Chapter 6: Love is in the air

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Peeta's POV

I really really hope today at school won't be weird. I don't think it will, since Katniss admitted to liking me last night but to be honest you can never really know with her. I wake up and go through the motions of showering, eating and driving over to to Katniss' place. Uptown Funk is playing on the radio and it puts me in a good mood for the day.

As I pull into Katniss' driveway, I busy myself by checking my hair in the mirror, only to mess it up by running my hands through it out of nervousness. That's when I see Katniss making her way down the driveway. I tense a little and get out of the car to greet her.

Katniss's POV

Peeta gets out of the car to greet me and I give him a hug, smiling softly at his cautiousness. You'd think last night didn't happen the way he's acting.

When I got home last night I couldn't get him out my thoughts and thus I am messed up for school. I can see Peeta also has bags under his eyes. I stare at his beautiful face, taking in the features I missed while I was friends with him, not really caring. Now, however I see him in a different light. I see the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles and that there are not one, but various shades of blue in his irises.

I can't help but think that this was a little fast, but I guess when hormones take over you can't stop them. Not that I'm complaining either way. I stand on tiptoe and plant a shy kiss on his lips. "Hey," I say.

"Hi," he smiles, and I feel him relax slightly. He must have thought I would write him off, but how can I after last night?

"Peeta," I whisper, leaning up close to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I hope you didn't think I would pretend last night didn't happen?"

He leans his forehead against mine. "I'm still getting used to the idea of you being my girlfriend, you know."

I think over this, "Girlfriend," I say, trying out the name on my tongue, "I like it," I smile.

Peeta winks at me and I blush.

I feel so dizzy and lightheaded around him suddenly, like someone flipped a switch in my brain that says :'In Love' It starts to rain, which is odd so we hurry into the car.

We drive to school in our usual comfortable silence broken only by the soft music playing on the radio.

When we arrive at school, Peeta opens the door for me as usual. As I am getting out, my foot slips on the wet tar and I fall backwards.

Just before my skull smashes against the gravel, I feel strong arms around me, and see blue eyes staring into mine. I have just enough time to notice how long his eyelashes are before he kisses my nose and tips me up.

"You okay?" he asks, worry creasing his face. I nod quickly and turn to go to my locker when I see that we have an audience.

"Awwww!" squeals Annie. "That was so romantic!"

"And cliche," I hear Johanna adding under her breath.

I laugh and say, "Well, guess the cats out of the bag."

Finnick walks up to Peeta, hugs him and ruffles his hair. "Way to go, man!" he says. As we walk to our lockers, Annie and Madge try to suck as much information from me as they can about Peeta and I. Jo just rolls her eyes and pats me on the back, her way of saying congrats.

Peeta's POV

Finn corners me and Gale at 'the tree' again at lunch. About Annie, of course. "Okay, so I'm going to tell her how I feel about her tomorrow!" he says. "How should I do it?"

I ponder this for a moment. "Make it special," I say. "Something she'll want to remember."

"But don't go all out," says Gale. "In the very unlikely case she turns you down, you don't want to have gone through all that trouble for nothing."

FInnick nods, his eyebrows furrowed. "We should get back," I say. "The girls will be wondering where we've been."

When we walk back, the girls look deep in conversation as well, which stops abruptly as soon as we arrive. I raise my eyebrows but say nothing. We spend the rest of lunch sitting underneath a tree and talking about totally random things like why all caterpillars look the same but butterflies are different.

The rest of the day is pretty much uneventful. When Katniss and I get to my house, she decides she wants to bake. What she means is, I bake and she watches.

"Today I'm making fruit and nut bread," I say, winking at her knowing it's her favourite. She licks her lips in anticipation and I get out the ingredients. "And you're helping me," I add.

She rolls her eyes, not taking me seriously. "Hahaha Peeta, very funny," she says sarcastically, turning away from me. Thinking fast, I catch her hips just before she's about to walk away and turn her into my arms, smirking.

Katniss's POV

Damn Peeta and his quick reflexes. Damn him and his gorgeous eyes. Damn him and his smirk that melts my insides and makes my toes curl. "I wasn't joking, Katniss," he whispers, his warm breath tickling my neck. Electricity runs down my spine and I nod numbly, "As long as you know this will end up a flop."

"Not with me around," he winks and despite myself, the corners of my mouth twitch up into a smile.

"I like to mix everything together with my hands," Peeta says, "That way, I have complete control over what happens to the dough." I nod and watch as he roughly tosses the ingredients together into a bowl, not really measuring anything out because he knows the recipe so well. After everything is in, Peeta tells me to wash my hands because I'm going to be kneading the dough.

I start to get nervous that I'm going to mess this up. I stand behind the counter and Peeta comes up behind me and puts his hands over mine. I sigh at his warm touch, and close my eyes momentarily.

Peeta puts his lips close to the shell of my ear and whispers, "Take the dough in your hands and squeeze it, like this."

He puts his hands over mine and starts to mould the dough. My senses overload with the feel of Peeta's big, rough hands over mine, the smooth dough underneath my fingers and his hot breath against my neck. I shiver slightly and allow my eyes to flutter shut, taking in this moment.

But then he pulls away and says, "Now you try." I scowl and clumsily start to 'knead' the dough. Peeta laughs and steps behind me again. He envelopes his hands in mine and moves in perfect motion, moulding the dough under his command. I'm struggling hard to concentrate, overwhelmed by his proximity.

"Now, flatten it, and curve it around like this. Good, now punch it down," he whispered and I had to strain myself from shivering in pleasure.

Damn, what is it about bakers that had such an effect on me?

My hands, without me knowing it, had stopped moving. So had his.

"Do you want to stop?" he asked.

"NO!" I said more quickly than I should have.

I can feel his smile against my ear.

"You're not talking about the bread are you?"

I shake my head quietly.

He smirks and turns me around so that my back is against the counter.

I breathe in sharply and he comes so close, our lips are almost touching, but painfully not.I close my eyes, and when his lips touch mine, my whole world shatters around me. The kiss is searing, hot, and crackling with so much electricity so that it makes my hair stand on end.

Peeta gently pulls away and presses light, peppering kisses down the side of my neck. I gasp, closing my eyes, too weak in the knees to stand up so I grip his shoulders like a lifeline, their strong steadiness anchoring me to the moment.

Peeta seems to notice that I am struggling to stand up properly, so he lifts me up by my thighs and takes me to his room, the bread long forgotten. He lays me down on his bed, hovering over me and I close my eyes, waiting for the kiss that I am sure is coming.

Instead there is a gentle, teasing peck on the nose that is far from satisfying. Peeta pulls away and rests on his elbows,his face hovering inches above mine. I reach around and grab his curly locks, pulling him down to meet my lips.

The kiss is warm, slow and full of passion. It's the kind of kiss that you want to go on for forever and ever and never ever stop. But eventually, we have to come up for air, our lips swollen and our cheeks flushed.

Peeta's hair is so messed up from me tangling my hands in it and he looks adorable. He climbs off me, and I sit up. We are both at a loss for words as to what we just did.

"So...that happened," Peeta says with a cautious grin.

"Yeah, that did happen," I agree, smiling back at him. I stand up and kiss his forehead, "We should finish that bread."

Back in the kitchen, as Peeta finishes off the dough and puts it in the oven, he asks me what the girls and I were talking about at break.

"Oh, you know, just the fact that Annie's in love with Finnick," I say casually. Peeta gasps. "I knew it! And Finnick's planning on telling her he likes her tomorrow!"

I smile. "Perfect timing. Annie's just about going crazy."

Peeta winks at me. "Looks like love is in the air."

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