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In the Woods With a Wondersnatch

Tamsin had sat and listened to the group of adolescence converse over classes they had and teachers they wished they didn't. Tamsin smiled when Dyson and Kenzi began joking with each other throwing quick comebacks and fierce retorts.

"Hey, Tamsin what are you doing Friday?" Kenzi asked behind a wicked smile directed at Dyson.

"Yeah," Bo smiled, "got any plans?"

Tamsin stared blankly at the welcoming faces for a moment, "I think I'm free, why?"

The group shared looks for a moments and seemed to give a collective head nod. "We have this thing we do sometimes to," Dyson laughed under his breath, "ya know lead into the year."

"Okay?" Tamsin was confused.

"So you wanna come?" Kenzi leaned forward. "It'll be really fun."

Making friends? Yeah, fun, Tamsin thought. "Uh, yeah sure. Why not?"

"Great," Hale piped up. "I got the booze."

"Really man? You okay with that after what happened last time? I mean it was cool and all but still..." Dyson pawed at the back of his ear.

"Nah, it's fine, I got it," Hale downed his water and rose. "See you guys later, I got class. Talk to you later?"

"Yeah man," Dyson bumped fists with Hale.

Hale motioned to Tamsin, "Any requests? I can get most things."

Tamsin smiled politely, "I'm good, but thanks."

"Suit yourself," He threw the backpack over his shoulder and walked away.

Kenzi and Dyson soon followed, walking to classes with arms interlocked. Tamsin twiddled with the can that rested in her palms, messing with the loosening tab connected to the top.

"Hey Tamsin," Bo broke the silence.

"Yep," Tamsin spoke, her words disconnected from her thoughts. When she finally looked up she caught Bo's gaze.

Bo was hesitant, "Wanna skip PE? I'm not feeling well."

Her face wasn't pale, there wasn't sweat carried on her brow, she looked completely fine. Tamsin threw the can toward the trashcan set in the aisle near their table. "Um, are you okay? Do you want to go to the nurse?" the can landed in the pile of trash.

"No, it's not that kind of 'not well' if ya know what I mean," her eyebrow raised.

"Oh," Tamsin muttered. "Come on then," she stood.

The girls jaw fell, "Really? Miss history is skipping class? Damn Tam."

Tamsin slid her hag over her shoulder, "What?" she turned. Tamsin smiled, "I get it, but I hate PE, just did it for the credit."

"Fine then, come on Tamers," Bo strode to the door leading Tamsin away from the facility.


"Really? An Ogopogo? How, I mean it's cool and all but how did you get it out of the water?" Bo watched in awe.

Tamsin laughed, "Who said I got it out of the water? That thing went down while it was on the home front."

Bo smiled, her body convulsing with laughter, "Just imagine," she spread her hands in the sir, "little baby Tam splashing around, fighting monsters."

Tamsin began giggling, "It wasn't like that but yeah you get the gist."

"Hey losers, break it up, you're scaring the woodland creatures," a voice echoed through the tree line. Kenzi quickly emerged with Dyson, "I mean seriously, I think McCorrigan would heard you by now."

Bo and Tamsin's laughter was absorbed by the scuffle of boots against the rocky riverbed. The trees surrounding the water were thin but blocked the sight of the river from the school.

"Hey," Bo greeted.

Tamsin searched her bag for her phone, "What time is is? Is school over?"

"Calm down, we always skip fourth period," Dyson plopped down, sending a cloud of dust swirling around him. The rocks surrounding the riverbed guarded from excess noise escaping the tree line as the trio of girls began giggling at the cloud now engulfing Dyson's bulky figure.

Tamsin shifted to form a small circle with the others, Bo rest on her right and Kenzi to her left with Dyson across. "So.." she began as everyone settled.

"So Tamsin, what were you guys laughing about?" Kenzi smirked.

"Tamsin totally took down an Ogopogo last summer," Bo laughed.

Dyson huffed, "How did you get it on land?"

"She didn't, that's what's cool, no one's ever taken an Ogopogo in water, even though it's a water fae. That's pretty cool right?" Bo nudged Tamsin.

"Sure," Tamsin mumbled. "But it's no Baku."

Kenzi smiled, "That was fun eh Bobo? Couple beers and a weird badger, who knew partying with you was sooo much fun," she laughed.

The group chuckled and smiled, "So Tamsin," Dyson directed. "Where are you from?"

Tamsin paused, "Well, this is actually the first school I've been to."

The group fell silent, "You mean to tell us that this is the first time you've been in school? How?" Kenzi nearly choked.

"Home schooling. Next question," she took a sip from her water.

The three contemplated their questions, "What's it like to be a Valkyrie?" Bo asked.

"I don't know, what's it like to be a succubus?" Tamsin said, avoiding the question.

Bo's lips curled at the right side of her mouth before she spoke, "Oddly itchy," She pawed at her leg.

Tamsin laughed, "Same. Next?"

"How old are you?" Kenzi and Dyson spouted in unison.

Bo smacked Kenzi's shoulder, "Stop being cute. So you were saying?"

"Too old," Tamsin replied.

The conversation continued with questions from all sides. Tamsin felt fine though, these people, the were different from the ones she had encountered before, she like them.

A bell from beyond the trees rang after nearly an hour of conversation, "Shit what time is it?" Tamsin panicked.

"Uh, maybe four fifteen, that was the bell," Kenzi and Dyson stood.

"Do you guys think I can get a ride? I don't think my roommate is home, and I kinda don't own a car," Tamsin shifted the bag on her shoulder.

"Sure," Bo shook the keys in her pocket. "Kenz do you need a ride?"

"She's with me," Dyson lifted the girl over his shoulder and began running through the trees, "See ya later Bobo, bye Tamers," they heard reverberate against the tree trunks.

"Bye guys" Bo waved. She turned to Tamsin, whom had been twiddling her thumbs before she said farewells. "Where to Valkyrie?"

Tamsin directed Bo to a road behind the school, the asphalt cracked at covered with tar. The house furthest from the school was painted stark white with orange tint creeping along the base where sprinklers had sprung into action. Tamsin paused, the door to the white house, normally painted green and facing outward, rest with a new blue finish and hung on the hinges.

Bo pulled up against the curb, "Is this is? Looks kinda-"

"Broken into," Tamsin sat frozen.

"Do you want me to call someone? The cops maybe?" Bo began digging for her phone.

Tamsin turned to her, "No it's probably okay, and if not, then it was nice knowin' ya. Tell Kenzi and Dyson thanks for a nice day, I had fun."

"Whether or not you die, they'll know. You're pretty cool Tamsin," a smile stretched across her cheeks. "Now go deal with whatever that is," Bo motioned to a woman leaning against the newly painted door, her shirt torn and her hair left in tangles.

"Thanks for the ride Bo, it was nice meeting you," Tamsin's cheeks reddened as she turned away and walked toward the door.

Acacia rest against the doors broken frame, "Damn Acacia, did you have to break it the first day?"

"Hell yes. Who was that girl?" She walked further into the house, the windows open and the stench of paint lingering in the air.

"A friend," Tamsin walked through the hallway connecting the center of the house to her room. "Did you paint all day?"

"Yeah, I thought we could use it, some fresh paint for a fresh start."

"Yeah," Tamsin chuckled, "fresh as a corpse."

"Hey now, don't go being an ass, and seriously who was that?" Acacia sat on a displaced couch in the middle of the main room.

"Bo, a friend."

"You don't have friends T," Acacia snickered, "Unless you count the ones you bed."

Tamsin smacked her elder with a pillow that had been so neatly set on the floor, "It's," she smacked, "not," again, "like that."

Acacia grabbed the pillow and whipped it's fabric back as the girl, "Fine, you have a friend," She smiled.

"Thank you," Tamsin plopped on to the couch, "And there are three others too."

"Three?!" Acacia was taken aback, "Damn Tamsin, who'd you bribe?"

"The janitor," she smirked, "Seriously Acacia, as first days go, this one was totally okay."

"Good to hear kid, good to hear."