Chapter 6

Renge gave a closed-eye smile and tilted her head to the side in what was supposed to be a cute gesture. "Well, boys. I can't wait to work with you."

The Next Day

The Hosts sat around one of the many tables that occupied Music Room Three.

"I thought about it a lot last night. And maybe having a 'Lady Manager' isn't such a bad idea." Tamaki explained to the lot, a hand to his chin.

Nao raised an eyebrow at the "King", a heavily annoyed expression on his face. "And why, pray tell, do you say that?"

"Well, it's fairly obvious, isn't it? Renge just transferred into the same class as Haruhi. So if Haruhi has girl friend around, it could bring out the female within her. Renge's girlish air of tenderness might be able to stimulate Haruhi's own sense of femininity!"

The girl in question stared at Tamaki with certain level of exasperation. Nao gave the blonde a similar look. "You really are an idiot…" He mumbled quietly, once again receiving a disapproving look from Kyoya.

"Now is our chance to help Haruhi get in touch with her feminine side!" Tamaki continued, seeming to ignore the brunette's annoyance. "This is an important project men! She doesn't have any friends in class right now except for these two shady twins!" He pointed at the Hitachiins. "That's no good for her!"

Nao snorted slightly when the red-heads chorused, "Like you have room to talk."

"Hey, everyone!" Renge's high-pitched voice cut through the air as the club room door opened.

"Oh, great… She's back…" Nagi mumbled, pouting.

"You'll all be happy to know that your new manager, Renge, has baked all of you some cookies!" She continued, holding up a plate of cookies.

How Tamaki went from the couch to the door in the span of a second, Nao wasn't sure.

"Oh! Isn't she lady like! I'm so moved by your generosity!"

"I didn't bake these cookies for you, you phony prince…" The French girl cast a glare at the idiotic blonde, effectively sending him to his "emo corner".

Renge went running to Kyoya, then, fawning over "what he would say", even though she'd burnt the baked treats. Nao watched his brother glare at the pair with thinly veiled amusement.

"She wasn't kidding, these cookies really are burnt." Hunny mumbled around the one in his mouth.

Acting as the ever protective cousin, Mori made to stop the small boy from eating any more. "Don't eat that, Mitsukuni, it's bad for you."

Needless to say, Renge started to chase the two around in a fit of rage.

Haruhi was the next to try the self-proclaimed "Lady Manager's" cookies. "They're not that bad, at all, actually. They've got a good flavor to them."

Hikaru and Kaoru seemed to see this as the perfect moment to agitate the "King". Hikaru ate half of the cookie that was in her mouth and Kaoru actually licked off the crumbs on her face.

The elder Tsukino gave them a blank look. "That's sexual harassment, you know…"

Nao's statement went unheard as Tamaki started raging about the display. "Did you see what they just did? He took a bite of the cookie while it was in her mouth and the other one licked her face! I told you those shady twins can't be trusted! They're trying to seduce her!"

Moron… The more you rage, the more accomplished they feel… Nao huffed a bit. "It's people like you who give blondes a bad name…" He mumbled.

When he proceeded to chide the brunette girl for her lack of proper reaction, he found himself rebuffed. "This is sexual harassment, Senpai…"

Of course, this sent him into another of his rages, complaining about how if what he did was sexual harassment, what the Hitachiins did was twice as bad.

Nao sighed and shook his head. He could already feel a headache coming on.

"Lukewarm… Every single one of you! Except for Kyoya, all of your characters are lukewarm! Each one of you needs to have some sort of dark side, you understand? Girls are vulnerable to handsome young men who are troubled! If you keep going on like this, it's only a matter of time before the girls get tired of you and stop coming all together! Are you trying to ruin my precious Kyoya's business?"

Each of the Hosts stared at the girl with varying degrees of fear. Nagi was glaring a bit as she referred to Kyoya as "hers". Nao had his fingers pressed to his temple in an effort to soothe the headache her yelling had brought on, once again questioning the girl's sanity.

"As your manager it's my duty to change your character backgrounds! Let's start with you!" She pointed at Hunny, who was clinging to Mori, clearly afraid. "If all you are is cute, inside and out, then you're no different than a baby! Therefor, from now on you are the baby faced thug! And Mori-senpai, you're his childhood friend, the flunkie!"

She turned on the Hitachiins. "The twins will be basketball players, enslaved in their own world!" Then Haruhi. "Haruhi, you're an honors student who's constantly being bullied! And as for you," She turned to Tamaki. "You're the school idol who's admired for his good looks but you actually have an inferiority complex you're hiding from the world! The Lonely Prince!"

Tamaki had, by far, the most positive reaction to his character assignment (save for Kyoya, whose character wasn't changed at all). He stumbled around in an over-dramatic way, going on about how perfect the title of "Lonely Prince" was for him.

The Tsukinos were the only ones who hadn't been given a new character, and both silently hoped that Renge forgot to do so. Apparently, though, that was too much to ask for.

"You two!" The French girl turned on them. "You two will be the twins that are in love with their senpais!"

Matching sets of green eyes blinked blankly as she went on.

"Nao! You will be the shy friend of Hunny and Mori who's been secretly in love with Mori since you were children!" Nao gawked at the girl, questioning her mental stability for the second time that day. A light pink dusted his cheeks. "And Nagi, you're the one who's been quietly admiring his love from afar, consumed with jealousy as you watch him with his fiance!"

"And who might that be?" Nao questioned, recovering quickly and looking at his shell-shocked brother.

"Why, Kyoya, of course!"

It was Haruhi who spoke this time. "But, I thought you loved Kyoya, Renge."

Renge turned to the other girl and winked. "I do! But who can turn down a love triangle? Especially when the third is another boy!"

Nao snapped his fingers in front of his brother's face a few times, with no response. He sighed. "Well, ought to be an interesting experience…" He mumbled.

The Hitachiins pulled Kyoya to the side. "C'mon, Kyoya-senpai," Hikaru started.

"You've got to do something!" Kaoru finished.

"Why? It seems like the boss it up for it." Kyoya pointed in the direction of Tamaki, who was leaning against the wall in what was supposed to be a "lonely prince pose," asking Renge whether or not the pose was fitting for his new character. "Let's just wait and see how things turn out. I bet it'll be interesting. It always is."

"Yeah, well, 'interesting' is never a good thing, in this place." Nao stated lightly, still trying to coax a reaction out of Nagi.

Nao and Nagi stood at the side lines, each waiting for their respective parts in the movie that Renge apparently saw fit to make. Both were soaked to the bone from the water raining down as the Tamaki and the Hitachiins performed their sad, sympathetic scene.

"This is ridiculous…" Nao muttered quietly. "How the hell did we go from changing characters to making a movie about them?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, Nao-nii." Nagi turned to him with a small smile. "It is kinda cool, though, isn't it? Being in a movie?"

The elder glanced to the side. "For me? Not really. But, to each thier own, I guess."

"Nao-senpai! You need to be in position!" Renge's voice rang through the air, and a grimace settled onto Nao's face.

"Right…" With a sigh the brunette followed after the French girl, his brother's shout of "Good luck!" sounding behind him.

Haruhi ran through the trees, the fake rain still coming down. Panting, she leaned her hands against a tree.

"You can't run away forever."

Startled, she turned around, and backed against the tree,a frightened expression on her face.

"I'm gonna show you what happens to anyone that crosses me." The threatening expression didn't look at home on Hunny's child-like face, but still managed to appear frightening.

Mori made an attempt to placate the younger boy. "Don't do it Mitsukuni. You have realized by now that whenever you hurt others, you're really just hurting yourself."

"I didn't ask you for any advice. You want me to put you over my knee again?"


Said boy turned his head in the direction of the call. Nao was running toward them, a pained and somewhat timid expression on his face.

"This isn't you! This isn't who you are!" The brunette stopped a few feet behind them. "You were never like this when we were children… You-"

"Shut up!" The short blonde snapped, drawing a flinch out of the younger boy. "I didn't ask for your opinion either." He turned back toward Haruhi, taking a step forward.

Nao moved forward, clearly going to make another attempt to stop the other. An arm locked itself around his waist, effectively halting any further movement. Turning his head, he could see Mori shake his head, signaling to him not to try any further. A light blush coating his cheeks at the proximity, he turned back around, a worried expression settling on his face.

"You know, it really pisses me off when people don't know their place."

There was a moment of silence, of tense calm, before Hunny finally broke down and jumped into Haruhi's arms, crying and repeatedly apologizing.

Nao's worried expression melted away, and he slumped slightly against Mori's arm as Renge started yelling at the small blonde. Green eyes looked exasperatedly in her direction. "What the hell did she expect to happen? Hunny-senpai's too sweet to keep up an act like that for very long…" He muttered, earning a low chuckled from his tall senpai.

Removing himself from Mori's arm, Nao made his way to where Kyoya, the Hitachiins, and Haruhi were all standing. "Why, exactly is there an entire professional film crew here, again?" He asked, grabbing a towel and trying to dry off his soaked hair.

"Apparently she flew them in from Hollywood." Kyoya provided, pausing in writing in his notebook. "Don't you recognize the director? He directed the vampire movie Millennial Snow. It was the number one grossing box-office hit in America last year."

"And another thing," Hikaru started, slapping the script in his hand. "How come this stupid script portrays Kaoru as the pitcher?"

Nao gave them a mildly exasperated look. "You're really complaining about something like that?"

Haruhi gave them all a confused look. "What does that mean?"

"If you don't know, then never mind." The Hitachiins chorused.

"Pitcher..?" The girl mumbled.

The older brunette lightly patted her shoulder. "Believe me, you don't want to know."

She looked up at him with a bemused expression. "If you say so…"

Nao chuckled slightly and walked away, easily finding his younger brother among the camera men, looking at the filmed footage. "Nagi, what are you doing?"

Nagi turned with a large smile on his face. "Just looking at the video of your scene. You looked really convincing, Nao-nii!"

"Thanks, I guess…"

The younger pouted. "That wasn't a very nice reaction…"

The elder shrugged slightly. He turned slightly at the sound of some commotion at the side of the building. "C'mon Nagi." He moved in that direction.

"Hm? Okay." Nagi question, confused, but followed anyway.

The two arrived just in time to see Kyoya smash the lens of the camera with a rock.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot let there be any record of a club member engaging in violence." Kyoya looked thoroughly annoyed with the French girl. "I think you've caused enough trouble around here, Renge. Please stop being such a pest."

"A pest..?" Tears started to slide down Renge's cheeks. "But you're supposed to pat me on the head and tell me not to worry! You're supposed to be kind and affectionate, Kyoya! Why are you acting so differently now? Tell me why!"

"Because that's not who Kyoya is." Nagi piped up from his place next to Nao.

Renge looked genuinely surprised by that statement. She fell to her knees, crying quietly.

Haruhi was the one to comfort the girl, telling her that she needed to get to know the person on the inside little by little. Slowly, Renge stopped crying, seeming to understand.

Several Days Later

"I bought the video of that film you made!" One guest said.

"I did too!"

"So did I!"

Each of the Hosts wore expressions filled with varying levels of surprise.

"You did?" Tamaki asked, looking confused.

The room filled with the sounds of the girls fawning over the characters the Hosts portrayed in the movie.

"Kyoya..?" Tamaki started slowly.

"I may have broken the camera's lense, but the footage we already shot wasn't damaged. Naturally, I did cut out that one violent scene. Sales have been pretty good so far. That Hollywood film crew did a fantastic job." He pushed up his glasses. "But then I guess that's to be expected."

Nao gave him a withering look. "Anything to make a little extra money, huh?" He mumbled, drawing a quiet giggle from his brother.

"Good day, everyone." A very familiar, high pitched voice called.

The all turned in the direction of the voice. "Renge? But I thought you had gone back to France already?" Tamaki asked.

Renge had a sort of love struck look on her face. "I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner. It was so chivalrous of you to risk your life to protect me." She folded her hands and held them near her face. "I could feel the love when you lectured me about judging people."

Nao placed a hand over his mouth, feeling the laughter trying to bubble up.

Renge grabbed Haruhi's hands. "When you said it was fun to get to know people little by little, you were talking about me!"

Tamaki started to rage, and Renge started to drag Haruhi off. "C'mon Haruhi! Let's go to my house and play some games together! I think it's time you got to know me better!"

"What?" Haruhi squawked slightly, clearly overwhelmed by the French girl's forcefulness.

"Hey, Kyoya-senpai?" Hikaru started.

"You okay with this?" Kaoru finished.

"Why wouldn't I be? Everything Renge said was true."

"No it isn't!" Tamaki raged.

Nao raised an eyebrow at the blonde, an amused expression on his face. "I thought you wanted Haruhi to have a female friend, Tamaki."

"Yeah, a female companion, not a girlfriend!"

Nao shook his head lightly. "Amour continue à fleurir, et des choses inattendues continuer à se produire. Mais, c'est la vie, je suppose."

Nagi looked at the other with a slightly confused expression. "French?"

"Seems fitting, don't you think?" Nao looked at the younger with an amused expression. "Renge is from France, after all."

Nagi giggled lightly. "Yeah, I guess so."

Hunny looked at the younger brunette. "What did Nao-chan say?"

"'Love continues to bloom, and unexpected things continue to happen. But, that's life, I guess.'" Nao supplied, instead.

The short blonde giggled. "That is fitting!"

Nao smiled slightly and looked out one of the large windows in the club room. This place isn't so bad, after all.


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