AN: The names have been altered form reality, so none of my friends would kill me (joke) for putting this on fanfiction. This is the beginning of a collection of some stories about my life. I'm sorry if this chapter is a bit sluggish, but I needed something to make sure I used most of the names that will appear later on.

As I said before, I've changed my friends names, so that they would allow me to put this on the internet.

"Oh boy, another Monday..." said the teen as he got out of his bed. Today was one of his least favorite days, Monday. For anyone who can remember what going to school was like, you know what he felt. He got up and did his usual routine: get up, take a shower, wake up siblings, eat breakfast, brush teeth, change into school clothes, get homework together, and leave for school. Today, for some strange reason, he took longer than usual to gather all of his school things. He gazed longingly at his bed and comforter.

"I sure wish I could spend more time there. Oh well, off to another wonderful Monday morning at school!" he announced sarcastically as he picked up his rather large backpack. First, I must tell you that this young man is too lazy to use his locker for anything. It's not that's he is a moron, it's just that he's strong enough to not be hindered by the weight, so he never stops at his locker.

As the teen left his basement bedroom to ascend the stairs to reality, he paused to take out his wallet. There he looked at a picture that he always kept with him, a picture of his love, Lynette (which is ancient Greek for Nymph, and this is what she will be called), and remembered why he liked his Mondays at all. After looking at the picture for a minute, or two, he traveled up the stairs to find his brother and sister are still asleep.

"We've got to leave in a few minutes to get to our bus stops. I'd better get them up, those lazy little..." he mumbled to himself as he woke up his brother and sister, again. After that, he put on his shoes, and headed out to his bus stop. On his way there, he tried remembering what it was he dreamt about the previous night.

"Let's see now, I know it wasn't that exciting. I remember sitting in my basement, watching a movie. I was sitting on the floor, and I was under a blanket. I think my girlfriend was there too, sitting next to me. She was under the blanket. I'm glad this wasn't a perverted dream, at least if I decide to share this with my friends, they may not tease me so much."

Something that must be noted now, before the story continues, is that this teen has two sets of friends. He has his friends, who are reliable in the fact that they are unreliable. He interacts with these people often, but prefers the company of his second group of friends more. The second group, is really his girlfriends group of friends.

Well, that's not entirely true, some of the people in that group were his friends first, but he doesn't care much about that fact. Also, this second group mainly consists of young ladies, scientifically the more intelligent of the two groups, and through his own experience, that fact holds true.

"Hi Gloves!" shouts one of the teens friends from the bus stop. This was McFool (as she will be called), one of his friends from the second group.

"Good morning McFool. I see you're mentally set for today. I had the strangest dream last night."

"Really?" questioned McFool, raising an eyebrow.

"Okay McFool, don't go there with me. It's not like my dream is bad or anything. It just features Lynette, and myself, alone, in my basement..." Gloves drops his head. "Let me explain."

"Yeah you better!"

"Okay, all I remember of it is this: Lynette and myself were sitting in my basement, watching a movie. We were alone, but McFool, nothing happened in my dream. We just watched the movie."

"There's got to be more than that." insisted McFool as she stamped her foot on the concrete road.

"Well, there's not much else. I had my arm around her, not a wandering hand mind you. And we just sat there. That was the whole dream. That's how boring I am, over six hours of a third person view of us two, from behind." concluded Gloves, scratching his head. He turned away to see if the bus was coming, or if his brother made it out of bed, to find that his brother was running to the stop, and the bus was about a block behind him.

Gloves and McFool got on the bus, and sat in seats adjacent to each other, as they always did. They continued to chat about Gloves's dream, until they got to their buses next stop. This is where the bus picked up more people with whom Gloves liked to spend time, Squeaky (thusly named for her voice when she gets excited), Lei Lei (because I heard this once referring to her, and I thought it sounded nice), and of course, Lynette, all members of the second group. After they all took their appropriate seats, I must say it like this because there sometimes is arguing if someone is out of place, Gloves decided it was time to share his dream.

It didn't take long for Squeaky to ridicule Gloves for his dream, but what Gloves noted more quickly, was the almost paranoid look on Lynette's face. He assured her that nothing happened in the dream, it was just those two watching a movie. She didn't seem too convinced by that, but the subject was dropped. The rest of that bus ride was more of a blur to him, as all he could think about was how lucky he was to have Lynette sitting next to him. After all, it did take a few moths to convince her to do that.

When they all arrived at school, they headed to their lockers, well not Gloves; he instead followed Lynette to her locker and waited patiently. They all met again in the band room.

The band room itself is a monster of a room. It's ceiling is far higher than most students can throw their pencil and get it stuck in the ceiling tiles, and the floor area is enough to comfortably seat over 120 people while they play their instruments. Most of this room is carpeted with a now "blue-ish" pattern that is now barely visible. This room looks lived in, but is really only two years old.

Lynette and Gloves arrived there last out of the group, a more regular occurrence than Gloves appreciates, considering how this group thinks. Here more members were added to the group: Burns (so aptly named for something for I used to make fun of him), Lilith (because I heard that used in reference to her) and Pinky (as in Pinky from the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" because of her random klutziness, and a mouse isn't all that tall...). Gloves then shared his dream with those who would listen, and he received further teasing. It's not that easy to explain why, but Gloves seemed to like the attention, even it he must be ridiculed to obtain it. After a few minutes of this, the group eventually broke off to go to their classes, almost 10 minutes early! Last to leave, of course, were Lynette and Gloves.

Gloves walked with Lynette until they got to the "forbidden hall". You see, Gloves never went down there for anything, unless he's been asked to by Lynette. They parted ways with a saddened good-bye, and Gloves went to class.