Author's Notes: At long last, here it is. The rewrite of Swing123's original fic, Calvin and Hobbes II Lost at Sea. Sadly, Swing has been very uninvolved in the writing process of this story. He provided the outline for the first half, and he managed to write this chapter, but he's busy with other things, so he basically let me write and plan out the rest of it. So this is the only thing in the story written entirely be Swing himself. I hope you enjoy it.

Calvin sat motionless at his desk, staring at the clock above Miss Wormwood's desk with a half glazed expression. As per usual for the last day of school before summer, the second hand began taking three seconds to click forward, as the time slowly approached twelve thirty.

"Alright class, before I let you go for the summer, I'd like to go over a small assignment for the season."

Calvin's eye twitched, slightly.

"When I see you again, I want to see a two page report on how your summer was. It doesn't have to be too descriptive, I just want to make sure you keep your writing over the…"



Before anyone else had even comprehended that the bell had rang, Calvin was gone.

Papers were flying around the room and the door was slightly swaying back and forth following the aftermath of his departure. Miss Wormwood sighed.

"See you in August, class," she said, taking the eraser and moving it across the chalk board, as the other class members began gathering their things together.

Susie slowly climbed up onto the bus and looked around to find Calvin already sitting in his seat, flipping through a small notebook. She walked over and sat down next to him.

"Hey Calvin," she grinned.

Calvin looked up at her. "Ah yes, of course. Much greetings," he said, looking back down at the notebook.

"What are you doing?"

"Very important and top secret operations that will for sure change the course of humanity as we very well know it."

"It says 'list of things not to do this summer'." Susie observed.

"To the untrained eye, I can see why you would make that misconception." Calvin nodded.

Susie rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Calvin, I actually might be going to Denver this summer."

"Intriguing. I was there just last week."

"No you weren't..."

"I was, indeed. Hobbes, MTM and I were doing a very important study on the giant mutant tadpole alien-things that live in the Denver sewers." He thought for a moment. "Well... MTM and I were studying them; Hobbes was hiding through most of it..."

"You were at class, last week..."

"You keep forgetting I can teleport," Calvin said, looking back up.

Susie sighed. "How could I be so naive?"

"Still trying to figure that out," Calvin said, looking back down at the notebook.

"So what do you plan on doing this summer, Calvin?"

"Probably a lot of nothing. With any luck, no one will interrupt it…"

"What's your report going to be like, then?"

"Probably very boring. Don't expect too much."

Susie sighed. "Well, I'm going to go meet my favorite actor a Denver film festival."

"Ah and who's that?"

"Dennis Quaid,"

"Sounds like a glorious ol' time. Tell him hello and I'll try and get all the nanobots out of his bathtub by Thursday." Calvin said furiously scribbling on his notepad.

Suddenly, the bus began slowing as it approached Calvin and Susie's houses. Calvin looked up.

"Ah good, we've arrived back at the headquarters. Miss Derkins, may I inquire to your departure schedule?"

The two got up from their seats and exited the bus. "Um... next week... Why?"

Calvin tapped his chin in thought with his pencil. "Hmm, no reason."

"If you hit me with any water balloons, Calvin, I promise you I'll..."

"No, don't worry about that, water balloons aren't in our budget right now." Calvin assured her. "We're mainly focusing on the pinecone industry."

"Calvin…," Susie growled.

"If it's not acceptable to you, you're very much welcome to attend our next financial handling meeting." Calvin shrugged.

"I'll see you later, Calvin." Susie grumbled, crossing the street towards her own house.

Calvin shrugged and walked towards his door. He paused for a second. He examined the door for a long moment before taking the doorknob and slowly turning it.

"He… Hello?" he whispered peering inside. "I'm home..."

Nothing happened. Not seeing any sign of Hobbes encouraged Calvin to open the door a little wider.

"I'm home…," he said a little louder.

Nothing happened.

"I'M HOME!" he shouted, immediately covering his head in fear. He waited. Nothing happened.

"Welcome home, honey," Mom called from the kitchen.

Calvin slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Hobbes was still nowhere to be found. He grinned and straightened himself up. He kicked his shoes off and started up the stairs towards his bedroom. He yawned as he nonchalantly opened the door to his bedroom.




Before he even knew what had collided with him, Calvin went flying back down the stairs and hit the floor with an overly happy tiger on top of him.

"Hoo-hoo! That's what I needed – a change in scenery!" the tiger hyped jumping up and knocking a kink out of his neck.

Calvin lay in a heap on the floor and groaned. Mom hurried in from the other room.

"Calvin, what happened?" she asked, rushing over and helping him up. "Are you alright?"

"Probably not..."

"Did you fall down the stairs, again?"

"You could call it that…," Calvin grumbled.

Mom inspected Calvin up and down.

"Well, you don't seem to have any bad injuries…," she sighed, standing up.

"That's what you say," Calvin said, rubbing his neck. "I'm probably riddled with internal bleeding and ruptured organs."

"You just need to be more careful climbing these stairs, Calvin," Mom said, walking back to the kitchen. "This is the third time this week you've fallen down them."

"Yeah, I figured you'd catch on, after a while…," Hobbes said rubbing his chin.

"Shut up, Hobbes," Calvin mumbled, climbing the stairs back to his bedroom. He trudged into his bedroom and collapsed onto his bed.

At his appearance, MTM beeped and switched on.

"I'm sensing a disturbance in the force," he yawned, scanning the room.

"Good to see you, too, MTM," Calvin mumbled.

"Oh it's you. How was your last school day?"

"As shocking as it would sound, it actually was exactly like every single other school day of the previous year…except shorter."

"Sounds like a simply wondrous time."

"You wonder why I complain about it so much," Calvin said, sitting up.

Hobbes strolled in at that moment, munching on a sandwich. He sat down on the bed next to Calvin and smacked his lips.

"Did you bring the list?" he questioned.

Calvin reached into his backpack. "Of course I did. I've been working on it, all day."

"Shouldn't you have been doing school?" MTM asked.

"If I was a wimp then: sure."

Hobbes rolled his eyes.

Calvin took the list out and examined it. "Hmm, so what's our budget looking like right now, Hobbes?"

"I managed to find seventy-three cents."

"Good, we'll get Andy and Socrates to give us whatever other money we'll need."

"Very nice. So what's the main thing we'll need?"

"Candy bars, water balloons, comic books and an RPG."

"Might have a hard time finding that last one…"

"Good point. I'll replace RPG with flamethrower."

"Sounds good to me. By the way, didn't we say water balloons weren't in our budget, this year?"

"That was before Susie warned me not to hit her with one."

"Ah, it all makes sense now."

"Very good," Calvin said, rolling the list up. "MTM, would you do the honors of bringing our accomplices to the party?"

"Certainly," MTM said. "Hang about a mo."

There was a moment of silence.


Then there was a flash of light and Andy, Sherman and Socrates all snapped into existence in front of Calvin and Hobbes, each of them in a different position, indicting what they were doing before they were teleported. They all looked around in surprise.

"Well, I never get tired of this…," Sherman grumbled, throwing his lab coat off.

"You actually just saved me," Andy sighed. "My aunt was coming over, and I needed to wear the sweater she knitted for me last Christmas."

"Always a pleasure to help," Calvin nodded. "Long time no see."

"What are you talking about? We saw each other yesterday," Sherman said.

"Well, not from the perspective of our viewers."

Andy and Sherman exchanged glances.

"He's got a point," Socrates nodded.

"So shall we get down to business?" Calvin asked.

"And what might that be?" Andy asked.

"We're going down to Brown's General Store to stock up on summer supplies," Hobbes said with a nod.

"Ooh! Now I remember! I actually made a list for that!" Socrates called out, excitedly.

"Oh lord," Sherman groaned.

"Socrates, most of the things you want, Brown's General Store usually doesn't even carry…," Andy began.

"It's okay, I can adapt." Socrates grinned.

"Oh lord," Sherman groaned again, covering his face.

"Anyway…," Calvin said, trying to change the subject. "We should probably head out now, before the summer rush starts."

"Summer rush?" Hobbes asked.

"Other kids buying all the stuff I want."


"So MTM, if you could do the honors of the teleportation, once more?" Calvin said, motioning to the CD player.

"Sorry?" MTM said, clearly having not paid attention to the conversation.

"Brown's General Store? Can we go there, now?"

"Ah, right, I actually have a new feature that creates a thirty minute interval in between each teleportation I perform." MTM said.

"What? How long have you had this?" Calvin asked, his brow furrowing.

"Three days…"

"I never installed that into you."

"Nah, I installed it myself."


"To prevent interdimensional hard drive overheating and laziness," MTM replied.

"Well who are you to judge?" Socrates sniffed, crossing his arms.

Calvin rolled his eyes. "Fine, we'll walk," he grumbled, picking the CD player up. "Come on, guys."

And with that, Calvin jumped off the bed and left the bedroom with Hobbes in close pursuit. Andy and Sherman sighed and followed close behind while Socrates cheerfully skipped behind them.

"Ah, it's been a long time since I've been in here," Andy reminisced, looking around all the candy and trinkets around the store.

"Why's that?" Hobbes asked.

"Been a bit busy with other things. I haven't had as much free time as I used to. Life pushes forward, you know?"

"No, not really," Hobbes said.

Andy blinked. "Um, Socrates?"

"Did I do something?" Socrates said, suddenly looking up from the joke shelf with an innocent expression.

Andy sighed. "I should know better than to contemplate life to a tiger," he mumbled.

"I stopped doing that years ago," Calvin said.

"So I haven't done anything?" Socrates asked again, looking around.

Calvin, Andy and Hobbes all stared at the tiger.


"Never mind," Calvin grumbled. "Where's Sherman?"

"Last I saw of him, he was looking through the science aisle," Andy said.

"This place has a science aisle?" asked Hobbes.

"Sort of – science in the sense of tiny kits telling you how to stick wires into a potato," Calvin shrugged.

"I'm gonna go get him real quick." Andy said. "He'll probably be complaining about how horrible it is, so you better brace yourselves."

And with that, Andy walked off.

Calvin picked up a bag of gummy worms and examined them. "Hmm, Hobbes, this looks like a good bag," he considered.

"Does it?" Hobbes hummed.

"Good weight. Decent size. I deduce at least thirty gummy worms contained inside."

"Hmm, so if my calculations are correct, this one bag should last us a good two minutes." Hobbes said, rubbing his chin.

"Hmm, quite. So that's two minutes out of the summer… How many minutes are in summer vacation?"

"Um… More than two."

"We're gonna need more gummy worms."

"Gummy… Gummy… bubble gum and chocolate…," Socrates rambled.

"What?" Hobbes asked.

"Oh, nothing – just my usual fiendish plots and deviations," Socrates said. "What was I on?"

"Something about bubble gum?"

"Chocolate bubble gum – gummy bear flavored bacon…. With mustard…. And cake frosting… It's a start…"

Calvin and Hobbes exchanged significantly worried glances as Andy came walking back, holding a pouting Sherman in his hands.

"What did I miss?" He asked looking around Calvin and Hobbes' expressions.

"Nothing at all," Socrates said, innocently. "If you need me I'll be waiting outside."

Andy watched Socrates stroll casually out the door. He turned to Calvin. "Am I trouble?"

"Probably," Calvin replied.

"No, you're fine. Socrates said that to throw Calvin off and make him think you were his target," Hobbes said while examining some trinkets on the shelf.

"What?! How do you know?" Calvin demanded.

"I've known the cat for seven years." Hobbes said. "I have a pretty good idea on how he operates."

Calvin shot a suspicious glare at the tiger outside, who was rocking back and forth on his feet, whistling and looking at the sky.

"We should go now," he grumbled.

"Agreed," Hobbes said, straightening up.

"Well?" Sherman demanded suddenly. "Isn't anybody going to ask me how enraging and insulting the science kits were?!"

Calvin and Hobbes stared at Sherman for a short moment.

"We'll fill you in when we care," Hobbes said, patting Sherman on the head as he walked by.

Sherman rolled his eyes.

Socrates was furiously writing on a notepad as the group walked home.

"What are you writing there, Socrates?" Calvin said, looking over his shoulder, suspiciously.

"Nothing," Socrates said, hiding the writings and doodles from Calvin's view.

"Obviously it's something," Calvin growled.

"Certainly nothing that concerns anybody in this group," Socrates said, innocently.

"That's it! Out with it, kitty! What are you planning?!" Calvin finally yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the tiger.

Socrates gave Calvin a hurt expression.

"Calvin, surely after seven years of friendship and laughs, we have some form of mutual trust for each other?" he said, putting his paw on his heart.

"Don't give me that! You're planning to hang me upside down over something and drop me in, aren't you?"

"I'm shocked, Calvin!"

"Me too, honestly," Hobbes said. "Didn't you get over the "drop people into thick liquids" phase back in '09?"

"Sort of," Socrates shrugged. "Kinda moved on to the mayonnaise theme for a good year or so.

"Oh yeah, I remember that," Andy said with a nod.

"Quit changing the subject!" Calvin ordered.

"When did that theme end?" Hobbes asked.

"Probably around the same time I started mixing Listerine and lotion together and using that instead," Socrates nodded. "Have to say, I miss the good old days, though."

"What days were those?" Sherman asked.

"The days when mayo only cost a dollar fifty a jar," Socrates reminisced. "All these people have been going on about gas prices and health care reform, but I haven't heard a single one mention rising condiment prices."

"I can't imagine why," Andy said.

"Clearly it's because priorities are out of order," Socrates sighed. "What were we talking about, Calvin?"

"Never mind," Calvin grumbled.

They walked in silence for a while.

"I should run for president!" Socrates suddenly exclaimed.

"Oh good grief…," Sherman groaned.

"Alright, that'll be my goal for this year!"

"You're a bit late for that, Socrates," Hobbes said.

"Nonsense! It's never too late! All I need is ten billion dollars for my campaign! Now let's see, should I be Democrat or Republican?"

"I feel like we may be entering some rather touchy subjects, Socrates," Andy said.

"Well, I'll be offending people no matter what party I am, Andy. Besides, watching people get angry because I said something they have the opposite opinion of is half the fun!"

"I think we're starting to slip into a political satire." MTM suddenly chimed in.

Everyone jumped as though having forgotten he was there.

"You've been quiet," Calvin said.

"Silence is wisdom," MTM said.

"Smug…," Sherman muttered.

"Like I said though, we need something to break out of this before we have a bunch of politicians hounding us."

At that very moment, there was the very distinct sound of lightning, as a red and yellow rocket ship plummeted from the heavens and crashed into the road ahead from the group, creating a veritable crater.

"There we go," MTM said, sounding as though he was nodding.

"Oh, what is it this time?" Calvin muttered.

Everyone stopped and watched as smoke slowly rose from the crater, and the sound of a hatch opening was heard, followed by one unforgettable scream.

"I KNEW IT! You said the technology tracker wouldn't work! YOU SAID IT WAS GLITCHY! But I've finally done it! After all these years, I've pinpointed Calvin and Hobbes' location down to the very last margin and crashed the ship into them! THEY'RE GONE FOREVER! BWA HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Calvin and Hobbes exchanged glances.

At that moment, Jack T. Robot emerged from the rocket and looked over at the group. They stared at each other for a long moment before he nodded to them in greeting.

Calvin and Hobbes waved back.

Jack stretched a kink of out his neck and stepped out of the rocket without saying a word, as he waited for his creator to follow suit.

Sure enough, a tall man with a white lab coat that went down to his knees with black jeans and undershirt leapt from the ship. He had an insane grin on his face and though he looked basically the same, his wild, almost anime styled red hair was noticeably shorter.

"I can see you're utterly speechless from my raw and pure GENIUS, Jack!" Brainstorm roared, putting his hands on his hips and turning towards the sun. "This is only the first step in my long list of 'things to crash into', before I TAKE OVER THE WORLD! What do you have to say about that?!"

Jack stared at Brainstorm for a long moment, with his usual blank expression.

"What?! Do I have something on my face again?! TALK ME JACK! COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS!"

Jack pointed at Calvin and his group. Brainstorm turned at stared at them. For a long moment, nothing was said. Finally, Brainstorm whipped back to the robot.

"For the record, it got us really, really close to them!" Brainstorm roared jabbing a finger at Jack. "And I don't need your smart remarks about any of this!"

"I said nothing," Jack said.

"THERE, YOU SEE?! You just did! This is all going into my report, Jack!" Brainstorm whipped back to Calvin. "YOU!" he screamed, jabbing his finger at him, instead.

"Hey Frank. Nice haircut." Calvin said.

"It is not, it's horrible!" Brainstorm shrieked. "Mother gave it to me and SHEILA WASN'T HELPING!"

"Oh this I gotta hear," Andy said, grinning away.

"She was trying to steal the hair that was cut off to make a zombie clone of him that she could insult, browbeat and have as her own personal undead-slave," Jack said.

"Not gonna lie, that's kinda creepy."

"Yeah well, Sheila's kinda creepy."

"STOP TALKING ABOUT MY FAMILY IN FRONT OF ME!" Brainstorm screamed. "I already know they're all insane!"

"Well, it's really saying something when I say you got the best genes out of all of them," Socrates nodded.

"SILENCE!" Brainstorm roared, throwing his hands up. "I HAVE COME TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU!"

"We've gathered," Calvin said. "So what is it, this time? Have you finished the genetically mutated man eating rake, yet?"

"NO, I HAVEN'T! It's still in the beta stages…"

"What does that mean?" Hobbes asked.

"It keeps trying to eat him when he gives it a command," Jack said.


"Please Frank, people are staring," Calvin said.



"BEHOLD!" Brainstorm reached into his coat pocket and whipped out his usual Servant Ray.

Everyone stared at it.

"That… looks familiar…," Socrates said, slowly.

"To the untrained eye, it would!" Brainstorm announced. "THIS IS THE SERVANT RAY DG3-JZ!"

"Is it, now?" Calvin said. "What does DG3-JZ stand for?"

"It is part of his activation number for his copy of Photoshop." Jack said.

"SHUT UP, JACK!" Brainstorm screamed. "The DG-3 has been perfected in every form! Never again will it do the opposite of what I tell it to do! SERVANT RAY! MAKE CALVIN AND HOBBES BOW BEFORE ME!"

A red bolt of lightning flew from the tip of the gun and towards the group.

"Force field," Calvin said in a bored sort of voice.

"Way ahead of ya," MTM yawned.

In the split instant before the lightning struck them, a blue dome manifested around Calvin, Hobbes, Socrates, Andy and Sherman. The lightning bounced off and shot to the sky instead.

Brainstorm stared at them. "Oh right, I forgot about that…," he mumbled. "No matter! SERVANT RAY! Make Calvin and Hobbes bow before me, regardless of the presence of a force field!"

Red lighting erupted once again from the tip of the gun.

"Teleportation," Calvin yawned.

"On it," MTM replied smoothly.

Pop… …pop…

In an instant, Calvin and his group had teleported a mere ten feet to the right. The lightning struck the ground and made no effect.


Again, red lightning shot towards Calvin and Hobbes.

"Counter," Calvin said.

"Uh huh," MTM yawned.

Blue lightning exploded from the tip of the MTM, colliding with the red lightning, which in turn dissipated it.


Jack pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling rather embarrassed.


Suddenly, the ground began rumbling, slightly. The pavement cracked and suddenly, a metal pincher exploded from the ground.

Everyone stared at it.

Finally, a giant tin robot with glowing red eyes and two pinchers for arms emerged from the road, leaving a giant hole behind it.

"I pity the people who end up having to fix this," Sherman deadpanned.

"Destroy," the robot said in a monotone voice, approaching Calvin on its wheeled legs.

"Deactivate," Calvin said.

"Okay…," MTM said, barely paying attention.

"Destroy. Destroy. Destroy. Destroy... Des… troy… Destroooooooyyyyyyyy…"

After a few moments, the red light in the robot's eyes flickered out and the robot fell forward, collapsing face first onto the ground.

Everyone stared down at it.

"Well, I can already tell this is going to be anti-climactic," Socrates sighed, shaking his head disappointedly.


In an instant, two more identical robots burst from the ground, snapping their pinchers and rolling towards Calvin and Hobbes, both chanting "destroy" in semi-unison.

"Laser," Calvin sighed.

"Right-o," MTM said.


Electricity and sparks flew everywhere as the two robots were sliced perfectly in half by MTM's laser. They lingered for a short moment before also collapsing to the ground along with their predecessor.

Brainstorm slapped his forehead. "Oh for the love of… JACK! HELP ME OUT HERE!"

"With what?" Jack sighed, looking up from his magazine with a tired expression.

"Destroying Calvin and Hobbes!" Brainstorm yelled, motioning towards the group.
Jack looked over at them. Calvin waved again. "His stupid CD player keeps stopping me!"

"Huh…," Jack smacked.

"I demand you tell me how to beat him!"

"We're out of Dr. Pepper."



"As soon as they've been destroyed!"

"You're listening to me, right?"


"What are we out of?"

Brainstorm paused. "Pepsi…?"

Jack's metal face twisted into a look of distaste. "Ew…"


"Tell the servant ray to turn the MTM off."

There was a moment of silence.

"UTTER GENIUS!" Brainstorm roared.

"Whatever," Jack said, looking back down to his magazine.

The mad scientist whipped back around to Calvin and Hobbes. "SERVANT RAY! TURN THE MTM OFF!" He screeched.

There was a moment of silence.

Calvin looked down at the MTM. "You still there?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, I'm good," MTM replied.

Brainstorm's brow furrowed. "… The heck? SERVANT RAY! Turn the MTM off!"

The servant ray sparked slightly, but did nothing. Brainstorm hit it several times.


"He does know you can just turn it back on, right?" Hobbes whispered into Calvin's ear.

Calvin shrugged.

"OKAY, FINE! DO NOT TURN THE MTM OFF!" Brainstorm screamed.

"Shutting down," MTM said before his lights turned off.

Brainstorm paused. "Um… okay…," he started looking at the servant ray, confused.

Jack rolled his eyes.

Brainstorm whipped back around to Jack shouting, "TROUBLESHOOT!"

Jack looked up. "What?"


"You've used it too much. It's overheating."


"You broke it. It's exactly the same as the last one, now."


Calvin pushed a button on the MTM. "Starting up," MTM said as his lights came back on. "1, 2, 3, 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie."

Brainstorm whipped back around to Calvin and Hobbes. "SERVANT RAY! DESTROY CALVIN AND HOBBES!"

Nothing happened.




Still nothing happened.


"What?" Jack said, looking back up.



"What's wrong with it now?!"

"I guess you super broke it. Good job."

"FOR THE LOVE OF…!" Brainstorm whipped back to Calvin. "YOU THINK YOU'VE WON, DON'T YOU?!"

"I dunno. Were we fighting?" Calvin asked. "It's kinda hard to tell with you."




"What war is he talking about?" Hobbes asked.

"Beats me, I just stay for the free entertainment," Andy shrugged.


"Whatever you say, Frank," Jack said, rolling the magazine up and yawning.


"See you later, Calvin. Good to see you guys again."

"Same," Calvin said, waving goodbye.

And with that, Jack climbed into the rocket, followed shortly by Brainstorm. There was a small silence as the hatch closed behind them. Then, the engines roared up, and the rocket did a complete U-turn and shot up towards the sky, once again.

"That's not the cloaking device, Frank, that's the megaphone," Jack's voice was suddenly heard reverberating across the town.


Then, there was silence.

Calvin, Hobbes, Andy, Sherman and Socrates all stared at where the rocket had disappeared.

"Well, that was interesting," Hobbes said. "So what were we talking about?"

"Something about gummy-bear-bubble-gum!" Socrates said, excitedly.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

Calvin and his group slowly walked up the sidewalk towards Calvin's house.

"Well, the summer is certainly off to a decently entertaining start," Hobbes said. "That's usually either a really good sign or a really bad sign."

"I'm going to go with a very neutral sign," Socrates said, who was back to scribbling madly on his notepad.

"Remind me why we walked half way across town with you even though we didn't get anything?" Sherman grumbled.

"You would've been bored at home," Calvin said.

"He raises a fair point," Socrates nodded, tapping his chin with his pen.

"Anyway, I better get inside before Mom starts wondering where I've gone," Calvin said, stepping into his yard. "We'll see you guys later."

"See ya, Calvin. Hobbes," Andy said, waving. "Call if you need anything."

And with that, the five went their separate ways as Calvin and Hobbes approached the front door.

"Well, I wonder how this summer will go," Calvin wondered aloud.

"We'll probably be attacked several times by people we don't want to deal with," Hobbes sighed.

"More than likely. At least it's entertaining."

"Yeah, when we're not actually ten steps away from death."

Calvin opened the front door. "Oh quit being so morbid. I'm sure everything will be – "

He was suddenly cut off. His mouth dropped and his eyes widened.

Hobbes looked around. He immediately noticed several suitcases sitting around in front of the door and Dad had walked by wearing a fishing cap. The same fishing cap he wore every time he was planning for a family camping trip.

Calvin turned to Hobbes. "Never mind, we're gonna die," he said, blankly.

Hobbes heaved a deep sigh. "Great…," he mumbled.

Author's Notes: And so it begins... Tune in next week!