Two boys stood before the large main building of Japan's prestigious Ouran Academy, both dressed in the school's boy's uniform. Being identicle in appearance, it was clear that the two were twins. The younger of the two siblings wore an expression of excited awe.

"Wow! Look at how big it is, Nao-nii!"

The elder brother made a noise of agreement, visibly calmer than his younger counterpart. "Come on, Nagi. We need to get our class listings." He stated, starting up the steps. "Getting maps of this place wouldn't hurt, either." He added as an afterthought.


Even as they made their way through the hallway, Nagi continued to look around himself, spinning around in circles as he walked. "It's big on the inside, too!"

Nao simply sighed at his brother's actions, stopping before the front desk. He spoke with the well dressed woman behind the counter while Nagi continued to titter about.

"How may I help you?" The secretary (the nameplate on the desk read "Misaki Takano") asked with a smile.

Nao gave her a small smile in return. "Ah, my brother and I are new students. Could you get me the class listings of Nao and Nagi Tsukino? And a couple of maps would be helpful."

She peered around Nao's figure to take in Nagi's hyper form with an amused look. "Of course. Just a moment." She turned to riffle through a filing cabnet to her right.

Waiting patiently for her to retreive their papers, Nao watched his brother with an expression that appeared to be a cross between annoyance and amusement.

Misaki cleared her throat to regain the boy's attention, holding out four sheets of paper, smile still in place. "Here you go, Mr. Tsukino."

Returning her smile, again, Nao took the documents and bowed his head in thanks.

"Nagi." He called as he walked toward the younger boy.

Said boy teetered unsteadily on his feet at the sudden calling of his name. He managed to catch himself before he fell completely off balance. He grinned happily at Nao. "Did you get the things?"

The other held the paper reading "Nagi Tsukino" at the top out to him in response.

Nagi scanned over the text, grin still in place. "Looks like I'm in Class 1-B. Ne, what class are you in, Nao-nii?"

Nao looked down at his own paper. "Class 2-C."

While Nao and Nagi were both 17, and should both be second year students, Nagi wasn't the most acedemically inclined. Having been held back a year, he was only a first year student that year.

After looking at one of the maps Misaki had given them, the two made their way toward the section of the school holding the class rooms. Nagi went one way and Nao went another, each going to find their respective classes.

Nao was the first of the two to find his class room, the sign hanging near the door prclaiming it, "2-C".

Lightly knocking on the door before sliding it open, he stepped inside. The teacher paused in whatever she was saying, turning to look at the boy in the doorway.

"Can I help you?"

Nao stepped farther into the room and handed her the paper he recieved from Misaki.

"Ah, I remember now. You're the new student that was supposed to be coming." She gave him a welcoming smile. "Please introduce yourself to the class."

There was around 25 or 30 other students in the room. All of which had their attention focused on him, though he was unaffected by their stares.

"Hello, my name is Nao Tsukino. I hope we all get along well."

In a different area of the large academy, Nagi was in a similar situation. Though, his response to being asked to introduce himself was less, formal and reflected his hyper personality.

"Hi! My name's Nagi Tsukino! I hope we can all be friends!"

First a "commoner" scholarship student entered the school, and now another set of twins was added to the mix. It would certainly be an interesting year at Ouran Academy.

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