar to those living in Africa.

Was it because of the humidity generated by the tree?

As she stared at the buildings, she could see the standing water from where the false start of the game began. Yet in her mind, it morphed into crimson liquid causing her to shiver in fear. A slit pressure on her hand caused Makie's daydream to vanish as Leticia looked at her, worry located in her eyes.

"Do you wish to talk about something?"

"...Even if I did...nothing would change..."

"Perhaps, but chosen words can lift the weight on a person's heart."

"Chosen words? What do you mean by that?" Makie asked as she looked into the maid's eyes. Looking deep into them, she could make out pain and solitude from the past. It surprised her. What could the maid have gone through that she would have those sorts of eyes?

"Perhaps it would be best to explore a bit more of the area. Follow me Makie." Leticia dodged the subject by turning on her heel and walking in front of the seer. The white haired, red eyed homunculus sighed. She knew she wouldn't win, so why even try? Placing her arms behind her back she followed the vampire willingly.


"There, now stay safe." Yō whispered to a little girl as she placed her safely on a roof. The child nodded before running off to her parents bringing a smile to the animal lover's face. While the game may have been postponed or better yet cancelled, that didn't mean the people weren't in danger. Yō and Asuka had since volunteered to move the people off of the ground to keep them safe from the remaining water.


"DEEN! Voice down!"


Yō looked over at the golem that placed a few more people on a flat roof a few blocks away. They were steadily getting everyone to safety.

"Deen, that way!" The red lady ordered to her golem who rumbled as he moved away from Yō, searching for any others he could find.

Yō activated her gift of flight, levitating towards the red clad rich girl.

"Asuka! How are things on the west side?" Yō cried out as she scanned the area.

"Everyone is okay! A few scratches but nothing seriously luckily!"

"Everything's ok on the east as well. I haven't checked the southern area or the north yet." Asuka nodded in understanding before she froze.

Above them was a gryphon, its normally proud face was full of sorrow for on its back were several bodies; the unfortunate who drowned from the first assault. As Asuka watched the beast soar she noticed something else.

More of the proud beasts were carrying the bodies of the lost as they flew towards the outside of the town, searching for a place to put the bodies down so they may rest in peace.

"This...was so wrong..." Yō narrowed her eyes. "...Why...Go this far?"

"In our past games, people did die, but [Jabberwocky]..." Asuka muttered, her fists balled up and teeth clenched together.

"[Jabberwocky] did it with a false start." Yō finished. "Not even Pest did that."

"All Pest did was infect everyone, not outright drown them. But regardless it was still wrong."

"All we can do is hope the game was cancelled..." Yō sighed heavily. Then again knowing their luck it wasn't. Yō clutched the [Genome Tree] in her hand. Wasn't there something she could have done to stop this?

"I'm afraid you are out of luck then." The pair jumped as a figure approached them. A woman with hair as white as snow with a half mask covering her eyes joined the two. "My apologies."

"Faceless?" Asuka questioned. "What are you doing here?" She asked the female white knight.

"[Jabberwocky]." She stated. "I was asked to keep an eye on them for Sala-sama and my group."

The masked woman declared before she glanced at Asuka and Yō. Faceless was honestly curious. Asuka and Yō had their arms covering their bodies, cheeks flushed as they stared at the woman, watching her every move.

"...Are you two cold?"

"NO we're preventing you from degrading us like you almost did LAST TIME!" Asuka screamed out.

"...I did not take your virginity-"


"I see. I apologize for my plan." The woman bowed to the girls.

"Alright..." Yō stated lowering her arms while Asuka kept her guard up. "What did you mean by 'we are out of luck'?"

"Sala-sama has stated the game will be restarted in three days." Their eyes widened as Asuka's arms went slack.

"It's still going on!? But I thought it was an illegal game?" Asuka shouted.

"The game was stopped under the assumption that it had no clear end." Faceless explained.

"But there was no end!" Asuka argued.

"There was one: Death."

Asuka and Yō's eyes widened in realization.

Death could be seen as an end.

"But...that means..."

"The argument on ending a game that did not possess no clear end is wrong. [Jabberwocky] intended to kill everyone here."

"That way they would have no opposition later on." Asuka stated. "But they also want Makie right? So how would that work?"

"Maybe they don't need her alive?" Yō stated. "Or they would have put her in a death like state."

Faceless tilted her head. "This...Makie? [Jabberwocky] desires her?"

"Ah..." The two girls looked at one another. That community attacked [Will-o-Wisp] with Makie as the front attacker. Was it possible she faced off against Faceless?


"Impossible." Yō lowered her head a bit.

"She would have died." Asuka shook her head as she spoke.

Faceless remained silent as she watched the two girls sigh with insecure smiles.

"I do not understand. What do you mean?"

"Well, [Jabberwocky] needs Makie, a friend of ours, to do something for them." Asuka explained simply.

"I see. So their leader Alice wants your friend back correct?"

"That's right... Alice?" Yō asked confused by what the knight meant.

"If [Jabberwocky] is based off of books, wouldn't that mean Alice is the leader?"

"N-No not Makie!" Kasukabe quickly defended the girl. "She was being brainwashed by them, control to do their being. It couldn't possibly be that she is the leader."

"I see…" The tension around the woman began building. To think that the girl was named Alice unnerved her, especially since she heard Alice was part of the community. "…And her allegiance now?"

"She is with us, as a [Guest]," Asuka remarked.

"…Perhaps not for long."

"What does that mean!?" The red clad dressed girl narrowed her eyes.

"This friend of yours, Makie, she is the prize for the game. If you lose, she will return to [Jabberwocky]."

"What! Can they do that?" Asuka demanded at the knight who nodded in confirmation. "Great... So if we lose…Makie leaves and Izayoi..."

The two girls shivered as they realized Izayoi would be annoyed if they lost Makie. An image of a demonic Izayoi destroying Deen and their home in anger caused the two to pale in fear.

"Wait... What if another group wins like [Salamandra]?" Yō asked as she allowed her color to come back.

"Then they gain Makie instead." Faceless stated.

The No Name girls blinked once, then twice. Once the third had past they had very powerful words to say.



Teach Me Izayoi-Kun!: Episode 11: Volume 6 GIFT GAMES

"Can you let me down now...Please!?" Chibi-Kuro Usagi called out from where she was been hanged from the ceiling. Rope was wrapped around her waist as she swung back and forth.

"No! You tried to kill us... Or harm us." Chibi-Makie called back.

"I-I-I told you I don't know what came over me! You all know me I would NEVER do that!" The rabbit continued to wail at a high pitch, causing several, if not all of the present cast, to cringe at the wailing and cover their ears.

"Oh for the love of..." Chibi Pest groaned as she glared intensely at chibi Black Rabbit. "Will you shut up?!"

"I will if you let me down." The rabbit pleaded to the maid who shook her head in response. "Why not?"

"I don't want to." Chibi-Pest said enjoying the look of defeat on the tab its face.

"Oh come on!"

"Someone get an apple." Chibi Makie ordered. At that moment, Chibi Pest revealed an apple from her apron.

"...Anyone else?" The white haired chibi girl looked around, ignoring the chibi maid, which only proceeded to piss her off.

"What's wrong with mine!?"

"It came from you." Chibi Makie's answer was as blunt as rocks tumbling down a hill.

"... I'll remember this." She threatened. "What do you need an apple for anyway?"

"Cook off." The silver haired girl revealed. "Apparently slow roasted rabbit is really good."


"I haven't had Rabbit stew though in my life! I heard its good!" Devil horns began to pry out of the girl's head, showcasing her more devious side to the rest of the group.

Chibi Izayoi jumped up in front of the rabbit.

Black Rabbit was confused. Why did Chibi Izayoi jump? Was Izayoi...going to cut her free?

Tears generated around her eyes, showing the happiness she felt. Izayoi believed her! Izayoi was-


The apple that was in Chibi Izayoi's hands...was now in Chibi Black Rabbit's mouth.

Chibi Izayoi landed on the ground as the sad complaints of the rabbit continued, but this time in silence.

"Ok, bring on the fire!" The blonde declared as Chibi-Pest began setting up to begin cooking the rabbit.


"What's that Black Rabbit?" Chibi-Makie asked. "You want us to do the lesson now?"

"Mmmphf mmmfhp!" The rabbit wildly shook her head, not wanting the lesson to begin while she was in danger.

"Ok I understand. Start the lesson!"

"With what?" Chibi Izayoi's words caused the group yto freeze.

"...What do you mean...what? You usually-"

"Don't have an idea what to go over."

"...IZA-Wait...that means..." Bells and an infamous church choir sung the famous song of victory! Chibi Makie smiled as she jumped in the air!

"I DID-"

"Not finish going through everyone."


Cut off in mid speech, the girl collapsed onto the floor.


"I don't have anything planned for this lesson because Asuka and Yō are still taking over remember?"

"But-but-but-We finished all the Gift Games!" Chibi Makie exclaimed, shaking as she spoke.

"NOT. Volume 6."

The room suddenly became dark. A spotlight appeared, shining on Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Volume 6.

Chibi-Makie stared at the light novel before turning back towards the blonde. "This is dumb. Stop padding it!"

"We are not padding it."

"Yes you are! Our story takes place between volumes 5 and 6 for some reason even though the Anime only does the first 2! So why are we looking at the later stuff!?"

"Because it's fully translated. That and only TWO PEOPLE this time sent in questions. Everyone else bailed."


"I kid you not." Chibi Izayoi crossed his arms.

"Well... The chapter progressed faster than usual."

"That's because those two are going to be busy later on and are trying to pick up the pace."

"I see... Well alright. Let's get this over with."

"Alright, the lesson is Volume 6 Gift Games right?" Chibi Makie looked around for the two aforementioned girls.

"Oh they are here. RICH GIRL! KASUKABE!" Chibi Izayoi's voice shook the very library itself.

The ground rumbled as part of the library opened up. A podium rose upwards as smoke and rose petals of red and white flew through the air.

"The beauty of crimson with the charismatic gift, Akai Shoujo!" Chibi-Asuka shouted as she appeared from the smoke dressed in a magical girl outfit of a beautiful crimson.

"The cold faced woman with a heart for animals, Shiro Shoujo!" Chibi-Yō shouted as she emerged dressed in a similar outfit but if white.

"Together, we protect the cause if the [No-Names] using love, honor and skills! Okurimono Shoujo unite!" The two said together as they posed in unison.

The room was silent. Even in the vast reaches of the library, a pencil drop could still be heard, it's sound echoed and intensified through the bookcases.

"...No...just...PRECURE RIPOFFS!" Chibi Makie's words caused an unusual sound cannon that knocked the girls off the peristalsis and onto the ground.

"Hey that was mean." Yō whined.

"Indeed! Such a intolerable way of acting Makie!" Chibi Asuka dusted off her outfit.

"Doesn't matter come on let's get going with the lesson!"

"And why should we? Given that attitude of yours has risen over the past few days!" Chibi Asuka complained.

"I think she's jealous she doesn't get to be a magical girl." Chibi-Yō stage whispered to Chibi-Asuka causing her to contemplate those words.

"I suppose you are right. That explains her anger. Everyone gets to be a magical girl but her."

"I am NOT jealous!" The woman declared as she vibrated ice more, shaking in anger. "Let's just get this over with!"

"...You are no fun today." The chibi girls declared. The white haired Chibi merely frowned in frustration.

"Okay, Volume 6 had only one Gift Game called THE DUEL OF THE CREATORS." Chibi Asuka relented, knowing that if she didn't the youngest of them would simply carry on.

"Wait...wasn't that the name of-"

"They do this particular Gift Game regularly. It's to find Gifts that could help out the north and [Salamandra]." Yō explained, holding her finger up as she did.

"I see, and Shiroyasha did say creation type gifts were valuable. So anyone with a creation type gift could enter right?"

"That's right, like Kasukabe's [Genome Tree] and many others, like Gifts that could produce warmth." Chibi Asuka spoke.

"Wait...didn't YOU take part in it with DEEN and *beeeeep*...huh?" Her words were halted.

The two girls looked at Chibi Makie with interested expressions.

"...Okay let's try this again...DEEN and *beeeep*-What the hell!"

"Look at that Kasukabe it worked!"

"What worked!?" Chibi Makie glanced at the red clad Chibi.

"Our spoiler system. Events or items that take place during volume 6 or after are to be censored. This way we can talk about the gift game and not spoil anything for the readers." Yō smiled.

"You're lying! Watch this." Chibi-Makie took a deep breath before she opened her mouth again. "*BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!* Oh come on!" She complained. "It wasn't that big of a deal."

"Doesn't matter. We are keeping what you said a secret." The girls stated.

"Whaaaaaaaat!" Chibi Makie screamed out.

"And now that we are done talking about the Gift Games let's move into questions!"


"Now wait just a minute we only talked about *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*!...come on..." The Chibi fell onto her knees, sinking even further onto the floor as tears trailed out of her eyes.

"Oh hush up. You're a smart girl you can understand it and that is all that matters." Chibi Asuka placed her hands on her hips.

"You hate giving out spoilers anyway Makie, what's causing this?" Chibi Izayoi's voice was heard as he came in, holding a few flash cards in his hand.

"I just want to discuss something...I like having discussions about a book..."

"We can discuss later for now questions!"

"Not fair..." She grumbled as Chibi-Izayoi began reading off the cards.

"Ok first off from Shadowplayer360 who doesn't seem amused by our threat last time. Anyway, other than Makie because she already is this, if we were boring people what would our life be like? So us with no powers, then."

"Well, I would still be bedridden." Chibi-Yō stated. "Asuka, you would..."

"Be running the family business in my time and Izayoi..."

"I would be bored completely and utterly."

"HEY!" The other chibis ignored Chibi Makie as she vibrated once more. "Why the heck are you guys ignoring me!?"

"Black Rabbit has been demoted from pet to food. As such we need someone to take her previous position as toy. Makie you are the youngest so congrats. You are now our new toy!" Chibi Izayoi smiled, holding out his hand as a gesture of congratulations. The gesture was met with a heavy glare.

"I know where you sleep." She whispered as the boy just smirked back at her.

"And I now where you sleep as well. Do anything to my bed and your sleeping outside."

"... Jerk. Next question."

"We each get one curse and we can use it on one person." Chibi-Izayoi read off. "Decisions, decisions."

"So...any curse?" Chibi Yō asked.

"That's what it says..." Chibi Makie spoke in a monotone voice.

"Hmm...then...let me perform the first!" Chibi Asuka raised her hand. "Ahem! My target is...Pest and the curse is she is locked in the mansion for a full 24 hours and cannot sleep during that time!"

"Great, a more annoying version of my normal job." Chibi-Pest rolled her eyes in annoyance. " aren't allowed back in the library until the next chapter."

"What!? No! That's horrible!"

Just as she spoke, the white haired girl felt her body being pulled away. Immediately the girl latched onto the floor, nails scrapping against it as she tried to claw her way back into the room.

"No, No, NO I DON'T WANNA LEAVE!" The doors to the library opened, the force pulling her against the doors. Her eyes cried tears of horror as she looked back at the so called friends she had. Each gave her a smile and a wave.

"Too bad. Blame the person who gave the question."

"...I HATE YOU SHAAADOOOOW!" Chibi Makie screamed in terror. Within seconds the doors to the library were closed, blocking any and all access into it, keeping Chibi Makie outside.

"So how is Makie going to answer the questions now?" Chibi-Yō asked.

"We'll give her a microphone so she can answer." Chibi-Izayoi said with a grin. "Alright next curse."

"Izayoi swaps places with me!" The group looked up to see Black Rabbit, the apple out of her mouth as she swung around. "And that also means he becomes the pet and food as well!"

"...My curse is Black Rabbit continues on as our toy and food!" Chibi Izayoi's smirk widened as he saw the growing disbelief on Black Rabbit's face.

"Wait... Since Black Rabbit's curse activated first, wouldn't that mean they are both our pets now?" Chibi-Yō mused as Chibi-Izayoi found himself wrapped up in rope next to the rabbit. Around his neck was a small collar with a heart shaped tag inscribed with his name.

"Shame Makie can't see this."

"Yō, your curse." Chibi-Asuka said reminding her friend.

"Of course. Makie can now see Izayoi's fate." From outside the library, a loud burst of laughter was heard along with a banging noise. "Is she rolling on the floor?"

"...Oh great..." Chibi Izayoi grumbled. He knew how the thought process of that girl worked. She would never let him live this down. Chibi Asuka looked around, only seeing the tied up Chibi Izayoi and Chibi Black Rabbit, along with Chibi Pest and Chibi Yō.

"I...think that is every-WAAA!"

"Wh-what the HELL!?" Chibi Pest screamed out in surprised disgust.

"My clothes are disappearing!"

This was not an exaggeration; their clothes were slowly being eaten away.

"What's going on?!" Chibi Black Rabbit screamed.

"Oh right...the note at the bottom." Chibi Izayoi spoke, as if he recalled a vital piece of information.

Immediately all the females glared at him.


"Upon finishing these questions, all clothing within the next five yards shall be slowly disintegrated and "Mysterious light-kun" shall appear to censor inappropriate views on the body." He spoke word for word, reciting from memory. The sentence was enough to make the girls pale. All they could do was watch their clothing being eaten away by an invisible force.

"Okay! All we need to do is finish up the questions before the clothes vanish right?!" Chibi Yō asked, a panicked tone in her voice even as she tried to remain calm.

"Yeah just three more people." Chibi-Izayoi smirked.

"Wait you said it was two people!" The girls shouted.

"Apparently I can't count today."

"…..You lied to us…"

"You might wanna speed up those answers ladies. I'm beginning to see some leg."

The girls panicked and began shifting through the fallen flash cards.

"O-okay so we have a new reviewer by the name of enemotou! Thanks again and Pest question!" Chibi Yō bowed towards the camera before turning back to the Black Percher. "Do you just enjoy kicking Makie in the head or is that your way of establishing a friendship?"

"I enjoy kicking her!" The maid declared without hesitation.

"DIE OUT LIKE YOUR DISEASE PEST!" The voice of the chibi trapped outside echoed through the doors, but no one paid any head as they shuffled through the cards once more. Chibi Pest found one and picked it up, trying to push her clothing down as her skirt was close to deteriorated.

"Hey! Question for Izayoi!"


"What do you think of Dodo so far? If she wasn't evil, would you consider her a friend? If so, why?"

"Never. She pisses me off."

"….That was unusually quick…."

"That and she's unhinged. I can't trust her." The blonde decided as his pants slowly vanished. "Wait, why's it affecting me?"

"It never specified gender!" Chibi-Black Rabbit shouted. "Keep going, two left!"

"No we're skipping one!" Chibi Asuka declared.



"….We NEVER tell her what is occurring…got it?" The rabbit glared down at the girls, who could only agree.

"I found it! It's JNaegi!" Chibi Yō shouted as she held in her hand the rest of the flashcards.

"The first isn't a question so…Ah Asuka! He wants to know if Deen can be outfitted to become stronger with any materials out in Little Garden? Asuka, would you go on quest to make Deen stronger?"

"If it means making myself stronger then yes! I refuse to be the sit out during Gift Games or being the weakest link!" Chibi Asuka placed her hands on her hips, sticking out her nearly revealed chest out in pride. Until she realized that her clothes were nearly gone. "AAAAAH!"

"Kuro Usagi; are your oppai a size C? I'm not trying to be a perv but you know, a lot of milk does a body good!"

"I immediately declare my right to private info-"

"She's double D!"

"I'll murder you!" Pink overtook the blue on Black Rabbit as the chibi glared harshly at the boy.

"Makie!" Chibi-Pest called out. "It asks if you fall under fatalism, determinism or somewhere in between?"

" how DO I answer that?" Makie's voice was heard despite the soft muttering.

"WHO CARES JUST ANSWER!" Chibi Pest screamed out.

"HEY! This is a VERY Philosophical question! These take time!"


"I guess...well...WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?"

The room was immediately drawn to silence, not even the disintegration of the clothing was able to progress. They were all stopped by the decade's most powerful meme.

"There, that answers my question."

"...When did you even get a chance to see that series?"

"...We have plenty of free time between this segment and the story...I decided to use that time to catch up on stuff I missed."

"If she wears one sunglasses next lesson, we might have a problem." Izayoi whispered to himself. "Anyway next."

"This one's for Jin." Chibi-Pest answered. "It's asking if he's used his shota looks to get us to do stuff for him. What kind of question is that?"

"Like he would. That's something Izayoi would do!" Makie shouted from outside of the library. "Not counting the ice cream problem last week."

"Oh yes that..." The girls chuckled in amusement.

"Alright one more question and we are done!" Chibi Pest declared, her clothes nearly gone by the invisible light-kun that began taking over. "For the team, at your current levels could you guys defeat a low-level demon?...Really? That's your question? Well JN let me put it to you this way. They defeated me, who was a 5 digit Demon Lord in the answer is YES!" The demon Lord screamed out in pure frustration.

"So we are done!" Black Rabbit shouted. "End it now! Any longer and... Oh dear." Slowly her shoes began to vanish leaving her in disappearing lingerie. "End it now! Please!"

"SHUT OFF THE CAMERA!" Chibi Asuka activated her power of Authority. Within seconds, the camera was black.

"...I thought I told you to end it!"

"You told them to turn the cameras off!"

"Whatever! Just close the segment!" Chibi Pest declared.

"Hello there [No Names]!" The familiar voice of [Thousand Eyes] Floor Master rang out. "How have you..."

"Shiroyasha!" Chibi Yō shouted.

"Medics! Hurry Shiroyasha passed out!" Chibi Asuka exclaimed.

"...Wow...we killed Shiroyasha with fanservice-"

"END THE SEGMENT!" Black Rabbit's voice boomed over Chibi Pests.


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