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Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois. 60062

A bright silver BMW pulled up outside of the school with one Girl glaring at the building while the other man smiling softly at the girl.

"I can't believe you can't get me out of this." Shaking her head as she turned to face her father. "I mean, it's so absurd. I have to be here on a Saturday. I'm not a defective"

"I make it up to you." Her father promised as he patted her hand gentle before turning to pull out a large bag from the backseat. "Ditching class to go shopping doesn't make you a defective" Handling over the bag before giving his daughter a smile. "Have a good day."

She rolled her eyes while grabbing the back and not a second later she was pulling herself out from the car, letting it slam shut behind her. Sighing as her eyes ran over the building she was going to be spending her free day in, not even looking back as she started to make her way towards the entrance as another car pulled up.

Inside was three people, a mother with her two children.

"It's the first or last time we do this?" The mother questioned.

"The Last" A boy muttered while staring out the window with his little sister sitting next to him.

"Well get in there, use the time to your advantage"

He turned to face his mother, biting his lip while avoiding eye contact. "Mom, We're not supposed to study. We supposed to just sit there and do nothing."

"Well mister. You figure out a way to study" She turned away from her son, her face filled with disappointment before realizing he hadn't moved. "Well, go!"

He climbed out to see a large cream truck parked behind him as he disappeared into the building.

Two men sat in the truck, one staring at his feet while the other stared at him.

"Hey, I screwed around. Guys screw around. There's nothing wrong with that." The young man nodded with what his father was saying. "Except you got caught."

"Mum already reamed me, all right." His father's stared harden at the careless tone of his son.

"You want to miss a match? You want to blow your ride?" The son shook his head. "No school's going to give a scholarship to a discipline case"

It was silent for a moment before the son opened the car door and letting it shut behind him while a young man was walking towards the building in a large grey coat and black sunglasses, not paying attention to the road as a light blue car skidded an inch away from hitting him.

He carried on without a care in the world, ignoring the other man that was still standing next to his fathers car.

The back door of the blue car open to reveal a young woman all in black stepping out. Once the door was shut she waited for the car to move and when it didn't she took a couple of steps forward to say goodbye to her parents when it quickly skidded away.

She let out a huff before making her way towards the school.

A young woman was slowly making her way towards the high school as slow as possible. She would rather be anywhere else apart from here but here she was, wasting her Saturday away to spend a detention in the hell she calls school.

Her long black jacket blew behind her as she enjoyed the slight breaths. Making her way up the steps and into the building. It was all silent while she slowly made her way towards the Library where the door was opened and voice could be herd .

"…want to congratulate you for being on time." Every head turned towards her as she slowly made her way into the room. "Your late. I expect you here next Saturday for another detention, Miss Summer's."

"It just mean's free time for my father, Dick" Her sarcastic comment put a grin on the criminals face as he leaned further back on his chair.

"That's another Detention for you!" He glared at her while she moved towards the front row in front of the nerdy looking boy before plunking herself in the seat.

"Excuse me, sir. There's been a mistake." Ashley turned to face the woman that had spoke, Claire. Ashley guessed as she remember the countless times her and her posses had walked down the school halls as if they owned it. Actually she seemed to know all of these people, Claire, Brian, Allison, John and Andrew. She just never spoke to any of them except Allison and Brain.

It disgusted her that they all through money was something special and that it always got them what they wanted, well except John.

"I know it's detention, but I don't think I belong in here" Ashley shook her head at Claire before placing both her feet on her table while leaning back on her chair, this was going to be the longest dead ever but she was glad she had escaped her home for a couple of hour's.

The head, Rick Vernon ignored Claire protest's as he looked at his watch.

"It is now 7.06. You have eight hours and 54 minutes to think about why you're here…"

"I'm here because you're pissed you can't keep your wife in control" Ashley butted in, sending the teacher a small smirk while his hands tightened into fists. The other students looking between her and their teacher confused and intrigued.

"Another Detention!… Now, you have eight hours and 53 minutes to think about why you're here, to ponder the error of your ways" Ashley heard a spitting sound but choice to ignore it as she relaxed.

"You may not talk" He pointed towards Claire. "you will not move from these seats." Pointing towards Brain. "and you….will not sleep" grabbing the chair from under John's feet before pulling it away.

"Alright, we're going to try something a little different. We are going to write an essay" she had just noticed the pile of papers in his hand before he started to pass them out, starting with Allison in the back.

"Of no less than a thousand words, describing who you think you are."

"Is this a test?" John question being ignored.

"When I say essay, I mean essay." His eyes turning to stare at John as he laid a piece of paper on the table. "I do not mean a single word repeated a thousand times. Is that clear, Mr Bender?"

"Crystal" Rich nodded happily at John's answer.

"Good. Maybe you'll learn something about yourself. Maybe you'll decide whether you care to return." Ashley felt movement behind her, so turning around in her seat with her feet dropping to the ground as her eyes locked on the standing figure of Brain.

"I can answer that right now, sir. That would be 'no' for me because…"

"Sit down, Johnson."

"Thank you, sir." Brian quickly sat down before his eyes caught Ashley's, sending her a small smile which she returned.

"My office is right across that hall. Any monkey business is ill-advised." Ashley could feel eyes staring at her. Turning her head to see John was staring at her. It was a look of Curiosity. She had always made sure to stay away from everyone, liking her quiet and only Brain and Allison she had befriended.

"Any Question's?"

"Yeah, maybe you could keep your wife in control if you actually dressed better?" Ashley butted in, moving her eyes away from John before landing on Rich who was glaring at her but before he could make a comment, John's quickly butted in.

"Yeah, I've got a question." Rich turned to face John's with a glare. " Doe's Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?" His question getting chuckles from Ashley, herself as well as Allison.

"I'll answer that, Mr Bender next Saturday and another for you, Miss Summer's." It was silent for a couple of seconds as Rich took a couple of steps backwards before pointing too fingers at Ashley and John.

"Don't mess with the bull, young man- you'll get the horns."

Turning before he made his way out of the Library with his shoes squeaking every second.

"That man….he's a brownie hound"

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