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Chapter 6

Harry first noticed when he began to wake that he was rather chilly-for having been so close to the fireplace this was unusual. Also that he had a terrible headache. This wasn't so unusal, as for he frequently got them when streesed or overworked.

He opened his eyes, execting to see his home perhapse dark without the fire to explain the chill. Though the grey skies lightening with the tell tale signs of sun rise, and beautiful stormy grey blue eyes above his own were what he met with.

"Gah!"he yelped, flying up- almost butting heads with blue eyes-who moved with surprising speed and grace. Which the latter Harry showed his lack of as he flew off the bench and landed in a tangled heap on the ground.

There was a chuckling above him and he finally straightened himself to gather his compusre and look up to the one he had been searching for.

"Legolas," he breatehd blinking expecting to see him dissapear. There was a strange twist in his stomach, and his heart seemed rather intreasted in bursting. It was the feeling he had when he had met Legolas last, and while he had craved to experience it again it was unnerving. He shifted so he could stand and wrap his arms around his middle while trying not to appear as if he wished to roll up in a tight ball and hide from the other.

The elfs laughs slowed and he rolled his head back up from where he had bent over and looked at his with his peircing gaze a smile that only convayed absolute joy beamed on his face and his eyes sparkled with the uncontained emotion-though Harry found it difficult to believe that it was all a result from his blunder.

"Nae saian luume', Cormamin lindua ele lle,"the language rolled fluidly loff yhe others tonngue, and only for a breif second Harry was intranced with the strong yet soft voice before he blinked.

"Uh,"he laughed shakily" sorry. Didn't quite understand that. . ."

The blond blinked and spoke in another language-this one a bit more gruff and germanic sounding than the previous one. Silently Harry shook his head, his heart sinking once he began to realise.

He couldn't realise a word coming out of the others mouth.

"I cant understand a word your saying," he said biting his lip and the others frown deepend as well,"I wish I had learned a few translation spells from 'mione," he sighed as he pushed a hand through his messy hair," She was always translating things for work and study. Never was something I was very interested in. . . "

Realizing he was rambling he blush grinning before realizing again Legolas couldn't understand haim still," right. Well. " He paused and waved," hello."

Legolas blinked. Then blinked again before his stony face broke into a smile and he began to double over in laugheter once again.

"Okay okay laugh it up! But there is noly one way right now I'll ever communicate with anyone here," Harry folded his arms waiting for the other to regain his composure.

After calming down a bit, saying something in that fluid tongue again, Legolas gave Harry a most mischivious look. Then he exaggerated Harry's previous gesture, a grin still plastered in an almost cheeky manner on his face.


Nodding Harry tried to pronounce it, but it was obvious a slaughter of the beautiful word the other had uttered.

Legolas grin grew and Harry rolled his eyes trying again,"Vedaui."

"Lle ume quel,"The pointed eared one responded in a encuraging tone and Harry took that as it was a good improvement, tthough still butchard.

Harry shivered suddenly and the light mood was gone as Legolas somehow appeared next to him-was it natural to be able to move that quick?!- and was tucking the cloak around him speaking in that same strong soft voice.

Harry allowed himself to be lead, though shrugged off the gental hands that seemed to want to hold him until they could no longer, and followed the elf off to a looming stone building, that seemed to be a castle.

As they walked Harry thought of his situation, dimly aware he was taking the fact he had been whisked away to an unkown place-most likely a whole nother world- would never see his old home again-though there was nothing left for him there-and couldn't understand a word anyone would have to say. Besides Vedui'. Vedui'. Hi. It was a start.

Well it was better than going to America again.


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