WILL YOU HAVE ME? - By Darlin'

Summary: Ororo & Logan get close in the Australian Outback while everyone thinks the X-Men are dead. RoLo all the way!

Disclaimer: I'm in the same boat as Mr. Claremont's in, I don't own the X- Men but I hope to bring them to life just a wee bit in hopes of entertaining myself and possibly you as well.

A/N: I started this story 14 years ago when I felt no one thought Logan and Ororo belonged together. It gave me great satisfaction then and it still does. I have edited the story a bit over the years and I'm adding more to it now. I plan to have a sequel and hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think, good, bad, indifferent. I'm game.

Chapter One:

Only the peaceful silence of crickets and sound snoring could be heard as Ororo made the rounds of the compound. When she was satisfied that all was well she curled up on her window seat & looked out wistfully at the darkness. Just then she heard a low pitiful cry.

"Ba ba ba bad . . . . . ba ba ba badddd . . . . ."

She saw Logan downing a beer and stomping out one of his inferno cigars. She watched him stop a moment to pick up his cowboy hat. He almost fell but very ungracefully caught himself on the porch railing. It took a lot of alcohol to affect Logan.

"Bad to the bone 's me . . . . ." he sang off key and chuckled . "Be be be best . . . . . be be be bestttt . . . . . best there is at what I do . . . . ." he hiccupped and laughed as he fumbled at the security entrance.

After a while Ororo heard his loud cowboy boots thumping into the kitchen and for a moment she just listened to the sounds he made as he scrounged around for food. His singing was atrocious but thankfully he was humming now. She smiled as she got up from the window seat and stretched out on her bed.

"Verily, he is indeed the best there is at what he does," Ororo thought to herself then laughed quietly. She was remembering the last kiss Logan had given her when the men had come back from their little outing. Deep, long and oh so good. Then she remembered the first time he'd kissed her though it was more like emergency resuscitation. She chuckled. She'd been surprised when she woke up to find the strange, dark animal like man breathing into her, giving her life. She couldn't help but laugh again. Those were good times.

They had come a long way and now there was no one she trusted more. Her thoughts still on the past, she remembered her best friend, Jean. How she missed her but Jean was dead and everyone they loved believed they were dead as well. At least she still had Logan & Peter with her. Peter, Colossus, was like a little brother to her. She was glad he had come to their aid fighting against the Adversary in Texas. Peter and Logan meant the world to her. Not that she didn't love Rouge, bless her soul, or Betsy. She didn't know the others quite as well but Logan and Peter had been with her from the very beginning. They were the only family she could claim. If they had to be "dead" she couldn't have chosen any better to journey with her.

She thought of Kitty and Kurt. Kitty was almost like a daughter to Ororo. How irascible the little one was. How painful must the thought of their deaths be to her. Logan, her mentor, Peter, her first love. Ororo ran her fingers through her thick white hair.

"Best not to think of that," she thought. "We had no other choice!" she whispered vehemently as if trying to convince herself.

She thought of Kurt. He was always the gallant gentleman full of humor and goodwill. She missed them all so terribly. She closed her eyes as if to shut out the memories.

"Hmmmmm," she sighed. Visions of a short, dark man scooping her up into his strong arms filled her brain for a moment.

"Stop it!" she muttered. "I am just tired and need to rest."

She pulled the covers over her as she turned onto her side.

"Who knows what tomorrow holds?" And with that thought she curled up into a fetal position and almost immediately fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~