Author's Note: I am deeply saddened by the lack of Hiccelsa(HiccupxElsa) stories on this site, so I'm trying to help this cause a bit by writing one. This will mainly follow the storyline of Frozen, with Hiccup being present, representing Berk at Elsa's coronation. There will be some elements from HTTYD, like the prologue. I hope you will enjoy this story and I also hope to raise the popularity of this pairing with this, even if only a little. So, without further ado, let's get this started.

Summary: Hiccup didn't know what to expect when he was invited to represent Berk at Queen Elsa's coronation in Arendelle, but what he certainly didn't expect was to fall in love with the Queen herself. Elsa's hidden powers were a close second.

Pairings: HiccupxElsa and some KristoffxAnna.


It was an average day on the Island of Berk. The skies were clean, the sun was shining, though the temperature was still sub-zero, and Dragons were soaring through the air. Most notably were the five dragons of the Berk Dragon Academy.

As usual, the riders of Berk finished their daily training routine with a little race around the island, and as usual, the winner turned out to be either Hiccup and Toothless, or Astrid and Stormfly, as the two pairs were greatly ahead of the others.

''Ready to give up, Hiccup?'' Astrid quipped as they were soaring next to eachother.

''As if!'' came the reply. ''Come on, bud! Let's show these arrogant women the consequences of underestimating a Night Fury!'' The black dragon roared in approval as they icreased their speed, with Astrid and Stormfly doing the same. Neither of them would stand losing to the other. Ever since their relationship came to an ending, they have become fierce rivals in dragon training.

Astrid glanced at Hiccup slyly as she whispered something into her dragon's ear. Hiccup was confused by this, which quickly turned to shock as Stormfly lunged her spiky tail towards him. Hiccup gasped as he only barely managed to avoid the stike. He let out a reliefed sigh, only to gasp once more as he saw a large rock appearing in front of them. They have managed to avoid it, but weren't at all pleased to see that this little distraction gave the other duo quite a bit of adventage.

''So that's how you wanna play.'' Hiccup uttered. As Astrid and Stormfly were soaring towards the finish line, the academy, Hiccup noticed a large branch on the side of a cliff they were flying towards. He allowed an evil smile to crawl onto his face.

''Toothles...'' the dragon seemed to think the exactly same thing, as he shot a plasma blast towards the branch. As the blast impacted with the branch, it fell of the cliff, exactly towards the currently leading pair. Astrid noticed it, but appearantly didn't have time to react as the branch hit her dragon and they hit the water with a huge splash.

Hiccup gasped at what he had just done. ''ASTRID!'' He instructed his dragon to softly land on the now floating branch, as it was massive enough to support them. ''Astrid!'' he called, but no reply came. Moments later the duo reappeared, bursting out of the water with great speed and flying towards the island. Hiccup was dumbfounded and only came back to reality when he heard Astrid shouting, ''SUCKER!''

It took Hiccup a few moments to take in that he was tricked, and when he did, all he could do was smacking his forehead.

Hiccup and Toothless has arrived back to the academy with displeasure. As Hiccup hopped off of his dragon, he was almost immediately greeted by a triumphantly grinning Astrid.

''That was low. Even from you.'' was the boy's comment on the stunt pulled by the blond.

''This from the guy who wanted to knock me out with a falling branch as I was flying over the ocean.'' came Astrid's unimpressed reply.

''Hey, you wanted to play dirty. You tried to knock me down, because you knew there was no way Stormfly could match Toothless in speed.'' Hiccup accused.

''Maybe, maybe not.'' Astrid shrugged. ''But in the end it was enough from me to take advantage from one of men's biggest truth.''

''Which is?''

''No men can think straight, when they see a damsel in distress. Even if that damsel is not really in distress.'' Astrid grinned and walked away. Hiccup crossed his arms and frowned, while Toothless growled. Hiccup couldn't blame his friend. This woman was absolutely infuriating.

'Our relationship's ending was the best thing that's ever happened to me.' he thought. Now don't get him wrong, he didn't hate her, but she could really get under his skin. They have broken up two years ago, because they came to the mutually agreed point that their relationship wasn't getting anywhere. And strangely, Hiccup felt better and more relaxed around her after that. He had even managed to overcome his awkwardness. But then he and Astrid started rivaling in dragon training, and then in everything else. He can recall one time when Astrid made two cups of her now infamous yaknog and offered one for him to drink with her, as she was well aware of how he, or anyone else for that matter couldn't stand it. His mouth tasted like dung for two weeks, but the triumphant feeling of beating her in yaknog drinking, as well as the disbelieved look on her face when he slammed his empty cup on the table after finishing totally worth it.

And as Hiccup could improve himself physically in the past five years, he could also compete with her in some phisical challenges, including arm-wrestling, archery, or axe throwing. Though in the latter, Hiccup doubted anyone could best Astrid. She had years of practicing on unfortunate trees in her pinkie.

But still, dragon training was like the ultimate showdown between the two. And losing a race, like Hiccup did was something he did not take easily.

Eventually, Hiccup decided to walk home from the academy, instead of flying to cool off a bit. Toothless followed closely.

When he arrived to the village, he was greeted by Gobber, who seemed to notice his grim expression.

''Have you lost a race to Astrid?'' he asked.

''No, I was nearly knocked off my dragon, crashed into a rock, tricked by Astrid to think I killed her, then lost the race.'' he replied bluntly. Gobber sighed. He kinda missed the old days, when the two were actually getting along.

''You know, Hiccup, your rivalry with her is going to get one of you killed someday.''

''Preferably her.'' Hiccup murmured, hoping Gobber wouldn't hear, but that wasn't the case, as Gobber's prothestic hand connected sharply with the back of his head. ''Ok, ok, I was only joking.'' he said, rubbing his head.

''Don't joke with something like that.'' he scolded. ''By the way, your father wants to talk to you.''

It was Hiccup's turn to sigh. He wasn't in the mood for a father-son talk with the chief right now, but what could he do.

''Thanks.'' he told Gobber, as he walked away to the direction of the chief's house. Gobber only shook his head as he went to return to his duties.

Hiccup entered the house and saw his father sitting at the kitchen table. He walked up to him. ''Hi, dad. Did you want to talk to me?''

Stoic looked up at him. ''Ah, yes, son. Take a seat.'' Hiccup did so.

''Hiccup,'' Stoic began. ''Have you heard of the kingdom of Arendelle?''

''No, should I have?'' Hiccup asked dryly. Stoic ignored the question and continued.

''As you know, vikings used to raid other tribes and kingdoms for centuries. Some kingdoms have created treaties with us to keep them from getting raided. Arendelle was one of them. Our relationship with them in recent years however improved greatly. So much that we actually made an alliance with them a few years ago.''

''This is great, dad, but what does it have to do with me?'' Hiccup asked, not sure where his father was getting at with this.

''I was about to get to that.'' Stoic replied. ''Sadly, the King and Queen of Arendelle passed away three years ago, while getting into a storm with their ship on the sea. Their eldest daughter has come to the age where she can be officially crowned as the new Queen of Arendelle, and to celebrate this they will hold a ball and they have invited you to represent Berk.''

''Me?'' Hiccup asked, a little confused. ''As in, directly me?''

''That's right. This is a great opportunity to strengthen our bonds with Arendelle.''

''And when is the ball?''

''In three days. But the travel will only take one.''

''And this new Queen... what is she like?''

Stoic raised an eyebrow at this. ''Hiccup, if you're thinking about getting a new girlfriend, I don't think you should go for a queen.'' Hiccup's eyes widened and he jumped up.

''Gods, dad, no! I was only asking! Besides I'm not ready for a new relationship! Let alone with a woman I don't even know!'' Stoic let out a hearty chuckle.

''Relax, son. You don't have to marry her. Just go there, greet her, congratulate her and that's that. As for what is she like, no one really knows. The word is that she is very standoffish. All we know is her name, Elsa.''

''Elsa.'' Hiccup repeated. 'This is a pretty name.' he thought. ''So let me get this straight. I go down to Arendelle in two days, shake hands with the new queen, enjoy a ball and come back.'' Stoic nodded. ''Alright. Is there anything else?''

''No, that was all.'' the chief said. Hiccup nodded and left his seat.

He spent the rest of the day wondering what would this journey hold for him. After all, he would travel to a land where had never been before. Questions kept surfacing in his mind. What was Arendelle like? How different was it from Berk? Were there any dragons? And what was the queen like. This question didn't stop bothering him. He was curious about this Queen Elsa and he didn't know why, but he looked forward to meeting her.

-Two days later-

''Are you ready, bud.'' Hiccup asked his reptilian companion, who roared in approval. They were standing at the docks, ready to start their trip to Arendelle. His father, Gobber and the other riders all came to say goodbye to him. Stoic came up to them.

''Have a nice trip, son. And please, don't cause any trouble.'' Hiccup rolled his eyes.

''I'm not a kid anymore dad.''

''Stay safe, Hiccup.'' Gobber said as he pulled Hiccup into a hug.

''Come on, people!'' Hiccup complained. ''I'm only leaving for two days. Not two years. I'll be back.''

''Yeah, but we'll miss you.'' Gobber said, releasing him.

''Right back at you.'' Hiccup replied. ''And Astrid, stay sharp because when I get back, I want a rematch.'' the blond only smiled and nodded.

''I'll hold you to that.''

Hiccup nodded back and he hopped onto Toothless. He waved on last goodbye to his friends and after it was returned, Toothless jumped into the air and the duo took flight.

''Arendelle, here we come.'' Hiccup said as they flew towards the their destination.

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