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Chapter 2 (3rd POV)

It was another day in the Cullen household. Kate and Alice are reading the fashion magazines and coming up the new ideas; Rosalie, Tanya and Irina are talking about everything and anything; Jasper and Emmet are playing the X-box; Eleazar and Carman are enjoying time to themselves in the other room; Carlisle is at the hospital; Esme is flitting around the house doing anything she can; and Edward is upstairs, in his room this time, reading.

They were all enjoying themselves and the girls just started planning a shopping trip when they heard a car come up the drive. They looked around confused to see if anyone ordered or suspected something. When no one came forward they all turned towards Alice.

"I don't see anything. I can't see who or what it is."Alice admitted a little disgruntled.

Jasper had a frown on his face as well. "I can't get a reading on them either."

They all heard the car door open and close and Esme flitted to the door and opened it to see who it was.

Isabella was driving through Alaska searching through their connection to find her long lost love. It has been a century since she last saw him and she was looking forward to their reunion.

She has spent the last century training, learning, and developing her knowledge of the old ways so she may pass them on to her husband. There was no reason they both had to suffer through the training and he was dying at the time so it was only reasonable for her to go on while he stayed and got well again. But of course things didn't go as they planned and a new compromise had to be made; however, that's a story for another time.

Found the driveway that lead up to the house her love resides. She can sense others within the house and knows that it is his and Carlisle's family and friends; at least she hopes it's them for Edward's letters didn't mention others.

The house was beautiful, made of glass walls that you could barely see through despite its clearness. It had at least three stories and seemed to glow under what little sunlight there was.

Bella parked out front and shut off the engine. She knew she was probably making everyone anxious, but she didn't care. She has waited too long for this union to care what anyone else thought. She got out of her car, ignoring the vampires on the porch, and preceded to get her bags out of the trunk.

The vampires were watching the woman in dark skinny jeans and dark blue blouse place her bags on the side of her car. They were all confused as to who she was and what she was doing, for not one of them knew her.

Finally, Esme, coming out of her stupor, stepped down from the porch and addressed the girl cautiously, yet still polite with a smile," Hello, I am Esme Cullen. How can I help you?"

" Umm…Yes I am looking for someone who lives here, maybe you can help me find him, for I don't see him" answered the girl while looking at the others on the porch.

" Well why don't you tell me there name I can seek them for you"

"His name is-"

" Bella"

When everyone headed outside, Edward stayed in his hide out watching the scene through everyone else's mind. He couldn't help but think that the stranger looked familiar. The hair color, the shape of her curves it was all very familiar, but he couldn't see her face.

It wasn't until Esme went to speak with her that he saw her face. The face that haunts his daydreams. The face he has not seen in almost a century. The face of his beloved. The face of his entire life is standing in his drive way.

'She has come at last. She has finally found him again after all this time.' He could not help thinking over and over.

It was not until she spoke that he came out of his stupor and fled down the stairs at top speed, out the day and nearly shout her name to the heavens.


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