Beth was feeling good, and not because she didn't have a hangover. She had one alright, her head was pounding and she'd already thrown up three times. Daryl was beating himself up about it, no matter what she'd said. "Should'a reminded ya to drink water," he mumbled as he held her hair back while she emptied her stomach again. Beth cleared her throat and straightened, before she could wipe her mouth on the back of her hand, Daryl handed her his handkerchief. She smiled and took it from him. It smelt like him.

"There's a cabin about a mile from here," she told him as they started walking again. "Zach and I found it one night." She smiled remembering that night until she ran into Daryl's back. He was looking down at her over his shoulder with a look on his face that terrified her. "What?"

"You don't go on runs, what were you doing out here?"

Beth blushed. "We uh…wanted to be alone…"

Daryl growled and started pacing back and forth. He ran a hand through his hair before he kicked a tree, knocking the bark clean off. "Damn it Beth, don't you think?"

"Wh-what are you talking about?"

"You left the safety of the prison to fuck?" He huffed and continued pacing. Beth bit her lip and reached out to touch him, to try and calm him down. "And with that little bitch?"

Beth was starting to get angry. That was no way to speak of the dead. "Daryl, stop."

"No," he yelled, taking hold of her shoulders. "That kid didn't know what the hell he was doing out there. Do you know how many times he nearly got killed and I saved his ass?" He glared at her before turning away, his fists balled into tight fists. "You could have died."

Beth bit her lip and walked up behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder and turning him around. "I'm sorry Daryl," she said softly.

He sighed and looked away. "S'fine." He started walking again in the direction of the cabin. "Is it at least somewhat boarded up?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's safe," she answered, falling into step beside him. She sighed and kept her eyes on the ground. Her good mood was gone. She knew she was stupid for leaving the prison with Zach, she'd felt bad about it for weeks afterwards. But, on the other hand, she knew where they could find shelter for the night, so she didn't regret telling Daryl about it. But now he was mad at her, and that she regretted. They were doing so well, and she felt like they were getting so close…and then she went and ruined it.

They made it to the cabin and Daryl went inside first, double checking to make sure it was clear of walkers while she stood guard at the door. She sighed and kept her eyes on the wood surrounding the cabin. She heard them before she saw them. They came from the back of the house, two from each side. Beth tightened her grip on her knife and calmly walked along the porch and stabbed one in the head, quickly pulling her knife and taking out another. The other two were starting to climb the stairs. Beth opened her mouth to call for Daryl but changed her mind. She could do this.

She ran up on the closest walker and stabbed it, closing her eyes against the spray of the blood and moved out of the way as she ripped the knife from its skull and let it fall. The last one was too close to her for her to get a good shot at its head. It reached out to grab her so Beth kicked out at it to push it back. She lost her footing though and fell backwards over the rail, the knife fell from her hand and she felt the sharp bite of the steel as it sliced her arm open.

She ground her teeth against the pain and got up, grabbing the knife and jumped, stabbing the walker in the head. It fell back as she touched the ground again and crashed into a window, shattering it. Daryl came running, crossbow raised. He took a look at all of dead walkers and then looked over at her. "You alright?" he asked.

"Fine," she grunted and pushed past him and into the house. "We got any bandages?" She pulled her bag off her shoulder and started to go through it one handed. Daryl came up behind her and gently put his hand over her wrist stopping her. Beth looked up at him as he reached around her body and took her other wrist in hand, looking at the long gash in her arm. He pulled his bag off his shoulder and pulled out a roll of bandages they'd found somewhere.

"Should'a been more careful," he mumbled as he grabbed the water bottle and poured a little down her arm. Beth hissed as pain seared through the cut. "Sorry." He started wrapping the bandages around her arm and found some duct tape in his bag to close it with. He started to seal up the cabin. Beth started looking in the cupboards, hoping that maybe there was something to eat. She and Zach hadn't looked when they were here. Unfortunately there wasn't anything.

She turned instead to Daryl. "There's nothing to eat," she said looking him in the eyes.

"I'll go see if I can find something." He picked up his crossbow and gave her a once over with his eyes. "Why don't you work on a noise trap?"

Beth nodded and waited until he left before she let her tough demeanor fade away. Her arm hurt, her stomach was empty, and she desperately wanted to cry. We don't get to do that anymore. Her own words echoed in her head as she went outside to hang up the noise trap around the house. Now she knew why Daryl had grabbed so much from the golf course. Things to burn. Things that made noise. He was looking out for them both.

She was so mad at herself for even mentioning this place. Now Daryl was mad at her, and to be honest, she was starting to get mad at him. She knew where the was safety for the night. Why should it matter how she knew about it? She hadn't died that night her and Zach had come out here. Hell, they hadn't even seen a damn walker. So what was his problem?

After the trap was put up she went back into the house and started looking around for things they could take with them that could be useful. The kitchen had plenty of knives and Beth gathered them all on the table, along with about fifteen water bottles she'd found. The back bedroom was next. It'd been a teenage girl's room. She opened up the closet and looked inside. It wouldn't hurt to have a few more articles of clothing with her. She picked out just two shirts and another pair of jeans, along with a bra that looked like it should have been in a Victoria's Secret store. The bathroom still had some medicine in it, which she took, along with toothpaste and two toothbrushes. Under the sink there was a first aid kit, which she also took. Other than that there wasn't much in there.

The next bedroom must have belonged to the parents. She knew Daryl probably wouldn't wear anything in the closet, but she picked out what she thought he may not be disgusted with and took it back to the kitchen with her. She checked the hall closet and found a stash of blankets that she grabbed. The living room didn't have much of anything that was useful. Just some candles and a few flashlights which she added to the pile of things she'd taken from the other rooms. Looking over everything on the table she frowned. There was no ammunition for her gun, or Daryl's crossbow.

That's when she remembered there was a basement, and a shed out back. Beth grabbed the biggest knife on the table along with the other one she already had on her and headed out to the shed first. There could be more useful things out there. Being careful of the noise trap, Beth walked around to the back of the house and pulled open the doors. They looked like they'd been sealed for a long time. Peaking inside she didn't see any walkers so she headed in and looked around. This place was gold. She found a few yards of rope, a machete, fishing line and some hooks, which could be used for stitching up her arm, zip ties, a tarp, and some flint. She was about to turn and walk out when she saw the camping gear in the corner. Beth smirked and pulled the wheelbarrow over and filled it with the treasure she'd found. A tent, a camping stove with all of the fuel, a few pots and pans, and utensils that fit on a key ring. She wheeled it back into the house, which wasn't easy going up the stairs and parked it next to the table. The basement was next.

Beth walked over to the door that led to the cellar and banged on the door then listened for any walkers that might have found their way down there. When she didn't hear anything, she grabbed her bag, emptied it on the table and a flashlight before heading down. Halfway down the stairs she stopped and shone the flashlight around, double checking. Still no walkers. Convinced she would be okay she finished the decent down the stairs and started looking around. More knives which she put in her bag, and some more rope. She looked around a bunch of shelves containing junk and found the holy grail. There had to be at least fifty arrows in a quiver. Beth shuffled the quiver over her shoulder and put the boxes of ammunition in her bag that was lying on the table. She was nearly ready to give up when she looked behind her and saw another stack of shelves, these had food on them; canned peaches, apples, salsa, pickles, and tomatoes. She filled her bag to the top and grabbed a burlap sack and filled that too, taking everything from the shelves.

"Beth," Daryl yelled.

"Down here," she called back heading back up the stairs. Daryl threw the door open and had his crossbow raised. "Calm down, it's just me." She walked past him with everything over her shoulder, hopefully hiding the arrows. She wanted to surprise him.

"What were you doing down there?" he asked, setting the crossbow on the counter.

"Getting supplies, look at all of this stuff I found," she said nodding to the table. Daryl whistled and she knew he was impressed with her. While he was looking through the camping supplies she carefully set the arrows out in front of him. "Found theses too."

Daryl pulled one out and examined it closely. "The expensive kind," he smirked and looked at her. "Nice work. What else did you find?" Beth smiled and showed him her haul. "Well shit, we could hang out here for a while. Got half a dozen squirrels we can eat too." She smiled and stated to set up the camping stove while he cleaned two of the squirrels for them.

"Daryl?" He grunted at her. "I'm sorry," she whispered. She hated the fact that she could feel the burning prick of tears, but she was upset. She hated making him angry.

He looked at her and frowned. "Why?"

"For doing something stupid like coming out here with Zach." She looked down as she brought some water to a boil. "I don't like making you mad."

Daryl sighed and brought over the meat, dropping it into the water. Then he pulled her into him, something Beth wasn't accustomed to with him. "Shouldn't have yelled at ya," he said into her hair. "I just couldn't get something out of my head."

"What?" she asked looking up at him.

"You said, 'You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone Dayrl Dixon', and I realized, yeah, I am. I could lose the others, I'd hate it, but I could lose them, hell, I already done did that." He sighed and rubbed a hand through his hair. "I ain't no good at this." Beth stayed quiet, just looking up at him; he'd answer in his own time. "If I lost ya….it'd break me."

Her heart broke and she just pressed tighter against him, wrapping her arms tighter around him, getting as close as she could. She felt his arms tighten around her, but she didn't say anything. She didn't want to spoil the moment. She just wanted to be, in his arms, where she knew she was safe.