"Hey Kid are you gonna play ball or not?!" said the child just a bit older than myself.

He had stripes on his hair too, but his were symmetrical. His voice greatly resembled my own. We were in the Death Room, with father. This dream was rather recurring, and I faintly know that it is a dream, but can never seem to control my own actions. Also, I can never really remember the other child in the dream, nor his name. I do remember that father is always happier in this dream than he actually is. Now that I bring this up, father has been a bit more, well, joyful since the kishin was revived, which the polar opposite of how everybody else feels. Except me. I don't know how I feel. But it's not joy or sorrow

Death the Kid had defeated many kishin eggs before, in order to stop the kishin from riving. Since he learned Medusa's plan to revive it, he thought that there was no way he would allow the kishin to cause the madness to resurface. But since the day he fought the kishin, he felt something more in it than the soul-thirsty monster that everybody else seemed to see. Something beyond the fear and madness.

Kid felt he could turn to no one for help or comfort, not even Liz and Patty Thompson, his twin pistol partners at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, and they were like sisters to him. Was he going mad? Giving into the madness? No, that wasn't it. He's been there, done that. Also, aren't mad people oblivious to the fact they're mad? Occasionally, with a few exceptions, but then they're loud and proud. All worry aside, he wouldn't dare confront his father on the topic out of fear that it was the madness. Weren't Grim Reapers immune to the Madness after one exposure, like the chicken pox? The only thing that could overpower a Grim Reaper was anot-….no. That wasn't possible. The library maybe? No. that librarian with his insufficient records would be no help at all to Kid.

Another day at Class Crescent Moon droned by, but Kid was extremely disengaged.

"Kid? Kid do you know the answer?" asked Ms. Marie.

"I sincerely apologize Ms. Marie, I was somewhere else." responded Kid. Liz looked over. "Say Kid, are you okay? You're being weird today"

"Hm? Oh, yes I'm alright. I just haven't gotten good rest the past few nights. Dreams are keeping me up."

"Alright." said Liz, and she went back to picking at her cuticles. Meanwhile, Patty was talking to herself about Patty-only-knows-what.

Back at Gallows' Manor, Liz knew something was up with Kid when he walked by his candles and he failed to notice that one was melted down almost an entire inch more than the other. Kid would never fail to notice this on an ordinary day. He also forgot to fold the toilet paper, and didn't throw his usual "WORTHLESS GARBAGE!" tantrum. Liz didn't dare remind him of either of these things, but she still noticed. But Patty noticed too, and she dared..

"Hey Kid! Your candles are different and the toilet paper isn't folded!"

"Whaaat?!" Kid dropped to the floor. "How could I be so careless?! Look at me, I'm worthless! This stupid dream has gotten to me!"

"Stupid dream, eh?" said Liz with that kind sneer of hers. "I knew there was something wrong with you today. Say, what was this dream about?" Kid let out a cheesey yawn

" Ooohh would you look at the time. I'm exhausted. Good night."

"But it's only 6:30." said Patty.

Kid darted to his room, but not before correcting the candles and folding the toilet paper into neat little triangles.