Spy School

Previously on Spy School

The bell rang. I walked out of the cafeteria and saw something that made me want to was . . .

Annabeth's Pov

It was Luke Castellan.(A/N Sorry if I spelled his last name wrong)He saw me so I walked away really fast. He grabbed my arm and spun me around. He said "Annabeth you need to let me explain" I said "Fine, explain then leave me alone" in a very angry and almost about to cry said "I didn't kiss her she kissed me and she pushed me up against the lockers"I said "I don't care anymore so leave me alone" I was about to walk away when he pushed me up against the lockers ad kissed me.

I was trying to get out of his grip but he was to finally I didn't feel his grip or lips anymore.I looked to see Percy standing with his fist clenched and Luke on the floor all beaten up. Percy asked "Are you alright?" I said " was Luke my ex-boyfriend"

Percy said "Come on let's go"

He grabbed my hand and we started running to our next class. We got to Greek class. The only seats left were two in the back and one next to Rachel. We walked into class and we were late. told us to take a seat. Rachel was looking at Percy and pointing at the seat next to her. Percy grabbed my hand and we walked to the back of the class.

Rachel thought Percy was going to sit next to her, but when we passed her she gasped. When we sat down in the two seats in the back of the classroom Rachel mouthed to me "Back Off". I just ignored her. Thank god it was the last class of the day.



I was walking out of the front doors of school when someone grabbed my wrist. I turned around and it was ...

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