The Boy Wonder landed silently on the roof top of the Jump City Research Facility. He was joined shortly by a small green spider which transformed into the well known teammate.

Beast Boy opened his mouth to say something, but shut it just as fast as Robin made a quick motion with his hand to be quiet. Robin crouched low over the side of the building and Beast Boy followed suit, stifling a yawn.

Now would be a good time to mention that it was 3 a.m. in the morning, and as if that wasn't bad enough on a Saturday. They had originally gotten a report of Cinderblock attacking the Jump City docks. As the entire team had woken themselves up and prepped for the fight, an addition report came in that Red X had been spotted near the Research Facility. This had caught Robin's attention as he had been hunting for Red X since the attack against the Brotherhood of Evil. He then decided to split the team into two groups. Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire would go after the tougher villain at the docks while Robin and Beast Boy would look in to the Red X case.

So here they sat watching as the thief silently scaled the wall. Red X then picked the lock in one of the windows and slid inside, closing the window behind him. Robin leaned back and quickly thought of possible scenarios and how each one would work out. He chose the best course of action and turned to Beast Boy to tell his green ally the plan.

Red X walked along the dark halls like a ghost. His night-vision enabled mask illuminated the path he needed to take. He walked into the room A-25, which was occupied by two rows of refrigeration units. He went over the list in his mind of what he needed: 10 milliliters of arophosamine, 15 milliliters of kinophosate, and 15 milliliters of the most important ingredient. For this he went to the very back of the room where a large safe sat with a bio-hazard painted on to the front.

The thief made quick work of the key code on the front of the safe and opened the door without as much as a squeak. He reached in and very gingerly pulled out Xenthopium a chemical very similar to the Xenothium that powered suit. One of the key similarities was that it could kill you in its uncontained form. One of the key differences was that Xenthopium was used to make other drugs more potent.

As he placed the three vials on his utility belt, the quiet swish was all Red X needed to hear as he barrel-rolled across the floor. A bird-a-rang shot from the shadows and stabbed into the wall where Red X was previously standing. His mask hid the smirk on his face as he turned towards his lone aggressor.

"I was wondering when you where going to show up, Robin."


Cyborg pulled the T-car to a stop as Raven, and then Starfire, landed behind him.

Raven turned towards Cyborg, "What's the plan?"

Cyborg's robotic eye caught movement on the other side of the bay. He zoomed in and saw Cinderblock hurtling towards the Jump City Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was largely not operational and was kept up for ceremonial purposes. Therefore, Cyborg reasoned that they wouldn't have to worry about any civilians being in immediate danger, but then he saw two cars and a school bus flipped on their sides-half buried under rubble. Through the small portions that were not covered in wreckage, he could see children attempting to squirm through the small holes.

"Cinderblock is head towards the lighthouse, Star can you handle him for a few minutes?" Cyborg asked as he got back into the T-car. Starfire nodded her head, and blasted off towards the dull but dangerous giant. He then turned to Raven, "Help me get these citizens out." Her only reply was a nod and she turned towards the three vehicles.

Starfire landed in front of the lumbering monster's path and powered up her starbolts, "Stop man of construction blocks!"

Cinderblock was shocked to suddenly see one of his enemies appear out of nowhere. But that shock only lasted a very short second. With new resolve, the Titan's enemy sped up.

Starfire fired up a salvo of starbolts against his chest giving off a Tamaranean war cry.

The blast did little to Cinderblock and soon his fist was headed for Starfire. The punch was dodged with ease and was parried with a super-powered uppercut that knocked the villain onto his back. Starfire was on him in an instant, delivering a rapid succession of blows to the chest and abdomen. He stopped the attack by putting her into a bear-hug that would crush a normal human's spine. Fortunately for our super-heroine, her spine was quite stronger than a human and the crushing hug only bruised her ribs. She broke free and flew above Cinderblock's head. She delivered a swift kick that knocked the villain several meters away. This left the villain dazed and seemingly incapacitated.

Cyborg arrived followed by Raven, both of whom had just finished evacuating citizens, walked over the fallen Cinderblock and the heavily breathing Starfire.

"Nice work Star-" the half-metal Titan was cut short when Cinderblock's eyes opened and his hand rapped around Starfire's throat. With the alien girl still in his grip, he backhanded Cyborg into the lighthouse. He then threw Starfire into the side of the T-car, pushing it back several meters and knocking the Titan out cold.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven's signature mantra was spoken as dark energy wrapped around her enemy and smashed into the ground repeatedly. After which, she threw him into the ocean. This, like all of the other attacks, did not stop Cinderblock from standing up. Albeit, he was teetering on his feet and several cracks ran along his body.

Cyborg picked himself up out of the large hole in the lighthouse and looked up just as Raven finished with her attack. He then looked to the left and caught sight of the most horrific sight. His car, his baby, was completely destroyed! The doors were smashed in and the hood jutted out at an unnatural angle, the wheels bent outwards.

Cyborg stopped staring at his car in a stupor when he heard a groan. He ran over quickly and saw Starfire lying next to the car. He applied as much First Aid to her as he could and laid her down in the partially undamaged back seat of the T-Car. He then looked back over to Raven who was currently throwing chunks of debris at the weakened villain.

"Anytime you want to help Cyborg!" Raven's usual stoic voice showed signs of strain as she side stepped a large concrete chunk that was thrown her way. She quickly caught the concrete as it flew by and smashed it into Cinderblock.

Cyborg jumped into the air in-between Cinderblock and Raven, his sonic canons at 100% power. "Booyah!"

Cinderblock's eyes widened as the blast caught him full in the stomach. Before he could even begin to recover from the attack, Raven's dark energy wrapped him in a tight hold. This allowed Cyborg to deliver a right hook that knocked the villain sideways into the water. Then a large chunk of rock encased in dark energy came down hard on his head, finishing the fight.


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