He'd never believe in anything again, as far as this situation was going. He just wanted to go home and feel like his entire world was put back together and back to normal. He was just a young man lost in a control freak's dream.

He was terribly angry, but he also felt helpless and upset. He wanted to lash out, but where was the power when he only had the words? He forced himself not to cry, for the purpose of not looking vulnerable and weak.

But he knew that he was powerless, defenceless – no matter what he did, he and his friends seemed to be being broken down each time, underestimating the strength and intelligence of his enemy. He knew it was no use – he'd shown himself otherwise to be vulnerable and exposed, what else was he to do?

He honestly cried, right there.

On his knees, hands covering his tearful face with his head on the floor.

Right at the feet of Lord Business himself.

That was the ultimate form of surrender, giving up yourself right in front of your worst enemy, transferring every bit of strength you ever had to them, because there seemed no absolutely chance of winning.

Unikitty was lying on the floor, looking weak and pale, letting out shuddering cries of pain as Bad Cop leant his foot against her. Emmet let out a choked sob as he saw every one of his friends fall to the overpowering will of the outpour of robot guards. He wanted to help, but he didn't have the power. He had the will, but where was the way?

"You're certainly too kind for letting me win like this," Lord Business softly said, staring down at the crumpled mess of the not-so-Special-anymore, "thank you, you useless piece of unspecialness!"

He gestured to the Piece of Resistance. "It looks like you won't be needing THIS anymore."

A few robots scurried over at a sudden command, one of them wielding a sharp, silver object. Emmet glanced up too late to see them running over and Lucy's despairing face as she struggled against the robots, screaming something inaudible at him.

He felt himself being suppressed as he wanted to get up, trying to force himself against what was happening to him.

The weight soon lifted from him in a swift, slicing motion and it was with horror that he realised that the robots were now waving around the detached piece. One of them used an underarm throw that was too fast for him to do anything about, before Lord Business caught the famed piece in his hands. The man looked way too pleased with himself, the smugness radiating through his expression so sickeningly.

"I'm going to put this piece back where it belongs," he said, his grin spreading and strolling over to the open window. Emmet let out a horrendous scream just like everyone else, practically pleading with him. Lord Business simply laughed his usual way and dropped it in the most casual way possible as it flew into the Abyss below.

They all watched, all helpless. All except Lord Business, and his own robot guards, who stood there silent and emotionless.

The road to devastation had only just begun, Emmet thought, his gaze turning to the floor beneath him. He couldn't look at anyone, not even Lucy. Not now, anyway. Not when there was so much missing inside.