This is just a little something I came Up with that i jus needed to put out there.

Basically Edward had a past that no one was aware of and has kept it a secret all this time from everyone except Carlisle. There is a plot some twists, but pretty straightforward. Not much drama because I a new writer and I'm not really into that story is a bit OOC with all characters.

Leave a review and let me now what you think. I promise to try to make this as good as I can and use some suggestions thrown my way. This story is all Edward's POV it might be some outside POV because I'm not that good and completely new at the whole writing thing, but we'll see how it works. So bear with me and try not to be too harsh.

My updates will come once a week because I'm still in high school preparing for college ang exams are coming up. So really I will update as much as I can.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the twilight status, just the plot.


My Family and I have been staying in Denali for a year now. I have also been fending off Tanya Denali for the same amount of time. Everyone, besides Carlisle, Esme, and myself, think it's funny and only encourage her to keep pursuing me. They think I am lonely and a prude, so they think I should loosen up and just have at her. They also believe that I am a virgin and that I have no interests in girls because none of them seem to hold my attention. But they are wrong. I have not confirmed nor denied my sexuality to anybody, and they've all made assumptions.

Only Carlisle knows the truth. He knows everything about me because he was there before I awoke in this life. Carlisle is the only one who knows why I don't date, why I'm depressed all the time, that I am indeed not a virgin, and that I am much more than the vampire and son that I pretend to be.

In a family full of vampires with abilities such as ours, it's hard to keep secrets. Especial when they have to know everything that's going on and will do anything to get the information. But Carlisle and I have managed to keep everything a secret all this time, and it's all about to come out in the open. Because she's finally back. Because she found me again after all this time. Because after a century of separation the love of my existence showed up on our door step and turning my world upside down once again. My Love. My Life. My Best-Friend. My Wife. Isabella Marie Masen.