Werewolves and Animaguses

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Chapter 9-Full Moon

I am pretty sure that I saw Lupin, who looked incredibly ill, mark an 'O' in his gradebook.

That night was the full moon. We finally had complete control over our Animagus transformations, so Sirius allowed us to go running with Padfoot and Moony. We went outside right before nightfall, and followed Lupin into the Shrieking Shack. We got there just in time, because Lupin started to groan.

"Get out! Get out!" said Lupin as he convulsed in pain.

"He's forgotten his potion!" exclaimed Sirius. "As fast as you can, transform now!"

The word 'now' was barely out of his lips when he started to change into Padfoot. We quickly changed into our forms, just as Lupin was very painfully transforming into his.

Soon, there were three large cats, a dog, and a werewolf in the house. The werewolf came at us aggressively, and we growled at it. Harry was the largest one of us, so he pinned the werewolf down easily, rolling it. Moony got the hint, and whimpered submissively, as he recognised Harry as the alpha male.

For the next couple of hours, there was a flurry of fur as we played with each other. Moony started to chase us around the Shack, and then after he caught one of us, he would fall back and let another person chase, almost like an animal version of tag.

We fell asleep at around three in the morning. Fortunately, werewolves do not harm other animals, and double fortunately, we were able to keep our transformations even as we slept. When Lupin transformed back into a human, we went back up to the castle in our Animagus forms, and crawled into bed to catch a couple more hours of sleep.


"I wonder what Padfoot and Moony would think about an automatic ball launcher?" asked Harry later that morning as we walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Naturally, Hermione started to think of various ways to implement this idea.

When we got down to breakfast, we received an unpleasant surprise.

"I am very sad to announce that Professor Lupin will not be rejoining us next year," said the Headmaster. "I hope that you wish the professor, just as I do, the best of luck in his future endeavours."

The headmaster started to clap, so we joined in. For us, it was not a happy clap though. After breakfast, we went to Lupin's office, where he was packing his things, getting ready to leave.

"Why are you leaving?" asked Harry.

"Someone cough let slip the nature of my condition," responded Lupin. It may have just been me, but the cough sounded suspiciously like "Snape" or "Snivellous."

"I acted extremely irresponsibly last night," said Lupin. "I failed to take the potion that aforementioned Potions professor put on my desk. If it hadn't been for you and Sirius, I could have attacked half of the school. By this time tomorrow, the owls will be flooding in with demands of my resignation; I simply pre-empted them, and handed it in myself."

"But you've been the best Defence teacher that we've had," I exclaimed, as I fought back tears at the idea that my favourite teacher would be leaving the school.

"When you're like me, you get rather used to this sort of thing—in both worlds. In this one, because of the fact that you're a werewolf," answered Lupin. "And in the Muggle world, they can't believe that a person would get sick every 28 days when there's a full moon. I will tell you this, though. I have it on good authority that you will have an excellent defence teacher next year."

"Who is it?" we asked, but he just gave us a mischievous look that clearly said, "I'm not telling."

"I will tell you this," he said. "Use the Marauder's work well, got it? Now that I am no longer your teacher, I have no problems about telling you to use it for its intended purpose. I suppose that I might drop by Padfoot's house this summer, so I will see you all then."

We agreed to use the Marauder's Map properly, and left the room, still a little sad about Lupin's sacking.


At the end-of-term feast, despite Snape's efforts to sabotage the system, Gryffindor won the house cup. On the train home, I remembered something important.

"It's the World Cup this year," I said to them excitedly.

"The World Cup is being host by America this year," said Hermione.

"I mean the Quidditch World Cup," I said as Hermione laughed, as she knew exactly what I meant. "It's being hosted by England for the first time in over thirty years. Dad might be able to get us tickets!"

"Have your Dad talk to Sirius," said Harry. "Right now, the Ministry is trying to get on his good side, so they'll give him anything. Sirius is excited, too."

Sooner than we would have liked, the Express pulled into the Station at King's Cross. As we got off, we saw Sirius standing on the platform with a birdcage in his hand. He walked over to Ron, and handed him the cage, which contained a rather active scops owl (which looked almost like a fluffy snitch), saying "It's my fault that you no longer have a rat."

Sirius turned to Hermione. "You and Harry are going to have to share the back seat of my car. Dan is too busy to come today."

I gave Hermione a rather long hug and kiss, and then turned to Harry and did the same. Sirius looked on in amusement at my antics, as we left the platform to go home for the Summer. Something gave me the feeling that I'd be seeing a lot of them this summer.


As always, certain "women problems" will not be discussed in my stories. Assume that there is a potion for that

The reason that Book 3 is in the first person is that I wanted to challenge myself. Not only do I not usually use the 1st person (I generally prefer the 3rd person limited, which is the same thing, except instead of saying "I" you say "Ginny"—this is what Ms Rowling used (for the most part) in the HP Books), but the main character is a girl, which I am not.

Animagus Forms:

Harry: panther

Hermione: snow leopard

Ginny: lion

Also, aside from the Diary, there will be no Horcruxes (and the diary might not even be one: In canon, Dumbledore seemed to know a lot about Horcruxes, and in this story, the Evil of the Diary is beyond even him)

The fanfic that I got the idea for the forfeit was 10 Minutes and A Week of Hell! By CrazyDuck5280

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