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The Soul Within

Chapter 1

The Mirror of Me

Year 1

Harry Potter looked at the girl in the mirror with a raised eyebrow, slightly amused as she was grinning at him. She was a little shorter than him with a small body. Her hair was black hanging down loose lower than her butt. She wore a Hufflepuff school uniform that matched his perfectly except she wore a skirt rather than trouser, her black robe open like his was.

They both ignored the bald man gargling in his own vomit on the floor to the side, dying very slowly with half of his head and face melted to ash. Their small identical green eyes were alight with happiness as they preferred to look at each other as if in a silent conversation.

They were like identical twins, and it was lucky on that front, that Harry was small and had many feminine qualities, which were amplified on her. His hair was shorter than hers, short at the back, but long on top, hanging down the sides of his head over his tiny ears, and lose over his forehead, clipped out of his eyes.

However, whereas his lips were rosy red hers were a plum blue. Her skin was paler than his and her eyes shadowed darker. "Lilith!" Harry complained as she had give him a naughty gesture they had seen on TV once while he was still doing the chores late one night when he had to live with those relative of his all the time.

She just smirked and stuck out her little pink tongue, but it made him giggle. "This is a strange mirror!" Harry commented thoughtfully as he pressed himself up against it. It didn't show his reflection, but just her, his sister. He wished he could touch more than just the mirror, to hold her, kiss her and never let her go. She was his most important and precious person, and it hurt them both that they couldn't hold each other as her soul was contained within him, and she needed a body.

They weren't quite sure how that worked or why, but they didn't care as Harry had kicked the crap out of Professor Quirrell, who had let the Dark Wizard Voldemort share his body to stop them stealing the Philosopher's Stone. Well, Harry didn't do much but grab the man's face and he started screaming in agony, Voldemort's spirit ran away screaming vengeance and Quirrell was still dying.

He wasn't going to let Voldemort take the stone. He wanted it for his own plot to give Lilith her very own body. He couldn't let some div like Voldemort get in the way of his scheme. He had come up with the idea two weeks back, and he wasn't going to have his time planning wasted. He doubted Voldemort had even had a plot like he did, but just went off on a whim just like the loser he was.

However, Harry knew that the stone was in the mirror, but didn't know how to get it out. He frowned in thought while Lilith copied him like a mirror image, mocking him playfully. He didn't get how she could control her reflection. That was odd all right, and even she thought so, but she was having fun so he didn't want to ruin it for her.

She was giggling silently in the mirror as she did a sleight of hand trick that she had seen him use when learning his muggle magic tricks to get one over on the world while stuck at the Dursley's learning 'muggle magic', and he was smart enough to make it look so convincing that he would trick real magicians, and she wasn't anywhere near as good as him, but she was then holding an odd red stone between her small fingers, and he grinned.

"Awesome, Lilith!" he cheered in happiness while she was giggling soundlessly, and skipping from foot to foot in glee as she threw it towards him. It disappeared but he reacted to catch anyway and there it was in between his hands, he high fived her reflection grinning giddily. "Okay, I'll put it away, just in case that weird old man turns up trying to do that mind reading thing on me!" he said while she nodded her head quickly.

He lifted his left sleeve where he wore a silver watch with a thick brown wrist band around his wrist. He touched the face of the watch and after a second it lit up with red before he pulled it up on a hinge and pulled out a tiny silver coloured tile with a little black handle. The oddest thing was the tile didn't seem to take any room from the watches works.

Closing the watch he happily pressed an indented button on the side of the tile and it grew in a flash into a large and light weight case. He placed it on the floor and knelt next to it, touching another indented button and opened the case. Sections folded up, and out with shelves and compartments where he chose one that was glass to see through and placed the stone away before closing the case and it clicked locked.

He smiled up at Lilith. The magical people didn't' have much imagination, so it was down to him to give those nice helpful goblins an idea of what he wanted, he paid them, and then they placed a secret patent on the stuff he wanted so no one else could make it, not that anyone else was thoughtful enough.

"Oh... you really want to steal the mirror too?" he asked her curiously while she nodded her head in eagerness. "Well okay, it isn't like Dumbledore would ever suspect me when evil guys are everywhere trying to steal stuff."

He happily pressed another button and pulled open the case. It opened up into what looked like a black void. He pulled out his wand, and then placed the tip in the black darkness and pulled it back. It created a thin trail that he pulled to the mirror like elastic, and with a tap the mirror was sucked up and into the case within the black space.

Harry smiled as he felt his sister's complaint about her lost freedom, but he ignored her as they had to leave the basement. He closed up his case and after shrinking the case it went back into his watch, and just after he closed it and sealed it closed. He placed his wand away just when he detected someone approaching after the simple alert charm he placed down the hall went off.

He turned half expecting to see another enemy when it was just that fat lump of a Gryffindor. Neville something or other: the Boy-Who-...? He couldn't quite remember that part. Harry found him to be very annoying so he didn't care. He was famous for something to do with that Voldemort prick, so it wasn't any of his concern.

Anyway, Quirrell had just taken his last breath, dead so no one was around to tell anyone what really happened. Neville stopped and stared at him in shock for a moment before looking to Quirrell in disbelief and horror before he turned away and vomited on the floor.

"Oh man!" Harry whined with a crinkled nose. He could sense Lilith's distaste and anger that he would do that in front of them. "That is gross!" he said shaking his head, holding back his smug grin as he had gotten a lot of his information by watching him and his friends as they were so blatant about everything they did, even their foolish belief that Quirrell was a victim of bullying, and that the bully Snape was guilty.

Harry and Lilith hated Snape more than anyone, but just because he was a piece of crap that deserved a slow and painful death, didn't mean that this time wasn't Quirrell's death day. Anyway, Quirrell was asking for something bad to happen to him by being such a lame teacher.

Neville wiped his mouth after a moment and watching Harry cautiously. "W-what happened to Professor Quirrell?" he asked carefully, looking around. "W-where's Snape...? Did he get the Philosopher's Stone?"

Harry rolled his eyes not even finding his cluelessness funny. "Umm... I really don't think Snape did anything," he said confusing the boy he rolled his eyes again and pointed to Quirrell and held back his smile of amusement and kept his facial expression slightly baffled. "This dude had some dealings going on with some dead dark wizard, but the dark wizard left him and boom," he shrugged, confused. "I think they might have had an accomplice that left before I got here!"

"What are you doing here?" Neville asked quietly and confused.

He shrugged sheepishly. "I followed this weird teacher down here because he looked like he was up to no good."

Year 2

"So you're some evil dead guy who's still a kid?" Harry asked the 16 year old Tom Marvolo Riddle. Apparently he was Voldemort before he went all freaky and not-quite dead.

Harry was quite pleased that his robe had a school uniform underneath, but Tom's didn't seem to but they were done up so all was right as far as he could tell, except the older boy held a wand aimed at him. Harry didn't like the way robes were worn like ugly dresses by some men, and even some of his pureblood friends didn't wear a uniform underneath. If he was going to do that he might as well buy a pretty dress from a muggle shop, and he was certain look good wearing it (unlike the stupid wizards) if he were into cross-dressing like these wizards, which he wasn't.

"That's what I said fool!" he spat out gesturing the fading fire writing that had confirmed the anagram name.

"And you're stealing Ginevra Weasley's life force to give yourself a life?" he asked, curious. He had to hold in his snicker as he wondered why the jerk hadn't tried that year's ago when he was really alive because he figured Tom Riddle needed a life bad.

"Yes," he agreed with a sharp grin that Lilith would have loved to smack off his face, but Harry had other ideas as he looked down at the crumpled form of the 11 year old red haired girl at his feet, cold, pale, and clutching a diary to her chest. Her robes were hanging off her, she looked thin and sickly, and like she hadn't eaten much all year, but being controlled by the dick head; he was too obsessed with getting his body back he forgot she needed to eat.

"How?" he asked wiping Tom's grin away as he double took and Harry and Lilith were both making mental notes about who they would like to sacrifice. It would have to be someone young with a lot of life force, maybe that annoying Granger if she weren't so useful with how she doesn't understand any key points of digression.

Hermione Granger thought she figured out a basilisk was the monster in the Chamber of Secrets first, as if Dumbledore wouldn't have known that being the nosey old guy he was. After all it was Slytherin's monster, and his coat of arms had a freaking basilisk at its centre, and he was a parselmouth, so how stupid would you have to be not even to think lets check out the magical snake section of the library before we start thinking of the Boogie Man.

"Excuse me, Potter, did you just ask how?" Tom asked, sure he had misheard him.

However to his surprise Harry nodded his head readily. "Yeah, I want to know how you're stealing her life force," he said smiling as he knelt down next to Ginny, touching her face and stroking his small fingers across her cold lips before standing up with the diary in his hand and wand pointed at it, which caused Riddle to freeze. "I want to steal somebody's life force; maybe that annoying Parkinson girl who hangs off that twat Malfoy's every word like bad breath?" he suggested to himself thoughtfully as he figured it would be more fun taking the enemies life over anyone else's.

"Oh," he said in surprise before shaking his head and glaring. "You can't threaten me Potter. I made sure that my diary couldn't be so easily terminated."

He shrugged, still smiling. "I don't care, I think I like the girl better than you anyway!" he happily informed him as he threw the diary at Tom. "Older people always assume age means strength or talent. But it's all about the magic... it just is! Avada Kedavra!" he hissed and the look on Riddles face when a beam of emerald light blazed out of the tip of Harry's wand and burnt into the book. It splattered open in a whale of agony splashing black ink to the ground and Tom blew up in a flash of white light.

"Oh, and the Killing Curse is only illegal on humans according to the law!" he said happily, bragging to a dead boy. "Not my fault the book was magically attached to your life!" he added in gleeful reprimand.

Harry grinned as he span his wand between his fingers and re-holstered it like a cow boy within his robes where his holster hung loosely from his belt on his waist and to his right thigh whistling his own personal, stolen from a video game victory fanfare.

He turned to Ginny as she stirred. She looked weak but the colour had returned to her skin and looked up through blurry eyes as she pushed herself to sit leaning back on her arms. Though, it looked like she was having problems as her arms were shaking with the effort.

"Neville saved me?" she asked shakily. She was actually looking sick and if Harry was a nicer person he might have cared, but as it was Lilith took some pity on her so he had to play nice. It was alright for her. She didn't have to do any of the hard work, and he wasn't sure he liked people much, but then he hadn't tried, so maybe he could try a little harder at least.

Harry sighed while shaking his head. His sister had a fondness for idiots they could later use as their loyal army of awesome kickassiness. He was still certain that kickassiness wasn't a real word, but he didn't much care as she had a point, but she wasn't the one who had to be nice to idiots, and they only needed their own people to kick idiot ass and make the world better without those idiots in charge.

"No!" Harry answered while small and sick the red haired girl looked up at him, baffled. She would be a cute girl he figured if she wasn't so ill looking, but he wasn't sure whether she would be his type. He would rather a girl who was up to no good because that was fun, not a girl who stupidly got herself nearly killed because of a stupid soul piece in a book. She was raised in the magical world, so he felt she should have known better.

"I saved you," he added while she was trying to blink away tears. "And that was at great personal cost to me, of course - you so owe me for this Ginevra. Do you have any idea how annoying Riddle was. He kept on bragging about how brilliant he was and how he would never be defeated by some stupid kid like his older self was by a baby-!"

"Tom was You-Know-Who?!" she called out, interrupting in fear with tears running from her eyes and a shiver of cold dread down her spine.

He sighed, rolling his eyes as he crouched down and grimaced as he sat and pulled her into his arms to let her curl on his lap for a moment to try comforting her. She flung herself at him and held him around his waist tightly burying her face into his chest, whimpering and crying.

"Please don't pee yourself because I'm tired and having to clean you before leaving would be too troubling," he said with a sigh while he stroked her hair absentmindedly. "If you want to pee yourself wait until tomorrow and I'll do whatever!" he said really not seeing anything wrong with that. He was quite socially inept when it came to dealing with people on a personal level and knew he should have been more thoughtful, but whatever.

"So... Ginevra, do you wish to get out of here?" he asked and she pulled back, sniffling with bright red cheeks, puffy red eyes, and nodded her head, but she wouldn't let go of his arm.

She hadn't met Harry before, but she had heard about the weird boy who supposedly tried stopping an evil teacher from trespassing the year before, but didn't manage to save the Philosopher's Stone, but it didn't seem like You-Know-Who got it either. They could only wonder who got there before them and stole it from under the dark wizard's nose.

Harry had a soft and comforting voice, and Ginny was embarrassed to admit she thought he was pretty, and his accent was really cute and gentle, holding that royal tone she had heard before from posh people, but Harry wasn't mean, and didn't hold a note of arrogance. He was nice and warm, and she could get lost staring into his beautiful green eyes.

He smiled at her and she was startled as he stood, surprisingly strong, and pulled her from his lap and to her feet with him before pulling off his robe and wrapping it around her to keep her warm as she felt so cold still from having her life force drained.

"Hey, you're going to be perfectly okay now Ginny!" he said, stroking her sweat drenched red hair from her face, and stroking her cheek, she was leaning on him she was so weak and her blood rushed to her cheeks. "Don't worry, I'll get you back to the castle, and first thing we do is get you a nice hot meal, okay?!"

"O-okay," she agreed as she felt so hungry she thought she would be sick sometime soon.


"Mr. Potter!" Professor McGonagall reprimanded as he was happily eating a snack while Ginny sat next to him in the Great Hall eating her dinner as the tables were laden with food as no one had obviously told the kitchens about the problem and everyone else were away in their common rooms.

"Ginny!" Molly Weasley added; her mother squealed out as she had been with the stern teacher with a thin red haired man, (Ginevra's dad), and Professor Dumbledore.

Harry turned to the teacher with a smile as Ginny was in a bone breaker hug from her mother and smiled a little wider. "Professor!" he greeted cheerfully. "What's up? I went and fetched Ginny and thought she could use some dinner. I don't think she's eaten much for months. If she was my sister I would have saved her months ago... anorexia is not something to be taken lightly!" he said and had to wonder how he managed to say these things without laughing.

"Mr. Potter!" she said with a sigh, rubbing her brow with her fingers. "I-I... you foolishly risked your life and somehow went into the Chamber of Secrets!"

"Chamber of what now?" he asked before his eyes widened. "Oh, I get it. I wondered what Tom kept talking about. So I guess it was true that he would become Voldemort eventually!" he said, which caused everyone but Dumbledore to flinch at hearing Voldemort's name, which annoyed him, but he didn't mention anything and continued. "I found him in this stupid diary Ginevra found, but bah, guy liked the sound of his own voice too much!" he said smiling happily as Ginny's mum had let her go while even Dumbledore was staring at him strangely.


They were interrupted by a man with long bleach blonde hair and flowing black robes carrying a cane with silver skull head. They all turned to him. He had a weird little wrinkled creature following after him wearing a pillowcase like a shirt and dress. It had long floppy ears, and a long nose, feet and fingers with large black eyes.

"They sent for you...?" he asked with a horrid sneer, his grey eyes glaring at them all in turn.

"Well the old geezers here so I would think so!" Harry answered for them as he moved from his seat looking at the house-elf in curiosity while it looked worried, wringing its hands together in a near panic. "Hey, dude can I have this elf. That would be so cool. I could dress him in a butler suit and name him Alfred."

"Get your eyes off my property boy or you'll regret it!" the man hissed at him, striking out with his cane, but Harry had already stood and he missed before turning back to Dumbledore.

The old man was smiling in bemusement. "Yes, I have returned. Once the Board of Governors heard that Arthur Weasley's daughter had been taken they saw fit to see that I return. It is thanks to Mr. Potter that Miss. Weasley has been returned safe and sound."

"Then who opened the Chamber?" he asked coldly.

"Umm... you did!" Harry got in before Dumbledore could blame Voldemort. "I think Tom is going to be so pissed when he finds out what you did with his stuff. That's uncool man! You don't go around giving someone else's stuff away, especially to an innocent girl because you want to murder her. Killing kids is not cool man."

"Shut up you idiot boy!" he said before storming off out of the hall.

Harry charged off after him, dragging his robe off the table where Ginny had left it as the castle above ground was nice and warm enough, and throwing it at the man as he turned to sneer. The man caught the robe through instinct and threw it to the side in disgust.

"I'm going to get you Lucius Malfoy!" Harry said, suddenly cold while the others hadn't followed but watched from the distance without being able to hear. Malfoy looked at Harry in surprise. Though, the boys voice was cold, it was still calm and soft, but that made it sound worse, but then he was grinning in happiness, which added in a bemused creepy factor.

"I'm going to rip out your heart and shove it up your ass!" he said with a good boy smile that showed danger. "Come along now Alfred!" he said turning on his heels while Malfoy looked baffled and a little more than crept out by the 'empty' threat from a child. "And please do bring my robe with you won't you? And clothes lore no longer applies to you!"

"Umm... yes, yes, of course Master!" the elf suddenly called out hurrying to follow with Harry's folded robe in his hands. "B-but my name is Dobby, Dobby the House-Elf sir!"

"Don't be silly-!" Harry said, smiling as he turned to the elf, pausing in his trek back into the hall. "I think Alfred is a much nicer butler name, so you're Alfred now."

"You cost me my servant!" Malfoy screeched in anger, interrupting as he drew his wand from his cane while the elf dropped the robe and in a blast of golden sparks the man flew back.

"You will not hurt my Master!" the elf roared out with a nod as Malfoy got up and stormed away.

"Good Alfred!" Harry said happily as he taught the elf the fine art of the high five before turning to the others while everyone but Ginny stared at him oddly. She looked to him as if he was a great wonder who was also really funny. "What's wrong?" he asked, curious.

Year 3

Alfred the house-elf was dressed in a pristine black suit with shiny black shoes and a white shirt with black bowtie and jacket done up neatly.

"Master called Dobby... I'm mean Alfred the house elf?" the elf asked while he looked around to see a man with shaggy black hair tied up and looking dazed to the bedpost in the dingy broken room. Then on the bed was an unconscious ginger haired boy, and besides that hanging upside down was a greying brown haired man who looked angry and embarrassed.

There was a bushy haired girl unconscious with his Master Potter using her as a seat as she had fallen in an all fours position so he was sitting on her back. Then up against a far wall was the bloodied and whimpering mess of a rat of a man wearing rags as he was whimpering and crying in pain with blood covering him and cut up nicely. Then to the left of Harry was a man with black robes and grease splattered hair with a bloodied head unconscious on the floor and bound in ropes along with Neville Longbottom.

"Oh, Alfred...!" Harry said brightly as he saw him. "Yes, I'm afraid I don't have an unbreakable cage, and I need one about the same size as a large rat... maybe a little smaller, just to make sure it isn't comfortable, and I haven't studied that magic yet."

"Of course Master Potter!" he quickly said with a wide smile. "I shall go and find one immediately," he said as he disappeared in a swish of white mist

"What about me Harry?" the black haired man asked, as he had a bloody nose and looked dizzy.

"Oh, Sirius!" he replied with a sheepish grin. "Sorry, I almost forgot about you," he said as he flicked his wand and his binds came off, and another flick the other man fell to the floor, free, and complaining that he banged his head. "No hard feelings, right guys?!" he asked with a sheepish grin while he adjusted his seat copping a feel of her butt only because Lilith thought it would be funny, it was to see the two men's discomfort.

"H-Harry could you please stop using Miss. Granger as a seat?" Remus Lupin asked hopefully.

He sighed, rolling his eyes as he stood up. "She makes a really good seat though. She was quick to out the wolf in you! As if I would have given a crap-!" he said kicking the rat-man as he was trying to shimmy away. "Now, now Peter where do you think you're going?" he asked with a smile as the man looked up at him in horror with blood pouring from his mouth and nose.

"P-l-plea-!" the man gargled out trying to beg only to scream out in agony as Harry punted him in the nuts.

"Wow, isn't it odd how throughout all of this he begs for himself he hadn't once tried apologising?" Harry asked whimsically. "Not once has he shown any remorse, and the only regret was that he got caught!" Harry crouched down and grabbed the man's head slamming it back, smashing his head into the wood, dust covered floor several times while he was crying, screaming, begging, Harry let him go to whimper and cry.

"So!" Harry turned to Sirius with a giant smile. "I'm the real Boy-Who-Lived?" he asked while he nodded. "And Dumbledore left me with the Dursley's while I could have had a normal life in the magical world?"

"Harry, you have to understand!" Remus said, stepping closer slightly, grimacing as Harry was absentmindedly kicking Pettigrew in the head while he tried defending the old man. "He did it to protect you from everything. Look at Longbottom. He would be nothing without his fame, and you, you're far more than him-."

"That wasn't what I was talking about you dick!" he interrupted rolling his eyes, startling him. "I couldn't care less about his stupid fame. He can keep it. Why the hell do adults not listen?" he asked rhetorically before he kicked Pettigrew one last time and walked off out of the room frustrated.


Harry sighed as he had stolen Hermione's time turner and had to rescue Sirius from having his soul sucked out by dementors if for nothing more than to spite the idiot minister. That man was more of a fool than anyone else he had ever known, and he knew plenty of fools.

He happily stunned the guards outside of Sirius's room where he was held prisoner while riding through the school on his hippogriff. He kidnapped the creature, figuring that he would piss of the Malfoy's by saving it from its execution too. If only Remus had taken his potion he wouldn't have became a vicious werewolf trying to eat them and Pettigrew back in his rat form in his cage had been eaten.

Next time he would make it clear to his elf that when he said unbreakable, he wanted that both ways, not just to stop the creature getting out. He had thought about calling Alfred and telling him, but it had already happened so – well it would be a time paradox that wouldn't likely workout in the end and nothing would change.

His hippogriff reared up and slammed his front claws into the door to the room and it crashed off its hinges to the ground. Sirius could only stare as he stood from where he had sat with his mouth hanging open as Harry peered over the hawk head of his steed.

"Come on dude, let's go already!" Harry said rolling his eyes, bemused that the man could gawk that much.

However, Sirius was quickly on the back and they were galloping towards the nearest exit and shooting out of the large doors. The hippogriff flapped his mighty wings and they were soaring through the air to freedom. Sirius didn't say anything for a short while as they circled the school towers while Harry was giggling in absolute glee.

"And I thought you looked too much like your mother to be as reckless as your father!" the man said after a few moments she they landed on a roof. "Also, about kicking the crap out of Pettigrew... that was some nice ass kicking moves you've got!"

"Thanks!" Harry said happily as he slid off his steed to stand beside it, petting its beak, the bird head nuzzled into his touch. "Somebody had to do something about punishing him. But you know what, it's going to be so much fun telling my dear Professor Lupin what he ate during the full moon!" he giggled in amusement.

Sirius snorted out, laughing. "You're going to turn the guy into a vegetarian!"


Harry was humming a happy tuned as he had already stashed away his new time turner in his watch and returned to the hospital wing where he heard some angry shouting. He paused as it sounded like Snape complaining as Snape complained a lot because he was a winging twerp.

That grease ball had been expecting an award for supposedly saving the life of some foolish confounded children, and like the minister didn't give a crap about the truth. He was likely pissed that Harry had so easily defeated him with the greatest technique in existence. 'The wait till he's distracted, kicking him in the balls and then trip him up and knock his head into the wall technique'.

The name could probably need shortening, but it always did the trick against men at least, especially wizards as they never did expect physical attacks they were so weedy. Harry was proud that he had some nice tight, lean muscles that didn't take away from his irresistible charms, but made sure he wasn't a push over.

He had taken a detour to arriving back because he wanted to grab a snack. Shrugging his shoulder he munched on his giant cookie as he entered the infirmary. Longbottom and his weird friends were still asleep, but Dumbledore, the minister, Fudge, and Snape were in attendance while the nurse was trying to get Snape to shut up and leave.

"Potter!" Snape hissed out in his anger as soon as he saw him. "You did this didn't you!?" he demanded enraged while Harry just continued his cookie without a thought or fear, looking peaceful and ignorant.

"Umm... what'd I do Doc?!" he asked taking another nibble of his cookie as he lent his left side up against the doorframe, not surprised none of them got his reference.

"You know what you did, boy!" he yelled at him in anger. "You freed Black! You're just like your father you arrogant brat!" he sneered out spitefully.

Harry tilted his head to one side. "Wow someone has a hippogriff up their ass!" he commented, which got the minister looking at Harry in suspicion but Snape looked angrier as Harry continued his cookie nonchalant, and Dumbledore's beard twitched slightly with his humour. "How would you free a colour anyway... with some water...? But wouldn't that just make the paint run. I think that we should use less black anyway, it's so gloomy. I know wizards like the dark Goth look, but maybe a bit more colour would be cool!"

"I totally agree Harry!" Dumbledore said with a nod and a smile as he glared at Snape before looking back to Harry. "I see you just left to get yourself a treat," he said while enjoying annoying the other two as so much complaining got on his nerves.

"Oh that, yeah," he agreed, smiling as he ate some cookie. "I got hungry, so thought I would grab a cookie before sending off an owl to get me a lawyer so that I can finally sue for Sirius to have a fair trial where he'll be set free," he said causing the minister to pale and Snape to fume further.


Harry was in an empty classroom grinning into the mirror at his sister within while she was giggling and blew him a kiss. They had a new treasure to add to the rest, and the look on Hermione's face when she realised her time machine had gone missing was hilarious. He still couldn't believe that the teachers would let anyone play with the space time continuum so they could travel to every class available, let alone a 13 year old girl like her.

The time turner was better off in Harry's and Lilith's hands as they were smart enough to use it for cheating fate, not schoolwork. That was like getting a PlayStation and using it just for DVDs rather than the awesome games it had with it.

"Soon Lils'...!" Harry said with a grin. "It will only be a matter of time until you have a body, and together we'll do awesome things, but I understand. We need someone in the dark. We can offer her and her sister protection and power, and in return she will do as I ask.

"Yes, it is good that they're cute too!" he replied, smirking as she was giggling more and he felt her love while he sent her his in return.

"I love you so much," he said with a sad smile. "Soon we'll be able to touch, hug, and whatever we want, just a couple more years and our plans will come to fruition!"

'Together!' her voice was soft and cool to his mind. 'We will reshape these morons, and end Voldemort and anyone who stands before our change.'

to be continued...

A/N: this is a challenge by TheFlowerOfTheCourt. It will be a multichapter fic, and from here out the years will be longer and spread out for some more fun for Harry while trying to give his most favourite person a body, and you'll discover more about her, who she is, and how she came to be in a later chapter, but go ahead, I encourage guesses, sometimes they give me new ideas. Please, down the bottom, review box, tell me what you think.


Remus Lupin was in his office clearing up his things. He had just been fired because of Snape's lose lips telling his Slytherin's about his 'condition' and they told parents and boom. Dumbledore had to fire his ass just because he was sick.

However, he was startled when he turned around to see Harry was in his office sitting on his old desk. He was wearing some pale blue running trainers and dark blue shorts, and a white tee shirt, smiling his brightest with some muggle-modern sunglasses over his eyes as it was a bright and hot day.

"Hey dude!" Harry chimed out happily. "Whoa it's too bad you can't stay. You were a much better teacher than that guy last year!"

"Yeah, whatever happened to Lockhart anyway?" Remus asked himself more than Harry but Harry answered anyway.

"Probably lost his mind with fear and joined the staff at McDonald's," he commented offhandedly.

Remus rubbed his brow and chose not to comment and to keep clear of the fast food chain just in case harry did do what he implied he didn't want to know. "Well Harry I was meaning to ask you what ever happened to Pettigrew...? How did he escape?" he asked in curiosity.

"Oh, he didn't!" Harry cheerfully replied before continuing. "The cage would have stopped him breaking out, but not someone breaking in!" he said, confusing the man he giggled. "You kind of ate him!" he said and the man paled and dropped down to the trash can and started hurling up everything in his stomach.

"That is so gross Professor. I'll leave you to it!" Harry said crinkling his nose up as he hopped off the desk and happily skipped from the room giggling.