Deceit. Deception. Dishonesty. Disinformation. Distortion. Evasion. Fabrication. Falsehood. Fiction. Forgery. Inaccuracy. Misrepresentation. Myth. Perjury. Slander. Tale. Aspersion. Backbiting. Calumniation. Calumny. Defamation. Detraction. Fable. Falseness. Falsification. Falsity. Fib. Fraudulence. Guile. Hyperbole. Invention. Libel. Mendacity. Misstatement. Obloquy. Prevarication. Revilement. Subterfuge. Vilification. Whopper. Tall story...


That's all it was, and that's all it ever would be! For three hundred years, she wasted her life. And her time. And her affection on a stupid, inconsiderate, overbearing LIE! What was she supposed to do now? Just move on? How could she? He was all she knew for so long!

No. She couldn't think like that. She had to keep her head. Why would he do that? For as long as she could remember, all he'd ever done is love her! So why would he suddenly change his mind, after 300 years? This couldn't possibly be her imagination. Because there he was, standing before her in all his glory with his piercing gray eyes leaving painful marks across the face of her conscious mind.

"I thought you were dead." Is all she could barely muster, a simple whisper among the shouts, and pleas, and cries that were now invading her mind.

"Who told you that?" He asked in reply, a smirk stretching across his lips and a glider now shining in the dull undertones of his eyes. "Oh, that's right. I did!" A menacing chuckle invaded her ears, and her first instinct was to shut it off. All of it, her emotions, her senses...her life. But she knew that wasn't an option now, after everything that had happened and all she'd worked so hard to accomplish.

So instead, she clenched her teeth, balled her fist, and sent him flying across the small space between them and the wall. "You're such a little maggot! How could you? What's wrong with you?"

"Me?" He uttered as he scrambled for balance, the room shaking and swaying from both alcohol and her fist in his face. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?! I spent three hundred years trying to get you to stop doing whatever the hell it was you did and listen, and what was I repay with? Nothing! Yeah, that's right! I got nothing!"

"You're so selfish!" She cried, clenching her teeth again and shaking her head. "How could you think of yourself? After everything I went through, my whole life was a lie. My mother kept the truth about my father from me for years, and all I needed from you is a little show of affection. And attempt to help me realize that it was okay. But you couldn't even spare me that, could you?" She shook her head, spat on the ground in front of him, and walked out of The Grill.