The Missing Prince

Summary: A very young Legolas runs away after his Nana's death and his Ada's continual dismissal of him. Two thousand's years later, with no memory who he is, he tries to find his home, but runs into a very interesting and small group with a mission of their own.


The young Legolas pulled his knees to his chest and stared unblinkingly at the door across the corridor from him. His behind hurt from sitting on the cool ground, but he wanted his Ada. He was not leaving without seeing Ada. He hadn't seen or talked to his father in six days. There was no one there to hold him when his body rocked with tears. There was no one there to whisper comforting words in his ear. He lost Nana less than a month ago and nothing had been the same.

He couldn't sleep without the memory of the orcs jumping them in the woods, of Nana's screams, of the smell of rotting flesh, and the feeling of utter terror. He could hear Ada's war cry and the clashing of swords. He could feel the ground soaked with the black blood of the orcs. He could see in his mind's eye the orcs dragging his screaming and kicking mother off into the forest; her wide, blue eyes catching his, her words yelling for him to stay hidden.

Legolas shook his head to shake the image away. He couldn't believe that all he could do was stay frozen in the bushes as he watched his mother die. He had yet to shed a single tear. He hadn't let himself, not when he needed to be strong for Ada.

He continued to stare at his father's study door. Ada had been in there all morning, after kicking Legolas out and locking the door. Legolas hadn't left the spot on the floor since then either. Captain Erynion, Ada's most trusted captain of the guard, had tried several times throughout the day to get Legolas to move, but he hadn't budged. He barely even noticed the good captain was there.

Legolas sighed and leaned his head on top of his knees. He felt so numb with grief and pain. He wanted Ada to make it go away. Why wouldn't he come out? Didn't he want him anymore? Did he still love him?

He blinked when he heard a shuffling sound coming from the study. He perked up, hoping, wishing Ada was coming out. He stood and walked over to the door. He leaned against it, but heard nothing else. Timidly, he reached up and knocked softly on the door. "Ada?" his voice came out small and weak, like he was begging. "Ada?" There was no reply. He tried again. "Ada?" he spoke just a notch louder than before, thinking, perhaps Ada hadn't heard him the first few times. "Ada?"

"I told you not to disturb me, Legolas!" his father snapped from the other side of the door. "Go!" he ordered harshly.

Stung, Legolas took a step back away from the door. He could feel the beginning of tears, but refused to let them fall. He hadn't cried for his Nana, why would he cry for this? His heart hurt. Go, his father had ordered. Go. The word echoed around in his brain. Go, go, go! Go! No, Ada didn't mean that. He couldn't. He wanted him. He loved him. He wouldn't tell him to go. Even more meekly then before, Legolas reached up, hovered there for a second, and knocked again. "Ada? Pease 'et me in," he called out.

"I told you to go!" Ada snapped.

Legolas breath hitched with disbelief and pain as he followed his instinct. He turned and ran. He ran from his father's harsh words, the feeling of pain and abandonment. He ran down the corridor, up the steps, pass the servants and guards, and to his bedchambers. His breath came out in puffs as he tried to keep his tears at bay. He lay on his bed and pulled his knees to his chest. He stared out the window and at the darkening sky.

Ada no longer wanted him. He told him to go. He didn't love him anymore. Go, he had said. Go. Go. Go where? Legolas sat up in his bed as his eyes fell upon his small daggers and the arrows he had stolen. He didn't have a bow. There was no bow small enough for a very young elfling. He shouldn't even have the daggers, but his Ada gave them to him for protection last year when he still loved him and wanted him. He kept them on the chair next to his bed, for easy access. Just in case an orc came through his window, he wanted to know he could be as quick as Ada to grab his weapons and slay it.

Go. Ada said. Go he must because he loved Ada. If Ada wanted him to go, he would go. He was small and had weapons. It wouldn't be too hard to get through the forest unnoticed. The trees would help him.

He got off the bed and grabbed his traveling bag from the floor of his wardrobe. It wasn't like he would be gone forever. Ada didn't tell him he had to go forever. He would return and, if Ada still didn't want him, he would go and never return. It didn't matter how much it would hurt Legolas. He was doing it for his Ada. Satisfied, Legolas finished packing and slipped out the window.

Tawariell was wearing her silky blue gown. Her silvery blond hair was half braided down her back and her green eyes twinkled with love and enjoyment as she watched their young son try to talk a fish into coming to him. She looked so beautiful, so prefect. Her naturally red lips opened as she let out a musical laughter when a fish splashed Legolas with water as it tried to get away from the elflings grasp. The sun above gave her a glowing outline. She looked other worldly as Thranduil walked into the small clearing to join his family. Immediately, the two turned to him, both forming a smile of bright delight.

"Ada!" his son yelled with pure happiness as he started to rush to him.

Thranduil closed his eyes to shake the memory and leaned forward on his desk. He tried to fight pass the feelings of guilt without much success. His son. He tried not to think of his son. He couldn't tolerate the feelings he felt when he thought of Legolas. The guilt, the sadness. He failed the boy's mother. He couldn't protect his beloved wife, Tawariell. How could he look upon Legolas with the knowledge of his failure? How could he be expected to protect Legolas when he couldn't save Tawariell? He was responsible for taking Tawariell away from their son. He was the one who decided to spend time with his family by the river. He was the one who decided not to bring too many guards with them. He was the king. He was the husband. He was the father. He had the sword. He had the skill. He was the one that failed. Since when had the orcs dared to get that close to their walls?

Thranduil pulled away from his desk and leaned back against the chair. His wife. His beautiful beloved was gone. She was loved by everyone. He knew everyone was grieving her passing. How would he get by her death? He didn't know the answer. He took her away from their subjects as well as their son.

He was sitting beside Tawariell, whispering promises for that night. She was giggling as she tried to hush him. "Not here, Thranduil. Not with Legolas close by," she whispered back with a bashful smile and her redden cheeks. Then she glanced back at the only two guards that was there to keep watch of danger, as if checking to see if they heard. He didn't look back. Instead, he watched her as she bowed her head with embarrassment and giggled. He chuckled with her more amused than embarrassed, knowing the answer from her embarrassment. The guards had heard what their king planned to do to their queen tonight. Tawariell leaned forward and hid her face into his shoulders, still giggling with embarrassment.

"Ada! Nana! Look! Look! I found it!" Legolas yelled in excitement as he ran to them, something skinny and long was in his hand.

Tawariell lifted up her head. Her face was still flushed and her eyes were still twinkling as she turned to their son. "What did you find, my little Greenleaf?" she asked, her tone breathless from her laughter.

Legolas held out his hands. The object was made of a black wood with ink-like feathers and a sharp, black-stained point. "An arrow!"

That arrow as the beginning of the end. Thranduil and Tawariell immediately recognized the arrow as a poisoned orc arrow. They had quickly ordered Legolas to drop it and Tawariell dragged their confused and scared son to the water's edge to wash his hands quickly of any poison he may have touched as Thranduil and the guards studied the arrow and kept alert to their surroundings. The black-stained point was covered in orc blood and it was fresh. That was when they attacked, when Thranduil was separated from his wife and child. He could hear their screams as he tried to get to them. His two guards were trying to protect his back, as his focus wasn't on fighting, but on getting to his wife and son. The screams of Tawariell echoed in his ear, the cries of his frightened son. He could still remember the feeling of blood coating him as one of his guards was slash through beside him.

"Tawariell!" he yelled as he cut an orc's head off. He could see the orcs surrounding his wife, but he couldn't see Legolas. His sight was blocked by another orc, which he quickly disposed of. His heart was pounding in his chest with fear for his family. He could see Tawariell fending off the orcs with a strong branch of a tree, but he knew that would not hold them off for long.

Another orc got in his way. He was harder to dispose of. He clashed sword with him a few times before Thranduil was able to stab him in the stomach.

"King Thranduil!" an urgent voice shouted in panic behind him.

Thranduil quickly turned just in time to see his last guard jump in front of him, taking the sword meant for him. The guard's body fell back against Thranduil. The King of the Greenwood Realm had no time to care for the body. He quickly laid it aside and swung his sword up, just in time to stop the orc's attacks.

A sudden scream from his wife startled him enough that the orc managed to cut his shoulder. He flinched away and stabbed the orc in the stomach. "Tawariell!" he yelled as he searched for her. His heart grew cold when he finally found her. She was being dragged away by her hair. She was screaming and kicking. Thranduil rushed forward, but was stopped by two orcs. He fought hurriedly. He needed to get to his wife.

He could hear her screams. "Stay, Legolas! Stay hidden! Stay…" She was suddenly very quiet. Thranduil's heart knew what that meant, but his head refused to believe it. He killed the two orcs just in time to hear his son's heartbreaking yells.

"Nana! NANA!"

He looked up just in time to see his young son rush out of his hiding spot in the bushes. "Legolas! No!" he yelled out with panicked fear. There were still a number of orcs about, a handful. He tried to get to his son before he, too, was lost to him.

Armed elves appeared around them with Captain Erynion shouting, "Protect the Royal Family!" before disposing of an orc.

Thranduil closed his eyes as tears fell from them. The orcs were quickly killed after that and Thranduil found his wife's body cold near the trees of the forest. Legolas was lying next to her. At first, he had thought Legolas was gone from him too, but, then, Legolas's eyes opened and he lifted up his head. "Nana sleeping, Ada?" he had asked. He was too young to know death. Thranduil couldn't answer him, so he didn't. He gathered Legolas in his arms and hugged him. It took some time before they were able to move, but not a single tear was shed. He was too numb and in disbelief to shed tears and Legolas didn't seem to understand his naneth was gone from Middle Earth. How could he tell him that his naneth was now in the Halls of Mandos?

He didn't know how long he sat there, but dawn was breaking through the trees when a loud knock interrupted his self-contempt moment. He sighed and was about to snap at Legolas again when he realize it couldn't have been his young son. The knock was too strong, too urgent. He sat up, realizing this was business. Anything to get his mind off of his failure was welcomed. "Enter," he called out.

The door opened and his hurried looking captain entered. Thranduil was in immediate attention. Captain Erynion bowed. "Hîr vuin," he breathed out. (My Lord)

Thranduil narrowed his eyes. "What is it, Captain?"

Captain Erynion gave him a despairing look. Thranduil's gut twisted in anticipation, knowing he would not like the Captain's next few words. "It's your son, sire. No one has been able to locate him for the pass few hours." A short pause. "He's missing."

Thranduil's world crumbled.

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