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Going home was supposed to be relaxing, I would spend time with my Dimitri and unwind from all the stress but when I got home I was greeted by my parents.

"What- are you doing here?" I demanded. Dimitri looked at me surprised while my father got up and smiled.

"I have a solution to our problem." he told me with a huge grin on his face. I looked at my husband and my mother for more information. One sipped hot chocolate all innocent like and the other just shrugged at me!

"And do tell, oh mighty father, what is this solution?" I asked kind of sarcastically.

"No need to be salty sweetie. I was merely going to propose that Reyna come live out the rest of her school years with us. I'm sure the council will see it my way after meeting with a few of them." he said. I didn't even know what to say as I stared at the three of them.

"Are you on board with this?" I snapped at Dimitri.

"Um, it doesn't sound like an extremely bad idea. Lissa and Christian go to Europe a lot... we can plan a day to go see her." He answered. I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose as I closed my eyes trying to calm down.

"Give me a day to think about that." I finally replied after minutes of silence had passed. "For now can I just try to calm my nerves so I can think straight?" I asked.

"Of course! Just be sure to let me know by tomorrow morning. You never know if that council is going to do something stupid." my father said as my mother stood coming over to me and giving me a hug.

"Whatever happens we'll stand by you in your decision." she told me. I nodded giving her a hug back. In the end it was Dimitri and I who would decide what would happen to Reyna. I wasn't about to let a bunch of hypocritical Moroi decide her future. My parents left as I sat on the couch Dimitri got up and made me some hot chocolate.

"What do you think really?" I asked him as he handed me the mug. Dimitri pursed his mouth slightly and sat back down next to me.

"I think we need to consider her future. I'm sure there's bound to be someone at a school overseas that could help her. She's at a stage where moving schools wouldn't be hard and honestly she even asked me about it before she and that boy she was dating started going out." he said.

"Why- Why didn't she tell me about that?" I asked feeling a little betrayed that he was waiting until now to tell me.

"Because she didn't want to disappoint you. She knew how proud you were that she was doing well at St. Vladimir's. She loves her mother and wants you to be proud of her." he answered. I sunk into the couch feeling about the size of a mouse at that moment. My daughter was afraid of disappointing me despite everything I ever said to prove that no matter what she did I was proud of her.

"I am though." I mumbled as Dimitri then wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a hug.

"Do you want to take a bath?" he asked.

"Only if you join me like the good old days." I replied. Dimitri nodded as he planted a kiss on my lips. I melted into him like I always did returning the kiss. I knew we both had a lot of thinking to do and I'm sure his day was just about as stressful as mine had been. The other guardians had been muttering about Reyna, saying horrible things about her when they thought I wasn't listening. I struggled to even fill out a simple patrol report.

Lunch with Lissa hadn't been easy either as moron had stared at us making their own quiet mutterings about my daughter. I was glad Dimitri had set the mug on the coffee table as I then hugged him burying my face into his chest. I couldn't stop the tears that started coming. He held me and petted my hair as he let me cry. He always seemed to know these things when I needed it.


Uncle Adrian and I talked for hours about everything we could. Primarily about Spirit and how it affected him, Lissa and other Moroi born with it differently. He also began to build theories on that others like me probably had gone through similar experiences. I had told him how they had said that females don't live long. He then theorized that girls that were born before me probably were either born at the time of witch hunts or were probably abandoned by their mothers who probably weren't like mine. Eventually my guards told me it was time for me to go back to my room.

"Don't get dishearten kiddo. We're here for you and no one will get to hurt you again. I promise." Adrian said patting my shoulder.

"Sure and how are you gonna keep that?" I asked. He had his own things to worry about Ivan being one of them and Declan who was his own person being old enough to make his own decisions. He had his own job a guardian at a school on the east coast here but still. He was Adrian and Sydney's son.

"I have my ways." Adrian said with that smirk of his that gave away he knew something. I frowned as I headed back to my room with Eddie and the other female guardian.

"Sorry they dragged you away from him to babysit me." I told him. Eddie shrugged.

"Hey, I'm surprised they let me but considering that few others wanted to even risk their necks in fear of your family. It makes sense." he replied. "I'm just glad they decided to come even if Sydney stays in the room." he added with a light hearted chuckle. I didn't blame her a lot of moroi still judged her for being married to Adrian and even worse they whispered things about her being a- well... a you-know-what. I hated that word so much even if it was the case sometimes. My aunts weren't like that and I certainly hated the moroi men that treated women like playthings.

"Well, I'll see you at the next shift change." Eddie said as I nodded walking into my prison. It may not have bars and all the prison stuff but there were wards and everything to make sure I couldn't get out. Not without anyone knowing.

"What should I do now?" I mumbled to myself going to the kitchenette to make myself a cup of hot tea. I got out a bag of blood they had supplied to me, since they thought I would hurt the court feeders, out of the fridge. I let the water heat up as I opened the bag cringing slightly. Bagged blood was the worst thing ever as seemed to gain a plastic type taste to it.

I sat on the small couch turning on the TV. So... house arrest wasn't that bad honestly but I hated being alone. I would think about Vlad and how now was really the only time I could really cry about it. A part of me didn't want to though, it physically hurt now to go back to that memory. I couldn't explain it but maybe that was a part of Spirit that affected me.

Mordred had explained that typically our kind finds it harder to display emotions than how easily I did. Flicking through the channels until I came to a movie I had loved since a child and settled down to watch it. The only time I got up to move that night was to make hot tea.


A bath had been just the thing to help Roza and I unwind but just as we were settling down to try to sleep a little someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it, you try to sleep." I told Roza as she nodded clearly needing to sleep anyways. No one had told her but the bags under her eyes were darker than ever. I was glad I had decided to put on pants again since I was due for a call in just in case someone extra was needed for patrol because when I had answered the door Adrian was standing there.

"I hope you didn't dress this way just for me because that would be very wrong." He joked. I sighed shaking my head.

"What is it? I'm trying to get Roza to sleep." I said softly.

"Alright, just throw on a shirt and come with me. I need you to see something so that you understand what the moroi are going to say tomorrow." he said. I frowned and went back to the bedroom to grab a shirt. Luckily enough Roza had indeed fallen asleep. I smiled slightly as I wrote her a note telling her where I was going. She still freaked out when she woke up and I wasn't there especially if I hadn't left a note or sent her a text about any changes to my schedule.

I left with Adrian who lead me to the a CV room. I gave him a quizzical look as he motioned for me to be quiet. We entered silently and sitting in the room were a couple older moroi council members along with their guardians. They didn't even seem to notice our presence. I looked at Adrian again who shrugged. Sydney would have words with him later that's for sure. Looking at the monitors for the cameras I saw a few had Reyna's house arrest room on them and on the other was Ivan's room on it. His was only two cameras while my daughter's had at least five I could see.

"She's barely even moved. We sure she's not already a strigoi?" one elder stated.

"Yes, all blood tests point to her being a dhampir with amazing abilities." the other replied yawning.

"How can she just sit there like that?" the first said.

"According to her teachers she doesn't need much sleep. While Ivan is sleeping like any other moroi." the second said. Ivan was indeed sleeping but it was probably more out of exhaustion from the rigorous interrogation that they put him through for a couple days after he was returned back to normal.

"So did they determine if the red was a residual effect from the girl's blood?" the first asked.

"No sir, while it is apparent he did ingest her blood it isn't for sure if her blood is the cause. Lord Ivashkov-" the guardian who had started speaking was interrupted by the second.

"What does that boy know other than art and dishonoring his family name." he snapped. Adrian seemed to be unaffected by their word. He already knew their views on his life choices despite Lissa validating his marriage to Sydney.

"Enough, the queen wants us to observe the girl and so far she seems to do nothing but sit and cry." the first said. I felt my heart clench at that. Reyna was crying and she was alone so I could tell who and what she was probably crying over. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep myself silent. They were treating her like an object which hardly surprised me given their age but I still hated it.

"Perhaps we should take that into consideration. Jesse Zelkos as already stated that he wants the girl to go back to school because she saved the life of his son and other moroi children. The guardian that was with them has even submitted his report saying that she is without a doubt as brave and exceptional as her parents." the second said yawning again. The first nodded in agreement it seemed.

"Still doesn't change the fact that it took a spirit user to calm her down enough to keep her from killing the Zelkos boy." the first stated. The second nodded in agreement. "If the rest of the council votes in this girl's favor perhaps we should consider sending her to that school and making sure she becomes the guardian of the spirit user there. Maybe then we can kill two bats with one stone." he added cackling at his own terrible pun. Adrian seemed to smile as we left just as we had entered.

"I hate those men." I muttered.

"True but those two old guys were the deciding vote. All council members have had a chance to watch her interact with others, read the reports and messages from guardians, teachers and even the Zelkos's have thrown their lot into that mix." Adrian told me as we headed back to the living quarters. "That one geezer thinks he's hilarious.." he added.

"I noticed. You think they'll let her go then?" I asked.

"Honestly, if she does they'll send her to the European's version of a "problem child" vampire school. There is a spirit user who's no older than Melrose there and nowadays when we find one we try to get them a guardian as soon as possible. No matter their status in the court. He's powerful and already showing exceptional abilities. He's mastered dream walking even faster than I ever did. So far there seems to be no repurcussions on his using the gift. None I can see anyways but Lissa is still worried about him." Adrian said. I sighed keeping my calm as we continued to walk but now in silence. My daughter wasn't probably the one for that kid if anything.