It felt like a weight. A weight pulling him down, causing him to feel sick to his stomach. The feeling made his head spin, like the ground was moving beneath his feet. His breath was caught in his throat. This soul was so much like his, only more fearful, more sinister, more willing to hurt. Wanting to hurt. Kid composed himself. Still, he felt a sickly feeling that cannot be put into words. He looked up. He was in the desert, and it was already dark. In front of him, he saw an abandoned stone structure with a demolished staircase. The air here was heavy, or was it just him? Why was he doing this? Why? Not even Kid knew. He just felt it was an obligation. What if the last way he would communicate with Liz and Patty was through a vague note on the kitchen counter? He would never admit it, but he loved his weapons like sisters. Before he had met them, he had no one except his always-busy father. It had taken a while at first, but eventually Liz and Patty had showed him who they really were. More than two high and mighty, infamous muggers. They were the first friends he had. Until them, friend, support, love, empathy, and sympathy had all been foreign words to him. The only word he had known was alone. Alone and empty. The fact that he was a Grim Reaper didn't help. People feared him and thought he showed no emotion and could only intimidate, but not be a good friend. People looked at him as some sort of figurine that sits on a shelf. Something that cannot be loved or cared for, but can only be left alone and looked at, talked about. Something that couldn't feel, something that had a heart of stone. But if you were to pick up that figurine, you would notice that small things about it. The things that make it valuable. If you give that figurine love and attention, it can become something close to your heart. He felt like that figurine, only, no one ever picked him up and noticed the values. He stayed on the shelf, and the few who noticed him would never put forth the effort to pick him up. He was just a Death the Kid figurine that nobody wanted. Could Asura be another figurine, sitting next to him on the shelf? Another dusty statue that felt he was unlovable? Perhaps that's what put him in his state. To much dust clogged his emotions. After never being loved, he stopped feeling love? Had Liz and Patty led him away from the same path? Well maybe, just maybe, that Asura figurine could be picked up and dusted. Could Kid dust Asura's figurine and Asura dust Kid's figurine?

"Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer." Kid heard this just before he felt something wrap around his neck and pull him into the air. Soon he found himself close enough to the Kishin's face to hear his unsteady breath. Kid remained calm. With what little breath he had, he choked out the words "I'm n-not here t-to fight. I want t-to t-talk"

Asura pulled the scarves away from his face.

"What does that mean? That's quite an odd threat; I've never heard that one before." Kid couldn't speak. As his face turned purple, Asura dropped him to the ground. Kid filled his lungs with stinging air. After he caught his breath, he said "It wasn't a threat. Do you think I'm stupid enough to threaten the Kishin when i haven't even brought my weapons?" Asura saw that kid really didn't have any weapons, from what he could tell. He looked at Death the Kid. Asura knew, but did Kid? That is a ridiculous name for a Grim Reaper. Death the Kid. He had never trusted anyone before, and he highly doubted he was going to start now. Here he stood, face to face with his mere replacement.

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