Ok I know that on a scale of 1 to 10 of how angry you all are for me not updating that you are about 1000 so yeah... I just didn't know how to write it and then my auntie lost her baby so I haven't been in the best of times lately. I am sorry to say that this is the final chapter of Little Sister. I am also going to be posting the final chapters of Hermione Lestrange soon. I have taken down my Waterloo Road Fanfiction as I didn't like it overall. My new twilight story will be updated soon as well. I also aim to write a Harry Potter Fanfiction set in the Maruarders Era so that will be a challenge. If anyone wants me to write a story please pm me and I will take it into account. So this is the final chapter, it has taken me some time to get it right for you all but I know I haven't got a good excuse for not updating, so again I'm sorry but I won't keep those of you who read this bit any longer. Here is the final chapter of Little Sister... WAIT! READ THIS BIT! I JUST REMEMBERED THIS IS SET IN AVA'S POV! Ok now onto the story...

Ava's POV

My heart was racing, Claire's cries echoed in my brain as well as Keri's screams and the Crime Ministers laugh. I know what was going to happen to me but if it meant everyone else was safe then that was ok. I was going to my death basically, I know that and I accept it. Oh what the hell am I saying. I am so scared. The van stops and pulls up outside a building, this must be KORPS HQ.

"Take her and prepare her." The Crime Minister snapped at the two men holding me. This reminds me of the witch out of the wizard of Oz. These men are like her monkeys. I smiled inwardly to myself. The men dragged me down a range of corridors and made me get changed into a weird jumpsuit. It itched against my skin. I can get out, I know I can, I'll run when they least expect it. I was brought out my trail of thought when the two monkeys grabbed my arms and began to lead me back through the corridors. The two of them were talking as if I wasn't even there. Now I think. I quickly do a back flip and take off running.

"OI!" I hear them shout, they hit an alarm and chase me. Crap I didn't think they would have had an alarm installed, that was so stupid. I turn a corner and run into a room leaning against the door. I heard them run past. I grinned and regained my breath.

"I DON'T CARE, FIND HER!" I heard the Crime Minister scream. I have to get out, that's all I could think. I looked around quickly, there was no other way out. I open the door and peek out. Clear. I snuck out and carefully walk to the corridor I ran up. I walk around the corner and meet about ten monkey men looking for me. They grab me and drag me, kicking and screaming may I add, to the room where a large computer and a machine , that can only be bad news, stands. I hear the alarm go off again. Keri. God damn it! I should have known.

"GET THEM!" I hear the Crime Minister scream as the door seal. Them? I hope I would be able to get out of this but they had to stay safe. This is what I was made for. You can't change your fate, can you? I didn't realise until I am strapped into the machine.

"KERI!" I scream with all my might.

"AVA?!" I hear Keri shout back. She was here! I smile, the doors then open. Dan, Aniesha, Tom, Zoe and Keri run in and one by one take on the monkey men. I am going to be fine, I'll be there for Claire growing up, that's what I was thinking. Then he turned on the machine. I screamed for help but they couldn't get to me. Frank then runs in with Stella and oh my God they have Claire. My eyes widened as Stella dodges everyone and runs up to me.

"Ava, don't worry we'll get you out" Stella said. Keri and the others knocked out all the Monkey men.

"K-keep Claire safe" I say as Tom tries to stop the machine

"You'll be there to keep her safe!" Stella said crying, Tom stopped the machine and I fell out into Keri's arms. The Crime Minister then walked in. Oh my days, she had a gun. She pointed the gun at Stella and fired. Stella ducked and ran over to Frank. Dan went to fight her and she fired it, it hit his leg. He fell to the ground, Aniesha, Keri and Tom ran forward to help him. Zoe went to fight her by she shoved Zoe against the wall knocking her out. She turned to Stella who was standing with Frank. She fired. She was aiming for Claire. I ran and jumped. I landed with a thud. Ow my head. I went to sit up but screamed in pain. I looked at my chest. She had hit me. Everyone ran over.

"Thank you.." I whispered and took my last breath