The Soul Within

Chapter 2

Warlock Mystical

Harry was having a great time at the Quidditch World Cup. He was attending with Ginny's family as they had scored some good tickets and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley wanted to thank him for saving their daughter, and wouldn't just back off, but as long as he got to have fun he wasn't going to say no. He had been sent off to get some water for their campsite as they would be staying the night, and 'no' magic. That was seriously stupid, as they would just need some notice-me-not magic and then the muggles wouldn't notice.

However, he was busy giggling as some old man was wearing a flowery woman's dress while some law guys were trying to convince him to put on some trousers. Harry was with Ronald and Hermione, but at least Ronald found the whole thing just as hilarious as him. They were supposed to meet up with Neville Longbottom and one of his uncles or something later, which might not be fun.

"Harry! Ron!" Hermione was reprimanding them, and though Ron stopped laughing Harry didn't want to.

"Yeah, you tell them mate!" Harry called out cheering while some nearby girls turned to him giggling as they started joining in his encouragement, which the law guys didn't seem to appreciate.

"See they know I'm right!" the old man said.

"Muggle men wear trousers!" one of the law guys said in frustration. "Look that boy who was cheering is just making fun, he's wearing trousers!"

"Those one's are short though, and that's a girl!" he retorted smugly.

Harry kept on giggling. "Nope, I'm just a really hot boy!" Harry replied, still giggling, now surrounded by cute girls wearing some skimpy outfits from all over, a few of them hanging onto him.

"Oh for the love of Merlin, Harry...!" Hermione interrupted, dragging him away from the girls, pretending she couldn't see the dangerous glaring they sent her way. "Stop starting trouble just because you're too dense to think there's a problem."

"But all of those cute girls!" he winged while she forced him to take a pot full of water and herded him back to the campsite, and Ron had lost just as much water as he had by the time they got back to the tents.

"Is that all of the water you got?" Mr. Weasley asked, looking into their pots disappointed.

Harry shrugged sheepishly. "It was probably my fault, hey Ginevra, you want to come and get some more with me?" he asked while she nodded her head and he dragged her off with him. "I couldn't stand Hermione coming with me again; she was so ruining all of my fun!"

"She does that," she replied while she held his left arm as they manoeuvred through the crowded campsite. "Do you want to hear what I have to put up with sharing a room with her though?" she asked with a small smile.

"What?" he asked in curiosity.

"She walked around my room for over forty minutes stark naked!" she said and he burst out laughing. "It wasn't funny; I didn't know where to look. I don't like her much so I didn't really want to see anything."

"So if it was your friend Luna?" he asked, smirking.

"That wasn't what I meant, Harry!" she said rolling her eyes as she tugged at his arm. "And isn't the tap the other way?"

"Yeah, but according to my resources there's a shop around the corner," he said smilingly. "And you don't get off that easily, but then given the choice, Hermione or Luna, Luna wins every time."

"I didn't see a shop!" she said, blushing and pouting as they came to the farm house where they got their tents from, and Harry started leading her around it.

"Anyway, so, just like that, Hermione was walking around your room butt naked?" he asked, concerned for her. "Was she trying to seduce or molest you in anyway?" he asked in humour.

She sighed, rolling her eyes further. "I don't think so, but she didn't seem to know when not to bend over, and she's very... well, it looks like a kitten sits on her kitty, one of those long furred one's."

"Didn't need to know," he said with a large grin. "Wanted to know, but didn't need to," he said as he led her up to a door into a farm shop.

"Harry, I sometimes wonder about you!" she said shaking her head as they entered the shop where a small girl rushed up to greet them with a wide smile with a gap in her teeth while a woman waited at the counter.

"Customers!" the girl said in happiness. She couldn't have been more than 5 years old. "There are lots of people, but no one comes shopping!" she said pouting cutely.

Harry grinned widely as he let Ginny go and crouched down in front of the girl, and reached out his empty hand and stroked his thumb over her nose and her little eyes widened as pound coins seemed to fall out of her nose, clattering into his hand. She looked at him in awe she squealed, grabbed a cell phone and an empty milk bottle, handing them to Harry.

"C-can you put the phone in the bottle like Dynamo?!" she asked hopefully.

"Put it in the bottle?" he asked, while she nodded eagerly. "You mean like this?" he asked as he knocked the phone to the bottle and suddenly there it was inside.

She squealed in joy as she took the bottle seeing the phone inside. "Wow, wow, wow, look mummy!" she said while her mother had come over, staring in shock as Harry wasn't even wearing sleeves to hide tricks in. The small girl handed the bottle and phone to the woman and she had a look too, awed.

"Wow, I didn't think there were many magicians like those on the TV," she said, shaking her head. "My husband loves all of this stuff, and my son and daughter could sit for hours watching it too."

"Well," Harry said, still with coins in his hand he shook them twice, and they rattled before he flicked his wrist and he was suddenly holding 3 £10 notes. "I was hoping we could get some large bottles of water, and that camp stove would be nice," he added, flicking his wrist around changed the 3 £10 notes into 3 £20 notes.

"Umm... well we have some five litre bottles," she said with a smile and shake of her head while her small daughter was squealing in delight and Ginny was slightly behind him with her mouth hanging open as he played games with the muggles. "How many would you like?" she asked him.

"Five will be fine," he replied as she was scooting them out, and he smiled as he clapped his hands together and pulled out a large white silk sheet and swished it over the five bottles and they disappeared, and he pulled the sheet back fast in a simple tug and it was gone.

He smiled widely as the girl and the woman were staring at him in awe, even Ginny was impressed and she had lived around magic all of her life, but she had never seen it used like that. "Keep the change," he said with a grin as he grabbed some firelighters, and matches before the small camp stove, and then leading Ginny out of the store, giving the girl a wink she giggled in glee.

"Holy crap Harry, what was that!" Ginny said once they were out of ear range. "You broke the statue of security, and underage magic-... why are you laughing?!"

"I didn't use any magic," he replied rolling his eyes. "And I called Alfred to take the water bottles."

"Are you ever going to call him by his real name?" she asked with a sigh as he shook his head.

"I'm Batman, and Batman needs his Alfred!" Harry replied with a husky dark voice.

She still didn't get it that much. Harry had bought her loads of Batman comics for her Birthday along with some Batgirl one's as he thought she might like the girl hero better. She had only read a few so far, but she figured they were interesting, and it wasn't long ago that she got them.

"Well anyway, what about those coins, and that bottle thing?" she asked, worried.

Harry shrugged, smiling. "The magician's code forbids me to give away my secrets, plus I don't want to, it's more fun to not have anyone know, for me and them, the mystery brings wonder," he said as they arrived back at camp to find Mr. Weasley wasting match after match trying to light the fire to cook breakfast, looking like he was having a great time doing just that.

"Oh, you're back. You forgot to take some pots!" he said looking up at them before going back to his game of strike the match and drop it, letting it go out.

Harry sighed before dropping to his knees. "Watch this," he said as he took a match from the man and he watched in confusion as Harry tore the head off it in a sliding move down the stick, but nothing happened. He then reached into the kindling and left the head in. Mr. Weasley and Ginny were watching intently as Harry blew on the wood gently, and then whoosh, the flames ignited, lighting the wood in a blaze of fiery power.

Ginny and her father pulled back with wide eyes. Harry stood with a grin. It was more fun to awe people who could use magic than muggles. He clicked his fingers and with a swish he held his silk sheet revealing the bottles of water and swirling the silk around him it dropped and he was gone.

"Huh... what the heck...?!" Mr. Weasley said slowly as he moved over and picked up the silk sheet. "He's gone, and wow that water looks better than what we had. Somehow Hermione's managed to have grass in it."

Ginny sighed and was about to say something when she heard humming and they turned to see Harry with his camp stove already smoking with some sausages on the grate. He was sitting at it poking the food with his utensils.

"Hey Ginny, do you prefer ketchup, brown sauce, or mayonnaise with your sausage sandwiches?" he asked, each time flipping his hand round palm towards then, a new bottle each time he asked until he had three bottles.

"Umm... well I don't mind," she said with a sigh before turning to her father as he was marvelling at Harry's oddities and shrugged as he gave her a questioning look and skipped off to sit with him while he cooked, in which time Hermione and Ron returned from collected Neville and his uncle. Harry decided Neville's uncle was a complete div., almost as divvy as his very own Uncle Vernon without being an evil pile of crap, Neville's uncle was just really lacking any common sense.

Then the rest of the Weasley's turned up, minus the mother thankfully since she was overbearing, and had no interest in quidditch. She was likely having a great time without anyone else in the house; she could invite some friends over if she had any.


Harry was sitting up against a tree happily juggling apples with Ginny. She was fast asleep, curled up with her face in his lap snoozing away and hugging his leg. She had been asleep for an hour or so, but it was still really early and she had been tired.

He looked up as he noticed the shadows. It was her eldest brothers, Bill, the neater of the two with long hair in a ponytail, and a dragon tooth earring, but he worked for Gringotts as a curse breaker, and Charlie. He had short hair and burn marks on his cheeks and hands from working with dragons, and they were glaring while Harry smiled in happiness while juggling and taking a bite from one without losing momentum.

"What's up guys?" he asked cheerfully.

"What exactly are you doing with our sister?!" Bill asked without smiling.

Harry frowned as he looked down at the contently snoozing girl. "Juggling while she snoozes!" he said snapping up all of his apples bringing them to a stop. "Why... are you both blind or something?!"

"No!" Charlie added now looking a little embarrassed as he had just been burnt... again. "You don't just let girls sleep on you without it meaning something."

"Well Ginny is really cute!" he happily agreed. "But maybe you should worry about Hermione coming onto Ginny rather than me. Ginny likes me, and Hermione has this annoying habit of being annoying and a grass."

"Say what?" both men lost their mean big brother look for joint shock.

"Yeah, I know, I would have never guessed Hermione swung like that!" he said nodding his head. "Maybe we could find her a Ravenclaw girl with an 'I know all, and everything because I read about it in a book authored by a moron' attitude who would get on well together, or your brother Percy if she likes boys too!"

"Okay, next time Ron says someone is too weird to intimidate, believe him!" Bill said looking to his brother.

"Yeah, but the twins were agreeing with him so how was we to know," Charlie agreed. "Then they said he would probably catch us in a prank if we were unlucky."

"Prank...?" Harry interrupted, startling them. "Fred and George love pranks, but a lot of the time their jokes can be taken as mean. I always believed that if you're going to be mean do a really good job of it or there's not much point really!" he said absentmindedly stroking his fingers through Ginny's hair. "Don't worry about me gentlemen; I'm the perfect kind of awesome. If anyone comes near my friend Ginevra I'll send them packing!"

"Umm... well, okay then!" Charlie agreed as he and his bother left them alone.

Harry smiled as Ginny started shaking with giggles before she turned tiredly to look at him, smiling with a yawn. "How do you do things like that!?" he demanded while smiling.

"I'm the perfect kind of awesome, weren't you listening?!"

She smiled, shaking her head on his lap. "Harry," she complained half-heartedly.


Harry had snuck away from the Weasley's when that annoying Granger girl started bothering him, and Luna had finally arrived so after she had given him a hug in greeting he had quickly snuck away. He had his ticket in his pocket so he didn't mind if they got separated. He wanted to find something fun to do away from the idiots.

He had frowned a few times as he had freaking been hit on by 2 boys, and wondered whether he should have worn a sign saying "straight BOY". Lilith was still giggling inside his head. It normally didn't bother him, but he had never been hit on before. Lilith was laughing more because he hadn't told them otherwise and took the drink boxes they offered.

Finishing his last drink box he threw the empty packet into the trashcan near him. That was by a large stage where thousands of kids were screaming in horror and crying. He couldn't blame them as he looked on the stage and grimaced. There were men on stage wearing black robes while the creepiest puppets he had ever seen, some with broken faces, blackened with dirt wearing rags 'acted'.

The worst thing was the puppeteers and organisers didn't seem to care that they were causing such distress in the audience and it was the middle of the day. The sun was out and shining brightly and these fools still managed to scare the kids.

Harry sighed as he twisted his watch face, and turned on its translation function as he had to save the show or he would never forgive himself if he sat back and let these useless morons get away with scaring some innocent kids for life. He climbed up onto the stage from the back after knocking out the smiling man who said he was their manager.

The 'show' if it could be called that stopped as Harry interrupted; walking down the centre of the stage he turned to the men with a smile before clapping his hands together and pulling out a large white silk sheet. It swirled around him as if it had a mind of its own before growing out and the children marvelled as it covered the stage, and then it was pulled black into nothing and the puppets and men were gone leaving Harry alone on stage, the sheet gone.

The watching audience could only stare in awe for a moment, crying forgotten. The area was complete silent for a moment before the children started roaring and squealing in joy and excitement, parents who were previously annoyed and fuming joined in with the applause.

Harry grinned wider as he saw one of the microphones dropped to the floor and reached out; flicking his fingers it shot up into his hand. "Hello all!" he called out over the mic, thinking of a cool stage handle for a moment until one jumped into his head. "I am Warlock Mystical, and I'm here to relieve those morons before they start a riot!" he called out to cheers from everybody who hated their show. "I think I might need a brazen volunteer to come out here and be my voluntary assistant!"

Hands shot up readily and he chose a girl because she was nearest than anyone else and she was soon on stage with him, and after telling everyone her name. "Okay, Sarah, let's see now, a proper dress is called for my assistant!" he said, pulling his hand over her the silk sheet returned wrapping around her, and pulling back she looked down in awe as she was then wearing a spangled silver dress with a necklace containing coins, and the crowd went wild with excitement.

"Let's see now," he said as he pulled off the necklace, and the slid the coins off, showing them to the crowd as they no longer had holes before throwing them over the crowds heads into the sun so they had to blink away the bright light, but the coins never came down, instead, fluttering doves burst out of the sun, flying over heads.


Harry had happily signed many autographs using his new magician handle for hit show for all ages when he was presented with a young woman's chest. She didn't get them out but moved her top low enough for him to sign her flesh. He figured fame might not be so bad, but this was the sort of fame he deserved. He had spent hours practicing his tricks, mainly because of boredom, but practice he did.

He was really in quite a good mood once he managed to extract himself from the crowds of adoring fans, getting some snogging practice from some girls who took liberties. He liked those girls a lot. Who knew that being a magician in the magical world would be so profitable? It was all crazy pandemonium and he had gained quite a few tips as a tip bucket was handed around and those losers who were hired for the gig didn't get a piece of scrap metal.

It was a nice day; he made some profit, got some cute girls lips on his, and even got to grope some cute girl tail. He was now wearing a long thin white coat, having lost his tee shirt in a trick he left it off, and wearing cream combat shorts and white running shoes. His coat was lose and airy, with just 3 buckled straps across his bare smooth body, 1 over his chest and 2 over his abs. It had collars near moulded up around his neck in a stylish way and his hair out long in a nest of perfect spikes that seemed to defy logic in all directions.

The coat was good to allow the cute girls to slide their hands in to feel his smooth skin, and defined muscle. He had to admit, fame had it perks, when that fame was really earned. He figured that he would have to lean some bigger and badder real magic without a wand, and next time really show them something special. The thought of being a teen pin up for every teenage girl in the country made his heat beat faster, so he thought he should practice his singing, or a learn to play the guitar or something too.


He looked around as someone called his name and there she was. She had long blonde hair to her waist, neatly wrapped in a triple plat pulled back with neat hair curving back with her head on top. Her eyes were a light blue and carried a dangerous frostiness to her expression. She was wearing black robes that hid the figure within, but she was slender, and just an inch shorter than him.

He could see the slightly younger girl behind her; she looked nearly identical except her hair was shorter, and left lose to her shoulder blades with a headband pulling her bangs back from her eyes. Her eyes weren't as cold, and she was wringing her hands together anxiously.

"Daphne!" Harry answered, which caused her eyes to narrow in annoyance.

However, she raised a postcard to him, which had a surprisingly nice picture of him from stage on it. He had seen many of them going around, and he didn't know how things like them got out so fast, but it was a magical world. He took it, looking at it in confusion while she sighed and handed him an inked quill, glancing back at her younger sister the girl was nodding eagerly.

"My sister wants your autograph!" Daphne said as if it hurt her to say those very words.

"Okay," Harry said in bemusement as he wrote on the photo a message and signed it. "So... now I think you owe me some of your time Miss. Greengrass. I believe I have a proposition for you that you cannot afford to refuse, for your sisters' sake as well as yours."

She took the card back and watched him with narrowed eyes before speaking quietly. "I know you're not the simpleton, ignorant fool you have everyone believing... or should I say nearly everyone. If you can just protect my sister, I will do whatever it takes. We shall have to discuss this at school," she said before turning and walking back to her sister.

Astoria squealed in delight as she got her postcard back with autographed message. It was sweet, and nice, and signed by him. She looked to him blushing as the message ended with hugs and kisses and he blew her a kiss and a wink before he walked away and she was sighing in giddy love.

"Astoria, for crying out loud...!" Daphne reprimanded. "Put that away. If any of our house saw you acting like that about a Hufflepuff. The least I can say is its better than being a Gryffindor."

"But he's really cute and sweet!" she retorted, but she did put her post card away. "Don't say you wouldn't like to cuddle with him too because I saw the way you were eying his chest."

Daphne's cheeks lit up lightly but she didn't admit anything, or deny it for that matter.


The back of his fist slammed into the man's masked face, and his left foot collided with his gut. Harry had gotten into some trouble. He had taken a short cut back to camp through some woods and a skinny man in a golden skull mask attacked him with a couple of huge white skull masked minions. He smirked as blood started drooling from the gold mask.

He dodged and rolled to his left as a large man went to grab him. Harry kicked the man viciously in the knee, which caused him to scream out in pain. Harry jumped up to his feet and leaped, grabbing the huge man and toppling him to the floor in a crash before he started punching his face over and over again.

The large man was whimpering and crying for help as Harry broke his nose and blood stained his mask red. "Fucking coward Death Eater!" he spat out before throwing himself to the side as a spell flew from the other huge man's wand, and the one on the floor screamed in agony for a moment before the spell was removed.

Harry moved while the huge man was shocked, staring at his wand and 'friend' that he cursed in shock. Meanwhile Harry grabbed a huge tree branch that was strong and sturdy, shattering the huge mans wand arm. She screeched out in pain before he started gagging as his windpipe was crushed and dropped to his knees clawing at his neck before his face was cracked open with a final smash and he went down unmoving.

Dodging left and right the skinny Death Eater tried to hit him with spells screaming out cuss words in his anger. Harry kept his distance, dodging every spell before flinging his branch and while the Death Eater blast it away Harry charged and was on him before he could recover, smacking him with a left and right hit to his ribs and a kick to his nuts, and bent over in pain. It was too easy; Death Eaters were weaklings when you got in close to fight them.

He went down with Harry's foot to his face he skidded back, dropping his wand. However, as Harry went to continue his attack the man panicking pulled out a spare wand. Harry was blast back, skipping on the floor he came to a skidding stop on all fours, groaning as he stood, eying the man as he struggled to get up, pained, he disappeared leaving his friends behind as a spell flew out from the side burning into the location the man had been.

It was a large black man wearing a coat like the robes of an auror would have - beige with a badge on the left breast. He was followed by 2 more men and a woman but the Death Eater was gone. Harry stood up as he was helped to his feet by an older woman who still kept her looks. She had coppery red hair, green eyes, and a stern look, wearing auror coat that was open to show muggle clothes beneath.

"Are you okay?" she asked Harry looking down at the large men, impressed by the boy. Harry nodded his head with a grin even though she could see a bruise forming on her chest. "You didn't even fight with magic," she said in surprise as she saw his un-drawn wand in its holster.

"I would have gotten into trouble for underage magic!" he replied cheerfully.

"There are exceptions," she replied, gesturing the men and felt her caution drop as he wasn't acting like a boy under attack.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I wouldn't hold the ministry to that!" he said happily as he moved forward and with a flick of his hand held a white cotton cloth appeared, picking up a black wand with silver skull head at the end. "I thought it was that Malfoy prick, but no matter the evidence that bastard isn't even going to be investigated, but, I'll keep this as a souvenir!" he said, flicking his wrist it disappeared as he happily started walking away back to camp as the match was going to soon start.

"What an interesting boy!" she commented to herself.

"Amelia," the black man said as he had removed the masks of the two large men. "Crabbe and Goyle... do you want me to get the wand back off the boy... what was his name again, he did that show, right?"

"He called himself Warlock Mystical; a stage name... but that boy is Harry Potter, Lily's son," she replied thoughtfully. "Let him have the wand, and he'll make Malfoy slip!" she said quietly so the other's couldn't hear. "He's right; Malfoy wouldn't get into trouble no matter the evidence. The minister eats his shite day in and out! He would probably get Harry into trouble instead and then that boy would go after the minister, getting in our way."

"Dumbledore?" he asked her.

She smiled slightly shaking her head. "Leave him clueless for now. He has nothing we need, and Mr. Potter seems to have his own agenda, which I'm sure the old man knows, but like us he is in the dark, but unlike us, maybe we could be of use to him, and vice verses. My niece is smitten with the boy herself, but then he is such a beautiful and talented boy. It used to be all about Neville Longbottom: The Boy-Who-Lived, but then this boy comes along and she barely remembers Longbottom's name. He is a very talented boy that one."

to be continued...

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