Spy School

Previously on Spy School

I was walking to class when a girl with red frizzy hir started yelling at me.

Annabeth's Pov

She started saying and yelling at me "What do you think you are doing walking into class with my boyfriend" The Percy started saying "For the last time Rachel I am not your boyfriend" She said in a fake sweet voice "Well of course you are everyone boy wants to go out with me"

Then Percy and I walked to the back of the class. Rachel was yelling to him "No one walks away from me." But, Percy just ignored her. Percy asked me why I transford in the middle of the year. So I told him the story.


I was walking down the the hallway of my school. I didn't go to Spy School but my mom hired someone to train me. Her name was Terra, she was like a second mother to me. Anyway back to walking down the hallway. I was thinking about Luke my boyfriend at the time. Then I saw two people against the lockers making-out. I just thought that was gross.

Then, I relized it was Luke and he was kissing the head cheerleader. I gasped. He saw me. I was running out of the school crying. Luke was chasing me saying "It was not what it looked like"

I ran to my car got in and drove home. I unlocked the door went inside then closed it and slid down on the door. In turns out my mom was home for once and she saw me crying. She went over to me to comfort me. She acting like a mother for once. I told her what happed and she told me if there was anything she could do.

I asked if I could change schools. She told me I could and she said I got accepted to Spy School.(A/N Sorry there is no name for the school. I couldn't think of anything) So I agreed to go there.

* End Flashback*

Percy told me he was sorry that happened but I told him it wasn't his fault. Just then the teacher walked in and wrote his name on the board. . Then he turned around and said "I heard there was a new student, would she come up to the front and introduce herself" I stood up and Percy gave me a thumps up. I walked to front of the classroom and said "I'm Annabeth Chase and I use to go to public school before this"

I think Chase got everyones attention beacuse when I started walking back to my seat everyone started whispering.

Skip to lunch (A/N I don't want to bore you with the learning)

I was walking into the cafeteria and everyone started whispering again. I got in line and got my lunch. I was looking for a place to sit when I saw a hand in the air and I relized it was Thalia. So I was walking to sit next to her. There was one seat next to her left.

She was sitting with a bunch of people. She introduced them to me. "This is Nico,Piper,my brother Jason, Leo,Katie,Travis and Connor Stoll, Reyna, Elizabeth, and you already know Percy." I said hi and there were some hi's and heys back. I started eating. Then, Rachel and two other girls were following behind her. Rachel started flirting with Percy. The girl with light brown hair started flirting with Nico and the other girl with dark brown hair started flirting with Jason.

All the boys had disgusted looks on there faces. All three boys told the three girls to leave them alone. The three girls blew them a kisses and left. Percy,Nico, and Jason looked like they were going to throw up. I asked who the two girls were behind Rachel. They told me the one with the light brown hair was Calypso Titan and the one with dark brown hair was Drew Tanka. I noticed Thalia and Piper looked angry when the girls were flirting with Nico and Jason. I had to admit to myself that I was little angry when Rachel was flirting with Percy.

The bell rang. I walked out of the cafeteria and I saw something that made me want to cry. It was . . .

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