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CHAPTER 14 - Till Death Do We Part

Jubilation Lee had seen the white haired lady go into the short hairy guy's room each night since he had been gone. He'd been gone a month and she couldn't understand why the woman did that, all she knew was that she had to be extra careful sneaking around the compound with the Storm lady roaming around late. The only good thing about it was that it gave her a bit of a challenge. She'd been getting pretty bored just hiding out in the creepy ghost town and the caverns below the compound were to damp and just too spooky at night. She'd even thought about going up to that rock where the little aborigine always sat to ask him to take her home only she realized she didn't really have a home any more and she might as well stay there. But how long she could keep this up she didn't know. At least she'd found the skunk striped haired girl's stash of junk food. That had cheered her up a lot. She was pretty careful and only took a few handfuls at a time now. She didn't want the skunk haired lady to hide the junk in her room or some place where it would be too hard to get to.

She was munching on her goodies in between sips of her soda as she walked through the upper level hallway going over the names she'd figured out for everyone there. She had worked hard to learn who these people were but she never could get used to what they called each other. She knew her own name was unusual but Storm and Rogue were just plain strange. Then there was Psylocke, Dazzler, Havok, Longshot, Colossus and Wolverine! Weird beyond weird! Maddie, the red head, seemed to be the only normal name out of the bunch and how ironic was that?

Maddie, no code name, was the creepiest lady she'd ever seen even when she was making google eyes at Havok, her brother-in-law which was twisted in of it self! The woman made her skin crawl. She couldn't put her finger on it exactly but the woman made her feel as if pure evil was lurking just around the corner. She knew that didn't make sense since these people were the good guys but just the same she never went into the red heads room and tried on her clothes any more. The one time she had she'd found the weirdest outfit, weirder than that Pyslocke's super hero armored uniform or whatever it was called. It was like the red head was a domatrix in training or understudying for Vampirella or something and that just simply grossed her out. She didn't even want to think about it. She figured if she could escape being noticed by the purple haired mind reader and the hairy little guy she could easily stay out of sight of the evil red head.

At any rate she'd give it another week, maybe two and if things didn't improve she'd go visit the aborigine and book. Just another week or two. Just as she came to this decision she heard footsteps in the hallway and she quickly ducked into a bathroom. She could've slapped herself as she realized that's just where someone would be going at this time of the night. The footsteps were slow and heavy and she realized the little guy was back. Darn, she'd thought he was gone for good and when he'd left all lonely looking she'd figured it for sure. Maybe he'd just go and sleep off another hangover or something. Maybe. She tossed her trash in the wastebasket and decided she better skedaddle just in case. She grinned as she slipped out of the bathroom window. Cat and mouse had become her favorite game here. She always won.

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Ororo was standing in Logan's room looking out the window. Her countenance was sad as her fingers idly traced a pattern on his nightstand. She had come to realize it was foolishness loving Logan. How could she love and fight beside him knowing that he could be killed one day just like Jean? With Forge it had been different. He had not been an X-Man and she knew he had no desire to be one really. Being a part of the X-Men was what she lived for and she knew Logan felt much the same. They believed in Charles' vision of a better world where men and women would accept a person no matter how different they were, whether mutant or human, no mater what race or nationality. She could not reasonably remain with them if she could not stop loving Logan. She knew this and had sought to purge him from her system. She almost smiled at that for here she was in his room fondling his furniture and crying.

After a while Ororo had retired to her own room where she had fallen asleep after much tossing and turning. Not to long after she'd fallen asleep her mattress sunk down noiselessly as Logan sat beside her. He watched her sleep and felt peace wash over him for the first time in the entire month he'd been gone. Instinctively his hand reached for her, stroked her soft hair gently then stroked her golden brown cheek. She moved just a bit and his hand jerked back. He felt his heart almost stop as he looked at her and realized he could not escape his feelings no matter how hard he tried to deny them. His hand reached out again and gently caressed her hair. Before he could think to stop himself he was pulling her to him breathing in her scent, the warm soft smell of sunshine and rain, flowers and earth.


He touched her face, his fingers running along her cheek gently. His breath was ragged and hard as he fought for control. Her hand reached up and touched his face and she gave him a smile of utter contentment. He could resist no longer. He pulled her to him, crushing her to him. Like a man possessed he trailed kisses over her face and down her throat. His hands were under her chemise. He could feel her submitting to his assault, her body moving into his as if she belonged there. His hand cupped her breast as his lips fell upon hers in an almost savage kiss. Abruptly he pulled away from her jerking his hands from beneath the chemise. At the sound of ripped material he pushed himself further away from her then stood on weak legs. He felt drained. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he looked at her almost in desperation.

She wanted to reach out to him, pull him back into her arms and make him love her but she could not move. They looked at each in the dimness of the room neither wanting this moment to end. Yet Logan knew he had gone too far with Ororo. This was wrong even though he knew she wanted him almost as badly as he wanted her.

"Ororo, I ain't much . . . . will you have me?"

Ororo fought back tears. She shook her head then nodded and laughed, "If you will have me, Logan."

"Get dressed," he ordered then stepped outside shutting the door behind him. One thought kept going through his head over and over: If I take her, she's mine an' I ain't lettin' go!

Ororo could still feel Logan's hands on her body; strong hands that could maim and kill yet give such gentle pleasure. Her body was on fire, her insides tingling as she thought over and over; he has come back for me.

All Logan could think of was how right Ororo felt in his arms. He'd wanted to make love to her so badly he'd almost gone berserk. Never had he wanted anything or anyone so passionately before. He had thought that time and distance would clear his head and he would be free of the consuming need he felt for Ororo but his vacation in Japan had only enhanced the need he felt. There had been no escaping, no denying his feelings and he knew he had to come back.

Upon his return he had gone to his room only to be bombarded with Ororo's sweet fresh scent. Had she been waiting for him? Wondering, hoping he would return? It had been too much for him to handle so soon. He couldn't stop himself from going to her even if he'd wanted to.

But he'd felt the eyes of Mariko, following him from the picture he kept of her on his nightstand. He could smell Ororo on it as he picked it up and looked at his fiancée of so long ago. Mariko peered out at him looking beautiful and serene. After a long moment he had returned it to its place beside his bed. He then sat down, his face in his hands feeling things he felt he had no right to feel and yet knowing he had no control over it. He took Mariko's picture and placed it in the top drawer of the night stand.

He loved her, Mariko and he always would but no woman could ever compare to Ororo the Wind-rider. Not even Jean whom he had loved almost desperately and who might yet be alive. No. He could never love Jean as he did Ororo. No woman he'd met had so many qualities that he both desired and needed. Her humor, her strength, her strong will, her independence, her loyalty, her regal-ness and beauty, her passionate nature, her firmness with him, even her loneliness which was so much like his own, and her simple acceptance of him, both the good and the bad. He knew he had to make her his so he had gone to her room high on her scent.

"Yer beautiful, Ororo."

"I have missed you." She slipped her hand into his.

Gateway seemed to instinctively know what Logan wanted for when they stepped out of the portal the view of the town below was of a billion or more lights twinkling as if just for them. Logan pulled her closer to him smelling the sweet naturalness that was Ororo and feeling the softness of her body against him. He kissed her very softly, very gently.

"Logan . . . ."

"Come on," he led her down the hill into the town.

Ororo was fascinated by the lights and sounds. Everything was so exaggerated, so flamboyant she could hardly concentrate on one thing at a time. Finally she pulled Logan to a stop and asked, "Where are we?"


"Las Vegas?"

"Yup. Third Street to be exact," Logan grinned as he pointed to a poor facsimile of a church with neon lights and many garish hearts flashing.

"Well, this is it," Logan smiled at her looking very much like a hopeful yet bashful little boy.

Ororo, astounded, began to laugh. He meant to marry her! She couldn't stop laughing but at sight of his crestfallen face she threw herself into his arms.

"You know my feelings, Logan. I love you."

"Then ya meant what ya said earlier?"

"With all my heart."

"I love you Ororo. No matter what, I always will."

When Logan and Ororo stepped out onto the strip as man and wife they saw Gateway's portal in the alley across the street waiting for them. With a kiss and a hug they crossed the street and disappeared into the portal.

"A perfect place for a honeymoon," Ororo whispered in Logan's ear when they ended up at her pond in the Outback wilderness.

Logan scooped her up into his arms and carried her down to the water. He laid her down on the soft grass then gently lowered himself on top of her. He kissed her hungrily. He wanted her, needed her, needed to make her his. Ororo moaned and held on to him as if she were afraid he'd disappear. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Her fingers began to undo his shirt buttons revealing his lovely massive, hairy chest. She twisted from beneath him till she was above him. She kissed his lips then kissed his throat. Her lips trailed kisses down to his taut stomach. Logan pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, his hands intertwining with hers. They made love long into the night losing track of time and all else.

When Logan woke up he found they were in his bed back at the compound. He watched his wife until she opened her eyes and smiled at him. His lips sought hers and they were lost in their desire again, so lost they didn't hear the door open or hear the sudden gasp of surprise. Alex watched Logan, gentler than anyone had ever seen him, kissing their leader, their boss-Storm!

"Get out, boy!"

Ororo looked up as Logan's body covered hers protectively. She smiled at Alex who quickly disappeared.

"We have to tell them."


Later came and went but eventually they made their way into the kitchen where they weren't surprised to find almost everyone gathered making dinner and whispering amongst themselves.

"Good morning, Alex," Ororo smiled mischievously at her friend.

"It ain't mornin' but ah guess you two sure wouldn'ta noticed," Rogue said with a knowing look.

Alex blushed deep red not knowing what to say to Ororo so shocked had he been by what he'd witnessed hours ago.

"Don't look at her like that boy," Logan growled. "Ororo an' me got hitched last night in Vegas," he added nonchalantly.

"What does hitched mean?" Longshot asked not comprehending.

"They were married, Longshot. Married!" Alison screeched.

"Congrats, Wolvie, Ororo! Ah couldn't be happier for y'all!"

"And I too," Betsy smiled and embraced Ororo.

"Me too," Alex grinned sheepishly, shaking Logan's hand.

"I am happy for my two dear friends," Peter laughed heartily as he embraced them both.

"Gateway took you to Las Vegas . . . . and you were married last night," Alison felt an intense depression settling over her. "Great," she muttered as she looked at Longshot and then at the happy couple. "Maybe you can make him stop smoking those disgusting cigars, Storm."

"Try one of them breath sprays, Ali. Stuff really works," Logan teased as he pulled Ororo to him and dipped her low so he could kiss her.

"Hey, y'all, where's the champagne? An' Alex go get Maddie! Let's celebrate this right an' drink to the happy couple!"

Logan pulled Ororo into the breakfast nook as the others scurried around looking for wine and glasses. Ororo looked at her husband, her face shining with happiness.

"Looks like yer stuck with me fer good, darlin'," Logan chuckled.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not."

"What's that s'posed ta mean?" Logan demanded.

Ororo wrapped her arms around his neck. "Till death do we part, Logan."

"Till death," he agreed and pulled her down for another kiss.