Title: Moving On Author: TheDreamyOne Email: sdjolly@bellsouth.net Type: Romance...what else? Archive: Ask first Summary: Nick decides it's time to move on with his life... Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: Presidio Med and its characters belong to CBS, John Wells, Lynda Woodward, etc. No infringements intended. Original characters belong to the author.

Chapter One

"Is that him?"

"My God, I can't believe I told you," Dr. Rae Brennan replied, inwardly chastising herself. Two years earlier, after a somewhat trying case, she had just a bit too much to drink at a small gathering of nurses and doctors from the Presidio Medical Hospital at a local bar just down the street.

"Don't sweat it, Rae, I'm not the gossipy type, you know that."

Rae eyed the tall, slender, natural blonde who sat on the bench next to her in the same spot that Dr. Nicholas Kokoris vacated just moments earlier.

"I love taking a break out here, it's so relaxing" Rae sighed. "Michelle...I have your promise, you won't breathe a word of my past relationship with Dr. Kokoris?"

"I've already said I wouldn't," Shel nodded and unwrapped the hotdog she had just purchased from the sidewalk vendor. "Besides, when you say past...you're saying it's over?"

Rae nodded and sat forward on the bench. "I told him as much. Sean and I are trying..."

Shel looked up at the brunette as she stood to leave. "I wish you the best, Rae."

She laughed, almost hatefully, as she walked away. "Funny...he said the same thing."


Across the small park, Nick watched the two women conversing. One looked carefree and happy, the other tense and forlorn. For years he had been in love with the latter of the two. Their encounters had been brief each time, leaving little room to get to know the real person behind the torrid lovemaking. So he had picked up and moved to San Francisco from Greece on a whim, his desire to get to know her too great to be ignored. That had been nearly two months ago.

Two months of rejection, of continual mood flare-ups and constant reminders of her marital status. The time had come to move on. The more he got to know her, the less he found her attractive. At times she seemed just as he thought she was, loving and generous. And then he would turn around to find the cold, callous woman who would rip him a new one at the drop of a hat.

Being scolded was not the issue; he could deal with that. Questioning his methods, his actions, were another thing all together. Being called in on a consult by another doctor and asking his professional opinion on a patient, did not warrant an attack from her. Whether she should have been notified or not, was another matter between her and Dr. Matt Slingerland. Matt was the internist. It was between Rae and Matt; he had just been called in as consulting surgeon.

That little confrontation happened just after he had arrived. Since then there had been others. She was just looking for ways to push him away. He got the message that first week; he understood only too well that he had been merely a plaything.

"Who's the woman talking to Dr. Brennan?" Nick asked just as Matt took a bite of his sandwich. The dark-haired Englishman rolled his eyes before swallowing the food.

"Michelle Chambers. Can't believe you haven't met her or worked with her yet. She's head surgical nurse here at Presidio."

Nick shrugged as he contemplated the two women. "I haven't met a lot of people here yet," he admitted.

"Hmmm...well, there is the fact that she's been on leave for almost a month. Just got back yesterday." Matt grinned at his colleague. "Don't go there. The girl's a cold fish. Wouldn't give me the time of day."

"Oh," Nick acknowledged. "So, you're saying she has taste, then?"

"Funny, funny," Matt choked out before taking another bite.

"So, what do you know about her, other than she doesn't go out with Englishmen?" Nick quipped, a smile playing on his lips.

Rolling his eyes a second time, Matt replied, "Single, dedicated, loves junk food and has the dumbest sense of humor I've ever encountered. And you've met Jackie, so you know...that's pretty bad."

Nick chuckled and glanced up just as Rae walked off leaving Michelle sitting alone on the bench. Turning his attention back to her, he found her watching him intently. Maybe it was time to introduce himself to her? Yes, there was definitely a need for him to get to know the head surgical nurse. After all, they would more than likely be working closely together in the near future.

As nonchalantly as possible, Michelle watched the two doctors as they chatted a short distance away from her. Dr. Matt Slingerland was handsome enough, but he was a ladies' man. He'd been through far too many women at the hospital as it were. She never let him get close enough to be amongst those women. The other one, Doctor Nicholas Kokoris, seemed on the quiet side. The buzz around the hospital was that the Greek Adonis kept to himself for the most part and no one had made much headway in getting to know him. Slingerland was the only person he seemed to spend any amount of time conversing, and according to the oddball Brit, it was work related for the most part. Both Michelle and Nick had decided it was time to introduce themselves to the other. Nick nodded a farewell to Matt and made a move in Michelle's direction. At the same time, Michelle stood and headed toward Nick. Before either had managed to get far, their beepers went off. Nick thumbed off the annoying creature on his hip before lifting it from the clip to glance at the message. "911 - ER" it read. With one last glance in the blonde's direction, Nick changed directions and hurried back into the hospital. Michelle glanced at the beeper's display. Emergency surgery. She glanced over to where Dr. Kokoris had been standing just seconds ago and found him gone. Shrugging, she hurried back to the hospital. First things first.