Werewolves and Animaguses

a continuation of "One Traffic Light" by witowsmp, "A Missed Traffic Light" and "Bonds of Friendship, Book 2" by coolhacker1025

This story is not written with that writers permission, nor the permission of J. K. Rowling, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, etc. who own the rights to Harry Potter.

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Summery before Chapter 1

When Harry went to Hogwarts for his first year, Mrs Weasley was being loud on the Platform and temporarily detained. This allowed Ginny to get on the train, where the Weasley Twins hid her until she got to Hogwarts and got sorted.

Over their first year, Harry, Ginny, and Hermione developed a bond that is closer than just friends. Both Ginny and Harry make the Quidditch team, Ginny as a reserve, and Harry as a starting member. When Harry gets hurt after the Incident on the Third Floor Corridor, Ginny fills in for him and wins the game.

During their second year, a fraud by the name of Gilderoy Lockhart comes to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts. Also, Ginny gets a mysterious diary that causes her not to remember things. Dumbledore and the Unspeakables destroy the Diary before anyone can get Seriously hurt.

One day in class, Lockhart uses the mind-reading curse on Harry, and is arrested. He then confesses to multiple unauthorised uses of the Amnesia curse, and is sentenced to a ludicrous number of years in Azkaban. After the trial, Dumbledore is injured.

Ginny sees her brothers with a map that shows the whole of Hogwarts and everyone in it, called the Marauder's Map, and is able to let the authorities know that Pettigrew is still alive. Peter is sentenced to Life in Prison, and Sirius is released.

When Wood, the Quidditch Captain, requires a player, due to one of the Starters catching a cold, Ginny steps in and scores most of the points in the game, and Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup for the second year in a row.

Chapter 1:

Harry POV:

Harry Potter was a twelve year old Wizard, and had just come off the Train from his school Hogwarts. He was walking to the parking lot of Kings' Cross Station with his godfather, Sirius Black.

Harry had only just met the man, but Black had a good reason for his absence. Black had been illegally incarcerated in Azkaban, the Wizarding Prison. The reason his incarceration was illegal was twofold. First, he'd been framed by the man he thought was one of his best friends. Second, he'd never even received a trial.

Sirius had spent the better part of twelve years in prison accused of being the Dark Lord's Right-Hand-Man and the murder of twelve Muggles and one wizard, while the person who'd actually betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, faked his own death, and murdered aforementioned Muggles was masquerading as a rat.

"Why did you call me 'pup'?" asked Harry as they were walking to the Car Park.

"Haven't you been reading the paper?" asked Sirius. "I'm a dog Animagus. I suppose that you could say I'm your dogfather."

Harry groaned at the incredibly lame pun and Sirius chuckled. After a couple minutes of fighting through crowds, they made it to the car-park, where Sirius showed Harry to a brand new 1993 BMW. "I'll be driving us to my new place," he said. "I got it while I was in hospital, and just got it fixed up a bit. Put your stuff in the boot."

When Sirius opened the boot, he was amazed. He knew that he really shouldn't have been, since Sirius was a wizard, but the boot was bigger on the inside.

"It's like the TARDIS in there," said Harry.

Sirius, of course, had no clue what Harry was talking about, so Harry just explained that it was a Muggle thing, as he got into the front seat.

The car had a whole host of Wizarding features installed on it. The outside of the vehicle was smaller than the inside, there was a selective Notice-Me-Not charm (to avoid detection by 'Muggle Aurors' as Sirius called them), a charm that would let the car get through impossible gaps and flight (with built in Invisibility Booster), among others. Sirius didn't seem to be using any of the special features, as they seemed to be following a dark blue Mercedes.

Within an hour, Sirius pulled into a driveway in a nice neighbourhood outside of London.

"I think that you'll approve of the neighbours," said Sirius. "They have a daughter about your age, who's just come back from School for the summer."

Harry got out of the vehicle, and saw who was getting out of the Mercedes that had pulled in next door. A very pretty girl with very bushy hair.

\\/ Hermione's point of view

Mr and Mrs Granger, of a town just outside of London, were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were perfectly normal dentists, that is to say, so most people were terrified of them.

It didn't help their case, when Mr Dan Granger looked as if he'd done a couple seasons of rugby at University.

There was one slightly unusual thing about the Grangers, and that was their daughter, Hermione. Hermione was a witch that went to an exclusive boarding school in Northern Scotland called "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Not only was their daughter a witch, but the girl had some type of mental telepathic, something connection with two of her friends from the aforementioned school. Her two best friends were Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Their relationship was in full view as Hermione got off her train from school.

Hermione pulled her trunk from the train, and crossed to the Muggle side of the Platform. She gave Harry and Ginny a hug and a kiss goodbye. She then found her parents, and they went to their car, a very new, and very expensive Mercedes 500E. She put her trunk in the boot, and got into the back seat, while her parents interrogated her about her school year. She mentioned some of the things that happened, and just happened to look out the back window.

"Dad, I think that there's someone following us," said Hermione. There was something keeping her from seeing the passenger and the driver.

"Oh, I think that might be our new neighbours," said Dan. "He seems like such a nice man. We haven't met the nephew yet, but he's been away at school."

"Which school?" asked Hermione. She couldn't think of anyone who had an Uncle in the Muggle world, so the school her dad was talking about probably was not Hogwarts.

"I'll leave the surprise for when we get home," said Dan. Hermione and Emma, his wife, noticed him grinning slightly, as if he knew exactly was moving in and exactly who the nephew were. Emma gave him a little swat, saying quietly, "You'll give away the surprise!"

Less than an hour later, they were pulling into the driveway at their house. She got out of the car, and realised who was getting out of the car next door.

\\/ Harry's point-of-view

"You sneaking Slytherin!" said Harry to his godfather. His godfather put his hands in a "what, me?" gesture.

"Don't get nasty, pup," said Sirius. "I'm a Marauder. By definition, we hate Slytherins on general principle, especially ones with greasy hair."


"Isn't he your Potions Professor?" asked Sirius. "I'd like to register my astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a Professor. Your dad and Snape hated each other, mostly because they were sweet on the same girl."

"I think that the Weasley twins have something that belongs to you," said Harry.

"They found it?" asked Sirius. "They found the map?"

"And found the traitor with it, according to Ginny," said Harry.


"Hey, Dan!" shouted Sirius. "Come see the house! Bring Emma and Hermione, too."

"We've got to put the things away first, Sirius," said Dan. "Should we come over in a half-hour or so?"

Precisely a half-hour later, Dan knocked on the door. "Come in!" said Sirius.

The 'modest' house had two master bedrooms ("One's for me, and one's for when my pup is older" he said), five bedrooms ("for guests"), three-and-a-half bath ("so there aren't any lines"), kitchen, living room, dining room and elf closet. It also had a basement that had easily been expanded to at least twice its original size.

Sirius had sold his old residence (at a place called "Number 12, Gimmould Place") to a cousin for a million galleons, but had taken the house-elf. He was also working on freeing the elf of the same cousin. The elf, who was named Dobby, was treated horribly by the Malfoy's.

He was a Marauder, he still had a couple tricks up his sleeve. When Hermione heard that Sirius, and by extension Harry, owned an elf, she started to get angry, until Sirius calmed her down, telling her that elves actually like working for humans.

"As long as they are treated right, of course," he said. He then said in a stage whisper to Harry, "As soon as I saw that look, I knew that she would start going on about that. Your mum had the same look."

\\/Ginny Point-of-view

Life at the Burrow was exciting. My brothers and I just come home from Hogwarts. It wasn't long before Mum realised the state of Ronald's wand, so she dragged him to Ollivander's so that they could buy him a wand.

Ron said that the wand had been damaged in 'a minor traffic incident' but I knew that he'd really flown to Hogwarts in the family car, and crashed in a tree that hit back—a tree called the Whomping Willow. The car had then gone off into the woods, and hadn't been seen since.

It took a number of tries, but Ollivander finally found Ron a wand. It was a 12-inch Willow with a core of Unicorn hair. It cost seven galleons, but my parents had the money (just barely). Harry had bought my schoolbooks the previous two years.

Harry was in fact, Harry Potter, my boyfriend of two years. People would normally think that strange, but there had been a connection between me, Harry, and a girl named Hermione Granger ever since we entered Hogwarts.

The next Monday when Dad came home from work, he was in a very jovial mood. He gathered us around the dinner table, and showed us an advance copy of the next day's Daily Prophet. "I've won! We've won!"

"What did we win?" asked Mum, who was busy trying to cook dinner.

"We won the Prophet Grand Prize! Seven hundred Galleons." Dad exclaimed to the cheers of everyone around the table. "I put in my Galleon the same as every year, we just were a bit luckier this year."

We finally have a bit of money, I thought. Maybe we can go see Bill. Bill was always my second-favourite brother, after Charlie, and lived in Egypt doing something for the Goblins.

"I have a great idea about what to do with the money," said Dad. "I think that we should take a trip to Egypt to visit Bill. Also, we'll buy all of our children's books this year."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, Arthur," said Mum, putting the finishing touches on dinner.


The next day, reporters from the Prophet came to our house and interviewed us. I felt as though they were more interested in me, since I was the youngest person at Hogwarts since a professor last brought up a child in the school. They also wanted to interview me about being the youngest Quidditch player ever at the school level at Hogwarts.

The interviews took a half-hour or so, but I had the feeling that it was going to be a rather short article. Shortly after the vultures (I mean, reporters) left, I received a letter from my two best friends.

Dear Ginny,

We hope that you are well. My dad's a complete Slytherin, though. I was getting to that, wasn't I? Well, on the way home from the station, Hermione's dad told her that they had new neighbours, one of whom went to a school in Scotland. He told me that I'd love the surprise.

The surprise was that one Sirius Black moved in next door. He did a couple charms to make it normal for the Wizarding World—he made it bigger on the inside.

Harry and I will be spending a lot of time together. Sirius says that we'll be 'working'. I have a feeling that the Marauder has something up his sleeve. Sirius, who is also called 'Padfoot,' would like to meet your brothers sometime this summer. Something about 'inspiring the next generation?' I think he said.

Also, congratulations on the win! We just read the Prophet with the announcement in it? Will there be a follow-up story?

We both hope that you can come over for a while this summer.


Harry James and Hermione Jane (HJ2)

I immediately penned a letter back.

Hey guys,

Thank you for the letter. Dad says that we'll be going on holiday to Egypt to visit my brother Bill. We haven't seen each other for a while. We're going in late-July or early-August, and should be home just in time to catch the Express on 1 September.

I will ask mum if I can come over. Is Sirius's house on the Floo? If so, please send me the name.

The reporters just left from interviewing us about the Prize. They also wanted to interview me about what Skills I have. I'm rather glad that only a couple people know about the Bond. The reporters seemed to want to know more about The-Youngest-At-Hogwarts, or whatever silly name they are calling me.

Hope to see you soon,



You might have noticed that I say "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland". This is intentional. I don't mean "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Muggle Ireland became independent from the UK in 1916/1919/1921 (Proclamation, Declaration, Anglo-Irish Treaty). Wizarding Ireland, however, doesn't have the religious and other problems that Muggle Ireland has, so it stayed a part of the (Magical) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Book Two:

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