The Silent Dark Avengers

A Ghost Rider/Yu-Gi-Oh/Danny Phantom Crossover

By: Scrletfyre and Dragonstar101

Author Notes: Neither one of us owns anything from the Ghost Rider, Yu-Gi-Oh, and/or Danny Phantom series and/or its characters. Please enjoy this twisted tail of lose, vengeance, and heroism. Don't forget to leave your comments and reviews telling us what you think. Thanks!

Key Guide: "regular speech", 'thinking', *mental speech*, (author notes), bold-Atem speaking, italic-Phantom speaking

When the blood of the innocent is spilled the spirits of vengeance take action be it either the Silent Phantom of Amity Park and/or the Dark Angel of Domino City. If you've taken the life of an innocent, the spirits of vengeance will come for you as it's only a matter of time…..

Prolog: The night

The rain was coming down hard nothing was visible except a trial long white fire which the rain could not even put out. The silence of the night was broken by the sound of a motor bike ripping through the forest that separated one coming from the town of Amity Park while the other was from Domino City. The riders of these bikes were the spirits of vengeance. The Silent Phantom had a bike that was black and white the fines of his hellcycle was blinding even on a moonless night. White hellfire trailed behind him as he came to a clearing with a skidding halt the rider himself was very tall and muscular. He wore a black cowboy hat covered his snow white hair and toxic green eyes, he wore a long white trench coat with a sheriffs star over a toxic green button up shirt with black flames at the end of the sleeves. Faded dark blue jeans and black cowboy boots he hoped off his bike and ran to find the other spirit of vengeance. The Dark Angel's hellcycle had violet purple flames that looked dim only about three feet away from the bike Atem stood as he laid his human host's body down onto the ground. It was bloody as his throat had been cut rending his vocal cords completely useless. His right arm was pulled out of its socket and snapped completely in half. The man's left leg was broken in several places, and his right eye was completely missing. Atem was about as tall as Phantom and just as muscular. He wore a biker's leather jacket with spikes lining the shoulders. Wrapped around his chest was a chain as he wore black jeans and leather shoes. He had crimson colored eyes with a cat like irises. He had black color hair with maroon trim tips with gold bangs framing his face while some of the others were spiked up making it look like lightning bolts on a moonless night.

"Atem!" Silent Phantom shouted out as not very many ever heard the silent spirit speak let alone shout.

*No my friend... Phantom turn around it's a trap!* Dark Angel shouted telepathically. Not many knew the Dark Angel's spirits true name as it used to be Atem while Silent Phantom's was actually Phantom. The two possessed a power that allowed them to communicate not only with each other mentally but also with their human hosts. But the warning came too late as 30 bullets ripped through the Silent Phantom as he fell in a heap on the ground.

*I'm sorry!* Silent Phantom said to his own human host as he and Dark Angel's once human hosts moved on to heaven. Maniac dark and evil laughter filled the night sky sending chills up any bodies spine if they heard it. Both Atem and Phantom appeared in their spirit forms as the hellcycles returned to the form of a Harley Davidson and a Wolfe Rider. *So now we sleep until we are need again.* Phantom stated to Atem as his spirit body began fading from view of Atem. A person possibly a patrol man walked into the clearing to finding the bodies of two fallen police officers. A bloody scream ripped through the patrol man at the murder site. Atem's spirit also faded from view as the patrol man ran back towards Domino City to tell someone of what he saw.

Two days later after the two murdered officers were found at a central location between both Amity Park and Domino City. The crime scene where the clearing laid had been roped off as cleanup and investigation began after the find the bodies of Officer James Smith (the former host of Atem aka Dark Angel) and Sheriff Carter Slade (the former host of Phantom aka Silent Phantom). Their bike's no longer were within the clearing as they had vanished completely from sight. Not even a trace that the bikes used to be there could be even found. No one knew who or what could have killed two well-known officers as no one knew that the two of them lead a double life as hosts for the spirits of vengeance. But the story is only just beginning as soon Atem's and Phantom's services will be needed once again…..

T.V. person: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to The Rider's Tribute. Here are your host's Scrletfyre and Dragonstar101 *audience claps*

Dragonstar101: Hi every one I'm Dragonstar101 and this lovely lady here is Scrletfyre and today were going to talked with the spirits of vengeance themselves Atem and Phantom. Please welcome them to the show. *the sound of motor bikes rise as the two riders enter*

Scrletfyre: Atem and Phantom welcome to the show. Now I know I already wrote a Ghost Rider/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover "Dark Rider Atem" and its sequel "Fight for the Future". But I need to know, how does it feel to be back in the saddle again?

Atem (growling): You best have a good reason for pulling me back to this time Ms. Scrlet.

Scrletfyre (pouting): You can't blame me this time Atem. You have my lovely cohost Dragonstar101 to thank for that!

Dragonstar101: She is actually right about that one Atem.

Phantom (sighing): Atem calm down there's no need to threaten the author's this early in the story.

Dragonstar101: I have my reason's Pharaoh and you'll learn them in due time. Now Phantom, how does it feel to be a spirit of vengeance yourself?

Phantom: okay I guess but without Danny Fenton I feel hollow nothing no emotion just a shell.

Scrletfyre: Don't worry Phantom as soon you will reunite with your other half. And the same goes for you Atem. (Begging Atem) Please don't threaten our studio audience as they are the people reading and reviewing this story.

Atem (sighs softly while pouting): I won't make any promises Scrlet.

T.V. Host: Stay tuned for the next update as we ask our studio audience to leave their comments and reviews telling us what they think