This is where it ended.

It wasn't like Emmet's plan was a dud – well, it was kind of a dud but that was because they weren't fast enough. Everything was clicking into place so smoothly and just at the last minute, the alarm was raised. He couldn't say this was a near win though – his plan was fine until Bad Cop appeared and arrested them all. His fate was being decided by the powerful man himself, Lord Business.

It was no use being optimistic.

They were trapped.

Being this close to such a threatening figure of a man was unexpectedly horrifying. He had never before seen him like this and wished he wasn't so surprised that he wore such vast stilt-like boots that made him tower over everyone.

It didn't help how fierce he looked either, with the deep red cape and some kind of ceremonial helmet. He basically oozed power and menace, looking the epitome of a victorious supervillain that was bathing in the fear of his enemies. Emmet couldn't move a muscle, not because of what Lord Business could do, but simply because of this shocking appearance of a worst nightmare that he had only heard about.

He was kicking himself now for not being able to be so closed in his expression of emotions. Perhaps that was the reason Lord Business wasn't so subtle, so as to strike fear into people's hearts where he could have much control as possible. That's what he wanted. If someone could face up to this guy without being terrified, he'd remark about not being dramatic enough. Making a show of everything seemed to be on this guy's mind a lot.


The wizard caught his eye in a sudden moment and he internally there was a pang of relief. He may have been blind, but he knew that it were possible that he could be the symbol of hope against Lord Business' symbol of pure, unadulterated terror. After all, not only was he a brilliant teacher, he didn't stand for oppressive ideologies and power-hungry dictators and in his own way they would underestimate his kickass moves.

Emmet was shivering as Vitruvius swiftly destroyed Lord Business' army of robot soldiers he sent after him, anticipating an escape. Not only was this place giving him the creeps, but the procrastination of saving the world could be procrastinated even further if Lord Business managed to gain a chance to obliterate any chance of freedom. This was probably the only way out, as he knew Business would be extremely vicious in dealing out his own form of torture that no one could escape from.

The last robot was destroyed. Vitruvius glanced back at Emmet, his face glowing with happiness and victory.

And in that moment, he was able to exchange that glance.